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Chad stormed off to the other side of the room and slumped in the Krist's couch. Chad stared at me with an angry look in his eyes. I couldn't help but to smirk at his angry look he was giving me. My soul was pushed out of Kurt's body. I saw Kurt and Krist standing there talking and then Chad in the corner giving the boys a dirty look. I saw Krist take Kurt into the other room to talk to him. I followed them both and took a quick glance at Chad, still sitting there angry. "I don't think that was the right thing to do Kurt, he looks really pissed off." Krist whispered. "Ah, its not a big deal, hes always a moody baby. He'll be over it in an hour." Kurt whispered back. "I don't know, man." Krist whispered again, peeking over the corner to look at Chad. Chad glanced at Krist and then turned his head to look out the window. "All I did was jump on this equipment, its not like I set it on fire." Kurt said looking at the ground. Earlier, while the boys were practicing, Kurt finished off the song About A Girl by jumping on top of Chad when he was playing the drums. Chad didn't like that, he screamed at Kurt and looked like he wanted to punch him. Chad pushed Kurt to the side and stared at his damaged drums. Kurt and Krist weren't very surprised that Chad would freak out, It was kind of natural for Chad to get pissed off at the little things. Kurt walked away from Krist, went over to Krists fridge, grabbed a beer and ignored Chads glare. Kurt sat next to Shelli and began to speak with her. Krist watched Kurt speak with his wife and then looked over at Chad. Chad wasn't paying attention to anyone anymore, Chad was looking at magazines on the table that Shelli left out. My soul just sat in the corner watching everyone doing their own thing for about an hour, waiting patiently to float back into Kurt's body. Chad eventually turned on MTV and my soul went over to watch with him. I didn't even know what MTV was like back in the late 80's. It fascinated me to see skits done by famous comedians and music videos by famous bands at the time. Who knew that MTV would turn into shit after the 90's.. Chad finally stopped being a baby and joined Kurt, Krist and Shelli playing cards at the table. Chad sat down and looked at Kurt for a second. "May the little bitch play with you guys?" Chad asked, smirking at Shelli. "Sure." Shelli said quietly, passing cards to Chad. Krist and Shelli exchanged worried looks and played with Kurt and Chad. Everyone sat there for hours, trying to forget that awkward encounter with Kurt and Chad. As time went on, Chad drank a couple beers and came out of his shell. Kurt seemed pretty quiet, but you could tell he was sorry. I watched everyone sit there trying not to make it awkward. Shelli got up from the table and grabbed blankets for Kurt and Tracy. Shelli layed the blankets neatly on the ground and made a pallet for Kurt and Tracy to sleep on. "I think i'm done for the night guys." Kurt said, getting up from the table. Kurt avoided everyone's eyes and walked over to Krist's couch. Kurt slumped in the couch and reached in his pocket for his pen and notebook. "Why did you bring that with you?" Tracy said looking over at Kurt. "Why not." Kurt mumbled back. Tracy looked at Chad and got up from the table to sit next to Kurt on the couch. Kurt began to scribble some words down on the old yellow notebook paper. "You shouldn't of brought that." Tracy whispered to Kurt. Kurt rolled his eyes and kept writing down his precious thoughts. Tracy grabbed the remote of the tv and flipped through the channels while Chad, Krist and Shelli sat at the table talking about plans for tomorrow. Tomorrow was New Years Eve and I guess Tracy and Shelli wanted to take the boys to a certain store and then after, go preform at a small pub in Tacoma. Thats what I heard at least. I don't think Kurt was really catching on with what they were talking about but I'm guessing they wanted it to be that way. Kurt tapped his pen on the notebook for a beat and then mouthed the words jotted down. Kurt smirked and looked up at Krist with an excited glare in his eyes. "Got it." Kurt said. Krist and Chad quickly turned around to look at Kurt. "New song, I'm guessing?" Krist said eyeing Kurts notebook. Kurt stayed silent and picked up his things to move into the corner of the room. Krist and Chad turned around again and discussed tomorrows plans. Shelli got up from the table and grabbed everyone some beer from the fridge. Shelli grabbed a handful of beers and set them next to Krist and Chad at the table. Shelli then took the other to where Tracy was sitting and handed Kurt the last one. Kurt stopped writing for a second and shook his head no at Shelli. Shelli set it next to him anyway and went over to sit with Tracy on the couch. Shelli opened her beer quietly and turned up the t.v. "You guys are boring." Chad said bluntly. Krist nudged Chad and gave him a look of concern.

After a couple hours of doing nothing, everyone went to bed except for Kurt. Krist walked out of his bedroom in blue boxers and and a Led Zeppelin shirt. "Aye man." Krist whispered, walking over to me. I wrote down one last lyric idea and looked up at Krist. Krist rubbed his eyes and messed with his hair. "Hey." I said rubbing my sore finger. "You've been writing all night dude, aren't your fingers sore?" Krist said looking at my notebook. I looked down and squinted at my notebook. I tried to let my eyes adjust to the t.v light emitting off my handwriting. I closed my notebook and set it beside me. "Yeah, I got a random spark of motivation while playing cards with you guys earlier today and I thought I should really get to it." I said quietly. "Well hey that's good man. When you wanna practice for it?" Krist said sitting down next to me. "Uh.. Well I'm not sure yet. I still have a lot of mistakes to fix but... maybe later this week?" I said looking at my feet. Krist patted me on the back and looked at his bedroom door. "You got it man, I know ya do." Krist said complimenting me. I smirked and looked at Krist. "I dunno man," I said trying to come out of my shell. "I didn't think i'd be writing this long though." "Well when you get ideas you gotta take your time otherwise you wont like it. Or at least that's what I say anyways." Krist said playing with his hands. "Man, I just hope we all don't get so pissed off at each other just for messing up. Especially Chad." Krist whispered. I looked over and saw Chad rolled over on the couch sleeping soundlessly. "Its just all of us really.." I trailed off. I turned my head and then began looking at Tracy sleeping below Chad on the floor. "I expect the practice to be perfect when I know it wont be ya know?" I said quietly. "Eh, well it'll be good once we all get the hang of it. It usually doesn't take us long anyways." Krist said chuckled. "Yeah man." I said looking back over at Krist. Krist smiled at me and then looked over at Tracy. "Well dude I think I'm gonna go back to bed." Krist said, getting up. I nodded my head and watched Krist walk back to his bedroom. "Goodnight Kurt." Krist whispered while closing his door. I grabbed my notebook and crawled towards Tracy on the floor. I layed down next to her and took the blanket she covered up with. Tracy sighed sharply and snuggled up closer to me. I slid my notebook underneath the blanket and stared at the ceiling, thinking about everything. No, I wasn't spacing out. I was simply drifting into a different reality. That's what I always told myself anyway. It also seemed to soothe my aching body and mind. The light from the t.v illuminated my face, making me close my eyes and roll over. I layed there for a couple of hours, with no luck of falling asleep quickly. Something told me that I was kind of an insomniac. "Nahhh.."I thought to myself. I exhaled deeply and finally went to sleep.

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