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Chapter 5

Kurt's POV

Me and Dave finally got home. We walked inside and Dave led me upstairs. I was feeling really nervous. I wasn't for sure if it was just a hand-job or if we was really gonna go all the way. We made it into the bedroom and Dave laid me down on the bed and smiled. I blushed, I couldn't help but feel nervous. He laid on top of me and started kissing me. It felt wonderful. We started playing with each other's tongues and every now and then I'd pull on Dave's bottom lip, Dave started nibbling on my bottom lip it felt amazing. He started kissing my neck and started pulling my shirt off. After he got my shirt off he started taking my pants off. He slowly took my belt off and then unzipped and unbuttoned my pants. He slowly slid my pants off. He took his shirt off and looked at me.

"Well Kurt I never knew how hot you looked half naked" I blushed and said "you look hot too, especially without your shirt" he actually blushed a little bit. I started unbuttoning and unzipping his pants then I took them off. He started rubbing my penis a little and that felt great. I moaned. "Do you like that Kurt?" I nodded and continued to moan. He stop rubbing my penis and started kissing me then he kissed my neck, chest, and stomach, and made his way to my penis and starting kissing my penis. "I want to suck it Kurt but I don't want you to come yet" I only nodded, I figured he wanted to go all the way and it was fine with me. But I was still a virgin. He grabbed my hand and led it to his penis. I started rubbing it he moaned some then I started sucking his neck. He kept moaning and that was hot. Then he said "Wait Kurt stop I'm gonna come" so I stopped. His penis felt big and hard and I wanted to see it so I peeked down his boxers and he chuckled "Do you like it?" "Yes I do Dave" and I blushed. "Kurt, are you still a virgin?" I only nodded then Dave said "I am too" we both smiled at each other.

"Kurt, are you ready or do you want to wait?"

"Dave I'm ready to do this, are you ready?" Dave nodded and smiled.

"So ummm do you want to go in me or do you want me to go in you?"

I smiled "You can go in me if you want"

"Ok Kurt I'll go in you this time but next time, you can go inside me"

I nodded and then Dave started to go in me. He went really slow "Am I hurting you?" I shook my head in a 'no' and he kept pushing it in, finally it was all the way in. He started thrusting slowly. It didn't hurt but then again it wasn't too comfortable. He kept going slow and asking me was I hurting him I kept saying "no" and he started to go faster. It started feeling good.

I was moaning and saying his name. By now he was going really fast, and it felt amazing. He started rubbing my penis, I felt close already. Dave came and was still going a little bit then stopped and slid his penis out of me. I jerked and moaned when he took his penis out. He was rubbing my penis and I came right in his hand. He cleaned the cum up with a sock we found on the floor.

He laid beside me. He was breathing hard. "Kurt that was absolutely amazing"

I smiled "Yea it was"

"I didn't hurt you though did I?"

"No Dave you didn't hurt me at all, it felt amazing."

"We should do this again sometime" Dave chuckled and blushed a little. I never hardly seen Dave blush but when I did it was adorable.

"Yea we should Dave" I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. He put his head on my chest and we fell asleep.

(Yea guys this whole chapter was about sex, but I hope you all liked it, I'll be posting more soon!! Stay sexy people! And keep reading this)

Chapter 6

Kurt's POV

I woke up and there was Dave asleep, his head still on my chest. I thought of last night and smiled to myself, then I put my arm around Dave and started playing with his hair.

I laid there listening to Dave breathing. Slow and easy. Then he slowly began to wake up. He looked at me and smiled. "Good morning" then he pecked my lips. "Good morning Dave"

Dave hugged me tightly. "So umm Kurt, are you sore?" "No I don't feel sore". Dave smiled "good"

He got up and I followed behind him. "I need a shower, Kurt do you want to shower with me?" he smiled. "Sure if you want too" I blushed

Dave got some clothes and so did I then we walked into the bathroom. We started taking off our clothes and Dave kept watching me. "Is something wrong?" "No, you just look....hot Kurt" he smiled and I got in the shower and started the water. He took his clothes off and got in behind me. Then he put his arms around my waist and put his head on my shoulder "Promise me you won't ever leave me Kurt" I smiled "I promise Dave I won't never leave you because I love you"

I got my hair wet and Dave shampooed my hair for me and kinda massaged my head, he kinda made me feel a little sleepy. I got the shampoo out, and I washed Dave's hair. Then we soaped up and was getting ready to get out but Dave pinned me to the wall and started kissing me. I kissed him back. He had his tongue at my bottom lip, wanting to stick it in and I let him. Dave started sucking on my tongue and I sucked on his bottom lip.

We kissed for a while then we got out, dried off and got dressed. "Dave I think I'm gonna get my hair cut today" Dave nodded "if you want to."

Dave came over to me and sat on my lap then started kissing me and kissing my neck, I didn't know Dave was so sexual but I liked it. We kissed and kissed then we stopped and Dave said "I'm sorry if I kiss you a lot it's just that your so beautiful to me Kurt, and your special." I smiled and pecked his lips.

Dave got off me and said "so umm are you gonna get your hair cut?" I nodded and we headed out. Me and Dave got into my grey car and I started driving. Dave said I drive really slow, but I just like to be careful. We finally got there and I walked inside. I told the girl who was cutting my hair that I wanted it cut kinda short but not short. (The hair style I mean is when Kurt got it cut short, like in the picture where he has on those black glasses and a white shirt that had a alien thing in it) she cut it and I paid her and thanked her then we left.

"So Dave, how does it look?" I asked kinda nervous "Kurt... It looks sexy on you" I blushed a deep red. Dave was driving this time. We got home pretty fast.

We got home and I ran upstairs and I got my guitar and started playing Dave a song. The song was by Kiss and it was called Do You Love Me? (Nirvana really did make a cover of this song) Dave laughed and blushed. "You look so adorable when you blush Dave". "Well thank you, you look sexy when you blush Kurt" I started blushed and Dave kissed me on the cheek. "You sing really good Kurt and play guitar amazingly" I smiled and thanked him. "Well you know you play drums good" Dave smiled and hugged me.

Dave's POV

Kurt got his hair cut and he looks even sexier now. I can't keep my eyes off of him. I wanted to have sex with Kurt again but we just did it last night and I don't want him to think all I want from him is sex. His eyes are beautiful, I wish my eyes were as beautiful as his. He's just perfect. And that smile, oh that smile is AMAZING.

I kissed Kurt and he smiled. I love to make him blush because it's so cute.

Kurt stood up to put his guitar away, I slapped his butt and his whole face turned red. I laughed a little.

"You have a cute butt Kurt" his face got even redder and he looked down smiling. I grabbed his hands and held them. He was standing but I was sitting on the floor. I pulled him down to me, I laid down on the floor and put Kurt on top of me. I felt myself getting hard, but I hope Kurt didn't notice. I started kissing him and he kissed back. Kurt's lips were so soft and it felt good to kiss him. I put my hands on his waist and pushed his penis against mine. "Mmmm Kurt" I moaned out. I started rubbing Kurt's penis through his pants. He was hard too. We kept kissing and then I stopped, and sat up and Kurt was sitting on my lap. I kissed his neck and then his cheek. I stopped kissing him and looked into those beautiful eyes.

I stuck my hand up Kurt's shirt and started rubbing his nipple. "D-Dave mmmmm" Kurt said and I smiled. "Do you like when I do that?" Kurt nodded but then I stopped and hugged him. I wanted Kurt forever, I loved Kurt and I didn't want anyone else. "I love you Kurt"

Kurt looked into my eyes "I love you more than anything in this world Dave" I smiled at him. I looked at the clock it said 9:05 I looked at Kurt and he yawned. "You tired?" I asked. He nodded and kissed me again.

Kurt's POV

Me and Dave stood up and I pushed him on the bed and I got on top of him and kissed him deeply. Dave got me horny and then he stopped so I was gonna finish it. I took his clothes off quickly but left his boxers on. Dave looked a little surprised "wow Kurt are you that horny?" he laughed. I took my clothes off and left my boxers on. Dave stuck his hand down my pants and started rubbing my penis. "It's so big Kurt" Dave said as he rubbed it. But I did have a pretty big penis. "It's your turn to go inside me" Dave said. I nodded and Dave gave me a boner and I slowly went inside him, I went really slow and easy I knew Dave would be sore because I was a little sore after I got out of bed and started walking around. "Does it hurt?" I'd ask Dave every now and then but he would just say "keep going".

I finally had it inside of him but I was still thrusting slowly. But then he said "go harder" so I started going faster and faster, next thing I knew I was going as fast as I could. This felt amazing. Me and Dave was both moaning really loud and Dave would say "oh Kurt". I started rubbing Dave's penis like he did mine so he'd come too. I came pretty fast, after I came Dave came. I cleaned up his cum with a tissue and then I threw my condom I had on away. I laid beside Dave and put my boxers back on, Dave put his boxers on too. "Did I hurt you Dave?"

"No Kurt you didn't" then he smiled.

"Your always so gentle Kurt" I blushed a little. "And Dave you might be a little sore tomorrow after you get up and start walking around and stuff because I was sore today"

Dave looked a little disappointed "I didn't mean to hurt you Kurt"

"No Dave you didn't hurt me it's just were I was a virgin"

Dave smile a little "well let's go to sleep beautiful, you got me wore out" he winked and I blushed a little then I kissed his head. He put his arm around me and we fell asleep

Chapter 7

Dave's POV

Finally I wake up before Kurt, he looked so beautiful and peaceful sleeping. It was so cute it made me laugh a little.

We woke up about ten minutes later, he looked up at me and smiled. "Good morning Dave" he said. "Good morning" I kissed his head "did you sleep good Kurt?" he smiled "yea did you?" "Yes" I smiled at him and he put his arm around me. I wanted to stay like this forever. Just lay here. Lay here with Kurt by my side. I ran my fingers through his hair and he smiled. I loved the way Kurt smiled, it was like the whole world lit up.

"So Kurt what do you wanna do today?"

"I just wanna stay here with you Dave, I don't want you to ever leave my side." I smiled when Kurt said that. He was really sweet and I loved him to death.

"Do you wanna get up?"

"Yea Kurt let's go get some coffee" I said.

We got up and went downstairs, I put on some coffee and we just sat around and talked while the coffee was making.

Finally the coffee got done and we drank some, we didn't fix breakfast but we don't fix it much anyway.

"So... Dave are you sore?"

"Just a little but I'm fine and Kurt I have something for you, if you want it now."

"Dave you know you don't have to give me nothing."

"Well Kurt it's kinda for both of us, I'll be right back"

I ran upstairs and came back, I sat down beside Kurt. And I hanged him a small box. He looked at the box and then slowly opened it. It was a ring. Kurt picked it up and looked at it.

"Dave is this a promise ring?"

"Yes it is, Kurt I know we haven't been dating long but I mean there's just something special about you and I love you, I promise you that I'll never hurt you, I'll never take advantage of you, and I promise you forever..." I looked into Kurt's eyes the whole time I said it, but it was all true. I've never felt this way for anyone.

"Oh Dave this is so sweet of you" he pecked my lips and put the ring on, it was the perfect size.

"How did you know my ring size?"

"I just guessed Kurt and luckily I got it right." I smiled and Kurt smiled back he was also blushing. He looked adorable.

"I love you Dave, and I want to be with you forever."

"Kurt I want to be with you forever too, and no one else"

(Thanks guys for reading this! You guys are awesome. I hope you like it, I'll be posting more either tonight or tomorrow, not to sure)

Chapter 8

Kurt's POV

Dave gave me a promise ring and it's amazing. He's so sweet. I really love him.
I began to cry and Dave said "Kurt what's wrong?"
"Dave I've been really depressed lately, but when I'm with you I'm happy. You just don't know how much you mean to me. I love you so much. I don't want anyone else because no one else can make me happy like you do. I want to be with you forever."
Dave smiled and I could've swore I saw a tear in his eye "That really means a lot to me Kurt." he kissed my forehead and I smiled. I was happy with Dave.

A few minutes later Dave said he had to go to the grocery store. So I stayed home. While he was gone I was getting bored so I went up to my room and began playing my guitar and singing lyrics to 'Serve The Servants' and a few other songs like 'Sappy' and 'Do re mi' then finally Dave came back I ran downstairs and hugged him. Standing behind him was a man, he was kinda talk he had longish hair but not too long and brown eyes and really skinny. I looked at him and he said "Hi"
"Hello" I said back. I looked at Dave and Dave said "I met this guy at the grocery store I almost um ran over him and we started talking and now we're friends and I wanted you to meet him." Dave said.
"Oh ok well hi I'm Kurt"
"My names Jeremy" he smiled and nodded. He seemed nice.

Me, Dave and Jeremy all sat around and talked I could've sworn I saw Jeremy wink at me when Dave wasn't looking but I'm not sure. Finally about an half hour later he left. He shook my hand and left. I didn't feel to comfortable around Jeremy but maybe it's where we just met.
Dave kissed me and I kissed him back. "Kurt tomorrow do you wanna go with me and Krist, we're going to the amusement park and I want you to come" I thought for a minute and shrugged "Maybe, it depends on how I feel tomorrow" he nodded and kissed my head. He ran his fingers through my hair and looked into my eyes. "God I love your eyes Kurt" I smiled at him and I think I blushed a little. He picked me up bride style and took me upstairs and laid me on the bed then he laid beside me. "Let's get some sleep, I'm tired" I kissed his nose, put my arm around him and we went to sleep.

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