Fandom Jargon Glossary.

What are all these strange terms used to describe the stories? Find out here.

BLEW-Specific Terms

Kurt lives
An AU story in which Kurt does not die in 1994.

Let's hurt Kurt
A story that focuses on Kurt's emotional or physical pain.

Pay to play
From the song of the same title. Sexual activity that is paid for, rather than consensual.

Wist Wagon
A term stolen from BBC 6 Music. A story with a pronounced sense of wistfulness - pensiveness, sadness, melancholy, longing.

General Terms

/ vs &
Name/Name means the characters are romantically or sexually involved. Name & Name means the characters relate to each other as friends.

Stories featuring anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions.

Alternate Universe. Something that diverges in a significant way from reality.

Band Member/Reader
A fourth wall-breaking subgenre of fanfic in which the reader is encouraged to view themselves as a character participating in the story.

Crazy as someone on crack. Stories that are deliberately wacky, funny, or over-the-top.

A story that features characters from a different band, or fully fictional characters (e.g., My Little Ponies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), alongside those from Nirvana.

dark!Name AU
An AU story wherein the character with the dark! in front of their name is depicted as evil or morally corrupt.

A very short story of exactly 100 words. Sometimes used incorrectly to refer to any very short story, for which a better term is "ficlet". Some people write non-standard drabbles, for example, stories of exactly 250 or exactly 300 words.

Dubious consent. Sex stories that hover in the grey area between consensual and non-consensual. Upsetting for many readers.

Fake Dating
Where two characters date each other for any reason other than actually wanting to date. E.g. They need to fool other characters, a bet was made and lost, one character won a date with the other in a charity auction, etc. Typically ends with the characters actually developing feelings for each other.

Feelings. A reader can be given feels by many different aspects of a story.

First Time
A story where two characters have sex with each other for the first time. Usually not related to virginity.

A lightweight, happy story that will make you feel good. Nothing heavy.

A crossover in which two sets of characters never meet, but one set of characters appears in the world in which the other characters normally reside. For example, if a story had the members of Nirvana being born in Liverpool in the '40s, that would be a Nirvana/Beatles fusion.

General interest. No romance or sex.

Stories featuring heterosexual/romantic relationships.

A story focusing on one character being hurt (physically or emotionally) and the other character(s) comforting and caring for them.

Kid fic
A story that focuses on the characters having and raising children.

Male pregnancy. A controversial subgenre of fanfic that some love and others hate.

Non-consensual sex. Rape. Major squick for many readers.

Original Female Character. A fully fictional character created by the author. Often, but not always, a stand-in for the author herself.

Original Male Character. A fully fictional character created by the author. Often, but not always, a stand-in for the author himself.

Rhyming slang from OTP. One True Threesome. When a reader has major feels for a particular threesome of characters and how they relate to each other.

One True Pairing. A reader's favorite romantic, sexual, or friendship pairing of characters to read about.

"Plot? What plot?" or Porn Without Plot. A smut story that exists solely for the sexual content, a story that consists solely of a sex scene.

Recommendations. An easy way to wade through the cluttered heaps of fanfic.

Stories with homosexual and/or homoromantic relationships in the spotlight. Refers to the / between the names.

Unapologetically sexy stories. May also have a plot or important elements that are non-sexual, unlike PWP.

Onomatopoeia of the excited noise a reader makes when they really, really love a story or an aspect of it. The sound of happy feels.

Something that grosses out, repels, or offends a reader. Squicks can be very personal and individual.

Unrequited Sexual Tension or Unresolved Sexual Tension. Stories that build up the sexual tension to a high degree before relieving it (if they relieve it at all).

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