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So, you want to be rock star?


I cringed, when i heard my mother call me, i was hiding under the bed from my parents i was hoping she would just think i was out and give up.


I sighed, no getting out of this one. I walked down the stairs and she amd my dad were standing there waiting for me. Oh great, she got my dad into this.

I stopped at the bottom step, they both just stared at me so I stared back in the ultimate game of chance.

" so, what do you want anyway?" I finally spoke.

"What do I want? WHAT DO I WANT??? I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS KID!!! you deal with him Donald, I am too dispapointed to talk to him." I personally got a little scared, my dad hates me, he hurts me I felt like this would be one Of those times.

" How dare you speak to her like that! You worthless little waste of flesh, and like you don't know why we are talking right now."

" I really don't please enlighten me. " I said as sarcastically as I could get away with.

" okay, you have been called into the school office 4 times this week, 5 times last week, you have gotten kicked off the wrestling team, because you won't play, you have B's and C's in your classes, 4 fights, and you are making a bad name for you mother and I because you hang around those,, those Queers!! So now everyone of our friends, ask us what we are gonna do with a gay son, and no son of mine will be gay! And all you ever want to do is write in that stupid journal and play that stupid guitar of yours, to make that good for nothing music just like you! I have HAD. It with you and the way you act!"

" B-but Dad. Those wheren't my fault! They started the F-fights and I get blamed!! I am having trouble in my classes, and I HATE wrestling! And-and Music isn't good for nothing! It's great , I love it!" I was in tears by now, " I am sorry. I am a disappointment to you and mom." I said in a wisper looking down.

" you HAD BETTER BE SORRY! You are a big disappointment to us, why couldn't you be like your older sister Kim? She was so much better than you. What will I do with trash like you, you need a hair cut boy! What are you a stupid girl ?"

" I AM NOT TRASH! I would rather be a girl than look like you. And dad, I AM GAY!" I turned and tried to run up the stairs because I would need to get out but my dad was too quick he grabbed me and pulled me down the stairs, causing me to fall and hit my head, things got a bit blurry, but I knew the sound of my dad taking off his belt to beat me with it. I managed to curl up in the fetal position to gaurd soft spots. He kept yelling about no son of his was gay, and how I was a disgrace, it burned like fire lash after lash but I didn't dare make a sound and give him the satisfaction of thinking he had the upper hand. I wanted him to think that I was a spawn of Satan that was immune to his measly whippings. I think after all these years he thinks that. Finally he finished and walked off I just laid there in the floor, still in the fetal position because I couldn't move, I was in so much pain and bleeding In various places, I then started to cry, with no one in the room. Soon I was able to slowly move, every inch of my body screamed at me , I pulled myself up the stairs to my room. I was done with this, I was even scared to leave my door unlocked, I had to get out. I went to my bathroom to clean my wounds, some kids get help with their homework, I get beatings and emotionally degrading slurs thrown at me. I grabbed my journal and wrote,

RuLe 1: NeVeR bE hOmOpHoBiC,

RuLe:2 WoMeN ArE GiFtS NoT StUpId. TrEaT tHeM aS sUcH.

RuLe:3 MuSiC iS fOrEvEr .

RuLe:4 EnCoUrAgE yOuR kIdS AlWaYs.

RuLe:5 No ViOlEnCe .

If YoU cAn FoLlOw ThEsE yOu CoUlD Be In My BaNd.

I write a bit differently that most people I capitalize every other letter, it looks cool.

I got all the stuff i would need, some clothes, basically most of my clothes, my journals and pens, i got my walkman cassette player, i got my 50$ , and put my guitar and guiar stuff in my case, i got some first aid stuff, and some string, and a few paper clips. I stuffed it all in my back pack, so i only had two things to carry, I grabbed an empty water bottle and stuffed it in as well. I feel like i should bring some sort of food, but i coldn't risk going back down there, so I put on my shoes, and my hoodie jacke thingy and threw my guitar case out the window, followed by my bag then i jumped out. Then i climbed back in because i forgot my posters and blanket , grabbed them and went back down. I shivered, it was chilly out, it was late fall, i made a poor choice in running away in the fall. For the first time, as i walked down the street with my stuff i felt free, no one could beat me anymore, i am not sure where I am going but i know i am leaving Aberdeen forever. I walked to the bus stop in town, it was about a 20 minute walk to it. Once the bus pulled up I got in, paid my toll then asked the bus driver the most important question ever.

" sir,do you know what town is the most artistic and music loving ever? I need it to be in Washingtonn or California. Please sir, thank you for your time!" He was an old skinny guy with a white beard, he looked really sad almost.

" Son, are you in some trouble? To answer your question, you are looking for the city called Olympia. But itis quite the drive, Lets see, it's 6pm now, I could have you there by morning. Just please take a seat young man."

" oh thank you!" I ran to like the third row and sat down, I put the guitar case at my feet and my Back Pack on the seat beside me. The hours passed and I got excited as the people came and went, I just stayed. I got tired so I put my hoodie hood up ,put my hands in my pockets and leaned over then slept, the bus driver said he would wake me when we got to Olympia.


Being a bus driver, I see weird, even questionable stuff. But what breaks my heart every time I see it is a runaway, I see them sometimes I know them by the way they act and sound. They are paranoid on the lookout for someone, they sound scared like they are just realizing they have the freedom to talk, they are looking for the quickest way out of town, and the quickest way into a town of their dreams. Of course, then there is the thing where they all look under the age of 18. Yeah, out of all my years of bus driving I knew exactly who this kid was when I saw him he is the stereotypical runaway. It saddened me. I sent him to the seats, he would be happiest in Olympia , I will take him there, I bet he doesn't have a penny to his name. It was now 11 pm it had been 5 hours, with every mile the kid seemed to get more relaxed and happy, he is sleeping now, he looks calm and peaceful like all his cares are gone. From the looks of it, he ran away to become a rockstar, I hope he can make it. Oh pretty soon we will be there.


I woke up to sunlight flooding in the window warming me. I sat up sleepily and looked around, we were in an urban city I had never seen before it was all new and interesting! I wondered where this was, I noticed we weren't moving anymore. I got up and walked up front, the bus driver was asleep, I poked him in the arm,

" hey mr. Where are we?"

" huh? Oh! Uh. Yeah we got to Olympia early, you were asleep so I went to sleep, this is your stop,and I hope you like it here, also I want to give you this." He handed me a wad of cash.

" I can't take this,"

" yeah, you need it, I know why you are here, just trust me, I've been in your shoes before, you will need this. Now go on, get your stuff, you have a city to explore!!"

" thank you," and I hugged him. I grabbed my stuff and stepped out into the sun, I took a deep breath, watch out Olympia, here I come!!

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