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Here we are now.


I woke up from my nap, and Dave was already up and gone, for a brief moment i feared the worse that possibly i was late for the show but Kurt would never let me over sleep. So i got up to find my sweet Dave, I heard some crying as i walked pass the bathroom. I put my ear to the door it did not sound like Kurt's crying, then i poked my head into Kurt's room and it was not him because he was snoring on his bed. so i went back to the door of the bathroom and knocked because Dave was still crying.

"Are you okay Dave? baby, you there?"

"uh, i'm fine dear, just a sec." he said sniffling and in a really fake happy voice.

"don't, give me that Dave, I heard you crying, just open the door, and tell me whats goin on."

"okay." Then he opened the door,and as I entered the bathroom he hugged me for support.

"what's wrong Dave darrling? "

"it's my mom, i just got off the phone with her, I wanted to tell her i was dating you ad asked her when she wanted to meet you, but she got very angry and said she would never meet you and didn't want to see or talk to me again until i was "done being gay" and a bunch of other stuff thatid rather not repete. And it just upsets me to be well, attacked and basically disowned,don't worry Krist, I will be fine, i didn't want you to know about this. i'm okay as long as i'm in your arms."

" Dave! that is completely horrible! I cannot believe she did that! well, you don't ned her as family whenyou have me and kurt! c'mon love, we are going to tell Kurt about this!"

"Kurt! Kurt! Kurt Cobain! you are needed back on earth.... wake up little buddy."

"eh, ain't got no whatcha-ma-call-it." he said sleepily as he rolled over awayfrom me.

"No Kurt, this is important,, wake up, we NEED you."

"okay, im up, im up!" he said with a yawn as he sat up.

"what is it guys? whats wrong Dave? you look like you've been crying."

"well, my mom disowned me because i'm dating Krist, and well, Krist found me crying and said we needed to talk to you."

" dude, what the freaking heck? how freaking dare she!!!! well, Krist is right, you are now part of our family offically! you do not need her to accept you because you have us. I was kicked out by my mom, and well, Krist and i started a band, that was my crazy "forget you" move twards them. I think yours needs to be Moving on and not even thinking of her, just be you and live life with us basically pretend she never was there. I am truely sorry this happened."

Then Kurt hugged Dave and we all went into the living area.


what Kurt said was super nice, but there was a real hole in my heart though, i always thought my mom loved me, but I had to go get read for our gig tonight,, so i just let that fade from my mind, Krist said i could wear one of his flannels tonight at the show, I loved wear my boyfriend's t-shirts, i always heard girls talk about how awesome it was and they were right, it as comforting, it felt like i was constantly being hugged by him. I was just kinda day dreaming in my room while combing my hair, when Krist knocked on my door and walked in, and spoke.

"hey love, how are you feeling? Kurt wanted me to tell you we had to go soon. D'you want me to comb your hair? Kurt used to comb my hair and I loved it when he did."

"sure love."

He started combing my hair super gently, he was right it did feel good.

" hey don't be sad we are gonna rock tonight! I will tell you a secret love, put all of your emotions into your playing, use them as motivation, it's kinda even like therapy you might feel some better if you leave it all on the stage. All i want you to know no matter what works and what doesn't just know I'm here for you to listen and help you."

"thanks Krist, you are the greatest boyfriend ever."

"thanks, but not hardly. You're all done sweetie." he said then his kissed me on top of my head and set the comb down. We walked out and met Kurt, then we grabbed our gear and walked into the gig, we sat up and practiced then went back stage as the people arrived this was just a little show but still important. Kurt paced around backstage and drank cold medicine to ease his nerves apparently. Krist was scribbling away in his notebook I'm not sure what he was writing but it looked important. I was just lying down in a corner, waiting. Finally it was time to go on we went and Kurt said his hellos,then we started. First we played Love buzz, Breed, Where is my mind, About a girl, lithium, sliver, lake of fire, penny royal tea,(which always makes me cry) so Kurt had to point out to the crowd that the drummer was crying. Then we played In Bloom, lounge act, and then finally we got to the end where we introduced ourselves and said something funny. Kurt said he was, "Kurt Cobain the alien and that he was very disappointed to see everyone tonight, then he said by disappointed he meant glad." Then it was my turn and i said, "I am Dave Grohl the greatest drummer ever and i didn't even know what city we were in!" Then it was Krist and he said, "I am Krist Novoselic the bass player, I am Dave Grohl's boyfriend and i love him!" i blushed and everyone cheered and Kurt motioned for the crowd to clap with him. Krist looked super proud of us, and i kinda felt like i was glowing. After the show we went to the dressing room and there was alot of people, Kurt was surrounded by a group of people our age, and he was talking to some of them, this one girl really stuck out she was wearing this big leather hat, she was the least groveling of them all but she probably was the one who loved us most Kurt gave her a red guitar pick, when he walked off Krist and I said, "Kurt Cobain ladies and gentlemen!" at the same time. Soon the crowd of people were rushed off and we started cleaning up our stuff and headed to the RV, well Krist didn't yet he was still doing something but Kurt and I headed out, it was a mistake to walk out the alley side. A big guy jumped out from behind the dumpster,

" this is a hold up boys, give me your wallets , your watches and shoes!" He screamed.

"and if we don't?" defied Kurt.

"I Will have to end you."

Just then Kurt missile drop kicked him, and he passed out.

"Not if I end you first ya jerk!" Kurt yelled at the passed out guy.

"c'mon Dave!" he grabbed my hand and started running we made it back to the RV, and both collapsed out of breath. Kurt went straight to bed, i guess the fight made him tired. Later that night in bed i told Krist about how Kurt saved us and Krist was so proud of Kurt that he cried a little bit,

"he needs like a medal for that."

" I agree krist."

So we got up and started making him a medal, we used some guitar string as the chain, and Krist bent a spoon around it and wrote,'medal of honor and bravery' on it. Then we smiled about our work and went back to bed. The next morning before we left for the next tour spot, we gave kurt the medal.

" hey Kurt,"

" yeah Dave?"

" Krist and i made you something!"

" what? Why? "

" well, you saved us last night! Me and you! You saved us both from that guy who was three times your size, so we made you a Medal of Honor and bravery! Show him Krist!!"

" here Kurt we made it from a spoon." Said Krist as he put it on kurt then kissed the top of his head.

" well guys, you sure think I'm great stuff. I'm not sure who loves me more, you or the screaming fans." We all started laughing then we headed to our next show, this place would always be in our memories more than other places this place was special.

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