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Ohanna means family.


I woke up, there was light shining through the window on Krist and i. I sat up gently then slowly tiptoed out of the room leaving Krist sleeping like an angel. Half way down the stairs I smelled something delicious! I walked into the kitchen to find Krist's aunt making pancakes. I just stood back observing her, her clothes looked more relaxed and they where colorful unlike last night. She spoke, but I didn't know that she knew I was there.

" So, Kurt, are going to stand there creepily all day, or are you going to help me finish these pancakes while we talk about your feelings for Krist?" She said with a giggle.

" Yes ma'am, I mean no ma'am,, uh, I uh , what feelings for Krist?" I said while handing her a wisk. She laughed again, she had a laugh thst sounded like bells.

" I know you have feelings for him, and he has feelings for you, but he won't admit because he thinks it very innapropriate. But I can see your feelings, you look at him the same way I looked at my June when I met her."

" whoa, I have a question, if I have 'feelings' For Krist how come I don't admit them?" I asked very skeptically.

" You feel like if you had feelings and Krist knew he might think you are using him, and he would make you leave. And you have trust issues, I can tell by the way you sit. Also Kurt, Krist would never kick you out," my mind was blown, I just sat there looking at her, she knew things. Pretty soon Krist came down stairs, he looked amazing. The way his hair was messy, and his flannel, I was probably blatantly staring.

" morning aunt Marie, morning Kurt." he said kissing her on the head and roughing my hair around.

" M-morning Krist. What is planned for today?"

" Wel Kurt, i was thinking about taking you shopping, you neEd your own clothes that aren't worn out." I blushed Krist was always so nice, maybe too nice, I felt bad.

" no Krist." I said firmly.

" Kurt, it is something you need, it's no trouble."

" i-i, I feel bad, I mean I'm not your real family, you shouldn't-" I was cut off by Krist, who kinda looked hurt by what I said.

" Kurt! You are as close to family as it gets! And you are a kid! There is no way you could pay it alone so it doesn't matter.Kurt, you are my family." He came over to me and hugged me, I hugged him back then i felt butterflys in my tummy, which made me mad. Just then aunt Marie spoke.

" Told you." She smirked.


We walked into a. Clothing store, I was nervous. I remembered when I shopped with my mom, i hated it then, i was so self aware. It was worse now, I didn't have a good self image, and I was at least 30 pounds lighter than then. I think aunt Marie knew how nervous and upset I was because she all of a sudden made a plan.

" Okay, i will go find him one fancy outfit and a pair of everyday shoes. Krist, you take him over there in the young men's section, Now kurt, pick out what you feel comfortable in, Krist help guide him, you both have similar styles." We both nodded and headed off. I started scanning the wracks of clothes, nothing was standing out, it was all too posh for my taste. Finally Krist came over with some flannels in every color! And some jeans with patches.

" Here Kurt, these are nice,I'm not sure about your size, these are a few sizes smaller than me." I smiled and we walked over to the changing room, I got in a stall and Krist waited outside. I have having some problems, the jeans were too long and the kept falling, and the shirt was also just as big. I was too small, I felt angry, and embarrassed and done with it all. krist knocked on the door,

" kurt, everything okay?"

" Nope , im too small for it all and I want to go home." Just then I heard aunt Marie's voice,

" how about you try these instead." she threw them over the side, it was exactly the same outfits Krist found but much much smaller. i did, and sure enough, it was a perfect fit. I came out to show them, and Krist's mouth fell open,

" Kurt! You look beautiful! Uh I mean great! " we both blushed,

" tthanks k-Krist." We soon went home, I had clothes that fit and I couldn't quit thinking about how Krist said I was beautiful, I wonder if he meant it? Maybe aunt marie was right. Maybe I should ask him.

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