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Dave’s POV

Thankfully, Kurt slept through the night. It’s now 7:30AM, and I’m extremely tired. I’ve been sitting here, in the waiting room for hours now, trying to hold my eyes open incase Kurt woke up. Finally, I let them fall closed.


“Y-yeah…ugh…what?” Someone is waking me up. I think it’s the doctor that treated Kurt.

“Kurt is ready to go home.”

“Really? That’s great -yawn- news.”

I blink a couple times, and sit fully up. There sits Kurt in a wheelchair, with a sleepy grin on his face. Aww.

“Just make sure he rests during the day, and doesn’t overeat.”


Kurt speaks up, “Davey, lets go.” I can’t help but smile at him.

Getting Kurt to the car was hell because I am SO tired, and Kurt was in the wheelchair. But, we are finally here, and we are on our way back to my apartment.

After a few minutes, it starts sprinkling rain. “I love rain,” Kurt says, staring out the window, talking quietly. All I can see is the side of his head, and with his blonde hair, his slight smile and his beautiful blue eyes, I swear I’m sitting next to an angel.

I am so tired that I decide to take the long way home, just so I don’t have to get out of the car so soon. We pass a small field, and Kurt speaks softly again, “Look, Davey. It’s beautiful.”

Kurt gestures towards the field.

“I wanna be in there,” Kurt says, and asks me to stop the car and let him out. I don’t want him to get a cold.

“Kurt, it’s freezing outside.”

“I wanna play in the rain!”

“I know -yawn- but we can’t, you’ll get sick, sweetheart.”

“Just for a second?”

“If you get sick, I’m gonna cry,” I say, smiling at him. He winks.

“Won’t get sick.”

Kurt opens the door and steps out gently. He walks into the field, and looks up to the sky. He moves around a little. This is reminding me of a scene from a movie. Kurt puts his hands on his hair, and gently swings his hips back and forth, making an orgasmic face at me. I laugh, despite how tired I am.

Kurt’s bound to be pretty tired, but not tired enough to not lift up his shirt and playfully pinch his nipple. I am laughing my ass off now. Kurt turns around and gives me a full view of his ass.

After a few minutes, Kurt makes his way back to the car, hair soaked and plastered to his face. I can’t help but think it’s the cutest thing ever.

“Like the show, Davey?”, he laughs, settling himself back in the car.

“Your tireless, Kurt, you really are.”

A fake whimper. “Did you like my show?”

“Of course.” I get a peck on the cheek for that one.

“My clothes are wet, I don’t need them on,” Kurt says, sliding out of his jeans. He removes his shirt too, and flips on the heat. Kurt laughs at me when I give him an awkward look.

“That’s right, Dave. I’m riding home in my boxers.”

***KURT’S POV***

Dave looks so tired. I feel bad for making him wait so long for me to get out of the hospital, but I couldn’t help it. THEY made me stay all night anyway. My Dave needs rest.

Dave and I are on his bed, snuggled up together, wrapped in tons of blankets. This is the greatest moment of my life.

“Your feeling better, right Kurt?”, Dave asks, opening his eyes to look at me.

“’Course, Davey. I wouldn’t have ‘danced’ if I didn’t.”

Dave smiles, and kisses my nose gently. “Sleep now, Kurt, sleep,” he says, closing his eyes and snuggling deeper into the covers.

A few hours later, Dave’s Mom is trying to wake Dave up. I open my eyes, and start to tell her something, but I can’t get a word in before she whispers, “You sleep, Kurt.”

“No, let Dave sleep. He’s way too---”

“Your sick, Kurt.”

“I know, but Dave needs his rest!”

“Fine, then. I was just going to ask him if he thought you’d eat something.”

“No, not now. Stomach still not normal yet. Dave might eat though. Here, let me wake him up.”

I think Dave’s Mom isn’t to keen on me yet, so I’m trying to give a good impression. I’d never, ever think about hurting her precious (and my precious) Dave, much less actually hurt him. He’s far to perfect to break.

“Dave,” I say, quietly, and he moves a little, only to grab onto my shoulders and try to pull me on top of him.

“No, Dave,” I say, resisting his grasp, “Open your eyes.”

Dave opens his eyes up to slits, and looks at me, then up at his Mom. He’s instantly embarrassed, just got caught trying to pull me on him. “Uh--I can--explain…”, he starts, but I cut him off.

“Ba--I mean Dave, your Mom wanted to know if you are hungry.”

“Ohh--Dave blushes--I guess so.”

Dave’s Mom looks a bit annoyed. “Soup?”

Dave yawns and mutters, “Yeah sure.”

His Mom leaves, which leaves me and Dave alone. Dave’s pretty smile is coming back, I can see it tugging at the corners of his mouth. When I smile at him, his cute face with the sleepy eyes lights up. “I love you, Kurt,” Dave says, embracing me and squeezing me close to him, “Forever.”

“Forever and 10 minutes.”

“Forever and 20 minutes!”

“Forever and 60 minutes.”

“Forever and ever.”

“Forever and ever and---ever!”

Theres another one of our cheesy conversations. I love Dave.

Dave’s mom is back in a matter of minutes with Dave’s soup, I guess he‘s eating in bed. It smells good, but I’m not going to eat anything for the rest of the day.

“You know, Kurt,” Dave says though a mouthful of soup and crackers, “I’m so glad -crunch- we aren’t still at the -swallow- hospital.” Dave throws another cracker in his mouth.

“Me too, David,” I say, lying back down.

“You are not my Mother -crumbs spray out of his mouth-, Kurt don’t call me David,” Dave says, smiling. I just laugh and stare at him while he eats.

“That was good,” Dave comments, setting the bowl on the floor, lying back down and pulling me close to him.

“Your breath is quite…repulsive now, Dave,” I laugh. He smiles.

“I can’t help it if the damn stuff contained garlic!”, Dave laughs.

I spot a box of breath mints on his dresser. “Eat one of those,” I say, smiling. He sits up.

“I will,” Dave says, laughing and getting out of bed, to go get one. Thank God, his breath really did reek.

Dave puts a breath mint in his mouth, and comes over to me. He starts to kiss me, but he stops. When asked why, he responds, “Your sick, babes.” So I allow him to settle for a simple cheek and closed mouth lip kiss. Aww.

Dave’s eyes fall closed again when his head hit’s the pillow. He is fast asleep about 5 minutes later.

“Kurt, baby, do you want something to eat?”, asks Dave a little later. He’s waking me up. When did HE wake up? I’m confused.

“No, thanks,” I say, eyes barely open. Dave gently pushes a strand of hair out of my face.

“Please? The doctor didn’t say to not eat at all,” Dave coaxes.

“Yes, I know Dave, but I don’t want to take my chances,” I say.

“Okay sweetie,” Dave says, kissing my hair, “You just rest then. If you need me, just yell.” I giggle.

“I will,” I say, smiling at him.

Dave starts to walk out of the room, but stops. “Oh yeah, and as soon as you feel better, I’m giving you another bath because you smell like the hospital, which is just as nauseating as my breath was earlier.” I laugh. Dave laughs and closes the door.


“So, then when I told her that we were MEANT to be together, she gave me another speech about your appearance, so then I told her to let me live my own life, and she said---”, Dave never shuts up so I cut in.

“Rambling, again, Dave. I think you should pause and breathe between sentences--words is more like it,” I say, smiling at him. Dave laughs.

For the record, my stomach has returned to normal again, and we are sitting in Krist’s living room talking. Krist is upstairs…with his girlfriend (not Sandra thank God)…I’ll leave you to piece the puzzle together.

“Sorry, Kurt,” Dave says, tightening his grip on my hand. I squeeze his in response.

A few minutes of silence passes until a door coming open upstairs breaks it. “Dave? Kurt? Are you guys still down there?”, Krist yells.

“YEAH,” Dave and I yell back in unison. I giggle at that. Krist mumbles some incoherent words to his girl, and they arrive downstairs a few minutes later.

Ashley, Krist’s girl, is blushing like crazy. They must have just fucked. I wink at Krist and he smiles, confirming my suspicions.

After extremely awkward silence, Dave speaks. “Kurt and I are going to be going now,” he says, standing up, pulling me up with him.

We walk out the door hand in hand, and down to the driveway, and we pause in front of Krist’s parent’s car for a quick kiss. “That was awkward, in there,” Dave comments.

“No shit.”

“Language, Kurt.”

“You said ‘fuck’ when you dropped that box on your foot last week, David.”

Dave laughs. “What did I say about calling me David?”

“You said to not call you David, but when you are being unfair, I like to address my pretty by his name.”

We start walking home, proudly swinging our hands back and forth. No one on this particular street cares, but once you round the corner and take a few steps back into Aberdeen, you better let go of your boyfriends hand and treat him like a friend. Don’t even think about kissing him. You’ll probably get shot at.

Dave lets my hand drop, and we just walk like we are heterosexual friends. It’s hard when Dave’s so cute.

“Kurt, we have to get a car,” Dave comments, resting his back on the stack of pillows. I shift my feet to make room for his legs. We are hanging out on his bed, pigging out on Ritz crackers.

“Yeah, I know,” I say, tossing a Ritz into my mouth.

Dave breaks a Ritz in half and feeds me one half. “So --crunch-- theres this one for sale down the street, --louder crunch-- I think we should look at.” He’s so cute when he eats with food in his mouth.

“Cool,” I say, closing the box of Ritz.

“Air conditioner don’t work but I doubt yer gonna need ‘er round here.” We are looking at that car Dave was talking about, and this guy is a real slob. Potbelly, beer in his hand, out of control mustache, topless with a pair of work boots and some sweatpants. Gross. Disgusting. Repulsive. I hope to God he never sat in this car.

“Never got much use out of ‘er. But she run good when she wants ter,” Mr.Slob says. Seriously, shirts are made to be worn.

“So…do ya’ll want ‘er or not? Hurry up, I got the wife comin’ home in a sec and she ain’t wantin’ me ter sell it. Take 200, sound alright?”

Dave glances at me. “Fine,” he says, “Pay you tomorrow.”

“Jus’ get ‘er outta here. Come here tomorrow when you have the money.” We both nod.

“Vacuum more there, Dave,” I say, pointing to a rather large stain. We drove it to the Car-Vac, a place where you put change in for a 2 minute vacuum to vacuum your car.

“Where’d you get the car?” Dave’s Mom is extremely overprotective.

“Bought it from the guy down the street.”

“How much did you pay for this car, David?”

“200. Haven’t paid up yet, I’m going to---”

“Do NOT expect me to pay for it.”

“Mom I’m---”

“Because we don’t have the money.”

“Seriously, Mom, I’m not going to ask you to pay for anything.”

“Good. But you still should’ve asked my permission!”, Dave’s Mom says going into the apartment.

“Sorry, Kurt,” Dave says. I nod, and tell him it’s okay.

“Dave, how are we going to get 200 dollars?”, I ask, snuggling into him. We are back on his bed, and I’m talking finances.

“I’ll find a way, angel,” Dave says, stroking my hair.

“Dave, we are both flat broke, and your heard your Mom. She said she isn’t going to pay---”

“Believe me, if I can’t raise the money on my own, she’ll pay out of sympathy.”

I shake my head gently and smile at him. “You are so mean, Dave.”

“Yeah, but I think I can get Sandra to lend me the money.”

“Why did you take the car if you didn’t have the money?”

Dave kisses my forehead. “Because I don’t like making my baby walk everywhere.”

I kiss his lips. “You should stop kissing my forehead, Dave. What if I’m sweating and you get some of it in your mouth?”

“I’d love it.”

“Sick, Dave.”

Dave laughs and we shut our eyes, cuddling up to each other.

“David Eric Grohl! What have you done now?”, is all I hear before I’m fast asleep. What DID David Eric Grohl do?


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