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Chapter 35

Kurt's POV

"D-Dave" I said in a cold shiver.

"What is it?"

"I think I'm dying"

Dave quickly stood up, "Kurt what's wrong?"

"My stomach is killing me"

"Are you alright?"

I shook my head. I felt as if this is the end. I've been peeing blood and my stomach is killing me.

"Kurt I'm taking you to the hospital right now"

"I hate hospitals"

"I know but I need to find out what's wrong with you my beautiful and I promise I'll be there with you"

I nodded, "Okay"

I started to get up but Dave stopped me by picking me up and packing me out to the car.

"Here you lay down here in the back seat"


Dave started driving to the hospital

"I hope your okay without you I have no life Kurt"

We finally made it to the hospital, Dave carried me in and we went to the front office "We need a doctor right now!" Dave said as he kissed my head

"What's the problem?" the nurse looked up at us,

"I'm peeing blood and my stomach is killing me"

"Okay just have a seat and I'll let the doctor know"


We both sat down, "Dave I'm scared"

"I know Kurt I am too but everything will be alright as long as your here"

Dave wrapped his arms around me and held me.

Chapter 36

Dave's POV

"Well is he going to be alright?"

"Yes but he may have to have surgery"


"You two just go home and relax a while. I'll give you a call and make an appointment tomorrow. Kurt no sex until after the surgery" the doctor smiled and walked out.

"This sucks" Kurt frowned

"I know but at least your alright. I love you so much Kurt"

"I love you too Dave" he smiled and stood up, "Now let's go home"

"Alright" I lifted him up, he was light as a feather, and took him out to the car.

"We're home Kurt" I whispered

He slowly woke up and got out of the car

I wrapped my arm around him and kissed his cheek then his neck.

"Dave, can we have sex tonight?"

"Not tonight" I frowned

"Why not?"

"Because the doctor told you no sex"

"But I want you" he smirked and kissed my neck

"No Kurt don't tease me. I want you to be alright so no sex"

He sighed "Fine"

"I'm sorry Kurt I want you too but we can't"

"Alright" he kissed my cheek and sat on the couch.

"So nothing sexual at all?"


"Please" he begged

"Kurt please don't beg me"

"Well can we at least kiss?"

I smiled, "Yes we can do that"

I sat beside him and pushed my lips against his, he quickly started kissing back.

He pushed himself onto me and he was laying on top of me. He had his hands on my waist and was kissing me deeply. He started to unzip my pants and I stopped him, "Kurt!"

"I'm sorry" he frowned and got off me.

He looked down then I kissed his nose, "Come on beautiful we'll be able to have sex soon" I smiled and he smiled back

"Alright" he hugged me

I picked him up and took him upstairs, "Want to take a shower?" I grinned

"Yes. We can take it together?"

I nodded, "Yes"

I undressed Kurt like I always do I noticed his penis was getting hard.

He blushed, "I'm sorry"

I ignored it and took my clothes off.

We both got in and I started the water.

Kurt was standing behind me and he wrapped his arms around me.

"I love you Dave"

"I love you too Kurt"

After we got done I laid Kurt in the bed and laid beside him.

I put my arm around him and kissed his nose.

"Your so beautiful Kurt" I smiled

He kissed my cheek and smiled back

"Kurt I'm sorry"

"For what?"

"I know you want sex and I want to too but I don't want you to get hurt any worse I want you to be okay"

He smiled, "It's okay Dave and I'll be fine"

"Now let's go to sleep I'm tired my beautiful"

"Me too" Kurt hugged me and we went to sleep.

Chapter 37

Kurt's POV

"So I have to go have the surgery tomorrow?" I looked down

"Yeah" Dave frowned, "But I promise I'll be right there with you beautiful"

"You promise you won't leave me?"

"I promise. I swear."

I smiled, "Okay."

He smiled back and hugged my tightly.

~Next Day!~

"Okay Kurt here we go. I promise I'll be here and I promise you'll be okay" a tear fell from his eye but I wiped it away

"What's wrong Dave?"

"I'm just worried. I don't want to loose you"

I smiled, "I'll be fine"

They took me into a room and said they was going to put me to sleep. They put a mask thing over my face and everything went black.

Dave's POV

"Hi there" the doctor walked up to me

"Is Kurt alright?"

"Yes he fine. The surgery went great"

A big smile came across my face, "When can I see him?"

"You can go right now but first he's probably going to be sore a few days to be easy with him. And I'd wait at least three days before you guys have sex"

I nodded, "Alright"

I ran to Kurt's room and quickly opened the door. There he was sitting on his bed drinking some water

"Dave!" he smiled

I ran over to him and hugged him gently "I'm glad your alright. I was so worried. I can't loose you my beautiful your my everything"

He was still smiling, "I missed you Dave"

"I missed you too beautiful"

I pushed my lips against his.

"When do I get to go home?" Kurt looked at the clock on the wall

"I'll go ask the doctor if you want me to"

"No, don't leave me just stay here"

I smiled, "Okay"

"Lay beside me" he moved over and I laid beside him and wrapped my arm around him

After a few minutes the doctor walked back in

"You can go home anytime your ready Kurt" he smiled

"Okay" he smiled and pecked my lips

"Let's go" he smirked


"Finally we're home!" Kurt hugged me

"Yeah we are" I smiled and kissed him

"So now can we," he poked my penis "have sex?"

i shook my head, "In three days"

He sighed, "God!"

"I know" I laughed

"Well can't I play with you?" he smirked

"Nope. Sorry"

"Why not Dave?"

"Because if I have an organism I want you to have one too and I know your dying for one beautiful"

He smiled

"So are you sore?" I looked into his beautiful eyes

"A little but not really I'm mostly tired"

I nodded, "Well then if your not to sore then maybe we can have sex tomorrow"

He smiled, "Good"

"So do you want something to eat?"

He nodded, "Sure and then after we eat we take a shower and then we go to sleep"

I nodded and chuckled, "Okay beautiful"


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Chapter 39

Dave's POV

I ran my fingers through Kurt's hair and smiled

"Your making me sleepy Dave" he said with a heavenly smile

I pulled Kurt closed to me and hugged him, he put his head on my shoulder, I continued to play with Kurt's hair hoping he would fall asleep on me.

"I love you Dave"

"I love you too my beautiful" I kissed the top of his head, "You know your amazing. I'd give anything for you"

Waiting for him to say something but he didn't I looked at his beautiful face and noticed he was asleep. I smiled.

I realized that there wasn't anyone else in the world I wanted. The only person I want is Kurt. He's so beautiful and perfect.

I laid my head on top of Kurt's and held his hand. He was so adorable when he was sleeping. His breath lightly, and calming. His beautiful eyes closed.

I felt myself smile again. I looked at Kurt who had a sweet smile on his face.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep with Kurt.

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