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The Wedding

"Babe, its time to get up." Tracy said, kissing my neck. I rolled over and slowly opened my eyes. Tracy smiled at me, got up out of bed and reached for the sheets. I looked down and saw Tracy's baggy tee shirt reveal some of her underwear while she pulled the sheets off of me. Tracy looked at me and saw I was staring at her underwear. Tracy quickly pulled down her tee shirt and blushed. If only her top was off. I smiled slightly and sat up, letting my arms rest on the mattress to keep me up on my back. I felt sharp pains in my back as I tried to get out of that position. Oh god. Not a good idea. Tracy hopped on the bed and got on top of me. Tracy kissed me softly and pressed her hand on my chest, refusing to let me scoot up. Well then. Morning fun time with Tracy. I liked that. I grinned and felt my face get warm. I felt my body tingle as Tracy looked at me. I ignored the pains in my back and let Tracy scoot up on me. I kissed her lips and slid my hands down her back trying to squeeze her butt. Tracy giggled in between our kiss and moved my hand towards her head to make me play with her hair. Tracy stopped kissing me and threw off the big tee shirt she was wearing. I stared at Tracy's chest for a minute. Tracy's bra was cute. And her underwear. I just noticed they matched. Black polka dots. Cute. Well It looked cute on her. Fuck. That was a little weird. I put my hands on her hips and rubbed her sides causing her to smile. Tracy leaned in and kissed me a second time. I brushed my knuckles up her sides, while her and I were making out. Tracy slipped her tongue into my mouth trying to tongue wrestle me. Woah, that was unexpected. I stopped rubbing her sides, closed my mouth and tried to catch my breath. I haven't breathed this whole time she was on top of me. Tracy bit my lower lip and moaned a little. Shit, this was too exciting for me. "Oh god." I whispered. I want her so so so badly. What am I thinking? I already have her! But even better, on top of me. Fun. oh god this is satisfying. I breathed heavily and closed my eyes while Tracy scooted down, kissing my chest. I didn't know where to put my hands, So I just laid my arms still on the bed and clenched my fists as I felt Tracy take off my boxers. I gasped and opened my eyes. "Kurt come on, get up or we're gonna be late." Tracy said, throwing the sheets off of me. I lifted up my head and saw Tracy standing there with a towel wrapped around her, playing with her wet hair. "Alright" I said with a scratchy voice. I sat up, cleared my throat and rubbed my neck. Tracy adjusted her towel and walked back downstairs to the bathroom to get ready. My back hurt really bad. Ugh. I blinked a couple times and remembered the dream I just had. I grinned and felt my heart beat faster. Best dream I've had in a while. I slowly got up and walked over to pile of clothes, sitting at the end of the bed. I picked up the pile of clothes and threw them on the bed. I was tempted to just wear a tee shirt and ripped jeans but I knew that was kind of disrespectful to wear at Krist's and Shelli's wedding. I walked over to mirror and took a quick glance at myself. I saw I was only in my zebra boxers that I had been wearing for 2 days straight. I walked over to my dresser, slipped off my dirty zebra boxers and put on a plad pair. I picked up my zebra boxers and threw them in the corner of the room where some of Tracy's dirty clothes were. I usually throw some of my clothes with Tracy's because Im too lazy to do my own. I walked back over to the pile of clothes sitting on the bed. I searched through the pile, hoping I could find a pair of jeans without holes in them. Without any luck, I walked back over the dresser and searched some more. I searched through the drawer and managed to find some dark jeans, without any holes in the knees. I took the jeans out of the drawer and held them up. I grabbed a pair of long johns, another shirt and a jacket. I put on my long johns first then, the jeans. I looked at the jeans I was wearing and saw they were kind of small, the jeans barely covered my ankles. I shrugged and then got on my shirt, sweater and then jacket. I wore so much clothes. I hate being skinny. I walked over to the bed to sit down and put my socks on when I heard the phone ringing in the kitchen. "Kurt can you go get that please?" Tracy yelled. "Yeah." I said, walking out of the bedroom and down the stairs. I jogged to the kitchen to answer the phone. I picked up the phone and leaned against the counter. "Hello?" I asked breathing heavily into the phone. "Hey man." Krist said. "Hey dude, whats up?" I asked. "Nothin really, I was calling to ask if Chad and I could pick you guys up in maybe.. Oh, I don't know.. a half an hour?" Krist asked. "Yeah that's fine with me, Im not sure about Tracy though. Lemme ask her." I said. "Okay." I put down the phone, walked to the bathroom door and knocked. "Yeah?" Tracy said through the door. "Krist just called, he wanted to know if he could pick us up in like, a half an hour." I said, leaning against the door. I heard Tracy sigh and flush the toilet. "No, Im not even half way ready yet." I walked back into the kitchen and picked up the phone, hoping Krist didnt hang up on me. "Hey man, you still there?" I asked. "Yeah, so is it okay if we can do that?" Krist said quickly. "Well, I think it is but Tracy isn't ready yet." I said quietly. "Damn.." Krist trailed off. "Wait, I have an idea. How about Chad and I here could come pick you up and Shelli can pick up Tracy later on" Krist asked. "Yeah that's fine, I'll just go tell her right now." I said, putting down the phone. I ran back to the bathroom and knocked. "Krist said if you're not ready by the time they get here to pick me up, Shelli can just pick you up." I said. "Yeah, that sounds great, lets do that." Tracy said. I hurriedly walked back to the kitchen and picked up the phone. "She agrees man, lets do it." I said. "Alright, cool man. Don't forget we'll be there in a half an hour, make sure your sassy ass is ready." Krist said. "Alright man." Krist and I hung up at the same time. I put the phone back in its spot and walked back up to the bedroom to finish putting on some socks. Man, I was getting a work out. I sat on the bed and put my socks on, when I heard Tracy coming up the stairs. "Hey, i'm gonna get changed in here." Tracy said, walking in on me. " Sweet, let me watch." I said. Tracy giggled and looked at me. "Wait. You're serious?" "Fuck yeah I am." "Well thats too damn bad. You're gonna have to schedule with me a next time because miss Tracy is off duty." Tracy said softly. Tracy winked at me and pushed me out of the way. "So close" I yelled, making sure Tracy heard me. I made my way back down the stairs and headed towards the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and closed the toilet lid to sit down. I closed the bathroom door and attempted to lock it. I brushed my hair out of my face and looked at the cabinet while I sat down. I sat there for a second, wondering if I should take some heroin. Should I? Should I, Would I, Could I? I got up quickly opened up the cabinet and searched anxiously. I moved some things around and finally grabbed the box filled with rubbing alcohol, needles, spoons and rag. I opened the boxes lid and carefully reached inside. I grabbed the rubbing alcohol and took off the small cap. I threw the cap into the sink and grabbed the dirty rag. I reached over and grabbed the rubbing alcohol and dumped it on the dirty rag. I dabbed some of it on my dry skin and threw the alcohol soaked rag back into the box. I set down the bottle of rubbing alcohol back onto the counter and grabbed the needle and began to hold my arm still. I pressed the needle slowly into my skin and flinched from the pain. I gasped a little and finished my business. I sat down for a second, waiting for it to kick in. I tapped my feet on the tile floor and waited one more second. I grabbed some toilet paper and dabbed away my bloody needle mark on my wrist. I threw the blood stained toilet paper into the garbage and tied the bag up. I slid the sleeve of my sweater down and sat up to look in the mirror. I began to feel the heroin kick in. I smirked and opened the door. I looked around and searched for Tracy. I stumbled out of the bathroom to get my shoes on. I grabbed my shoes, slumped into the couch and slipped my shoes on when I heard a knock on the front door. "Open up Kurt, We wanna seduce you." Krist said through the door. Ohh the irony. Funny because I just practically had sex with Tracy in my dream. I smiled and got up slowly from the couch to answer the door. I opened the door and watched Krist and Chad walk in. Krist looked at me for a second and then at Chad. "Oh no." I thought to myself. I quickly looked at the ground to avoid eye contact with Chad and Krist. We all stood there silently, when Krist finally broke the silence. "We don't have much time, I still have to get my tux on." Krist said. "Alright lets get our instruments together and put it in the van guys." Chad said, walking over to our instruments. I followed Chad and Krist. Krist and Chad took apart the drums and carried them outside. I quickly grabbed my guitar and headed for the door when I stumbled into Chad. Chad saved me from falling and looked at me. I closed my eyes and coughed, trying to get Chad out of my face. Chad backed up and went back to his business. Holy, shit. That was close. I cant let Chad find out about my drug use either. He'll probably be a little tattle tale about it and tell Krist. Especially, not today. Its Krist and Shellis day, Not Lets-Find-Out-About-Kurts-Drug-Use-Day. My feet made a scrunching sound in the snow as I walked up to Krist. I put the guitar in its case and helped Krist. "Thanks man." Krist said, putting the last piece into the back of the van. Krist took the case and put it with the drums. I went to go get the rest of the stuff when I saw Chad come out with it. Chad and Krist put the rest of the things into the van when I walked back inside to get my coat and say goodbye to Tracy. I grabbed my coat and cigarettes. "I'll cya in a bit Tracy." I squeaked. Tracy ran out of bathroom with a fancy black dress on. "Bye babe." Tracy said, pulling me into a hug. I squeezed her and walked out the door. I closed the door behind me, put on my coat and began walking to the van. You know now that I think of it, Tracy really doesnt know about my drug use either. She knows that I used to take acid and stuff but not heroin. I got into the van and watched Krist put the keys into the ignition. Krist and Chad were in the front and I sat in the back with some of the extra stuff requires for the wedding. I stared out the foggy window and began humming to the radio. How did I even feel about today anyway? I was barely paying attention to anything. The day was going by so fast.. I just wanted to go back home and lay in bed and sleep for the rest of the day. Maybe even practice a little. Fuck, i'm such a lazy ass. Not to mention that dream making me horny ever sense I woke up. I sat there quietly, listening to the radio letting the time pass as we drove to the chapel.

It didnt take us long to arrive at the wedding chapel after that, I was surprised sense the roads were icy and traffic was pretty bad. Wow, I guess just thinking passed the time even faster. Krist and Chad quickly got out and unloaded the van. I sat there for a second and saw the guy's tuxes sitting next to me. I grabbed Krist's and Chad's tuxes and got out of the van. "Hey dudes, I'm going to take these inside." I said, showing a Krist and Chad their tuxes. "Alright." Krist and Chad said. I held up the tuxes and stumbled through the snow, making sure that the only thing that got wet were my shoes. I opened the doors to the chapel and looked around. "Wow." I said, looking around the room. This place was beautiful, there was 2 huge chandleres hanging from the white sparkly ceiling. "Sir, the grooms dressing room is down there." A man said, pointing to my left. "Thanks." I said walking to the dressing room. My feet squeaked on the floor as I walked to Krists dressing room. Keep it together man. I said, trying not to fall over. The walls spun as I made my way towards Krists room. I opened the door and set his tux on the chair, sitting next to a mirror. I closed the door and walked down a little farther down the hall way to find Chads dressing room. I swallowed hard, trying to get rid of my dry throat. I opened the door and set Chads tux down on the chair, walked out and closed the door. I walked back down the hallway to go check out the rest of the place when, Chad and Krist came into my view "Hey Kurt, you should help me." Krist said, patting me on the back. "Yeah, alright." I said walking with him. "You nervous man?" I asked, putting my hand on Krists back. "Oh god yeah." Krist said, opening the door to his dressing room. I went over to the small coffee table and read a magazine, making sure Krist had his privacy to put on his tux. Krist wiggled his arms and looked in the mirror. "How do I look?" Krist asked. "Sexy." I said, turning around. Krist smiled and walked over to me. "Thanks for being here, Kurt. It means a lot." "Hey anytime man, I mean its your wedding, why in the hell why I wouldn't come?" Chad walked in and looked at us both. "Oh girl you lookin fine." I said in a sassy tone, looking at Chads fancy tux. Chad laughed and walked over to the mirror to check himself out. Before Chad could even ask us what we thought, Me and Krist answered for him. "You look good man." I said, looking at the clock. I gave the boys a thumbs up and walked out of the room. I walked down the hallway to see if Tracy and Shelli were here yet.

After an hour of sitting around, everyone was finally ready to go. "Good luck." I said, walking next to Krist down the hall, towards the room. Krist walked down the isle first and I walked after with Tracy. Tracy patted my arm and went on Shellis side. I went on Krists side and stood there next to men I've never seen before. I looked in the audience and saw Krists family and other friends. I looked over on the opposite side of me and saw Tracy and more of Shelli's friends standing there. I made eye contact with Tracy and she smiled at me. I started to space out when everyone stood up causing me to pay attention. Wedding music started to play and Shelli came into view walking down the isle, in her beautiful white wedding dress. I fake smiled and watched her approach with her father heading towards Krist. Shelli let go of her fathers arm and walked up next to Krist. Krist and Shelli faced each other and grabbed each others hands. As the preacher was announcing their marriage, I began to space out on the band equipment set up in the corner of the room. The preacher broke my concentration when he said something excitedly. "And do you Shelli Dilley, take Krist Novoselic to be your husband?" The preacher asked. Shelli nodded her head and began to cry. "I do." The preacher turned to Krist. "And do you Krist Novoselic take Shelli Dilley to be your wife?" Krist nodded and looked at Shelli. "I do." "You may now kiss the bride." The preacher said. Krist smiled and pulled Shelli into a long, meaningful kiss. Everyone stood up in excitement and began to clap. I clapped and smiled at Krist and Shelli.

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