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Chapter Seven

I slowly crept down the slightly crowded hallway, looking around for Dave. I hadn't seen him at all this morning, and I was beginning to get worried. After searching and searching, I managed to find his friends, all standing a corner, leaned against the brick wall.

"Hey... Umm... Have you guys seen Dave?" I asked shyly, a blush forming on my cheeks. I still didn't feel too safe talking to these guys. Even though Dave had told them not to bother us, I wasn't too sure.

"Nah. We haven't seen him all morning." Flea said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Okay. Th-"

"We know what's going on, Kurt. We know that you're Dave's... Well, you know. But, just wanted to tell you, that you really should be careful around him." Anthony said, his voice low and quiet. I knotted my eyebrows together in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, let's just say a few years ago Dave did something that he shouldn't have done." Chad said. Anthony nodded while Flea stayed quiet.

"What happened?" I asked, hoping to get further answers. Fear and anxiety rose up inside me. I need to know what they're talking about.

"Look, if we tell you, you can never let Dave know, okay? You can't tell anyone. You have to keep it to yourself." Anthony said. I nodded, agreeing to his orders.

"I won't tell a soul." I promised. Anthony looked at his two friends, who nodded, before looking back at me.

"Okay. Well, a few years ago Dave had this boyfriend named Taylor. And well, I guess he was like you, you know? Dave's 'slave' but anyway... One night, you know, they were going it and you know that little kinky shit when you choke someone while you fuck them or whatever-"

"The way you're explaining this is hilarious." Chad interrupted, bursting into chuckles. Anthony gave him a glare.

"Anyway, moving on... I guess Dave was so into it that he didn't let go until it was too late and umm... Taylor... Taylor was dead." He finished. Oh my.

"Oh." Was the only word that came out of my throat. I was in too much shock to really say anything.

Dave really did that? Well, it was an accident. But it could happen again...

"Yeah. Just remember, don't bring it up to him. Don't say anything about us." Anthony reminded. I nodded.

"I got it. But... I'm gonna go now. I'll see you guys later." I said. They waved goodbye as I flew down the hallway, trying to find either Krist or Layne. I had to get out of here. I couldn't see Dave. I needed to go home and I needed someone there with me.

"Layne!" I said, wrapping my arms around him from behind. "I'm so glad to see you!"

He giggled. "Kurt! Good morning little bird."

"Layne, we need to skip the rest of school and go to my place, okay?"

He had a look of fear on his face. "Why? What's going on? I'm scared."

"No, no, no. Don't be scared. I- uhh- my tummy just hurts and I want to go home and watch a movie. Wouldn't you like to?"

He tapped chin and hummed. "Hmm... Okay. I guess so. Will there be blankets and candy?"

I nodded. "Yes."

He smiled. "Okay. But will you give me a piggyback ride?"

"Okay. Get on my back." I said, kneeling down a little. He jumped on my back, wrapping his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck.

"Let's go horsey!" He said. And I took off out the door and went straight for home.


"Hey!" Layne whined. "You're taking all the blanket."

He grabbed the blanket, pulling more of it towards him. He smiled in accomplishment before reaching for another mini marshmallow. Stuffing it in his mouth, he moaned in delight.

"I love these little suckers!" He said. I smiled. I still couldn't get over the story Anthony had told me. I couldn't believe Dave did that and didn't even tell me.

That meant Dave could be dangerous. He could kill me in a heartbeat. But I don't know what to do. I could just give him excuses for not coming over and go back to my old job. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I don't need him. He's-

"Phone!" Layne yelled as the phone rang. I blinked a few times before getting up and rushing downstairs to where the phone was loudly ringing.


"Hey, Princess." His soothing voice rang through my ear.

"Hey." I said quietly.

"Why weren't you at school?" He asked. He must have shown up late.

"I had a tummy ache." I lied.

"Aww. Poor kitten. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I feel better now."

"Good. Would you like to come over tonight?"

"I- uhh. Not tonight. I can't. I promised my mom I'd stay here with her. She got off work early."

"How about tomorrow then?"

"Okay." I said softly. I'd just have to come up with a good excuse and ditch him tomorrow.

"Okay. Well, goodbye, Princess. Talk tomorrow."

"Bye bye." I said before I hung up the phone. When I turned around, Layne was standing there.

"I have to go home, Kurt. I should've been home ten minutes ago. Oh no! My mommy is going to be so worried. Kurt! I'm a bad person!" He whined, pouting.

"You're not a bad person, Layne. Your mom will be okay. You can go home."

He smiled. "Okay. Good. And you know what tomorrow is, right?"

"Saturday." I answered. He grinned.

"Yep. And you promised to take me out for some ice cream."

I ruffled his hair. "Yeah, I'll take you to get some ice cream."

"Okie dokie. Bye bye, Kurt."


That will be my excuse for ditching Dave tomorrow.

Chapter Eight

{Sorry if there's mistakes}

Two weeks. That's how long it's been since I've seen Dave. I hadn't shown up at school, I hadn't answered the phone, and I didn't let him inside when he showed up to my house.

I started my old job back. I went to the street corner almost every night the past two weeks. I didn't regret it, and I didn't care if Dave told anyone anymore.

Taking a long drag of my cigarette, I leaned against the brick wall. I couldn't deny the fact that I felt lonely and hurt inside. I missed my friends. I missed Dave. I missed my mom and dad. My sister. It seemed as if everyone was just on my mind, and it made my heart hurt.

"Get in the car." A voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked up to see none other than Dave's friend, Anthony. Great. Another one found out.

"Whatever." I muttered under my breath. I threw my cigarette on the ground before opening up the car door and sliding inside.

"What do you think you're doing out in the middle of the night? Do you not know you could get shot?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I snapped. He looked a bit surprised. Usually I'm all shy, but today I didn't care about anything. I was seriously in a bitchy mood.

"Oh, so you're a hooker. I see. Well... Since you're already in my car..." He said, trailing off. He rest his hand on my thigh, squeezing it lightly and inching closer and closer.

"Well, it's my job, isn't it?"

"Stop being such a bitch, Kurt." He said, rolling his eyes. I mentally flipped him off as we began to drive. I gazed out the window, admiring the city lights and the stars in the sky. The full moon shone down brightly. It was all beautiful.

"So, how do you like being tied up?" He asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

"It's whatever you want."

"Whatever I want?" He said, a devilish smirk on his face. "So I can do anything I want to you?"

"Yeah. As long as you pay me." I said with a shrug. He chuckled.

"Alright. My parents are gone for tonight. So, we're gonna have lots and lots of fun." He said, the smirk never leaving his face. I wasn't sure how to feel about this. The smirk on his face tells me he's up to something.

"Well, we're here." He said, parking in front of his house. We both got out of the car and made our way to the door. He opened it, allowing me inside first. And once we were inside, he grabbed a fistful of my hair.

"Up to my room. Now." He demanded, pulling me behind him. I nearly lost my balance I couldn't count how many times.

"Dude, let go." I whined. He let go of my hair and pushed me down on the bed forcefully. He didn't just take my shirt off, he literally ripped it. But it wasn't all the way off, just ripped.

He grabbed my jeans, pulling them off, along with my boxers. He walked over to his closet, returning back with a blindfold and rope.

"Up." He ordered. I got up on my feet, feeling a bit scared. He was getting too pushy, and I didn't trust him to put a blindfold on me and tie my hands. But now I didn't have a choice.

He put my hands behind my back and tied them tightly with the rope. Too tight. He then put the blindfold over my eyes, not allowing me to see anything.

I felt him grab another fistful of my hair and he began to drag me. I tripped over my own feet, falling to the floor, my lips smashing against it. I then tasted blood. I knew I had busted my lip.

He continued to drag me by my hair whilst I laid in the floor. I didn't know where he was taking me, or what exactly was going on. All I knew was that my head was pounding, and my lip was throbbing in pain.

"Get up on your feet." He demanded. He took a lot of me to pull myself off the floor and get to my shaky feet. He began to take me down some stairs. If I was guessing, I'd say his basement.

"Here we go." He said, pressing me against a pole or something. He tied me to it, leaving me squirming around.

"L-let me go." I pleaded. My heart was pounding in my chest while my mind was running wild.

What have I done?
I shouldn't have went back to this.
He's going to kill me. I know it.
I have to get out of here.

"No can do, Princess." He spoke with a smirk on his face. No, I couldn't see it, but I could hear it in his voice.

I could hear him picking up something, and suddenly, something was slapping hard against my side. I screamed out in pain at the sudden contact.

He had a whip.

"Pl-please... No more..." I begged, my voice shaky. Tears began to spill from my eyes, but no one could see because of the blindfold.

But he didn't stop. He slapped the whip against my thighs. With me screaming, he only chuckled and hit me everywhere with that whip. My chest, stomach, sides, thighs, arms, face, back. Everywhere, and damn, it hurt.

"Do you like that, Kurt? Do you like being treated like that?" He asked. I shook my head.

"No. No, no, no. Please stop. Let m-me go."

"Oh, don't worry. I just have one more thing to do." He said, his footsteps getting closer me.

Once again, he grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. I felt his tip at my entrance, and I tried to squirm away, but I couldn't. Before I could get away, he rammed inside me.

"No!" I screamed. "Stop! Please stop!" It hurt so bad. He didn't even use lube. He didn't care.

"Shut up, and take it!" He yelled at me. I started to cry all over again.

Please, God, make it stop.

"Get off of me!" I screamed. He didn't listen to me, though. He didn't get off me. He continued to use me, until he was done. He came inside me, making me shiver in pure disgust.

"Get your clothes on and get out." Anthony yelled, throwing my clothes at my face. He took my blindfold off, and then untied my hands. I collapsed on the floor and cried while Anthony marched up the stairs.

And I knew exactly what I was going to do next. I was going to find Dave, tell him I'm sorry, and cry on his shoulder.

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