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Before I lose control.

" Krist, I don't want to go, I -I want to stay here. " kurt looked so scared and small.

" Kurt, it is just a DR appointment, you aren't leaving, he is just going to give you some meds to make you feel better, also he will give you something to make it easier for you to eat. I know the guy, he is my friend so don't worry, I will be there with you the whole time. Are you hungry?" He nodded but still looked scared.

" okay off you go!" I said as I picked him up off of the counter and set him in the chair. I got him some soup he ate it by himself this time , I sat there watching him, I leaned my cheek against my hand , which I guess caused my sleeve to slide or something.

" oh my gosh Krist!"

" what Kurt?"

" uh, uh I'm sorry, I just saw your arm, and I didn't mean to say anything, I just Uh, are you alright?"

" uh, yeah, I just, uh, made a mistake." I started to put my arm down in my lap, but kurt reached out and grabbed my arm.

"No stop, it's okay, let me see." He said, he gently lifted my sleeve and looked at my wrist , I turned my head away it was too much in my opinion, I didn't want anyone to know.

" Krist, it's okay don't be embarrassed or upset with yourself, I did it too." He then lifted his sleeve and showed me his scars.

" oh Kurt, I'm so sorry this happens to you, you deserve better than this pain."

I reached out and hugged him.

" Krist, you deserve better too!, I'm done and cured you saved me and I'm happy and I feel safe and I have no more pain. I want to help you Krist. Like you helped me."

"Kurt, I-i don't know what to say, I am the one who helps, I'm nothing really don't waste your time on me please, I want to just get you better and back on your feet.,"

" No Krist! If not for you , I'd be dead, I am going yo help you too,I'm taking all your knives and razors and fire things. When we get home from my appointment they will be put on the table,I mean it young man!"

" darn, it's kinda hot when you boss me around. Uh, Im kidding!! Of course that's weird if I wasn't! But uh okay Kurt, I hope you know what you're doing. We have to go now."

" that was funny Krist! And okay." We got up and he hugged me really sweetly, we kinda just stood there in the kitchen hugging and crying. We got in my car and started down the road,

" so kurt can you drive?"

" uh, n-no, my d-dad never t-taught me. " he looked embarrassed as he looked down at his feet,.

" hey that's alright, I can teach you sometime, don't sweat it kid, driving isn't everything!" I said as I reached over and rubbed his hair. We reached the DR's office and we walked in, the nurse sent us back to a room and we waited there silently for what seemed like forever, Kurt was on the table and I was standing beside it. Finally the DR. Walked in,

" oh Krist, are we here about that arm again?" Asked the DR, while I blushed.

" uh no Dr.Smith, my friend is ill."

" oh. Okay In that case I need you to step out of the room Krist, so your friend and I can talk, when he is done he will come out to the waiting room." Kurt looked even more scared than before , his eyes kinda pleaded with me to stay , but I couldn't.

" Kurt I will be waiting for you, it's okay little buddy." I walked out and back Into the waiting area , I was a little worried because he was so scared looking, I kinda paced around. The nurse who checked us in spoke to me,

" hey, it's okay I'm sure he will be alright, oh and by the way you are a great brother, you seem to care so much about your little brother, I wish all brothers were like you."

" huh? Oh, thanks, and uh he isn't my brother. He is just a friend who needed medical care."

" oh. Sorry about that. You just seemed like you cared so much, oh have you ever thought of going into nursing?"

" uh, yeah my. Mom always wanted me to but I am just a humble bass player. " just then kurt csme into the waiting room and went straight to me for a hug, I'm not sure why but he liked to hug me , the therapist in me says its because he feels safe and didn't get enough hugs at home.

" is everything alright Kurt? Let's go home."

" yeah, he said you were doing the best things for me. And okay Krist." He fell Asleep in the car , he was so cute when he slept , I realized that in the 2 1/2 days I knew him he had become my priority , and I was fine with that, I wanted him to get the love he never had at home, I didn't know all his story but I knew he didn't have love. When we got home I woke him up, I offered to carry him in but he said he would walk. We sat down at the kitchen table in silence, til curiosity got the better of me.

" Kurt, tell me what happened to you? Why did you live under the bridge?"

" I ran away" his voice cracked a little bit.

" I am gay my parents are homophobic, I quit the wrestling team, I'm doing badly in school and my father,, h-he,, he h-hurts me." He had a dead serious look on his face like he was remembering what happened.

" that's enough Kurt, thank you for sharing and oh gods im sorry you went through that someday you will find the happiness you deserve." I moved to the seat next to him and put my arm around him in comfort.

" Krist, I am happy, here with you." We both blushed.

" Kurt, you can stay here , and live with me as long as you want to."

" oh Krist! Thank you !" He pretty much tackled me in a hug,

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