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Chapter 26

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Kurt's POV.

I'm so glad I have Dave back, I really need him. I can't live without him, and now we're getting married! I can't wait!

"My beautiful Kurt?"


"I love you" Dave grabbed me, pulled me to him and hugged me.

I put my arms around him and hugged him back "I love you too Dave" I smiled.

Dave ran his fingers through my hair. My hair was starting to grow but didn't mind, I liked my hair. I love Dave's hair.

I kissed his cheek and he kissed my nose.

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Chapter 27

Dave's POV

Finally we had the whole wedding planed out. We was going to get married September 21st and today is September 2nd. So that means only nineteen days away. Finally I get to marry my sweet beautiful Kurt.

It wasn't going to be a big wedding. We decided to invite ten people and that was it.

Kurt was playing his guitar and singing 'Drain You'. Kurt was always into organs and a human body, he said maybe he'd want to be a doctor if he wasn't famous.

Kurt finished playing and I hugged him. I kissed his cheek and the top of his head.

"Your so beautiful Kurt"

"You are too"

"Not as beautiful as you, your the most beautifulest person in the world"

He blushed a little and I smiled.

Kurt lit up a cigaret and gave me one.

I held Kurt's hand and he smiled at me. I kissed him deeply, he kissed back even deeper.

Kurt's POV

"I love you Dave"

"I love you too Kurt"

I kissed him again, he kissed back with his tongue. He grabbed my waist and pulled it against his, I felt his penis and it was hard. I felt myself blushing a little, but I couldn't help it. I pulled my shirt off slowly, I felt Dave watch me as I did it. We started kissing again. Dave pulled me onto the bed and put me on top of him. He unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, he stuck both his hands down my pants and started playing with my penis with both hands. I felt myself getting hard. Dave started sucking on my neck, I knew he'd probably leave a mark but I didn't care. Dave rolled over and now he was on top of me. He stared licking and sucking my nipples. He stopped and then he started kissing me down to my penis. I felt him licking on my penis. Next thing I knew I came, really quick. I didn't mean to but I accidentally did. He laughed a little.

"I'm sorry" I said.

"It's okay Kurt, I don't mind" he winked.

He started going inside me I don't think he had on lube or a condom.

He moaned as he went in. Instead of going slow, he jammed it in. It felt amazing. He started thrusting hard.

"Oh Dave" I moaned.

I felt myself getting hard again, Dave noticed and started rubbing my penis.

He thrusted a few more times then he came. I felt his cum enter inside of me.

After a few more hard strokes I came. He licked some of my cum off his fingers. He smiled

"You taste amazing"

He kissed me and I could taste the cum, it didn't taste too bad.

We slipped on our boxers and laid down. I turned on my side facing Dave, he was laying on his side too. I smiled at him.

"What is it my beautiful?" he asked.

"Nothing, I just love you so much"

He smiled then his smile faded.

"Kurt I know we've been through a lot. But I promise you I'm never leaving you again. Your my life and without you I'd die. I promise I'll be there for you anytime you need me. I love you Kurt and we are going to be together forever"

I smiled. "That's so sweet of you Dave, you mean the world to me. I love you and yes we are going to be together forever."

He smiled and put his arm around me, he pulled me closer to him.

~ September 21st ~

I watched as Dave came up the isle. His eyes on me and my eyes on him. He looked so good and now we are getting married. This is amazing.

He made it up to me and held my hands.

We said our I do's and then we kissed. Just a plain longish kiss. Everyone clapped and I looked into Dave's eyes, he looked into mine "I love you Kurt"

"I love you too"

After our wedding and hours of talking to everyone we went back home.

As soon as I walked in the door Dave picked me up and hugged me. He had a smile on his face and so did I.

"God Kurt your so sexy and beautiful and everything. I'm so glad I'm with you!"

He kissed my lips and I kissed him back.

He smirked "I have a surprise for you my beautiful"

"What is it?"

"Well I got us a hotel so we could go and umm do stuff" he looked down a little.

I smiled "Really Dave?"

"Yes, we can go now if you want"

I nodded. We walked out got in the car and Dave started driving us there.

We got to the hotel, got the key to our room and went inside.

Dave looked at me, pulled me closer and whispered in my ear "We're gonna go all night"

I felt my cheeks go red but I smiled.

"Wanna start?" Dave winked.

Instead of saying anything I pushed him on the bed, crawled on top of him and started kissing him. I slipped my tongue in his mouth and started playing around. I began to suck on his tongue,then his bottom lip. I sat up for a second on Dave's lap to breath. I could feel his big hard penis. I wanted it so bad. I leaned down and kissed his neck and sucked on it. I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, I started pumping and playing with his penis. I took my clothes off but left my boxers on. I let out a big loud moan when Dave grabbed my penis and started playing with it. I quickly rubbed on lube and jammed my hard penis in him.

"Oh shit!" Dave yelled in pleasure.

"God Dave!" I was going hard and fast. I wanted an orgasm so bad I could almost feel it.

"I'm gonna come!" I yelled. A few more hard big thrust and I came.

Even though I had come I still kept going. .

I was going as hard as I could. I was starting to get tired but kept going. Before long I came again

"Oh god Dave! Dave!" I yelled as I came again.

I laid beside him and then he crawled on top of me. "My turn" he smirked.

He went inside me. First slow then fast. I felt him hitting hard. God it felt amazing.

"Harder harder!" I yelled. I was wanting this so hard.

Dave started going harder and faster. Harder than I expected.

Finally he came and he laid down beside me.

He stuck his hand down my pants and started exploring my penis.

I knew I'd come again before long.

"Dave I've already came twice"

"I know but I said we'd do this all night didn't i?"

I smiled and nodded.

He kept playing with me and then I had another orgasm. I licked it off his hand and fingers.

"God you taste good"

"Well Dave let me see how you taste"

I started sucking his penis.

We had sex all night. We took about four, five minute breaks. We started at 7:30 and didn't stop until 12:36

I had a ton of orgasms and so did Dave. I was really tired.

I laid beside Dave. He was breathing hard and so was I.

"God Kurt that was just amazing"

"I know Dave. This was great. "

I smiled, put my head on Dave's shoulder and went to sleep

Chapter 28

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Kurt's POV

"I love you so much Dave"
"I love you too Kurt, and we're gonna be together forever."
"Yes we are Dave"
He smiled and kissed my lips.
I kissed his cheek.
I love Dave so much, I'm glad I'm with him.
"God your so beautiful Kurt"
I felt my cheeks go red a little.
"You are too Dave"
"I need you in my life Kurt an without you I couldn't live"
I smiled and kissed his lips softly
"I need you too Dave"
"Promise me whatever happens we will get through it together, and we'll work out all our problems together"
"I promise Dave" I laid my head on his shoulder
"Good" he kissed the top of my head
"I love you Dave"
"I love you too Kurt"

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Chapter 29

Kurt's POV

"What are you doing Kurt"

I jumped and realized it was just Dave. "Oh nothing, listening to music"

"Okay, I've missed you"

"Where'd you go?"

"Nowhere but you know what I mean" he smirked.

"Oh" I smiled and kissed him.

He began to kiss back, the kiss got deeper and deeper. I felt Dave's tongue against mine.

He pulled off his shirt and then mine.

"I know we probably do this a lot Kurt but it's just feels so good doing it with you"

I nodded and smiled "I know"

Dave laid me on the bed and got on top of me. He put his hands on my hips and started kissing me again. I kissed back, Dave pulled my bottom lip, he hurt it a little but I didn't mind.

"Dave!" I moaned as I felt him go inside me.

He was trusting pretty hard, it felt amazing.

I started rubbing my penis but he stopped me and then he started doing it.

He was rubbing it really fast, I came into his hand but he didn't care he rubbed it on the bed sheet

"I'll change the bed sheets after we get done"

I nodded, I knew I couldn't say nothing because it would all turn into a moan.

"Mmmm oh Dave!"

I felt him come inside me.

I jerked a little as he slid his penis back out.

"God that was amazing Kurt"

I smiled.

I slid my boxers back on, Dave did the same.

He laid beside me and smiled

"How are you so beautiful Kurt?"

"I'm not"

"Yes you are, your beautiful eyes, your beautiful hair and your beautiful face features. What's not beautiful about you?"

I felt myself blush. I didn't know what to say so I just shrugged.

Dave chuckled

"What?" I asked with a smile

"You look so adorable when you blush"

I felt my face go red so I hid it with my hands.

"Oh Kurt! you don't need to be embarrassed" he kissed my nose.

"Now let's sleep Kurt"

"I thought we were changing the bed sheets"

"Oh yeah I almost forgot"

He smiled at me and we both got out of bed.

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