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"Thanks again for watching him sis." Wendy thanked her sister as she handed the little buddle that was wrapped smuggly in her arms, which is her two month old baby, Kurt. He moves slightly and whimpers as a slight draft of the cold air comes under his blanket and touches the baby's tiny face.

"Wendy. Please. Just hurry and get to work. Kurt will be fine." Marie smiled and held the baby in her arms gingerly. Wendy did a double take of the tiny child and finally said good-bye and left.

Once inside in the warm little house that Marie lived in, she placed the baby on her bed and removed the blankets, replacing them, with her bed covers. She placed some pillows on the sides of the bed and stared at the sleeping child. 'Two monthes. 6 days. Look at him.' She smiled. Exactly two monthes and six days ago, her beloved sister gave birth to this gorgeous little creature. He wiggled alittle and snorted somewhat as his eyes opened and he stared at his aunt. Pitch black eyes uncovered themselves from behind his tiny lids and they stared at her with mystery.

Of course he would. With the attention spand of about 20 minutes, he probably forgot all about his aunt from the day before when she had to watch him. Now, he was just remembering her face. He smiled slightly and decided to go back to sleep. Marie smiled and got up. She replaced the spot that she had laid on to watch little Kurt with pillows.

After walking into the living room, she opened the little baby bag her sister have given her for Kurt. She pulled out the bottle of milk aready mixed and everything, placing it into the refridgerator. She knew the minute kurt woke up, he would cry for the one thing that made him happy. Milk.


Kurt awoke from his baby slumber to find himself in a warm bed surrounded by pillows. The all to familiar feeling struck into his stomach and he let out a cry to be feed. his aunt came into the room. "What's wrong, baby?" She whispered picking the newborn up and rubbing his back gingerly. He cried and she carried im into the living room, placing him into the tiny chair. Placing a pacifire into his tiny mouth, she walked into th kitchen to heat up his milk.

Kurt was a tiny baby. He sat quiety in his chair sucking on the oh-so-fascinating piece of plastic in his mouth. his aunt cae back and placed a Beatles record on the record player. She moved the needle to the perfect location and it began to play. She moved to Kurt and gave him his bottle. "Hey Jude. Don't make it bad. Take a sad song, and make it better." The soft song placed as Kurt drank his milk peacefully.


*14 monthes later* Kurt = 16 monthes

kurt satin in the living room of his aunt's house drinking his warm milk happily. The so often heard Beatles record playing softly. He pulled the bottle out of is mouth and and sat in silence. "Hey Jude. Don't make bad. Take sad son. And make it bettwer." he sang the song as his aunt watched from the kitchen. he knew this song by heart. He placed the bottle back into his little mouth and hummed as he drank. Pulling it out again. "Hey jude. Don't be 'fraid. You wer mad to. Go get her." Kurt had such a nice voice. Even at 16 monthes. He couldn't say mom or dad yet. But he could sing Hey Jude. Now that's a Beatle's fan! She giggled to herself. She had played that record so much for him, he knew it by memory. How cute.

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