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I can tell we're gonna be friends.

" hmmm we will have to get you a room of your own set up pretty soon.'" I randomly said to kurt as we were sitting on the couch watching MTV that evening.

" no rush, I could just sleep on the couch."

" hmm nope! You going to sleep in my bed and I shall sleep on the couch until we get you a room."

" aw, Krist that's not fair to you! Hey! I have an idea! We could room together like a sleep over! Like I used to have with my friends before they all started hating me cuz I was gay. "

" uh, okay, I don't care if you don't, roomie! "

" well actually Krist im getting tired but you go ahead and watch MTV . I'm going to head to bed. "

" okay Kurt!" He went up the stairs.

" stupid , stupid , stupid!" I said to myself, that was the second dumbest thing I ever agreed to, I was way too close to trouble, well oh well. I watched another half hour of TV and then I decided to get ready for bed. I brushed my teeth and went into my room, I crawled in bed next to kurt, I sighed and closed my eyes. At some point in the night I got woke up by crying and yelling, Kurt was thrashing around and crying out, he was having a night mare. I sat up and tried to calm him, I held onto him, thrashing and all then I told him where he was and that everything was going to be alright. He opened his eyes and latched onto me .

" it was just a dream, I'm here with you. Don't worry." And pretty soon he went back to sleep while still holding onto me.


I woke up and Krist was gone! It was daylight, I got up. I heard yelling from down stairs, I ran out and to the top of the stairs where I saw Krist sitting at the table having an argument over the phone with someone. He hung up and put his head in his hands. I felt really bad, he was so kind and sweet and caring he didn't deserve to hurt like this. I walked down stairs, he looked up and smiled at me, I love that smile.

" hey Krist is everything alright? You seemed pretty upset."

" yeah Kurt, don't worry your pretty little head about it. It was just my aunt she is really man sometimes." He rubbed my hair again. I wish thrre was something I could do to cheer him up, I know the fake smiles are fake.

" hey Krist, I could make breakfast if you want? D'you have any boxes of Mac and cheese?"

" uh, as sweet and awesome as that is for you to do kurt, let's just have cereal today!"

" okay!"

" Kurt, d'you want to play your guitar after breakfast? I have a bass and an amp we could jam,!"

" yes! You are the greatest!! Can we go now? Can we?! Can we?! "

" haha okay Kurt ! Let's go!"

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