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I woke up and I was still tied to the hospital bed, my wrists really hurt, i wanted to be done here. I pushed my button for the nurse to come over, i needed meds now.

"Hello Kurt, how's my patient?"

"eh, I'm in pain, i need meds, Phineas the nurse. "

"okay we will get you dosed up. Also, You, should know your father has asked to come see you 4 times."

"why! he NEVER cared about me before! He was never there when i needed him most, why the hell does he care now?!" i started to cry but i didn't want Phineas to see.

" Kurt, he probably realizes his mistakes, and this was a wake up call for him. He wants to make amends, now. Maybe it wouldn't hurt you to try too? I know you have plenty of reasons to treat him just like you did before, but maybe give him another chance? you might be surprised."

" I just want my meds. But, i suppose i will see him, it's not like i can go anywhere. Uh can we untie my arms now? I am in pain."

" yeah, we can." then she untied me,i was so grateful to have my arms free, they really hurt. she called my dad in, then she spoke.

"Kurt, i will be right in the hallway if you need me." then she left. My dad sat down, i was really quiet, and looked down.

"Kurt, i was a horrible father, i just wanted a son so bad that i didn't realize i had one the whole time, just because he wasn't just like me. I understand if you hate me, but i was scared i had lost you."

"I don't hate you anymore Don. But i don't love you. You lost me a long time ago. " I curled up with my knees up infront of me with my arms on top of them with my head on my arms, hiding.

"son, thank you. I will go now." He put his hand on my head, then started to walk out.

" wait! " I grabbed his arm, he turned around and I hugged him, it was awkward at first then we were just normal hugging. He left. I started crying , it seemed the only thing I could do and I hated it. I heard the nurse lady named Phineas tell someone they could go in my room. Oh great more visitors. Just then I heard the loudest most obnoxious ,

" HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!" And I knew there were only two people capable of creating that noise. Then the two biggest goof balls that ever lived danced into my room. Anthony and Flea. They were like sugar on steroids!! Flea moonwalked to my bedside and Anthony hip-hopped in.

" hey Bro! "

" yeah dude, like you do look good in a dress!!"

" uh, Hi guys, and thanks for that , Flea. "

" so yeah, like Krist called me up and he is like, Cobain's half dead and whatnot,,, so I picked up Flea and we ran here, and check it dude I wrote a song and put you in it. I call it Californication,." Then he pulled out a piece of card board and unfolded it, it was a guitar cut out, then Flea pulled out of his back pocket a tape player and pushed play, they started air jamming and preforming to the song they pre recorded. Oh they could be real pieces of work but they were funny. I'm surprised they even let Flea in here, he wasn't wearing a shirt AND he has an outstanding arrest warrant. I wonder if he knew they keep an officer here at all times?

"so d'you like the song Cobain?"

"yeah whadda think dude??"

"i liked it, thanks for that guys."

"dude, it is like really great to see you living. i think tis calls for celebration!!" He an Flea started cheering, then i spoke.

"guys, it's great to see you but i think you should keep it down before they get the cops in here."

"THE COPS?! WHERE?! i gotta get outta here!" Flea ran out as quickly as he could.

"wow! that's a keeper there Anthony." i said very sarcastically.

"I resent that. But seriously i know this isn't even close to being over for you but i am glad you made it this far bro, I couldn't imagine life without you Cobain."

"Well, thank you for understanding, but Anthony you might want to get used to life without me. But im sure i will have more than enough help trying to get this fixed."

"Cobain! I will personally move in with you to keep you from doing this again if i have too!"

"uh, thanks Anthony, but i live with Krist, and he is well,,, you know,,, Krist. Don't you think you should go find Flea?"

"Yeah you are right. OH, speaking of Krist,, Uh you didn't hear this from me, got it Cobain? anyway he and Dave have been fighting lately!"

"what? oh no! uh bye then.." I couldn't quit thinking about how Krist and Dave are fighting, it is horrible! they love each other, how and why them? I kept thinking about them until my nurse came in and spoke,

"hey Kurt, I've got to get you ready! against my better judgment my supervisor says it's time for you to be released, your bass player brought you some new clothes, i will help you up so you can get ready for when your friend comes to take you home." I got up and instantly fell down, or would have fell down if phineas didn't catch me, she stood there with me as i got my balance , then i walked into the bathroom and got changed. It took me awhile because i was still a bit dizzy, i came out of the bathroom.

"how do i look Phin?"

"like,good ol' Kurt. Uh, i wanted to give you this, it is the card of my therapist, she is really nice."

"uh thanks phin" Krist came into the room, he looked awful, he insisted on carrying me out to the van then into my room when we got home, I was kind of scared, because when I left my room was awful, I'm not sure I can go back in there, see that and not be triggered. Krist walked me in and I was blown away! It was like a new room, I bet Dave did this! I can tell Krist missed me, he never said it plus he hasn't said much but he keeps looking at me. He told me I had to sleep now.


" FLIP YOU!!" Screamed Dave as he flicked me off with both hands as he then ran out the door ending our argument . My heart emploded right then, Dave and I have been fighting a lot over stupid stuff, I love him so much I can't even believe we are fighting. I'm not sure where he is going to go but I hope he will come back. Ugh I can't take this pain! I started drinking, a lot, of everything, waaaay too much. I started getting sloshed but I didn't care I wanted to feel numb , and I wasn't so I turned on the music, it was so bitter sweet, Kurt was home but Dave was gone , I just finished another bottle of vodka, I was having trouble seeing straight now, I started my third one when I remembered kurt was here, I had to check on him!! I stumbled into his room and knocked on his door, he told me to come in, I walked in nd sat on the bed across from him.

" Krist! Are you drunk?! What is wrong?"

"I had a little to drink, , hehehehe but Dave and I are falling apart, so why not drink!"

" Krist, how much have you had ? I'm worried about you!"

"You are worried about? Me ? You are nicer than Dave, you are my friend and have been I never should have stopped,,, loving you."

" No! You don't mean that Krist! You are just drunk and upset , I understand! You are in pain, that is your emotions mixed with liquor talking ." Kurt seemed upset , that made me sad too.

" I do mean it Kurt, and I wanna do something I should have done years ago,I just never had the guts.!" I leaned in, and gently caressed his cheek, then I softly kissed him passionatly. He kissed me back! We ended the kiss together, and he just stared at me, and I couldn't quit smiling, of course it could also be because I'm drunk.

" Krist, you are very very sloshed, you need to stop before you regrete all this, this isn't you , you need to go sleep it off ."

"No kurt I can't leave you, "

"I won't try anything Krist, c'mon, let's go." He pulled me off the bed, and took me to my room, he tucked me in my bed and told me to sleep it off, I was feeling weird.


That was the most shocking thing ever, Krist kissed me! I kissed him back! He is a sweet kisser, he was so gentle, but this was messing him up I need to get Dave back here now. I went to the phone, I suspected Dave was with Chad, they hit it off really well. I called Chad.

" hello?" He asked.

" hey Chad, it's kurt, is Dave with you? He needs to come home, Krist is drunk, he is freaking out and -"

" whoa, calm down bro, I'm putting Dave on the line, but seriously deep breathing."

" Hello? This is Dave"

" Dave! You need to come home! Krist is drunk, and he was freaking out too, I'm not sure what is up with you guys, I don't even want to know I just want you to make up that boy loves you, I need you home."

" okay Kurt, I miss him, I am coming home. See you soon."

I hung up. Good he was coming home, Krist had the music on Loud, so I went and turned it off. I sighed, I think I need to go to bed. So I walked in my room and went to sleep, Dave will get there and he and Krist can make up.

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