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I'm so real I am beyond fake.

I ran in carrying Kurt, screaming for help. I knew I had to be a sight, a giant holding a dying boy both covered in blood. The nurses rushed to me one of them took Kurt and rushed him into the ICU the other two stayed with me one sat me down and was comforting me the other started asking me questions, all I wanted was to see Kurt and to know where he was.

" sir, sir?! Can you tell me, are you hurt? " asked one of the nurses.

" uh, my friend, he is bleeding! Is he getting care?" I then started sobbing.

The other nurse who was holding onto me yelled at the nurse behind the counter,

" Phineas! Get a shock blanket and go help Marlene this is your chance to be the best, young lady, do so!"

The nurse named phineas got me a blanket and the one across from me slowed down.

"Okay Hun, you are in shock, you friend is in the best hands, let's just take a moment and talk about you,. Okay?"

I nodded yes.

" okay Hun, first tell me what is your name?, my name is Gloria, and the nurse next to you is Kristina."

I tried to breath but it was hard.

" m-my name, Is Krist Novoselic."

" good Krist, see now we aren't strangers . What's your friends name? Who is being taken care of."

" his name is Kurt Cobain." Then I started sobbing again,

" no no Krist , okay focus on me, it's okay . Now I am going to ask you a very important question, are you hurt anywhere on your body or is that Kurt's blood?"

" I'm not hurt, oh god he bled a lot ,oh no,," I started rocking back in forth because I was scared and didn't know what to do. The nurse next to me started rubbing my shoulder trying to calm me.

" Krist, can you answer two more questions for me?" Asked Gloria.

I nodded.

" Okay, do you know how your friend got hurt? And has this happened before?"

" oh god, h-he was in his room and I broke the door and there was so much blood everywhere and he was sad and cut, and I didn't want this to happen I tried to-". Gloria stopped me.

" honey, take a deep breath, has this happened before?"

" n-no, "

" so Krist , did Kurt cut himself?"

I nodded yes. Gloria jumped up and ran to walkie talkie phone,

" phineas! We have a code S! Kurt Cobain is a code S. Tell Marlene. I've got Mr. Novoselic with me and Kristina, "

" Mrs.Gloria I need to see him, w-what if h-he dies, I-I need to say goodbye."

" Krist, we will let you see him soon, but right now he is getting de-infected and getting stitches while all this time getting cc's of blood, you will see him soon." I just sat there and cried on Kristina and waited.


"911 what's your emergency?"

"HI this is Dave Grohl, my best friend is dying and my boyfriend is taking him to the hospital, can you alert the hospital they are coming? We are 15 minutes from Seattle Regional, my boy friend is tall and carrying a short guy who is almost dead and they are both covered in blood."

" yes we will alert the hospital. Try to keep them calm. Do you need me to stay on the line with you?"

"N-no." Then I hung up . I couldn't even fathom what was happening. I started wandering around the house, until i found myself in kurt's room, there was blood, every were,there was a big pool of blood in the floor where Krist found Kurt, and small splashes of blood everywhere else. I had to cover my nose because the odor of stale blood and only god knows what else, was gag worthy. Then it hit me, I needed to clean up his room for him, for when he came home, or if he sadly couldn't come home, at least Krist wouldn't see this again. Okay, I could do this i just had to channel back to the days when i cleaned for Floyd the Barber.... I needed to soak everything in bleach and so i did, hopefully the blood would come off, I then scrubbed the walls in bleach which made all the lyrics and blood spatter come off, I removed the sheets and blankets from the bed, and put them in the washer. I dressed the bed with new clean stuff, the walls looked nice, the only thing was the huge blood stain on the carpet. I had to think, of what to do, I paced around until i figured it out, then, in my clever drummer head i came up with it, I ran into my old room, and grabbed my old blanket, then i cut it into a circle larger than the stain, then i fringed the ends in knots. I got my sewing kit out and sewed the blanket to the carpet as a permanent rug. I stood back in the door way and looked at my work, I felt a pang of something, i not sure, it felt like guilt but worse, I sighed, and remembered that only Krist and I knew about Kurt so I ran to Krist's side of the bed and grabbed his contact book. I have to calm down and think clearly, I asked myself the question, who needs to know about Kurt? I saw that Kurt' mom was in the book so i called her first, her name was Wendy. I dialed the number and waited,

"Hello? Is this Wendy Cobain?"

" why, yes it is. May i ask who is calling?"

" This is Dave Grohl, I am calling about your son Kurt, I am his drummer, well, he has been hurt very badly and is in the ICU, Krist wanted me to let you know. "

"oh, my Kurt got hurt? what happened?"

"well, you see, erm, that's the thing, he tried to kill himself."

Then his mom hung up on me! I was shocked I tried to call back but she wouldn't answer. Well, that jerk. I had heard enough stories to know not to call kurt's dad, but I remembered hearing Krist and Kurt talk about a guy named Chad, so i looked through the book, and yes there was one guy named Chad so i called.

"Hello? Is this Chad Channing?"

" yes,and who the heck is this?"

" this is Dave Grohl, I am the Drummer for NIRVANA i hear that you are a good friend of Kurt and Krist."

"ah, so you are the mysterious replacement. Yeah, I am a friend, what's up?"

" that's the thing, I am calling about Kurt,"

"oh god, has he finally kicked the bucket?"

"no, but he tried to, he is in the ICU, Krist is freaking out and would want you to know. "

"oh ,Kurt," Chad sighed. " so you are still at the old flat right? I am going to go see kurt, I can swing by and pick you up on the way. Maybe we can get to know each other as well."

" sure, how long will it take you to get here?"

" eh, my driving speed is somewhere between Krist's and Kurt's so 20 minutes?"

"okay yeah that's enough time. bye Chad"


He seemed nice, but i still had another call to make.

"hello? Is Courtney Love around?"

"yeah, this is her bass player Tom, let me go get her, who is this calling? you don't sound like the blonde guy."

"uh this is the blonde guy's drummer Dave Grohl."

" okay i will go get her." a few minutes later she came on."

" Hello, Courtney Love speaking." she said in a sweet voice.

" hey Courtney, you may not remember me but I am Dave Grohl from the move night."

"oh, yeah, the guy who needed to shag Krist the bass player.! whats up hun?"

" it's, about kurt, he tried to kill himself and is in the ICU i'm very sorry to have to tell you that."

she did this sort of scream with one hand over her mouth.

" Courtney?"

" yeah, Dave, T-thanks for telling me, oh gosh, i'm gonna go, i can't even explain what just happened in my head."

"okay Courtney, please go be around people don't just stay on your own right now. bye"

I hung up. I smelled of Bleach, yuck! So i went and I put on my Beatles tee and one of Krist's flannels, then I used some old spice to get rid of the bleach smell. Finally I heard Chad pull up. I ran out to his van I jumped in the front seat next to him and spoke,

" so you are Chad now I have a face. Nice to meet you, I'm Dave." I shook his hand.

"Haha so you are the Dave that is seeing my Krist." Then we started driving.

" your Krist? I didn't know you guys were a thing.."

"Hahaha heck no! Krist is like my little brother, he always asked me for advice and we could tell each other anything, I always watched out for him. He has told me about you, you seem to be good for him."

" thank you,." I blushed as I pushed my hair behind my ear. I looked Chad over, he had long hair like me, but his was much lighter than mine, from the looks of it he was my hight or an inch or so taller, he had really kind and large eyes, he seemed charming and like he knew what he was doing at generally everything, I liked him. He broke the awkward silence,

"I hate to ask this but, how bad off was Kurt.?"

" well, he was covered in blood and passed out, Krist was really scared cuz he lost a lot of blood, I'm not sure if he will make it." My voice cracked on that last bit and for the first time since this has happened I did what I wanted to, I broke down and started crying. I felt a bit embarrassed so I kinda hunched over and covered my face then just sobbed. Chad pulled the van over to the side of the road, he put his arm around me to try and comfort me I tensed up when he touched me but soon relaxed and let him comfort me as I cried. After my crying slowed down he spoke.

" Dave, you will be okay, so will kurt. You have to try and be strong, being strong does NOT mean not crying or not showing emotion, being strong means you NEVER give up hope on him, so be strong for kurt, Krist and yourself. Is it okay if we finnish heading to the hospital buddy?"

" T-thanks, C-Chad , y-yah lets g-go." We drove the rest of the way and when we arrived he took my hand and gave it a squeeze ,

" remember, be strong." Then we walked in.

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