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The Date

I opened my eyes and saw only my dull, pink highlighted hair. I blinked a couple of times and saw my strands of hair moving from my eyelashes. I brushed my hair out of my face and looked over, and saw over 10 crushed beers surrounding me and the boys. Krist and Chad were both asleep to my left, while I was lying on my stomach in between my couch and dirty coffee table. Krist had his body slumped against the wall, with Chad lying his head on his belly. Krist had his head down with drool coming out of his mouth dripping onto his crotch. I couldn't help but to smirk at the sight of that. I tried to remember what we did the night before. I lifted up my head looked over at my coffee table next to me and started to feel a terrible pain in my head. I closed my eyes in pain and let my face hit the dark blue carpet, while I tried to remember what I did the night before. Me, Krist and Chad were all drinking. I opened my eyes again and decided I wanted to get up anyway. I reached for my coffee table and couch to help me get up on my feet. I tried pulling myself up when my headache made me fall on my knees. I sucked in my breath and tried not to moan from the pain. I quietly tried again, making sure I didn't wake up the others. I ignored the pain in my head and pulled myself up on my feet. I walked quietly towards my bedroom, wondering what I'm going to wear. I turned the knob all the way so it wouldn't make a sound and slowly shut the door. I slipped off my old clothes and walked over to a pile of clothes near my bed. I picked up the warm clothes I was just took off and smelled them. It didn't smell right, It smelled like dog piss and mustard. Gross.. I hope I didn't smell like that now. I threw it in the corner of the room and walked over to the outfit I liked. I slipped on a worn out pair of dark jeans, put on a plain gray sweater with my dark blue shirt on over it. I turned and looked in my full body mirror on my wall. I slipped my hands into my pockets and looked at myself in my mirror. As I moved my hands in my pocket, I felt a piece of paper cut my finger. I grabbed the paper and took it out of my pocket. Looking at the blood on my finger from the paper I licked my finger, making sure I didn't get any blood on the note. I opened up the crumbled piece of paper and skimmed around. It was a letter from my current girlfriend, Tracy Marander. "Sometimes I think Id rather be alone than with her.." I whispered harshly. I met Tracy from my visits to Olympia Washington to go to rock concerts. Soon after, I formed a relationship with her. Tracy supported us by working at the cafeteria of the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Tracy's insistence that I get a job caused arguments that influenced me to write "About A Girl" on my Bleach. I read the letter and it said: "Dear Kurt, I know I haven't been around lately..After work I would usually stop by my moms house and before I knew it I was sleeping there. I just want you to know that there isn't anything wrong with our relationship. I still love you, I just keep crashing over here that's all. Sorry, I'll try to be back as soon as possible. If I'm not back by then, maybe after I'm done working the 21st we could see each other? maybe go on another date? Lets meet at Mazatlan Restaurant in Aberdeen around 6 or so, I'll be done working by then. I hope to see you there..." -Tracy. There was a date on the bottom of the letter. The date read: 11-3-89. That was the last time I saw Tracy. "Oh no.." I whispered. I put the letter back into my pocket and sucked on my bloody finger some more. I walked out of my bedroom and looked at the calendar. Today was Tuesday, November 21st. I hurriedly walked to the clock in my kitchen. It was 2:22 p.m. I took something for my headache, looked into my living room and saw Krist and Chad still sleeping. I walked quietly over to the boys and started to pick up the beer cans. I bent over and reached for a beer can when I felt a hand grab my ankle. I flinched and jumped a little, stepping on Krist. "Ow, dude." Krist said groggily. I looked down and saw Chad had his hand on my ankle. "You made me wake up Krist, assface." I said, looking over at Krist. Krist and Chad sat up at the same time. Chad looked over at me and started laughing. "Why did you grab my foot, dude?" I asked. "To see if you would step on Krist." Chad said, smiling. "Okay, Well I guess I have a date with Tracy tonight. So I need you guys to leave." Ouch. That was harsh of me. Ohhhh well, We all slept in way too late anyway. I looked over at my door. "Ooooh, you and your girlfriend tonight man." Krist said. Krist and Chad both got up off the floor and brushed themselves off. "Krist, you vermit, you better get goin or you're gonna get shot." Chad said, using his hands as a fake gun. "Oh! Please sir, I have a husband waiting for me at home!" Krist said, in a girly voice. Krist put his hands on my shoulders and kissed my cheek. "Isn't that right, Honey?" Krist said, in his girly voice. "Yes, dear." I said in a low manly voice. Krist burped in my ear and started walking out with Chad. I smiled and playfully pushed them both out the door. I walked over to the window and watched Krist and Chad wave to me and get in the van. I walked over towards the kitchen and looked at the clock. 2:45 p.m. Now what? I've still got some time. What should I do? I pulled some of my hair on my shoulder and looked at it. The pink was fading out pretty good. I kinda wanna just scrub it out. Hmm. I took off my shirt and threw it on the floor and walked towards my kitchen sink. I turned on the faucet and put some off brand soap into my hand. I scrubbed my hands together and then scrubbed my head. I put my head over to sink and let all of the soap wash away. I moved a little and closed my eyes, causing some soap go down my nose. I gasped for air and tilted my head more and scrubbed. I began to feel really impatient with this. I opened my eyes and saw pink colored water going down the food covered drain. I turned off the faucet and lifted up my head up from the drain. I flung my hair over my shoulders and grabbed a strand of wet brown hair. I always wondered why water colored your hair darker. I mean, water is colorless but yet it makes mine brown instead of blonde. I made my way towards my bathroom and grabbed a towel to dry my hair. I felt like Tracy for a moment there. Actually no, I felt like a girl. No, we're not gonna think about those past memories Kurt. I threw down the towel and walked out if the dark bathroom. I grabbed my shirt off my living room floor and put it back on over my wet hair. So what if my shirt got wet? My hair is gonna freeze as soon as I go outside anyway. I went into my bedroom and grabbed my box of tapes sitting in the closet. The box was so heavy. But I was proud because I had so much to chose from. I smiled and searched for my Pixies tape. The Pixies are amazing.. I fucking adored the Pixies. I grabbed the tape and set the box aside and went back out to my living room. I put the tape in the cassette player and listened to them to pass some time before me and Tracy's date.

I put on my shoes and grabbed my keys to go out for a smoke. Closing the door behind me, I reached into my pocket and grabbed my lighter. I lit my cigarette and looked out into the distance and started to examine my surroundings. I watched a car pull out from the building across the street from me. I anxiously shivered and puffed on my nicotine stick. After a couple minutes of shivering my ass off, I threw my cigarette on the ground, stepped on it and began walking over to my car. Looking over to my right, I saw my sweater Chad hosed down days ago. "Why are you still here?" I said, looking over at the sweater. I walked over to my sweater and tried to pick it up. With the sweater still frozen, I struggled to pick it up off the ground. Frustrated, I got into my car, put my keys into the ignition and began backing over my frozen sweater. I got out of my car and walked a couple feet towards my sweater. I picked up my sweater and carried it to my car. I threw the sweater in the back seat and got back in, closed the door and began driving to Aberdeen for me and Tracy's date.

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