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Stay with me.


I could not quit thinkng about that kid Kurt under the bridge. Something just wasn't right, it was getting colder, he was coughing and had no aparent way of getting home, if he had a home. But why wold he lie? Okay Krist, you are going to go back, drive him to the doctor and then to his house, if he really has a house. This was crazy, he was probably already gone, but i had to check, it is a shame i am such a good person. I drove to the bridge and parked, i carefully walked down the snow covered slope, I went under the bridge and cursed, The boy was still there! He was living there! He had a bag, a guitar and some posters on the walls. He seemed to be sleeping, i called him, he didn't answer, I bent down next to him, and gasped. He was passed out, I felt his head, he had a fever but he was shivering. He had no layers on, this boy was very ill and going to die if something didn't happen, then i saw something move inside his shirt, it was my cat Mr. Tickles!

"uh! the little skank lied to me! He had my cat all along! The skank! If he weren't on his death bed i'd smack him!" I sighed, i picked up my cat and his bag, walked them to my car, then got all his posters an guitar then put them in the back seat with his other stuff. I went back for him, he was freezing! I put my coat on him and picked him up bridal style. I put him in the front seat of my car, I turned the heat up as high as it would go then turned all the vents onto him, in an attempt to defrost him. I was pretty worried, he was still passed out but now he was coughing as well as shivering. We finally got to my house, I carried all the stuff in, then took him up to my room. His clothes were all wet so I needed to change them, but I was 6'8 so my clothes wouldn't fit him. Oh well he needed dry clothes! So I took off his clothes, put three of my flannels on him, plus my coat then I covered him up in my bed with extra blankets. I hope he stops shivering and wakes up soon. I took his pants and shirt and washed them. I started thinking, he said he was 16 I am 21, maybe I could become his legal guardian unless he actually has parents. After I put his clothes in the washer I went back up to check on him, and my cat Mr. Tickles was lying on top of the sleeping boy, it made me chuckle. I wondered why he would lie about living under the bridge, he was kinda dusty, and his clothes looked like he had been under the bridge, so it wasn't he was fooling anyone,I wonder how long it has been since he ate? He looked rale thin, poor thing, I will take care of the kid. Before she died my mom always Said I would make a good nurse because I always took care of people, I guess she was right, but I was still a much better bass player. I just sat there watching the poor little guy shiver in his sleep. After About an hour he stopped shivering, and just slept I felt like he would be okay so I got up, kissed his forehead and went down stairs, I started making some food for when Kurt woke up.


I woke up slowly, feeling really confused. Then I fully woke up, realizing I was not under my bridge I was in some bed, fear gripped me I was worried my parents found me, I sat up and did not reconize anything! This was not my room, I got more scared because I have no clue where I am! I tried to asses what was going on, I am who knows where, with someone unknown, I am not sure what day it is, am I kidnapped? Did I come willingly? Who is with me? An axe muderer ? A rapist? A cannibal? A preacher? I shuddered the worst at that last one I think. I got out of the King sized bed and my heart sunk, I was in some weird shirt dress thing with no pants, definatly a rapist kidnapped me, probably drugged me, rapped me and when I go down stairs he will muder me and put me in the basement. I signed,what a way to go. Although I don't think the rapist was good at their job because I am in a nice room with all my stuff in my bag next to me, I had to move fast maybe I could survive this I looked around for anything that could be used as a weapon, in the corner of the room was an umbrella, I grabbed it and snuck out of the room and down the stairs, holding the umbrella like a baseball bat. I moved ever so quietly into where the stairs turned into the kitchen, I almost screamed because he was there! He was super tall too! I couldn't take this guy! The stair squeaked and I silently cursed. He turned around and smiled, I jumped from where I was to him and started swinging the umbrella and screaming, trying to hit him and get out. He grabbed the umbrella and threw it, then he grabbed me I started struggling with him trying to get away, he literally put me on the floor and held me down, then he spoke,

" Whoa, Little dude, calm down man! What's wrong? If you stop trying to claw and umbrella me to death I will let you up." Then I got to look at his face for the first time and I saw it was Krist from the bridge! This must be his house!

He came back for me? He brought me to his house, this must be his shirt! He isn't a rapist! or A preacher! He let me up and I smiled at him then spoke.

" hi Krist, I am really sorry, I thought you were a rapist, and you kidnapped me and I was trying to escape. You must have came back for me?"

" well, it is okay, but you might want to use something besides an umbrella to escape next time. I knew you didn't have somewhere else, when I came back for you, you where in a coma freezing to death so I brought you here to my house, where you won't freeze I also put you in warm clothes while yours are washing. How are you feeling ?" I had become pretty interested in looking at the floor .

" why would you come back for me? No one has ever cared. And I am not feeling to good in fact-" I reached out for something anything because I started to fall over, Krist caught my arm and pulled me back up and steadied me.

" whoa Kurt, maybe you should go lay back down, are you hungry?" I was feeling weak, and the mention of food made the pit in my stomach growl but I didn't want Krist to know I was actually starving so I said,

" yeah, I could eat." I sat down at his table and he brought me over a plate of hamburger helper casserole. It smelled wonderful! My stomach reminded me it had'nt eaten in 6 days, by growling.

" thank you Krist!" Then I started eating,it was so good, but it was like my body took over as an eating machine, and I started scarfing it down as fast as I could. Aparentlly It was amusing to watch me eat because Krist was staring at me, then something weird happened, the food hit my stomach and I felt really sick, kinda like my stomach couldn't make up its mind because it rejected the food I knew I was going to puke. I jumped up and ran to

Krist's trash can and started throwing up my guts and the food. Krist came over and held my hair back for me and patted my shoulder until I was done. I was so weak I just sat down next to the can because I couldn't stand, Krist kneeled down infront of me, he looked concerned.

" Krist, I am sorry, it was good, I just don't know what was wrong with me, I guess I ate too fast I am sorry."

" Kurt, tell me the truth, how long has it been since you have eaten?"

" I think 6 days ago."

"And what did you eat?"

" I had a fish I caught. W-why?"

" Kurt, you are suffering from being malnourished, that's it! We are going to nurse you back to health, and we are going to get you on the road to eating food again. C'mon up you go!" He picked me up and carried me back to the table, he heated up some plain broth for me too.

" here I made some broth, you have to start with this to get your stomach used to it. I will feed it to you."

" you don't have to, I can feed myself. "

" no, you will eat it too fast." So then Krist slowly fed me broth, after about a quarter of the bowl he said that was enough.

" Krist do you have somewere I can shower?"

" yeah up the stairs in the bathroom that is connected to my room, the place you woke up at. Do you need me to help you shower?"

" N-No! And um, thank you Krist." I walked up the stairs, I could not believe this was happening, I was in his house, wearing his shirt, he fed me, carried me, I slept in his bed and am showering in his shower, darn he was attractive, and kind, he must think I am pathetically helpless. I sighed and showered, trying to forget any small amount of attraction that I had for this kind life saver.


I watched him walk up the stairs, he was so attractive. No! Bad Krist! He was just so sweet and helpless, no he wasn't helpless he is just at a time of needing help. But I had to take care of him,not be attracted or like him, he is 16 you are 21 forget it Krist it can't happen. You are only alloud to nurse him back to health and provide him a place to stay until he can get on his feet. Forget any atrraction. But I felt really bad that he hadn't eaten in so long the poor thing, I hope he will be balanced enough to shower alone, I am sending him to bed when he gets out because he needs to get his strength back. If I keep looking at him like my patient then I wont' have to worry about. Attraction, yeah that is what I will do.

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