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Dave was more confused than ever. There were to many things on his mind all at once. Why did he yell at Krist? Why did Krist try and kiss him again? Why did he kiss him the first time? Why did Krist storm off last night? What was he supposed to do? And... what was this new feeling he felt when he was near Krist...? He didn't have any time to answer these questions; they had another gig to get to. To Dave it seemed like they did nothing but tour. Normally he would sit by Krist and they would tell jokes and stories,mess around, and laugh to pass the time but, some how Dave knew that wasn't going to happen. He and Krist had hardly said two words to each other since the night before. Occasionally Dave would look over at Krist, but every time he did Krist would be starring at him. He wasn't sure it was a angry stare or not, but he looked away just to be safe. They were backstage, with a few hours before the show started when Kurt walked up to Dave.

"Dude, where the fuck is Krist?" Kurt asked over the sounds of the set up crew.

"What? He's not in the trailer?" Dave asked, scared something might have happened to him.

"Oh wait... i forgot to check there..." Kurt stared of into the distance.

"Your high aren't you Kurt?"

"I think so." Kurt said trying to remember.

"Riiight... well tell you what, I'm gunna go check the trailer, and you... go find a snack or something." Dave said walking of to the trailer. When he got there he looked in the window to see if anyone was there. Krist was there in a chair strumming mindlessly on his bass. Dave took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Krist?" Dave asked in the general direction of the low sad notes coming from Krist's bass. The strumming and plucking stopped and Dave walked around the corner to see an open door and Krist sitting on his bed turned away from him, naturally it was to small for him, and it was the biggest bed in the trailer.

"Is it time for the show? I thought we had more time..." Krist said, still turned away from him and bowed his head down.

"No... we still have a few hours but, we.. needed to know where you were..." Dave said very plainly and without emotion.

"Then where's Kurt? Because it's just you there..." Krist turned around and stood up, looking taller then ever and stared at Dave waiting for his reply.

"He's.. high and, wondering around finding something to eat." Dave didn't want to admit it but... Krist looked scary and sexy...at the same time. The lights in the room were old and barley lit so the shadows on his dirty unclean and unshaven face were sinister but, the poor lighting also showed off his nice figure. Dave swallowed sharply. He was gonna do it, he didn't know what was gonna happen, but it has to be better then this. Krist just stared back at at Dave with almost a angry question on his face.

"Dave?!" Krist asked loudly, "are you done-"

"I like you Krist!" Dave just said the first thing that came to his head. He couldn't believe he had. "I... I mean... I LIKE you, like you..." Dave said looking at the floor. He could feel Krist's eyes on him. "Look... i can understand if you don't feel the same way," Dave explained, " and i can even understand why you wouldn't want to talk to me ever again..." Dave could feel tears start to surface and he turned his head so Krist couldn't see. Dave kept his eye to the floor,and felt a pair of arms embrace him.

"It's okay,"Krist said after awhile passed. Dave could hear the sadness in his voice. "Cause.... i like you too..." Dave let out all the tears just then, mostly out of relief. Krist hugged Dave tighter and let out a few tears too. Dave laughed a little.

"We're like a couple of teenage girls aren't we?" Krist giggled and and looked Dave in the eyes, about to kiss him when Kurt walked in.

"Hey uh Dave I can't find the snacks..." Kurt seemed unaffected by Krist's and Dave's ... position. Krist jumped a little when Kurt spoke up and Dave somehow knew Kurt was gonna come in sooner or later, better now before they had started anything to horrific... but he was betting that Kurt was to stoned to realize what he was seeing was real.

"Go look by your guitar Kurt.. You can find some there... and if you don't just ask someone else. Because I don't know." Dave said.

"Wait...," Krist walked away from Dave and digged around beside his bed and pulled out a bag of chips, "That will keep you goin."He threw the bag at Kurt and Kurt just barely caught it and happily walked off with a happy,


Krist then closed, and locked in case a very high Kurt came back, his door and strolled back over to Dave's open embrace with a huge smile on his face.

"Where were we Dave?" Krist sad looking silly and into Dave's beautiful eyes. "Oh, i know!" Krist grabbed Dave's face and kissed him. It was a bit surprising to Dave but, nice. Krist's lips matched prefectlly with Dave's and were so soft. Just when Krist was about to start moving on, there was yet another intrusion. A knock came from the trailer door making Krist groan. "urg, WHAT?!" Krist yelled in the direction of the door. A nervous roadie answered. "uh, w-we need you and Dave on the set..." Krist sighed. "Fine, we'll be out in a sec." Krist gave Dave one last kiss and said, "We'll just have to Finnish this later." with a sly smile that melted Dave's insides. He couldn't wail until tonight.

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