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Just His Luck

I was looking out the window when Krist tapped me the shoulder and broke my concentration of thoughts. "Hey man, you alright?" Krist asked with a concerned expression on his face. I looked over at Krist and shook my head yes, just to get him to leave me alone. Krist looked at me and then turned back to his fiance Shelli to finish the conversation. I began looking out the window again, looking at the snow falling from the dark sky. I could barely believe it was December already. I mean, sense it was December now, Me and Tracy's disastrous date was weeks ago. Ever since then, I've been so afraid to even be around Tracy. After that night, Krist invited me over and this is pretty much where I've been. Today happened to be one of those days where I wanted to be alone. I liked being alone but if I wanted to be alone, I would have to isolate myself in my apartment. Since Tracy and I lived together and Krist and Chad knew where I lived, It was hard to stay away from her and the guys. So, I just sit in the window of Krists and Shelli's house when I don't wanna be bothered. I kept thinking about what I should do next when, I saw a familiar car pull up in the drive way. "I don't know when but I know that- Oh, Chad is here." Krist said stopping mid sentence. "Its so nasty outside I wonder how he made it." Krist mumbled softly. I shifted a little, trying to get rid of the feeling of my numb ass. I sighed and looked at my hands when I heard the door bell ring. Krist and Shelli both got up and answered the door. "Hey, man." Chad said. I quickly looked back and saw Krist and Shelli greet Chad and bring him inside. "Its cold as fuck outside, how the hell did you make it?" Krist asked, walking Chad over the the couch. "Well I fucking turned the heat up and waited for a while. Goddamn it takes my car forever to heat up. Especially now, man. " Chad said, pulling out a cigarette. I turned back around and stared out the window again, when I heard Chad walk up behind me. "Hey, Kurt." Chad said, patting me on the back. I stayed quiet and kept glaring outside. "Sprinkle some fairy dust on him and maybe he'll answer ya." Krist said to Chad. I felt a smile appear on my face. I turned around and saw Chad standing there playing with his hair. "Well shit man. Might as well just lather me up with butter and call me sun shine." Chad joked. Krist got up, walked over to chad, lifted up his shirt and exposed his pale chest. "Shes mine." Krist said in a squeaky voice. What the hell were they doing? I chuckled. "Oh my sir, you're so handsome when you get all protective!" Chad joked back. I stood up from the window and started to play along. "Ooooh, you're cheatin' on Shelli over there." I said to Krist. "If she loved me enough, she wouldn't have a problem with Chad!" Krist said in a girly voice. I looked over at Shelli and saw she was smiling. "Keep it PG." Shelli said to both of the boys. I smiled again and watched the boys mess around a little bit more until Krist and Chad decided to step out and have a smoke. I started to follow the boys outside when in the corner of my eye, I saw Shelli sitting on the couch alone. I had to admit, I felt bad for Shelli at some times. She always seemed left out or clueless all because Krist wasnt very good at staying sober most of the time. Shelli wore one of Krist over sized hoodies and a pair of dark jeans. Shelli had her black hair in a messy ponytail and wasn't wearing any makeup this time. I stopped walking and decided that I wanted to joke around with Shelli. I looked over at Shelli, smiled and saluted her. Shelli grinned and saluted me back. Shelli was a nice woman. I sat across from her on the couch and crossed my legs. "Why hello Mrs. Novoselic." I said in monotone. "Hey, Mr. Cobain." "How you feelin?" I asked. "Huh? Oh, me? I'm fine. I haven't slept very much cause of ya know.. My wedding is in a couple days." "Hey Shelli?" Krist yelled. "Yeah?" Shelli yelled back. "I'll be back, I'm going to go get some beer." Krist yelled again. Shelli got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen where the boys stood. "Okay, be back soon and be careful." Shelli said. Krist kissed Shelli on the cheek and turned to me. "You wanna go with me Kurt?" "Sure." I said, trying not to sound dissapointed. Krist grabbed his coat and began walking towards the front door. I grabbed my coat and followed Krist outside. I shut the door behind me and put my coat on immediately after. I faintly saw Krist walk up to the car and get in. I stood there for a second, looking at the deep snow smothering the ground. I took my first step in the snow and felt my shoes fill with snow, making my socks soaked. Snow is such nonsense. It makes everything bitter cold and just hard to maintain. I began taking another step when I head Krist honk at me. I waved my hand in the air and jogged to the car that Krist was waiting for me impatiently in. As I got in the car, I felt a wave of warm air hit my face. I slammed the door shut and Krist began backing out of the snowy drive way. It took us almost a half an hour just to get to the gas station. When we finally arrived, we saw there wasn't any snow on the ground. "Must've put ice on the ground over here." Krist said, turning to me. "Yay." I said, sarcastically. Krist turned off the ignition, grabbed his wallet, shut the door and walked towards the gas station. I got out and looked down at my shoes, the wet snow turned my shoes a different color. I ignored my wet mushy shoes, closed the door and walked towards the entrance of the gas station. As I pushed open the door of the gas station, I heard Krist talking to the cashier. "Hello sir." The man said, looking at me. I gave a slight wave at him and began walking towards Krist's direction. Krist picked out two 12 packs and showed them to me. "Is this good, dude?" Krist asked. "Yeah." I said, looking at the cases of beer. Krist smiled at me and carried the cases of beer towards the register. "Ah, somebody is having people over." The cashier commented. I gave Krist a weird look and watched the cashier ring up the cases of beer. I watched Krist take out his wallet to pay for the beer when I heard the door of the gas station open. I ignored who it was and began feeling my feet freeze from my wet shoes. "Kurt?" A familiar voice said behind me. I saw Krist look over and then look at me again. I raised my eyebrow and turned around slowly. I saw Tracy standing there with a surprised look on her face. "Shit." I mumbled under my breath.

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