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Chapter 21

Kurt's POV

"And that's what happened he just left me". I said holding back my tears.

"Oh Kurt that's terrible" Krist said.

He hugged me and I hugged back, I really did need a hug.

"Well Kurt I know a girl who would love to be with you"

"Krist I don't know if I can love anyone again, I mean I still love Dave with all my heart but I don't think I could love anyone else"

"Well come on Kurt, she's a nice girl. You might like her"

I didn't reply just kinda nodded a little bit.

"Good I'll go get her, I'll be back in a few"

Krist left, I didn't want anyone else. I want Dave and no one else.

He came about about 20 minutes later.

"Well here she is, her name is Courtney Love."

I looked at her, she had short blonde hair and she was pretty skinny. Kinda cute but not really. I didn't want her. I want Dave, but I know I won't be getting him back.

"Hi" she said

"Hello" I replied back.

"This is Kurt Cobain" Krist said. She smiled at me.

We sat around for a while.

Apparently we was dating even though I didn't get to make the decision but I didn't say anything. Maybe I would feel better if I was with someone else.

Chapter 22

Kurt's POV

Me and Courtney have been dating for a few weeks but I didn't love her, I don't even think I liked her. I needed to tell her because I didn't want to be with her. I want to be with Dave, I know I probably won't be getting him back but I still love him more than anything, more than life.

I called Courtney and asked her to come over. She said she'd be over in a few minutes.

Finally she arrived here, I sat her down beside me on the couch.

"Courtney there's something I need to talk to you about"

"What is it Kurt?"

"I mean your a nice girl and everything but I don't want to date you"

"Is there something wrong Kurt?"

"No it's just that, I was dating this guy Dave. We broke up but I still love him, I can't get over him. He's my everything. I really miss him and I know I'll always love him. I'm sorry Courtney, you really are sweet and everything but your not the one I want"

She nodded, "I understand what you mean Kurt, and it's okay if you love Dave then you should go get him back. I'm fine and thank you, your very sweet too Kurt" she hugged me and I hugged her back.

"Bye Kurt, I hope we can still be friends"

I smiled "Yes we can"

She smiled back "Oh and Kurt?"


"Good luck with Dave, I hope you get him back"

She smiled again and left.

I needed MY Dave back.

Chapter 24

Dave's POV

I can't live without my Kurt. I need him. I was so stupid to break up with him. My beautiful sweet Kurt.

I ran out and started running to Kurt's. I will get him back. I need him.

Finally I got there. I didn't even knock just ran in.

"Kurt I'm sorry. I was a dumb ass and I'm sorry for hurting you. I need you. I love you, I can't live without you. Please Kurt I'm so sorry"

"Oh Dave I've missed you so much."

He hugged each other tightly. I didn't want to let Kurt go. I felt tears running down my face but I didn't care.

Finally Kurt let me go.

"Kurt I'm sorry. I love you and I need you"

"I need you too Dave."

"Will you be mine again"

I saw a tear run down Kurt's face.


"I promise I'll never do that again"

"Ok Dave you better not" he laughed a little.

"Kurt let's just get married."

He looked a little shocked but happy.


"Yes Kurt let's get married"

I kissed his soft sweet lips again. God I missed him.

"Ok Dave we will" he smiled.

(Sorry it's short but I needed to get them back together again.)

Chapter 25

Kurt's POV

"Come and lay down beside me Dave"


Dave walked over and got up in the bed. I grabbed his hand and held it and looked into his eyes.

"I missed you so much Dave"

"I missed you too Kurt. You are my life and without you I'm nothing."

Dave held out his arm and I saw cut marks.

"Dave what happened?"

"I did it, I cut myself. I was hurting so bad because because I hurt you. I love you Kurt. I would've came sooner but I thought you would hate me for hurting you, I'm sorry for that my beautiful, but I swear I'm never losing you again"

"You shouldn't have done that, I could never hate you"

I kissed Dave as deep as I could.

He started kissing back and he pulled me on top of him.

I stuck my hand into his jeans and started rubbing his penis, he let out a few moans.

Then he started doing the same to me, god it felt so good.

I started nibbling and sucking his neck.

"Oh Kurt"

I pushed my waist harder against his. I could feel his hard penis against mine.

"Oh god Dave" I moaned as he started rubbing my nipples.

I took Dave's shirt and jeans off.

Then he started taking mine off.

I rubbed lube on my penis and I started sticking it inside Dave.

He was moaning and jerking a little as I went in harder.

I started thrusting hard, I grabbed Dave's penis and started rubbing it.

Harder and faster I kept thrusting.

Dave came in my hand, I licked some off my fingers.

One last big hard thrust and I had an orgasm.

"Oh god oh oh oh Dave" I said as I came.

I slipped my boxers back on and laid beside Dave.

"God I missed you" Dave said.

I smiled "I missed you too"

"My beautiful?"

"Yes Dave?"

"Here you go" he handed me a ring.

"What's this for?"

"Well I said we should get married and you agreed so this is our engagement ring" he smirked and smiled.

"I love you Dave"

"I love you too my beautiful Kurt"

He slipped the ring on my finger.

We laid there and talked and held hands about all night.

Dave put his arm around me. I smiled. I couldn't be happier.

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