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Chapter 13

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Kurt's POV

Me and Dave went out to eat, we saw Krist and he told us to come over to his house tonight that he wanted to talk to us.

Right now it's 7:01

"Do you think we should go to Krist's now?"

"Yes let's go" Dave said.

We decided to walk because Krist didn't live too far away. Dave grabbed my hand I smiled and held it.

We made it to Krist house. He opened the door before we even got to knock. "Come in here guys"

We walked inside and sat down me and Dave was still holding hands. Krist sat in front of us and grinned.

"What is it Krist?" I asked.

"Nothing I just wanted you two to come over we haven't hung out in a while"

"I'll be right back" Krist got up and walked in the kitchen. Dave kissed me quickly before Krist came back.

Krist came back and gave us a bottle of water.

We sat around and talked for a long time.

"Aw Kurt we better be going it's 10:39" Dave looked at me and said.

I nodded, we told Krist bye and went home.

Dave's POV

We went home and sat down

"I'm gonna go take a shower Dave"

"Want me to come with you?" I winked.

Instead of saying anything Kurt grabbed my hands and pulled me up and we walked upstairs and went into the bathroom. Kurt pushed me against the door and kissed me I kissed back. He stopped and started taking his clothes off. I took mine off too. We both got into the shower and I turned the water on. At first it started out cold and Kurt yelled out "That's cold!" I told him I was sorry and I hugged him. My penis accidentally touch his and I blushed, I know I don't blush much but I do sometimes. Kurt laughed at me and started getting his head wet. I shampooed his hair and got the shampoo out for him. He did the same for me. We soaped up on our own and got out. We dried off and put our clothes on.

I kept watching Kurt but I couldn't help myself. He would wink at me from time to time.

We went downstairs, fixed a sandwich and ate it. Then we sat around and smoked a cigarette. Kurt started singing 'Love Buzz' to me and I felt myself blushing.

We went to bed and laid down. Kurt put his arm around me and I put my arm around him. I kissed his nose, he kissed my cheek. Kurt put his leg up on my waist and began laughing. I smirked at him and he stopped laughing but he was smiling. He closed his eyes and I closed mine and we went to sleep.

Chapter 14

Dave's POV

I woke up and looked over, there was Kurt he was getting ready to change his clothes. I watched him closely. He didn't notice I was awake. First he slipped off his shirt, he picked up the clean one and put it on. He took off his pajamas and slipped on jeans, then he put on a belt. He got out a long sleeve button up shirt and slipped it on over his shirt but left it unbuttoned. He put on clean socks then brushed his hair and walked out.

I smiled to myself. I had the most beautifulest person in the world. I got up because I wanted to see Kurt again and tell him I love him.

I got out of bed and walked downstairs, there was Kurt sitting on the couch, he was drawing.

He looked at me and smiled "Hey" he ran up to me and hugged me then kissed my lips.

"Why are you so happy today?" I asked.

He smiled "Because I have you" he kissed my neck and smiled at me.

I walked back upstairs and changed clothes. I put on a t-shirt and and jeans and walked back downstairs and walked out on the back porch, there Kurt was sitting in the swing. I sat beside him. He put his hand on top of mine and looked into my eyes and smiled. "Dave, I love you so much. Please don't never leave me."

"Kurt I promise you I'm never gonna leave your side."

"Good" he put his head on my shoulder.

Kurt's POV

We and Dave walked inside the house and he sat on the couch. I wanted Dave right now and I knew just how to get him. I stood against the wall moaning. He looked over at me, his eyes were huge. I slowly rubbed my hand into my pants and started rubbing my penis I contained moaning.

"K-Kurt" Dave said and he walked over to me. He kissed me deeply. I took my hand out of my pants and stuck it in Dave's. I started rubbing him. He pushed his body onto me. I wanted this to be hot so I stopped kissing Dave and said "I'm horny" I started wining and Dave led me upstairs. He sat me on the bed and kept kissing me. He started sucking my neck. I quickly pulled his clothes off and started sucking on his penis. "Oh g-g-god Kurt"he was moaning. He came and I tasted him, it tasted good. He kissed me and started sucking my penis. I was moaning and yelling his name as loud as I could. I finally came and he swallowed it and smiled and licked his lips and smirked. He laid beside me. "Kurt don't never do that in front of me again" he smiled.

"Do what?" I smirked.

"Masturbate in front of me, that's just too much for me"

"Did it make you horny?" I smirked again and smiled.

"Yes, really really horny, Kurt I thought I was gonna explode"

I frowned "I'm sorry Dave I just wanted you really bad"

He looked at me and said "Well it was really hot, but anytime you want me just tell me" he winked

"Are you mad at me now?"

"No, I couldn't never be mad at you" he smiled and I hugged him. He hugged me back.

He grabbed me hands and pulled me out of bed. We walked back downstairs.

Chapter 15

Dave's POV

Me and Kurt went back downstairs.

"Wanna go to the park Kurt?"

He smiled at me "I'd love too"

We slipped on our converse and headed outside and started walking to the park. Like I said Kurt loved that park.

Kurt's POV

Me and Dave was going to the park. I loved that park.

We arrived at the park and me and Dave played around for a while. I was starting to get tired so I went and sat inside a slide.

The slides weren't that big anyway. I laid down inside of it and I watched Dave, he was acting crazy but I just laughed at him. He looked adorable. I began to fall asleep.

Dave's POV

I can't find my Kurt. I kept looking and looking until I found him in the slide. I thought he was dead but I called his name and he woke up. "Kurt you scared me I thought you was dead"

Kurt frowned a little "I'm sorry Dave I just fell asleep.

Kurt slid down the slide and hugged me. "You know your my Kurt and no one else's right?" I felt Kurt nod and I could feel him smile on my shoulder.

"And your my Dave and no one else's"

I nodded and squeezed him tighter.

Kurt's POV

Me and Dave stood there and hugged for a while then I let him go and I looked into his eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes. He kissed my lips then my nose then my forehead. Then he hugged me again.

"Do you wanna go home?"

He nodded and he started walking home.

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Chapter 16

Kurt's POV

We got home and sat on the couch. Dave turned the TV on and lit up a cigarette then gave me one.

I started coughing

"Are you alright Kurt?"

"Yea I think I might be getting a little bit sick"

"Oh I hope you feel better my beautiful". Dave has gave me some nicknames like 'my beautiful' or 'my Kurt' or sometimes even 'sexy' I blush every time he calls me that. My nickname for Dave is just 'sweetheart' or sometime 'baby'

"I'm tired, I think I'm gonna go lay down Dave" he nodded and said he'd come to bed in a few minutes. As fast as I put on my pajamas and laid down, Dave came in.

"Hey my beautiful" get got in the bed behind me and put his arm around me.

"I hope your not sick, that means I won't get to kiss your sweet soft lips until you get better"

I blushed "I hope I'm not sick either"

He pecked my lips and put the cover over me.

"Let's get some sleep my beautiful Kurt"

I smiled, closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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