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The house was pitch black. Dave woke up extra early, to get to the kitchen before his other band mates. The smell still lingered his nose from last night, his mouth began to water just thinking about how that taste is going to return to him shorty. It was dawn, there was enough time to squeeze one in. Just one more, Kurt and Krist don't have to know. The drummer was able to guide himself through the kitchen, through the darkness. It was then he was so close of making his one true love...

Fresh Pots.

But at the exact moment, when he was pouring the water into the coffee pot the lights turned on.

"Well well well, why am I not surprised?" Krist said, with his arms folded looking every disappointed.
Kurt was sitting down beside him on the mini kitchen table they have, trying to open his damn eyes seriously why can't this shit happen during a normal time when he's up and ready?

"Tell us Dave, How many fresh pots have you had this week so far?" questioned Krist.
"Mm..32" Dave's facial expression changed from shocked to embarrassment.
His hands got all shaky, his knees felt like jelly, and darker than usual circles were under his eyes. He was a wreck.
"32! 32?! Do you hear this Kurt?" Krist shook his head at the words he was hearing.
Kurt mumbled something under his breath.
Dave quickly tried to defend himself. "I promise this is the last one! No more after this one!"

Krist glared at the other. "You always say that! When is it going to be enough?! Can't you see you're not just hurting yourself?"

Dave looked at his feet and frowned, feeling his heart sink in, he wanted to stop drinking fRESH POTS but he couldn't.
"I want some waffles.." Kurt said out of the blue and walked to Dave's side reaching up in the cupboard.
The drummer kept his eyes glued to the floor. Kurt glanced to the side, then cupped Dave's face.
"Cool it on the coffee." The blonde said in a tried tone. "You know how worried Krist can get."
"I'll try.." Dave tried to hide his kawaii desu school boy blushu

Then in the heat of the moment, the song careless whisper by george micheals was blasting through the heavens and Kurt gently kissed the other grunger.

Krist rolled his eyes and walked to his other band mates, grabbing the waffle mix from the top shelf already knowing Kurt wasn't going to reach it because he's short and small as fuck.

Kurt laughed at Krist's man pouting, and wrapped his arms around Dave's neck. "Don't scold MY Drummer Krist, his mine. No one else's. Mine."

"You're only encouraging him!"
"No i'm not, I think Davie is going to shape up a little now. Isn't that right darling?" Kurt snorted and looked over at Dave, who just nodded in response.

"Yeah yeah, he's going to OD on all those fresh pots."
"Hey Dave lets go grind up some Coffee beans and snort them." Kurt joked, just to get under Krist's skin.
Dave didn't say anything because he has done that before and having Kurt and Krist know about that would be so damn awkward.

Kurt untangled his arms from Dave and decided to grab the pan for the waffles.
Dave still shaking at looked completely paranoid whenever Krist and him looked at each other.
"By the way assholes, don't wake me up so early for this ~drama~"

The room was quiet and the boys soon had delicious waffles on their plates.
"You guys know what would be fucking awesome?" Krist said, grabbing his fork.
"What?! Huh? What would be so f-fucking awesome man? wouldn't be somE FRESH POTS? RIGHT?"
"Shh." Kurt shushed Dave, putting his finger on the drummer's lips.
"What Krist?" Kurt raised an eyebrow at the taller male.
"Blue waffles. No just imagine them blue. A whole different color!" Krist said as if he was going to be the next fucking generation.
"And you were worried about Dave.." Kurt mumbled, which made Dave give out a fake laugh as he looked around the room.

"I think I'm seriously going to invent a blue waffle man."
"Good luck with that, Krist." Kurt said, finally digging in his waffles.

And they repeated this exact same thing tomorrow, word from word, without realizing this happens every morning.

The end.

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