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Yeah, so, I wanted to try out an M-Preg, in which Kurt will be pregnant.

I may not be too good at this considering I've never been pregnant, so just bare with me please.

(Maybe) Triggering
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Chapter One

Kurt's POV;

I stood on my front porch, waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up. It was finally Friday, which meant I got to spend the whole weekend with him. I hate the weekdays, because I hardly get to see him at all. You see, I'm seventeen, still in high school, but he's out of school. But he's only twenty-two. It's only a five year difference, and besides, age doesn't matter.

If it wasn't for my friend Krist, I would have never met him. I still remember it like it was yesterday, but it's been about eight months ago. I went over to Krist's house and he was there, singing while Krist played his bass guitar. He introduced me to Eddie, and since then my life has been wonderful.

"Hey, what are you standing there all smiley about?" I heard my boyfriend's beautiful voice say as his car pulled up. I only smiled wider as I made my way to his car.

"Just thinking of you amazing you are." I said, shutting the car door.

"I think we both know you're the amazing one." He said before he placed his lips on top of mine. I kissed him deep, but slow. I had missed his soft lips on mine. Even though we had just talked on the phone last night, I missed his voice.

"Mmm. I missed you so much, Kurt." He said, tucking my blonde hair behind my ear. I pecked his lips one last time before leaning back in my seat and slipping on my seatbelt.

"I missed you too. You don't know how much I thought of you this week." I said, sighing in relief that I was finally with him again.

"I have something for you." He said, pulling out onto the road.

"Really? What is it? Can I have it now?"

"Nu uh. You have to wait until we get to my apartment." He said, making a left turn. I really hate the fact that Eddie lives by himself in an apartment, but then again, I'm kinda glad, because I get jealous pretty easy. Well, maybe just protective. I couldn't let anyone take him away from me.

"You know something?" I asked, looking at his blue eyes even though he was focused on the road.


"I love you."

He smiled. "I love you, too. More than you could ever know."

"I hope you mean that."

"I do." He promised.

Maybe I was a bit too clingy, but I just couldn't help it. I had got so close and comfortable with him, but I love it.

"And, we're here." He said, pulling in. He shut the car off and hopped out. I knew he would open the door for me, but I opened it myself. I didn't want him to have to do everything for me.

I took his hand in mine and locked our fingers together as we walked inside and up to his room. So many times he had tried to talk me into living with him, but I told him he would have to wait until I graduate, to which he replied that I was worth waiting for.

"I know it's messy, but... What do you expect?" He spoke as he opened the door. It was a bit messy, but not bad. It's been worse.

"It's not that bad." I said as I walked in. He shut the door behind us before wrapping his arms around my waist from behind. He nuzzled his nose against my neck while I put my hand on top of his.

"Sit on the couch. I have a surprise for you." He whispered in my ear. I obeyed him and pulled away from his embrace, taking a seat on the plaid couch.

He walked through the house, but returned back not even a minute later. He had both his hands behind his back with a smile on his face. He stood in front of me and pulled out a small box from behind his back.

"Open it." He said, putting it in my hands. Slowly, I opened up the white box to reveal a ring.

"Oh, Eddie. It's beautiful." I whispered, examining the ring.

"I hope you like it. It's uh, you know, a promise ring."

I smiled and pulled it out of the box. It was a diamond heart, with Eddie's name on one side and mine on the other. And on the inside was written Covedder.

"Covedder?" I questioned.

"Well, yeah. I took both our last names and combined them together. And Vedder and Cobain creates Covedder."

I smiled. "Nice."

"I have one to." He said, pulling out a ring from his pocket. It was the same as mine.

"Aw." I teased. His cheeks lit up.

"Now you're gonna tease me." He whined. I stood up and pecked his lips.

"I'm not gonna tease you." I whispered before I began to peck his lips over and over.

"Good. Now... let's go... cuddle." He said between kisses.

* * *
* *
I laid in bed beside Eddie who was half way asleep. I stared at the promise ring he had given to me earlier today, then I looked at the clock. 11:48. Almost midnight.

I knew that Eddie cared a lot about me, and tonight, I was ready to give up being a virgin. I wanted, needed to give myself to him. I want to show him how much I love him.

So, what I done next was roll over on top of Eddie. I didn't lay on him, I straddled his lap. He stared up at me, his blue eyes staring into my blue ones. I put both my hands on his chest before leaning down, smashing my lips against his and grinding my hips into his.

Only once had he tried to have sex with me, but I pushed him away and told him I wasn't ready. He didn't get mad. He seem to understand and told me I should wait as long as I wanted.

"Kurt, wh-what are you doing?" He mumbled against my shaky lips.

"Tonight, I want you to fuck me." I simply replied before kissing his pink lips harder. But he didn't kiss back. He pulled away.

"What's wrong?" I asked, running my fingers through his hair.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked. "You know it's gonna hurt."

"I want it, Eddie. It's gonna happen eventually someday."

He bit into his bottom lip, as if he were thinking. Suddenly, he flipped us over to where he was on top of me. His hand landed on my hip while his lips went for my neck.

As his soft lips planted kisses up and down my neck I shut my eyes. No one had ever kissed my neck before, and damn, it felt like nirvana. And as he began to suck on the tender skin, I moaned. I didn't mean to, it just slipped out, and it kind of embarrassed me. I could feel my cheeks getting red.

The hand that was on my hip slowly began to slide into my pajamas. This was the first time I had ever been touched there by anyone else other than myself. I had masturbated quite a bit, but I could say his hand felt way better than mine.

As his hand moved up and down, his lips placed kisses up to my jawline. Then, he pulled away from my neck and pulled his hand out of my pajamas. He slipped his shirt off and tossed it on the floor.

It wasn't the first time I had seen him with his shirt off, but this time it was hotter than before. Maybe because he had a huge bulge pressed against his pajamas.

He grabbed the end of my shirt and pulled it over my head. This would be the first time he had seen me shirtless. His lustful eyes ran up and down my body as his white teeth went into his bottom lip.

"You're hot." Was his only words. I chuckled before I pulled my pajamas off and kicked them in the floor. He did the same; both of us now only in our boxers.

My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty, but my cock was throbbing. I could feel my dick practically moving, just wanting to be touched.

"Hang on. I have to get lube." My lover said, getting off the bed and rushing to the bathroom. While he was gone, I massaged myself through my boxers. However, when he returned, he moved my hand away.

"Okay, baby. Just relax." He spoke in a soft and loving voice as he slid my boxers down. After taking mine off, he took his off.

My eyes widened at his size. He was gigantic. How could he even fit that in me? He'll tear me apart.

"You want me to stop?" He asked. I shook my head. We were already this far. Why stop now?

"Okay, if you're sure. Just relax, okay? You'll do great." He said with a sweet smile. I nodded my head and watched as he rolled on the condom and rubbed on some lube.

He spread my legs and took his place between them. Before actually pushing it into me, he pushed a finger in.

"I'll prep you first. That way it won't hurt as bad." He said. But, it didn't really hurt. It was more of an uncomfortable feeling. Like you didn't want it to be there.

"Ready for another?" He asked. I nodded, and he added a second finger. This time, it was starting to sting. And by time he was at his third finger, I was squirming around and biting my lip.

"You doing okay?" He asked.

"Y-yeah. I think I'm ready."

"Okay. Here we go, baby boy."

He took my hand and laced our fingers together as he lined himself up at my entrance. I held my breath as he pushed in. He didn't pause until he was all the way inside me. By then, my eyes were filling with tears.

"You can breathe now." He reminded me. Honestly, I almost forgot. I was too focused on the pain. I squeezed his hand as he slowly moved his hips.

"B-be gentle." I whined.

"I'm being as gentle as I can be, baby doll." He whispered. I squeezed his hand a little harder. I felt as if he was ripping me apart.

"You're going so-so good." He said, almost moaned actually. He was going so slow, but it hurt so bad.

"Shhh. Don't cry. It'll get better." He promised before he wiped my tears away with his thumb. He rest his forehead against mine and stared me dead in the eyes as he picked up his pace a little.

"I love you... So much." He said, his breath getting a little heavy.

"I love you t-too." I said before I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.

"I'm gonna come soon." He warned.

"Go faster." I pleaded. I knew he didn't like going slow, and I was starting to get used to his size a little bit. It hurt, but I wanted him to enjoy it.

"You're... So tight." Eddie moaned. I pecked his lips before closing my eyes and tossing my head back. I tried to find pleasure someway, but all I felt was pain. But I knew next time, it would feel so much better.

"Oh Kurt! I'm coming! Baby, I'm coming!" He groaned, moving harder into me as he released inside the condom.

It was quick, but I was glad. I didn't know how much more I could take. But the good thing, me and Eddie finally made love.

He pulled out of me and took the condom off, throwing it somewhere in the floor. After doing that, he wrapped his hand around my dick and raced his hand up and down. My hips buckled. I was already almost there.

"You close?" He asked. Nodding my head, my legs began to shake, and that was it; I came. Shooting up into the air, the mess landed on my stomach.

After grabbing some tissues and cleaning up the mess, Eddie laid down beside me and pulled the thick comforter over both of us. He wrapped his strong arm around me and pulled me into his chest.

"You're amazing." He whispered into the darkness.

"You're perfect." I whispered back.

"Let's get some sleep. Sweet dreams. I love you."

I smiled. "I love you too."

And I love him.

Chapter Two

"I'm not letting you leave." Eddie said as he squeezed me tighter. We both laid on the couch, well me laying on top of him. We were wrapped up in a blanket while a cartoon played on television. He had both his arms wrapped around me while my head rest on his chest.

"But it's already Sunday. I have to leave eventually." I said, even though I didn't want to leave. I wish I could stay here forever with him, but I can't. The weekend went by so fast. Too fast.

"You can skip school." Eddie suggested, running his fingers through my hair.

"I really don't wanna get bitched at by my mom though."

He chuckled. "Remember when you told your mom we were dating and you told her our age difference and she bitched about how I was too old for you."

I sighed. "Yeah. That was a bad day."

"You almost cried." He pointed out.

"Well I was scared. I didn't think she'd let me see you and I didn't want to loose you."

"Awww. So cute."

"Eddie, I'm getting sleepy." I whined.

"You don't have time to sleep, angel. We have to get you home soon."

I groaned. "I just want to sleep."

"Are you still sore?" He changed the subject. Saturday, I was so sore I could barely sit down. I basically just limbed around all day.

"Some. Not as bad as yesterday. I can kinda sit now."

"Do you think you can go for it again?" His voice asked softly. Honestly, I didn't know if I was ready for it again for not. But I'll have all week to recover.

So without speaking, I crawled further on top of him and began to kiss his neck. His hand went straight to the front of my jeans; gently squeezing my clothed dick.

My mouth changed into the shape of an O as I sucked on the tender skin. I didn't care if I left a hickey or not. I really hope I do, just so everyone knows he's mine.

I ran my tongue over the redness before my lips landed on his. Our lips moved in sync while our tongues were at war.

I moved his hand away from my jeans and began to grind. I could feel he was already rock hard. And when he moaned against my mouth, I thought I was going to loose control.

As kisses went on, we both undressed each other and switched positions. He was now on top of me while I laid underneath him. He had already rolled a condom on and was now rubbing lube onto his member. By now, I just really wanted to feel him inside me again.

He then put the tip to my entrance. "Ready?"


Then he pushed into me. I gasped until he was fully inside. He didn't pause this time. As soon as he was inside he began to move.

He held on to the arm of the couch as his hips moved back and forth. I couldn't deny the fact that he looked so fucking hot. His shirt off, moaning and whining, fu.cking me, biting his lip. It made me feel like I was just going to release without any touch.

"I'm gonna fu.ck you really hard now." He warned. My only reply was a moan. He went freaking crazy on me.

"O-o-oh Eddie!" I practically screamed as he pound into me. His hands held tighter to the couch arm.

I felt like I was going to explode. I reached down and grabbed my own member. It seemed as if his thrust and my jerking were in perfect rhythm.

"I'm so close, baby. So so close." He whispered in my ear. I arched my back.

"Harder, Eddie! Harder!" I whined like a whore. He obeyed my demands and went harder.

And suddenly, he hit something inside me that instantly made me come. I screamed in pleasure as I released, partly because he kept hitting that one shot.

"Eddie... I can't take it..." I whined. My whole body was trembling. I was now weak, but he continued to thrust.

"I'm coming, Kurt." He moaned in my ear. His pace stayed at the same speed as he groaned in pleasure. I knew he had came.

"Shit." He mumbled as he pulled out of me, leaving me feeling empty. He took the condom off and threw it away before cleaning up my mess with some tissues.

"I should probably be getting home now." I said, pulling myself off the couch and getting into my boxers.

"I don't want you to go." He whined, pouting his lips.

I pecked his lips. "I know, baby. But I have to."

He pulled up his jeans before slipping on his grey shirt. I was already dressed and tying my shoes.

"You're so amazing, you know that?" I said. He kissed my forehead.

"Not as amazing as you."


"Hey, mom, can I talk to you?" I asked as I quietly came down the stairs. She sat at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of tea while she was looking through the newspaper.

"Of course, sweetie." She said softly as she sat the newspaper down. I sat down in a chair next to her.

"Well, you know how me and Eddie are together and stuff..."


"We had sex." I spoke quickly. Her eyes went wide.


"Friday night."

"Oh... Well, how was it?"

"I don't know. It was weird, but... wonderful."

"You did use protection, right? You-"

"Mom, I'm not a girl." I said, rolling my eyes. "But yeah, we used protection."

"Good." She said, sounding kind of relieved for some reason. "Does he ever hurt you?"

"What? Of course not. He wouldn't do something like that. He's so sweet and-"

"But you have to be careful, Kurt. He is older than you."

"But mom, I love him."

She sighed but gave me a small smile. "Well, I'm sure he loves you, too."

I held up my hand, showing her the ring. "He got me this."

She examined the ring, the smile on her face growing wider. "That's sweet."

"Well, I'm gonna head to bed now. I just thought you needed to know." I said, standing up from my seat.

"Kurt, please be careful around him. If he ever hits you don't hesitate to tell me, alright?"

"You only say that because you don't like him." I snapped. I didn't want to hear anything else she had to say, so I ran upstairs and into my room where I shut the door behind me and locked it.

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