"Chris? I love you."

-Kurt at the No On 9 benefit gig, 10 Sept 1992, before making out with Krist

"Chris and Shelli broke up. God am I relieved! [...] I'm very content with the relationship Chris, Chad and I have. We get along great and have a lot of dedicated fun."

-Kurt, Journals (hardcover ed.) pg. 30-31

"Did you know that I'm gay? Then I got married to a hermaphrodite [referring to rumors about Courtney]. But if somebody tried to take away my gay rights it would have been really bad, because I really like to buttfuck. It's fun. It feels good."

-Kurt at the No On 9 benefit gig, 10 Sept 1992

Kurt: "I always wanted to move to the big city. I wanted to move to Seattle, find a chicken hawk, sell my ass, and be a punk rocker, but I was too afraid. So I just stayed in Aberdeen for too long, until I was 20 years old."

SPIN: "Forgive me for being uneducated, but when you said "chicken hawk"--"

Kurt: "A chicken hawk is, like, an older gay man."

SPIN: "Okay."

Kurt: "Who sells children, like in Oliver Twist, you know."

-Spin Magazine, December 1992

Kurt is bisexual when he's single:

Interviewer: "Well, are you [gay]?"
Kurt: "If I wasn't attracted to Courtney, I'd be a bisexual."

-11 Sept. 1992, Monk Magazine

"God is gay and so am I"

-Kurt, Journals (hardcover ed.), pg. 123, exact date unknown

"I remember seeing him in high school a few times and thinking he was definitely somebody I wanted to meet. But I never saw him other than at pep assemblies. He would usually participate in some kind of a skit, or something. And I remember thinking, God, he was this really clever, funny, loudmouth person. I kept, you know, always making it obvious that I wanted to be in a band, I wanted someone to play with, but still Chris never wanted to. Until I made the Fecal Matter tape with Dale and always making it available for Chris to hear, and he just never bothered to listen to it until one day he just came over and said, "I finally listened to that tape you made. It's pretty good. You know, we should start a band." Ok! Finally! [laughs]"

-Kurt (1992) on his attempts to make senpai notice him in high school--he spent a whole year doing this! (from About A Son)

"If any of you in any way hate homosexuals, people of different color, or women, please do this one favor for us-leave us the fuck alone! Don't come to our shows and don't buy our records."

-Kurt in the liner notes for Incesticide

"I've had the reputation of being a homosexual every since I was 14. It was really cool, because I found a couple of gay friends in Aberdeen-which is almost impossible. How I could ever come across a gay person in Aberdeen is amazing! But I had some really good friends that way. I got beat up a lot, of course, because of my association with them.

People just thought I was weird at first, just some fucked-up kid. But once I got the gay tag, it gave me the freedom to be able to be a freak and let people know that they should just stay away from me. Instead of having to explain to someone that they should just stay the fuck away from me-I'm gay, so I can't even be touched. It made for quite a few scary experiences in alleys walking home from school, though."

-Kurt, The Advocate 9 Feb 1993

"I respect people who promote the way they feel sexually."

-Kurt, source unknown

"He's the most well adjusted boy I've ever met. He's totally easy to get along with, everyone loves him. He plays drums better than any drummer I've ever heard, I mean he blows away John Bonham. If I had the choice of bringing John Bonham back to life or to choose any drummer from any band I can think of, they wouldn't be better than Dave. He's great."

-Kurt on Dave (source unknown)

"Well, when we played that No on 9 benefit in Portland, I said something about Guns N' Roses. Nothing nasty-I think I said, "And now, for our next song, ‘Sweet Child o' Mine.'" But some kid jumped onstage and said, "Hey, man, Guns N' Roses plays awesome music, and Nirvana plays awesome music. Let's just get along and work things out, man!"

And I just couldn't help but say, "No, kid, you're really wrong. Those people are total sexist jerks, and the reason we're playing this show is to fight homophobia in a real small way. The guy is a fucking sexist and a racist and a homophobe, and you can't be on his side and be on our side. I'm sorry that I have to divide this up like this, but it's something you can't ignore. And besides they can't write good music." [Laughs]"

-Kurt, The Advocate 1993

"My songs have always had frustrating themes-relationships I've had."

-Kurt, source unknown

Interviewer: And you used to spray-paint GOD IS GAY on people's trucks?

Kurt: That was a lot of fun. The funniest thing about that was not actually the act but the next morning. I'd get up early in the morning to walk through the neighborhood that I'd terrorized to see the aftermath. That was the worst thing I could have spray-painted on their cars. Nothing else would have been more effective.

Aberdeen was depressing, and there were a lot of negative things about it, but it was really fun to fuck with people all the time.

(The Advocate 1993)

"All drugs are a waste of time.They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self-esteem....I've found they're a waste of time."

-Kurt, source unknown

"I can't think of any other band I'd rather be in. The only reason I'm in this band is because I like my friends, Krist and Dave, they're my friends and I like being around them and I like the music that we write. That's all that matters. Everything else is secondary, and I can't take some of it as seriously as everyone expects a rock star to take it."

-Kurt, source unknown

Kurt On Cross-Dressing

Kurt: I really don't know why. I like to wear dresses because they're comfortable. If I could wear a sheet, I would. I don't know what to say, if I said we do it to be subversive then that would be a load of shit, because men in bands wearing dresses isn't controversial anymore.

MM: Do you approve of cross-dressing?

Kurt: Of course I do. Of course. Men shouldn't wear a dress because it's feminist, particularly, but because it's comfortable. Sometimes my penis will literally fall asleep or feel as if it's dropped right off because it's been constricted by wearing tight Levi's, and I'll have to wear baggy pants or a dress instead.

(Melody Maker, date unknown)

"[...] when "Teen Spirit" first came out, mainstream audiences were under the assumption that we were just like Guns N' Roses.

Then our opinions started showing up in interviews. And then things like Chris and I kissing on Saturday Night Live. We weren't trying to be subversive or punk rock; we were just doing something insane and stupid at the last minute. I think now that our opinions are out in the open, a lot of kids who bought our record regret knowing anything about us. [Laughs]"

-Kurt, The Advocate 1993

"People think of life as being so sacred and they feel like this is their only chance and they have to do something with their life and make an impact. As far as I'm concerned, it's just a pit-stop for the afterlife. It's just a little test to see how you can handle reality."

-Kurt, source unknown

Let's play a game of Three Truths and A Lie:

"My name is Kurt Cobain. I'm a homosexual, I'm a pagan, I'm a drug abuser, and I like to fuck pot-belly pigs."

-Kurt at Nirvana's Newcastle gig

Interviewer: Because people thought you were gay and you had gay friends, did you ever wonder if you might be gay?

Kurt: Yeah, absolutely. See I've always wanted male friends that I could be real intimate with and talk about important things with and be as affectionate with that person as I would be with a girl. Throughout my life, I've always been really close with girls and made friends with girls. And I've always been a really sickly, feminine person anyhow, so I thought I was gay for a while because I didn't find any of the girls in my high school attractive at all. They had really awful haircuts and fucked-up attitudes. So I thought I would try to be gay for a while, but I'm just more sexually attracted to women. But I'm really glad that I found a few gay friends, because it toally saved me from becoming a monk or something.

I mean, I'm definitely gay in spirit, and I probably could be bisexual. [...] If I wouldn't have found Courtney, I probably would have carried on with a bisexual life-style.

(The Advocate 1993)

"I'm too much of a creepy, negative person... a sicko... desperate... the pathological type... ugly, awkward, uptight, and socially retarded."

-Kurt, source unknown

"Friendship is one of the biggest things I can think of. Relationships are more important than anything else. I think everyone should go all the way in trying to strengthen their personal relationships. For me, it's very important to have friends who understand your needs and who'll help you in difficult times. The value of friendship is immense, and it should be thought of that way."

-Kurt, November 1991, Blast Magazine (Italy)

Interviewer: Have there been times in the last year when you've just wanted to quit?

Kurt: Oh, yeah. The other night. I called up Chris late at night; I was really drunk, and I said, "I don't want to be in this band anymore, I'll call you tomorrow." I was dead serious. For a couple of hours. [Laughs]

(The Advocate 1993)

The Interview: What do you do when you're not playing music?

Kurt: Well, I'm reading Perfume for the second time. It's about a perfume apprentice in the 1700s. And I really like Camille Paglia a lot; it's really entertaining, even though I don't necessarily agree with what she says. I still paint once in a while-I painted the cover of Incesticide.

And I make dolls. I like the style of things from the 1700s and 1800s from Yugoslavia and that area. I copy them from doll-collector magazines. They're clay. I bake them, and then I make them look really old and put old clothes on them.

(The Advocate 1993)


-Nirvana t-shirt designed by Kurt

Kurt failing to understand what motivates straight men:

"I just can't believe anyone would start a band just to make the scene and be cool and have chicks. I just can't believe it."

(source unknown)

"I definitely have a problem with the average macho man--the strong-oxen, working-class type, because they have always been a threat to me. I've had to deal with them most of my life--being taunted and beaten up by them in school, just having to be around them and be expected to be that kind of person when you grow up.
"I definitely feel closer to the feminine side of the human being than I do the male--or the American idea of what a male is supposed to be. Just watch a beer commercial and you'll see what I mean.
"As I got older I felt more and more alienated--I couldn't find friends whom I felt compatible with at all. Everyone was going to become a logger, and I knew I wanted to do something different. I wanted to be some kind of artist."

-Kurt, 16 Apr 1992, Rolling Stone magazine

"I used to think that I was adopted by my mother because she found me after a spaceship left me from a different time or a different planet. Every night I used to talk to my real parents in the skies. I knew that there were thousands of other alien babies dropped off who were all over the place and I'd met quite a few of them. It's just something I'd always like to toy with in my mind...it was really fun to pretend that there's some special reason for me to be here."

-Kurt, source unknown

"To you I might be a gay motherfucker, but to everybody else I'm just happy. Look, I've sucked one dick, that's all."

-Kurt, source unknown

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Interviewer: First of all, love the suit. [referring to Kurt's canary yellow dress]

Kurt: It's Headbangers' Ball, so I thought I'd wear a gown. He [Krist] wouldn't wear his tux. He didn't give me a corsage, either.

Int: You hurt his feelings.

Krist: At least I asked you out, you know.

(MTV, 25 Oct 1991)

Krist: I'd like to tell you about this next song. It's about homosexual love. Cause we're all queers. We're all butt-pirates here. We're butthole surfers.

Kurt: By the way, Chris is a girl. This song is About A Queer. [starts playing About A Girl]

(22-11-89 during a gig)

Double Meanings

Interviewer: What do you get by smashing guitars? [footage of Krist and Kurt bashing their guitars together]

Kurt: Satisfaction. Climax.

Krist: [not audible]

Kurt: [smiling] What??

Krist: [grinning] Don't have to do encores.


Tour Van Activities

Dave: [holds up a small glass bottle full of white liquid]

Camera man: What is that?

Dave: It's jissom.

Krist: It's jissom.

Dave: It's cum.

Buzz Osborne: I'm serious. Everyone's really hard up and it's a long drive--

Krist: We've all been masturbating...

~A bit later~

Krist: Homo-sex rules. You're not a man till you've sucked a cock. You're not. Only a man knows what another man likes.

-21 Sept. 1991

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"I remember one time during their [Nirvana's] 1992 Australian tour and we were in the tour bus. Everyone was drinking wine and Dave Grohl took out a notebook. Dave Grohl had a diary or journal of some sort, whatever it was, and during that tour he wrote in it everyday. He might have written in it afterward, too, but I wouldn't know.

Dave started writing and Krist Novoselic asked him what he was doing. Dave ignored him and Kurt Cobain became curious, too. Kurt grabbed the journal and picked a random page from it and read it out loud. This journal entry described Kurt Cobain in somewhat interesting detail.

Dave called Kurt Cobain his best friend and said getting that call from Kurt and Krist was the best day of his life. The journal entry also said Kurt Cobain saved his life because he felt very confused, or lost, while in Scream and contemplated life-threatening situations, if you know what I mean.

Kurt Cobain gave the book back to Dave Grohl, took another sip of wine, and hugged him. He told Dave Grohl that he is his best friend and asked him to never leave the band no matter what, because he couldn't do this [the band] without him. Krist shook his head in agreement. Dave Grohl said he would die before that happened and they smiled. Krist Novoselic, Kurt Cobain, and Dave Grohl had a group hug.

I laughed hysterically at them with warmth in my heart. The next day Kurt Cobain said it was just the wine talking, but I know he meant what he said. You can't fake a moment like that."

-Youri Lenquette, 1995

"[One of] Kurt's earliest aspirations [was] to earn enough money to buy a piece of land that both he and his best friend, Krist, could live on with their girlfriends. Sub Pop's Megan Jasper recalls an early conversation:

"I remember one time they were in my office waiting for Jonathan and Bruce and they were making jokes about why they were making records, they were half-joking, because they never thought it would be possible, but they wanted to buy a chunk of land in the middle of nowhere that was all farm land. And they wanted it to be big enough so Krist and Shelli could have a house built on that land, and Kurt and Tracy wanted a house on the same chunk of property, so they could be neighbors and have these great farmhouses. And they were laughing because they never thought they'd be able to have it. Those two [Kurt and Krist] were inseparable at the time. They were so tight.""

-from Nirvana: The Daily Eyewitness Chronicle by Carrie Borzillo

"At that, Kurt jumped on James [Seenan] and started wrestling with him. Kurt did well for his size and height and had great wrestling technique. He was apparently on the school wrestling team. He did really well, had him on the floor, then Kurt kissed James. Krist picked up some food and started a food fight. Within 30 seconds chaos ensued, with food, beer, and red wine everywhere. Kurt then climbed up a stack of 12 function suite chairs and dived off, bringing them all down. [...] Suddenly the three of them stopped and ran through the door and went on stage. I couldn't believe it."

-Andy Bollen, drummer for Captain America, describing Nirvana-style backstage chaos on the '91 tour (Nirvana: A Tour Diary, pg. ?)

"Chris and Dave have had to pick up a lot of Kurt's slack. Chris and Dave were close before, but now they're inseparable."

-Nils Bernstein, Nirvana's fanmail oragnizer, 16 Apr 1992, Rolling Stone magazine

"Krist was very protective of Kurt. It was very much a Sam and Frodo kind of a thing. Krist really fostered Kurt's ability to do what he did. And I think that you really need these two elements."

-Earnie Bailey, Nirvana's guitar tech, 13 Jun 2020

"In retrospect, my lack of skills led to lateral topics, such as ant farms and his [Kurt's] reverence for Mel Gibson, a.k.a. the Road Warrior, whom he termed "a hunk.""

-Robyn Doreian, about her second interview with Kurt dated 7 Dec 1991

Int: Well, Kurt seems very, like, different. At what age was it clear that he was not going to be a logger?

Wendy O'Connor: Ok, I was thinking the other day about how I guess he thought at one point he might be gay, which is fine, I mean, it runs in our family, but I kind of felt that he was kind of questioning himself. He would ask me questions about girls. And trying to figure out how to get one, I think. That's what I thought. And I think he was really kind of like, wondering--because he was artistic... [...]
"And then as he got older he became aware that he wasn't like the regular guys. But it didn't mean that he didn't have guy friends, he had a lot of guy friends, but they were very much similar to him."

-Kurt's mother, 2015, Montage of Heck film outtakes

"Yeah, I know the Cobain kid," says James, "Faggot."
"He's a faggot?" asks Joe, taken aback. Recovering quickly, he declares, "We deal with faggots here. We run 'em out of town."

-Two of Kurt's old classmates from Aberdeen, 16 Apr 1992, Rolling Stone magazine

"It's a gay publication, Kurt, so don't forget to tell them about the time you stole your tights out of your mother's drawer."

-Courtney to Kurt during his interview with The Advocate, 1993

For lots more fascinating quotes, visit the Nirvana Slash Archive.

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