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Kurt’s POV

Waking up to Dave wrapping his arms around my middle and removing me from the bed has to be the greatest thing ever. I was giggling when I felt myself being carried across the room. Not allowing me to open my eyes, Dave stands me next to him, keeping an arm around me for balance. He opens the door, careful to keep it from hitting me.

Two big smiles on our faces, Dave walks me down the hall, and into the living room. He tells me I can open my eyes now. I do, and I almost fall over. The living room is decorated with roses, poems, hearts, and the picture of me in the bathtub with my hair all messed up with shampoo in the center of the coffee table. I look at Dave, and squeal, putting my arms around his neck and kissing his lips.

“You did all this for me, Dave?”, I say, looking into his eyes. He pulls me back into a hug.

“Of course, doll. I wanted to do something special to celebrate our getting back together,” Dave explains, releasing me from the tight squeeze. My heart skips a beat, I’m serious.

“And you know what, babes? We have the whole apartment to ourselves for today, they aren’t coming home ‘til tomorrow around 11..in the morning,” Dave says smiling. I assume he means his parents. I am actually happy about this myself, we need time alone.

“That’s---I mean, I’m not being rude, but---that’s great,” I say, holding onto Dave’s arm.

“Mmhm it is, baby…and you aren’t being rude. How ‘bout I feed you? It’s 2 in the afternoon, we’ve already wasted enough time, they left hours ago,” Dave suggests. I smile and nod. Infact, I haven’t stopped smiling since he got me up.

Over toast and hot chocolate, Dave and I talk about random things, mostly music and how happy we are to be back together.

“I want you to know that you weren’t the only one crying during that time,” Dave says, not moving his hand off of mine. I almost start crying. The thought of Dave crying makes my heart feel almost broken again.

“You are so cute,” Dave says, handing me another piece of toast. I blush. He giggles. It’s so perfect, this is all I’ve ever dreamed of. Someone to love me, someone to care about me, someone to be there for me to help me, someone to cry to. Little did I know that my fantasy love life would be found in one large package labeled “David Grohl”.

“So what do you want to do after this?”, I ask, eating part of the toast.

“Hmm…I could bathe you or we could watch TV or we could eat more or…”


Dave laughs at my suggestion. “Okay, then!” I laugh. I take his hand in mine and kiss it.

After 2 solid hours of laughing our asses off at random people, Dave remembers something. “Damn---Mom wanted me to go to the store for her,” he says, “you might know. On our time alone.” I laugh softly.

“It’s okay. Think of the fun we can have in the produce department with the cucumbers!”

Dave laughs. “You’re so funny, Kurtie. I love you so much,” he says, kissing my cheek. He called me ‘Kurtie’ again, but my day is too good to say anything.

“Are you sure you want to go? I mean--I bet I could call her and ask if it’s okay if we go tomorrow,” Dave says.

“Well I’ll go, don’t worry ‘bout it. It’s still spending time with my boy,” I say, giggling. Sometimes I think our relationship gets a bit ‘mushy’, but I don’t care. I want to be affectionate with my Davey.

“Cool. Let’s see--you get dressed and then we’ll go--when we come home, you’re getting another bath,” Dave says, thinking. I just smile. I don’t necessarily care if I get a bath or not, but I’m so happy that I can finally be alone with Dave.

I look around the room for my Chucks, and a shirt. I finally find them, tucked carefully under our bed. I bet Dave cleaned a little while I was sleeping. Aww. I pull them on, not even bothering to untie them. I find a ‘Melvins’ t-shirt and head down the hall.

Dave is standing by the front door, staring at a list of things we are supposed to get. “Ready,” I say, walking towards him.

“Okay---wait! Pajama pants?! Baby, you know---.”

“I know, but you love me for it.”

“But--um--yeah--I mean--damnit Kurt, you always get me with that love thing. I mean, I can’t say I don’t love you, because I don’t want to lie to you, but at the same time, I---”

“Rambling again, Dave.”

Dave smiles and laughs, so do I. “Well let’s just go and get it over with,” Dave says, taking my hand and pulling me out the door.

“Almost done,” Dave says two hours later, “Just some vegetables and some ice cream.”

“What vegetables?”

“Hmm..well she has carrots, lettuce and um--I can’t read that last one,” Dave says, showing me the list. It clearly says---

“Cucumbers!” We both start laughing.

“I’ll get the vegetables, you go get the ice cream, ‘kay?”, Dave offers. I accept and we go separate ways.

I’m standing here in front of the cold refrigerators filled with ice cream. I can’t pick which flavor to get. Plain chocolate, plain vanilla or ‘Mint Chocolate Chip’ which is this nice pale green color. I kind of get lost in space, staring at all these flavors. That is until I feel something poking me in the back. I turn around, and Dave is standing there holding a large cucumber. I laugh and explain the ice cream situation between getting poked in the ribs.

“Hmm..what about the ‘Mint Chocolate Chip’?”, Dave asks. I smile. That was just the one I was contemplating.

“I was thinking about it,” I say.

“Well just get it so we can go home,” Dave says. I nod and grab the ice cream.

“Sleepy,” Dave says, his eyes falling closed, pulling me closer to him. He lies me down on the couch, resting his head on my chest, “and Kurt make good pillow.” I giggle.

About an hour later, Dave wakes up. He sits up lazily, holding onto the couch for balance. I feel his hand stroking my cheek, lovingly. My eyes come open, and Dave jerks his hand back quickly.

“Did I wake you up, doll?”, Dave asks, quietly.

“No I was already awake,” I respond, yawning. Dave smiles, and I sit up, leaning on him.

“You are light as a feather,” Dave says, embracing me. I rest my head on his shoulder. “But I love every inch of you, babe.”

I giggle. “So what are we going to do about getting something to eat?”, I ask. Dave pulls his wallet off the coffee table, and starts counting ones. I giggle.

“Dave, you do know that we should probably teach ourselves how to cook, because if we ever lived together we wouldn’t be able to pay the rent,” I say, smiling. Dave giggles, and puts his wallet back on the table.

He pulls me onto his lap, and we wrap our arms around each other. Dave whispers in my ear, “I have 10 bucks, that’s enough for a pizza, or we could try to fix something.” We both giggle. We already know the answer.

“’Kay, so extra cheese?”, Dave questions me. I nod, turning a page in the newspaper. There’s not much in here, really. A couple articles on children starving in other countries---I can’t read those, they make me so sad---and a rather lengthy one stock market statistics. Another on this woman whose purse was stolen.

“It should be here about a half hour,” Dave says, hanging up the phone. Weird how I missed the whole conversation due to a boring piece of black and white paper.

Dave gets up and comes over to me, planting a kiss on my lips, wrinkling the paper. I notice he has our clothes resting on his other arm, when he starts to walk away.

“Davey, why are you taking our clothes away?” He laughs, I can hear it all the way in here.

“BECAUSE YOU’RE CUTE IN YOUR BOXERS!,” Dave shouts back, and I laugh.

“Well I hope the pizza dude doesn’t get aroused,” I joke, Dave laughs. After a moment, Dave laughs again, and I feel something hit me in the side of my leg. It’s a pair of cut off jean shorts. I giggle and stand to put them on.

Dave’s back in the room a few minutes later, with a pair of jeans on. He picks me up, and carries me over to the couch where he sits me down and wraps his arms around me. He nuzzles his head into my neck, making me squeal a little. “Pretty pretty Kurt,” Dave says, smiling.

I move myself onto his lap sideways, my feet hanging off the couch. I lie my head on his shoulder, and embrace what I can of him. We stay like this for a good deal of time, just being together. Finally, the pizza comes, and Dave sets me down to go get it.

“Thanks,” Dave says, handing the 10 over. It’s just enough, but Dave gives him an extra dollar, as tip. It’s only polite, I guess.

Dave sets the pizza box down on the coffee table, and reaches for the remote control. Turning on the TV and sitting down, he asks if there’s anything I’d like to watch.

“Whatever you want, Davey,” I say, smiling. I know he hates being called ‘Davey’ just as much as I hate ‘Kurtie’ but still, it’s quite fun.

“Hmm..well then I guess we can watch this movie?” Dave asks, pausing on ‘Comedy Central’. I nod, and we both reach for the pizza box, giggling when we realize how alike we are in some ways. He opens it up, and removes two slices of pizza and hands one to me. It smells so good. My stomach growls, and Dave laughs. I blush.

Two hours later, we have full stomachs and have watched the film. It was okay, but I forget the name of it already. Dave lies down on the couch and pulls me on top of him, kissing my nose and letting me rest on him. I honestly think you could never find a better man.

“You need a bath, baby,” Dave says, smiling ‘cause he knows I hate that. I nod and return the grin, making us both giggle.

“Well--for one thing, it’s always cold when I get out of the water, and uh…besides that I’m…naked…” I trail off. Dave giggles and moves me off him so he can sit up.

“I’ve said this a million times, and I’ll say it again. You look cute when your naked. Plus I have this weird rib cage fetish,” Dave says, blushing a little. I smile. He’s so sweet.

“Dave, why do you love me? What do you see in me?”, I question, feeling a bit embarrassed. Dave pulls me into his arms again, and rocks me back and forth slowly on his lap.

“What isn’t there to love about you? Honestly, Kurt, you are amazing. I mean, you’re everything to me. Before I found you, I was hoping I’d find someone who was just half as good as you. I never expected to find my soul mate but I guess---I did.” Dave says, “Ya think I did?”

I smile and I feel all emotional all over again, because that was so incredibly sweet and I can’t believe it was directed at me.

“I-I guess,” I say, closing my eyes and lying my head on Dave’s chest again. He squeezes me, kisses the top of my head and my ear.

“Baby--I know I did,” Dave softly says, “but right now---he needs a bath.”

“Don’t get it in my eyes!” I shriek, as Dave puts shampoo on my head.

“Doll, have I ever, ever hurt you?” Dave says, trying to be comforting. I smile.

“Course not, Davey. But I still worry,” I say.

Dave drug me to the bathroom, undressed me (earning several blushes and attempts at hiding, from me), filled the tub with bubble bath, yeah, I make him do that so he can’t see below my waistline, then sat me in the tub. I’m sitting here curled into a ball, reeking of ‘Country Apple’ shampoo and blushing because I feel so young, someone washing my hair, seeing me naked in the tub.

Dave stops for a second, and tells me to just wait. I hear him step out of the water, and walk over to the door.

“Just a second, my pretty baby,” Dave says. His pet names get more lovey-dovey, and embarrassing by the minute. I sit patiently in the water, putting more bubbles over ‘myself’. They are starting to disappear, I guess they don’t last too long anyway, and the last thing I want is for someone to open the door and see me in the nude in their bathtub.

I’m getting at Dave’s parents. How the hell would I deal with THAT? My God, we’re talking about ME naked in front of DAVE’S PARENTS (who, even though they said they were okay with it, are probably still not too keen on me), in their tub…and I didn’t even come here 100% willingly. I didn’t put up a fight, but I don’t necessarily take kindly to bathing.

“Back,” Dave says, opening the door to the bathroom, “I have a surprise for you!” I look up at him, questioningly.

Dave giggles, and pats my head, saying, “You’ll see, angel.” He lies me down in the tub, and starts rinsing my hair, gently. I hear Dave kick at the drain, which means he’s letting the water out of the tub. I move to curl into a ball, but Dave tells me to just relax, “Babe, it’s just me, but we’re almost done anyway.”

I whimper. Dave shakes his head, smiling at my embarrassment. “Okay cutie, sit up, I’m done,” Dave says. Dave steps out of the tub, and just as I’m standing up slowly, I hear a loud thud. I panic. I KNEW they would come home! I turn to get Dave’s attention, but the thud turns out to be Dave lying on the ground.

“Davey! Oh my God--are you okay?” I say, forgetting I’m naked. Dave doesn’t respond, and my heart is racing.

“Dave!?!” I say, slowly approaching him on the cold tile floor. Dave remains silent, and doesn’t move. I feel like crying. “DAVE!”

Out of nowhere, Dave sits up and grins at me, “I knew that was the only way I’d ever get to see it again in this century.”

I blush, yet I feel like hitting him. I just laugh and Dave stands up, grabbing my wrist, and pulling me half naked out of the bathroom. At least I managed to get a towel. I shut off the bathroom light, and stumble a little.

Dave places his hand on the silver knob, and says, “Are you ready for your surprise? It’s not much…but it’s something.” I giggle and kiss his cheek.

“’Course, Davey,” I respond, shivering. I hate having to freeze whenever I get out of the bath/shower. It’s awful.

“O-okay, but don’t---don’t you know---like---if you don’t like it, just---you know,” Dave squeaks out, trailing off a little at the end.

“I won’t say a word, but Dave, you know I’ll love it if you got it!” I squeal. Dave smiles and gives me a peck on the lips.

Dave opens the door and I don’t see a damn thing different. I try not to let on, acting as if it’s the best surprise ever, even saying, “It’s great, Dave.” Dave laughs.

“Babes, I haven’t even got it out yet,” he says. Out of nowhere, Dave reaches for my towel, grabs it and yanks it away from me. I shriek, feeling my eyes grow huge, and dive for the bed. Dave starts laughing his ass off as I frantically struggle to pull the comforter down.

I finally get it, and the sheet down, and slide into it, sighing when Perky is nice and covered up. I feel my body growing warmer, and I snuggle into the bed sheets, even if I am naked, and Dave has to sleep here tonight. Something tells me he won’t care.

“Close your pretty eyes,” Dave says, heading for the closet, still giggling. I do, but a silly grin stays spread across my lips. I hear the closet door come open, and a plastic bag being removed from it. Closing up the closet, I hear Dave walking over to the bed. I feel it sink when he sits on it. The plastic bag starts making a lot of noise, and a couple things are removed from it.

“Okay you can open your eyes!” Dave says, a giggle following his words. My eyes come open, and spill onto Dave’s form, sitting there holding three box-shaped, wrapped presents. I sit up.

“Oh--you wrapped them and everything!” I squeal, “But you didn’t have to, Davey.”

“Yes I did,” Dave says, kissing my neck, my hair, my lips and giving me a hug around the shoulders. I retrieve a gift, and Dave smiles, and tells me to go on and open them up. I feel like a 5 year old kid on Christmas.

I slowly peel back the paper on the first one. It’s a long, rectangular-shaped box. Dave watches me, and I feel a little bit nervous.

I pull the box from the rest of the paper, and across the lid, it spells out C-O-N-V-E-R-S-E. I look up at Dave.

“I thought you needed new ones!” Dave says, kissing me again. I smile wide and return the kiss.

The next box I choose is bigger than the Converse box, but skinnier. Like a shirt box. I peel back the paper, and pull the lid off the box. Inside is anything but a shirt. It’s the three records I’ve been trying to afford for the longest time.

I look at Dave again, saying, “You really, really didn’t have to do this for me.”

“Stop saying that! Yes I did!” Dave insists, smiling. I just smile back, too late to protest, I suppose. I smile. I pick up the next.

“This one is cheesy,” Dave says, blushing, but still watching me. I examine it for a second, and then carefully remove the paper.

“See? I told you it was cheesy. Who does that anymore? I knew you wouldn’t like it---I mean---”

“Dave! These are like the greatest chocolates ever. I had them when I was little, and not once since!”

“No way.”

“Yeah, really!”

“Oh perfect.” Dave heaves a sigh of relief. “I thought you really hated them there for a second--”

I cut him off with a quick little wet kiss. Dave smiles, and we join hands and go out of the room.

“Alright babes, it’s 10:16, how late are you planning on staying up tonight?” Dave says, chuckling.

“Fucking insomnia,” I say, “Sorry about that, Dave.”

“I wasn’t complaining, hon. I was just saying that I hope you can sleep tonight,” Dave says, kissing my cheek, “So how ‘bout a bowl of that ice cream we got at the store today and then we go night-night?”

Over the ice cream, I ask how he managed to get out of the house without me knowing it. Dave says that when I was sleeping late this morning, he went out and picked up the stuff.

Dave gets a spoonful of ice cream and feeds me. I smile and swallow it, my tongue growing cold.

“Pretty good,” Dave comments, feeding me again.

Swallowing, and trying to warm up my tongue, I say, “Yeah it is.”

The room falls dark, and Dave and I pull the covers around our shoulders.

Few minutes silence, then Dave whispers, “Goodnight, love.”

I smile, turning over to pull him into my arms. “Goodnight, love.”


FINALLY. There’s chapter 7!! *dance* =)

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