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Like I said I love Nirvana. And I love the thought of Kurt and Dave being together!!!! (: so anyway I just wanna say that I will be posting this quiet a bit and I'll probably have a lot of chapters but please read, vote, comment and enjoy!!!!!! And btw this story is mostly in Kurt's POV.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Kurt's POV

"Can you hand me that pick Krist?" I cleared my throat and lit up a cigarette.
"Here" he handed me my orange Dunlop guitar pick
"Thanks" I smiled at him
I took a puff of my cigarette, "Okay Dave ready?"
"Yep!" he hit his drum sticks and started playing the drums.
I started picking my guitar and singing.
~After Practice~

"That was awesome guys" I smiled
"Yeah I know" Krist smiled and Dave began to laugh, "We are a pretty cool band"
All of us nodded in agreement.
Krist looked at his watch, "I better be getting home. I'll see you guys tomorrow or something" he stood up, patted my back, waved at Dave and left.

"Sooo..." Dave grinned and god that grin killed me.
"Sooo? What?" I smiled
"Nothing now help me over here" Dave was going something to his drums, I'm not sure if he was moving them or what but I walked over to him.
I suddenly tripped over a cord laying there on the ground. I knew I was going to fall, I closed my eyes waiting for it but Dave caught me.
"Wow be careful Kurt" he chuckled
"Thanks for catching me" I blushed

He still had me into his arms and stared looking into my eyes. He pushed me against the wall and continued to look into my eyes. He leaned closer to me, I felt his hot breath on my mouth. I was waiting for it, for a kiss from Dave.

I closed my eyes wanting to stay like this forever, still waiting for Dave to push his lips against mine. But instead he backed up and I opened my eyes.

Dave nervously played with his hands, "Well Kurt I gotta go home and shower I'll see you tomorrow"
I looked down and gave a soft nod, I guess I was kinda disappointed.
"Bye Kurt"

After I took a shower I wanted to do something. My hair was still wet so I decided to dye it with kool-aid
I picked out red and purple.
I figured I'd dye it red with purple streaks.

I poured the red into my hair and then purple on a few pieces of my hair.

It worked to! It turned my hair red and purple! And to be honest it actually looked good on me.

The thought of Dave came back into my mind. How he caught me and pushed me against the wall, how I felt his hot breath on my mouth and just how sexy that moment was. I didn't want him to stop, even though we have been friends for years I kinda wanted to be more than friends but never told him. I don't think I could tell him. It's actually harder than you think.

I thought of when I saw Dave shirtless one time when I went to his house. He had just got out of his shower, with only a towel on. His abs was amazing. But I didn't have abs, I guess I was just to lazy to workout and get them.
I felt myself biting my lip and came back into reality.

I closed my eyes and shook my head. I laid down in bed and decided to go to sleep.

I put a cover over me, laid my head on my pillow and suddenly began to fall asleep.

Aww I hope you guys liked chapter 1 now you may continue....

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Kurt's POV

"Dave" I whispered
"Shhhh" he smiled, leaned in and kissed my lips. Deeply. Passionately. And I enjoyed every second of it.
I began to kiss back and he pulled away.

I opened my eyes. What? That was all a dream but why? Why couldn't it have happened? I sighed and got up, I rubbed my eyes and looked out the window. A cloudy day.

I wanted Dave so bad I was even having dreams. I just wanted him to be mine. To hold him in my arms, kiss him and hug him tightly and never let him go.
I felt so sad I wanted to cry. I want Dave.

I stood up and walked downstairs, I turned on the coffee maker and lit up a cigarette and sat down at the kitchen table.
It's so lonely here, all by myself. I wish I had someone to wake up with, to say good morning to. To shower with. To drink coffee with. And the person I wish it was is Dave.

I heard the coffee maker go off, I got up and fixed a cup. I put in milk (because I didn't like cream) and sugar. I stirred it up and sat back down.

After I drank my coffee I went upstairs and put on some jeans and a shirt. I combed my hair and looked at it, awesome.

I heard a knock at the door, hoping to god it's Dave I ran downstairs and opened the door but instead there was Krist.


"Kurt is something wrong?"
"No, why?"
"Something's wrong. Come on you can tell me you know I won't tell anyone."
"Well, Krist, I think I'm in love.....With Dave"
His eyes went wide, "Really?"
I looked down, "Really."
"Aww that's adorable Kurt!"
I chuckled, "But it sucks. I mean I love him but I can't tell him."
"I can tell him for you" he smiled
"No please don't Krist I don't want him to know yet and I will tell him later just not now"
He nodded, "Okay Kurt I understand." He smiled and patted my back, "Don't worry everything will work out Kurt. I think he likes you too."
"How can you tell?" I looked up at him
"Because he's always flirting with you. Poking you. Hugging you. Always smiling when he's around you and he even almost kissed you!"
"You saw that?"
"Yeah I was coming back to get my pick and I saw you guys and I figure I'd get it later so I left"
I felt my cheek redden, "Oh"
He chuckled, "He also told me you are beautiful"
I felt my eyes light up, "Seriously?"
"Seriously no joke"
He stood up, "I gotta go I'll be back later and by the way I love your hair it looks amazing those colors really match you"
I smiled, "Thanks"

When he walked out there was Dave getting ready to walk in.
"Hey Kurt! Wow you look amazingly beautiful." He shook his head, "Your hair you know"
I blushed, "Thank you"
He started playing with my hair and sat down beside me, "So what's up?"
"Nothing" I smiled, I tried to stop but couldn't.
"What are you so happy about?" he smiled and poked my nose
"Because your here" I didn't realize what I had just said until he said, "Huh?"
I shook my head and put it down, "Nothing I'm just happy today"
He smiled, "Well good because I love your smile. It brightens my day."
"So do you wanna go practice?" I suggested
He smiled, "Sure"

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Kurt's POV

"Where's Krist?" Dave looked out the window again.
I took a puff of my cigarette, "He called a few minutes ago and said he was on his way"
"Well he needs to hurry" he smiled at me and I smiled back.

We was going to perform somewhere but I'm not sure where exactly. It's not too far away so we are just going to drive there. What we'll have to do is drive half way there today, stay at a hotel and go the rest of the way tomorrow. Today is Wednesday and we have to perform Friday.

I put out my cigarette and ran my fingers though my hair. It was still red and purple.

"Here he is" Dave smiled, grabbed my hands and pulled me up.
I smiled and blushed a little, "I gotta go get my stuff"
He nodded, "Alright I'll help you. My stuff is already in the car"
I smiled, "Alright"
I walked upstairs and Dave was behind me. He slapped my butt and yelled, "Wooo!"
I knew my whole face was red and his cheeks was a little red. I couldn't stop smiling, I knew he was just kidding around but I really liked it.

I grabbed a bag and Dave grabbed two. All I had was three bags because we wouldn't be gone long.
We walked back downstairs and took the stuff to the car
"Everyone ready?" Krist smiled
"Yes" Dave grinned and looked at me. He looked me up and down and smiled but I looked away smiling. Oh god if he don't stop my face is gonna explode from blushing and smiling.

We got into the car, me and Dave got in the backseat and Krist got in the front. He says he can drive better with just him in the front.

"I'm tired" Dave yawned
"Well go to sleep" Krist laughed

Dave laid down and put his head in my lap, "Goodnight Kurt" he smiled and closed his eyes.
"Night" I chuckled and blushed.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Kurt's POV

The whole way to the hotel I tried to stay focused. The last thing I wanted was to get hard with Dave's head on my lap. To be honest I wasn't into girls, they just didn't turn me on but guys did well only one guy and that guy is Dave. Like when he almost kissed me, when he had just got out of the shower that one day. Today when he slapped my butt. Oh no stop thinking about it!

"Here's the hotel" Dave parked and turned off the car.
I gently shook Dave, "Wake up we're here"
He opened his eyes slowly and got up, he stretched then yawned.
I opened my car door and got out, Dave followed behind me.

We walked into our room and there was only two beds.
"How are we going to sleep?" I looked at Krist
"Well I get one bed and you and Dave share one" he winked at me. Oh Krist stop!
"I-I don't know" I blushed
"It'll be alright Kurt. I like sleeping next to you" Dave smiled and I smiled back.
"Okay. I need to take a shower" I said as I rubbed my eyes
"Alright I'll fix the beds" Krist winked again

I walked into the bathroom and took a shower. I was getting ready to get out when Dave ran in, "Oh my god I'm going to piss on myself"
I laughed and next thing I knew I heard Dave peeing.
I decided to go ahead and get out.
I opened the shower curtain and got out. I got a towel and started drying off. Dave was staring at me, his eyes wide open.
"K-Kurt" he looked down at my penis I didn't realize it but I was hard.
I looked down and saw it myself, "Oh god I'm so sorry"
He looked away and walked out. I can't believe that happened. Why did I get hard? Was it the sound of Dave peeing and just the thought of his penis? Oh no, it was!

I quickly dried off and put my clothes on and walked back out to Krist and Dave. There I saw Dave blushing and Krist laughing.
"What's so funny?" I hope Dave didn't tell Krist about my problem in the bathroom.
"What was you thinking about while you were showering Kurt?" Krist smirked and winked. He knew exactly what it was about. He knew it was about Dave.
I didn't reply back, instead I just looked away.
I looked back over at Dave. From his eyes and face expression I could tell he was sorry so I gave him a nod and he smiled.

Dave stopped smiling, "So umm are you guys ready for bed?"
I nodded, "Yeah I'm tired"
I combed my hair which was still wet and laid down.
After a few minutes Dave laid beside me. I could hear Krist breathing heavily which meant he was asleep. Dave slept with his shirt off and it was actually pretty hard not to stare.
"I'm sorry for telling Krist" Dave looked down.
"It's okay" I chuckled and blushed but it was too dark to notice
"Kurt I have something to tell you but I don't know how to say it"
"What is it?"
"Well it's hard to say"
I looked into his eyes, "Go ahead tell me"
"Well it's j-just that y-you look-" his voice changed into a whisper, "hot"
My eyes lit up, "R-really?"
He gave me a soft nod, "Yeah"
"Well. You look hot without your shirt" I felt myself blush again.
He smiled, "Thanks" he laughed.
"Are you two having a Kave moment over there?" Krist said and I jumped because that scared me.
"Kave?" Dave laughed
"Yeah you know you and Kurt together. Put your names together and you get Kave. Which is really you two as a couple."
I felt my cheeks go red again.
"Well" Dave chuckled, "I thought you was asleep Krist"
"I was but I woke up"
"Well let's all go to sleep. And Krist is driving again tomorrow" Dave smiled
"Why?" Krist groaned
"Because I want to sit in the back with Kurt and sleep" he looked at me and smiled
"Whatever" Krist said.
"Well goodnight everyone" Dave grinned and kissed my cheek.
"Goodnight" I smiled
"Night Kave" Krist chuckled

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Kurt's POV

I woke up to someone shaking me and whispering my name, "Kurt get up"
"Huh?" I groaned and saw Dave standing above me.
"Wake up sweetheart" he smiled.
"Sweetheart?" I chuckled
He blushed, "Oh well umm anyway come on get up"
I smiled and raised up.
"I went out and got you some coffee" Dave smiled
"Thanks. I gotta pee first" I laughed
"Alright" he sat down and took a sip of his coffee.
I walked in the bathroom and pee'd.

I sat down beside Dave and took a sip of my coffee, "Thanks for the coffee"
"Anything for you babe" he blushed
"What's with all the nicknames?" I chuckled and I think I blushed too
"Ohhh nothing" he grinned.
"Now let's go get ready" he smiled and grabbed my hands.
"Okay but where's Krist?"
"He went to go get some breakfast for us"
"Okay" I smiled

We walked into our room.
"So what should I wear?" I asked and looked around
Dave walked over to me, and pulled out a pair of jeans and a button up shirt.
"This" he smiled.
I slipped on my jeans and shirt then buttoned it up because I didn't wear a short sleeve under it.
Dave slipped on some jeans and a T-shirt.
"How do I look?" I grinned
Dave bit his bottom lip, "Sexy. But maybe you should do this"
He slowly walked over to me and very slowly unbuttoned my shirt.
He backed up a little and stared at me, "Yeah that looks sexier"
I felt my cheeks go red.
"God your so sexy. I mean those jeans make your butt look good and that shirt unbuttoned is just GOD! SO SEXY!"
I blushed deeper.
"I just want to Mmmmmm" he blushed
I looked away smiling and blushing.
He pushed me against the wall and slowly kissed my lips! Oh my god finally!
I quickly kissed him back. And I enjoyed every second of it.

He stopped kissing my lips and started kissing my chest then my stomach and on down to my penis. I felt myself getting harder. He started unbuckling my belt then he unzipped my pants.

"What is going on?" Krist started laughing.
Dave stopped and looked at Krist and then back to me.
He quickly got off his knees and stood up, "N-Nothing" his face was blood red.
"Well umm I'm gonna go downstairs now" Krist laughed again.

"I'm sorry Kurt" he looked away smiling
"Don't be sorry Dave. I really liked it" I blushed
"Really?" his eyes lit up
"Yeah" I grinned and continued to blush.
"Well umm let's go back downstairs"
"Alright" I zipped my pants back up and tightened up my belt. But Dave buttoned my shirt back up.

Finally they kiss!!! Right? Yep!

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Kurt's POV

"Everyone ready?" Krist grinned
"Yep!" Dave grabbed my hand and held it.
I blushed and smiled
"I'll be right back I gotta piss" Krist walked back into the hotel.

Me and Dave got in the car. He kept looking at me, "Is something wrong?"
He smiled and shook his head, "No. Your just so beautiful. Like really really really really beautiful. Your eyes are beautiful. Your nose is beautiful. Your cheeks are beautiful. Your mouth is beautiful. Your chin is beautiful. Your body is beautiful. Just everything about you is beautiful"
I smiled, before I could say anything Dave kissed my lips. I smiled and kissed him back. He wrapped his arm around me and continued to kiss me. After a few more seconds he stopped and hugged me tightly.

Krist came back and got in the car, "Alright so we have to stay at a hotel tonight?"
"Yes" Dave nodded.
"So we should be there tonight right?"
"Yeah but the shows not until tomorrow night" I said as I lit up a cigarette.
"Well let's get going"
Krist started up the car and we started driving.

For a while we just talked then it became quiet.
Dave looked into my eyes and kissed my cheek, then my nose, then my forehead, my chin, and then my lips.
I smiled and kissed him back.
He stopped and yawned, "Im sleepy"
He put his head on my shoulder, closed his eyes and went to sleep. Then I closed mine and went to sleep.

"Dave we're here" I kissed his lips and he kissed back, "I'm up now baby" he chuckled
"Good" I smiled.

We got out of the car and went inside the hotel.

"Let's just go to bed right now we'll take a shower in the morning" Dave yawned
"Okay Dave"

I laid down in bed, Dave took his shirt off and laid beside me.
"Get closer" Dave said and held out his arm.
I got closer to him, he kissed my head and put his arm around me then he put the cover over us.
"This is how I want it to be Kurt"
I smiled, "Me to. I just want to be with you"
"I feel so safe with you Kurt I just get a feeling everything is alright" he smiled
"Me too Dave"
He kissed my head again, "Goodnight my beautiful Kurt"
"Goodnight Dave"

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Kurt's POV

I slowly opened my eyes. I was still there in Dave's arms. I smiled and hugged Dave tighter.

After a while of listening to Dave heartbeat I heard Dave whisper, "I love you Kurt"
I smiled, "I love you too Dave"

Everything in my life is great. I have Dave. Finally I have Dave. He's all mine and no one else's.

He pressed his lips against mine. It was a short kiss, too short to kiss back.

He looked into my eyes and smiled. He pressed his lips against mine again. I kissed him back. Then he got on top of me and kissed my neck. He slid his hand down to my penis but stopped hisself.
"I want to so bad Kurt but just not right now"
I nodded, "I understand"
He leaned in and whispered in my ear, "I'm still a virgin"
I chuckled, "Me too"

It was true I was still a virgin. I don't really know why but I am. I mean I have masturbated before and it felt amazing and I know once I have sex it'll be something I will enjoy.

Dave smiled and got off of me, "Good thing Krist is still asleep" he chuckled
I looked over a Krist who was sound asleep, "Maybe we should wake him up"
Dave smiled, "Let's rub lube on his mouth"
i looked at Dave and smiled, "Why'd you bring lube?"
He blushed "Just incase we umm" he smiled and looked away
"So the whole time you liked me?"
He looked back at me and smiled, "Yeah. I've always been in love with you baby"
I smiled and closed my eyes, "I really love you Dave"
"I love you too" he pecked my lips and I opened my eyes
Dave got off the bed and pulled me up, "You didn't notice. Like when I slapped your butt" he laughed.
"Dave!" I blushed deeply
"Awww your butt is so cute" he laughed and poked my cheek.
I kissed Dave's cheek and smiled
He hugged me, "Don't be embarrassed baby"
I blushed again and covered my face
Dave reached in his bag and pulled out some lube. He showed it to me and laughed. He put some on his finger and tiptoed over to Krist.
He looked at Krist for a second and gently rubbed the lube on Krist's cheek and then his lips.
I chuckled quietly and looked away. Dave started dying laughing but quietly.
He walked back over to me and kissed my nose. He picked up a pillow off of our bed and threw it at Krist, "Wake up!" he yelled
Krist opened his eyes and yawned. He didn't even notice the lube on his lips and cheek until he rubbed his face and looked at his hands. He eyes went huge and Dave started laughing.
"What the hell is this?" he yelled and ran to the bathroom.
Me and Dave looked at each other and started laughing.
I heard water running. I guess
Krist was cleaning it off his face.

A few minutes later he came back, "What was that?"
"Lube" Dave started laughing again
"You guys are sick" he did a fake gag, "Im gonna get back at you guys" he chuckled
"Well we better be getting ready. We gotta perform tonight" I said as I lit up a cigarette and took a puff
"Yeah let's go take a shower" Dave smiled

After we all took a shower, got dressed and ate we decided to go on to the show.

Me and Dave got in the back and Krist drived again.

The whole way there me and Dave just flirted. But now here I am backstage holding Dave's hand. I'm kinda nervous. I decided to light up a cigarette to calm myself down a little bit.

"Don't worry Kurt I know you'll do good because you always do because your perfect" Dave smiled and kissed my cheek.
"Thanks" I smiled back.
"Kurt?" Dave looked into my eyes
"When are we going to tell the fans?"
"Maybe in our next interview" I suggested
He smiled, "Good idea"

I heard the crowd screaming and the curtain opened. We all walked out and the lights came on.
All the fans was cheering for us.

I started off with the song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

After the show me, Dave and Krist all went backstage.
"That was awesome" I smiled and hugged Dave
"I told you you'd do good" he kissed my cheek
"I'm tired. You guys ready to leave?" I yawned
Krist smiled, "Yeah let's get going I wanna go back home as soon as possible"

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Dave's POV

After a few days we were finally back home. Me and Kurt have been doing great. Just absolutely great! We still haven't had sex yet but I wasn't in such a big hurry because Kurt was still a virgin and so was I. The closest I came to having sex with him was when I saw him naked and his penis was hard. I had to run out because I knew I couldn't stop staring and I was starting to get hard myself. I also came close when I got on top of him and almost grabbed his penis but I stopped myself.

"Dave?" I heard Kurt whisper
"What?" I whispered back and kissed his head. Krist was asleep and I didn't want to wake him up. It was 3 in the morning, I woke up because of the sound of thunder.

"I'm scared"
"Of what baby?" I put my arm around him
"Of the storm" I could tell his cheeks reddened a little
"Aww come here" I pulled him closer to me and hugged him tightly.
He put his head in my chest, I could feel him smile. I put my head on top of his. I could smell his hair and it smelled amazing. The red was beginning to fade but he was still sexy. He's always sexy.

I could feel Kurt's breath, easy and calm. I knew he was back asleep. I smiled to myself. This is just perfect. Laying beside Kurt, his head on my chest and my arm around him. I couldn't stop smiling. I started playing with Kurt's hair and smelling of it again

After a few more minutes I was about to fall asleep. One more scent of Kurt's hair and I fell asleep.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Kurt's POV

"Dave" I groaned as I woke up
"What's wrong?" he quickly raised up and looked at me.
"My throat hurts and I feel terrible" I whined

As soon as I woke up I felt awful. I swallowed and my throat was killing me. I also feel like I'm running a fever.

"Awww no Kurt" he frowned and kissed my cheek, "You feel warm"
I frowned and whined, "I think I'm sick"
"I'll take you to the doctor baby" he smiled and kissed my head, "I'll help you get ready" he winked and chuckled
I felt my cheeks go red and smiled, "Alright. But first I want some coffee and a cigarette" I demanded
He smiled and kissed my nose, "Okay beautiful I'll get you a cigarette and coffee"

Dave walked downstairs. I laid back into the bed and looked at the ceiling. I felt like crying because I felt so bad. I didn't want to be sick because it's terrible!

"Here's you coffee my beautiful" Dave smiled and handed me the coffee
"Thanks" I smiled, I wanted to kiss his soft sweet lips but I couldn't because I didn't want him to get sick too.
He handed me a box of my cigarettes, I smiled, "Awww thank you babe" I blushed
"Your welcome sweetie" he chuckled.

I took a long sip of my coffee, so good and warm. The worst part is that it hurts when I swallow. I whined and Dave frowned, "Im sorry beautiful I wish I could make you feel better"
I kissed his cheek, "Just you being here with me makes me feel great" I smiled
He smiled back and hugged me tightly. He pecked my lips and I shook me head, "No I don't want you to get sick"
He put his head in my shoulder, "Sorry beautiful"
"So are you ready to get ready?" I chuckled
"Sure" he got up and pulled me up.
He got me some jeans, a short sleeve shirt and a button up one.
Dave took my shirt off and my pajamas, "I'm not that sick Dave" I chuckled
He winked, "I have to take care of my baby"
I blushed and look down.
He put on my jeans and buttoned and zipped them up. He slipped on my shirt and put the button up one over it.
Dave put on some jeans and a shirt, he lit up a cigarette.
"Ready baby?" he kissed my neck
"Do I have to go to the doctor?" I pouted
"I'm sorry Kurt" he frowned
"Let's just go get it over with" I kissed his cheek.

We got to the doctors, we walked in and I sat down and Dave checked me in.
I sat down and rubbed my eyes, I felt terrible. So tired and weak.

Dave sat beside me and put his arm around me, "You'll be alright baby don't be so scared" he chuckled and kissed my cheek
"I just feel really bad" I whined
"I know. I'm sorry beautiful"

"Kurt Cobain" a nurse called.
I looked at Dave, "Just stay here I'll be back in a few" I kissed his head and followed the nurse.

The nurse looked old and really grouchy but she was actually pretty nice.
She took my temperature and I was running a little bit of a fever but not much. She looked in my throat and said it looked red and that they was going to swab my throat.
I hated getting my throat swabbed. It was terrible. I closed my eyes, wanting to cry.
"Hey" Dave walked in and hugged me, "You feeling alright?"
I looked down "Not really"
He kissed my head, "It'll be alright baby"
I smiled.
The old nurse walked back in with a swabbing stick. I looked at Dave and frowned and he frowned back and mouthed, "Im so sorry"

The nurse told me to open my mouth and say ahhhhhh. I did as she said. She stuck the stick down my throat. I gagged but I always do. She finally took it out and walked back out.
I wiped the tears out of my eyes because they watered when she swabbed my throat.
"That wasn't to bad was it?" Dave smiled.
I smiled back, "Yes"
He chuckled.

A few minutes later the doctor walked in.
"You have sore throat" he said and handed me a paper, it said what medicine to get and at what drug store.
I nodded, "Okay thank you"

He also told me I could possibly have a fever but it'll be alright.

"Let's just go home" I pleaded to Dave
"Okay master we'll go home after I get your medicine" he said as he got in the car. I lit up a cigarette and took a long good puff.

We pulled in at the drug store, "I'll go get it I'll be back in a minute" Dave leaned over and kissed my cheek.
"Okay" I smiled.

Dave got out of the car and walked into the drug store. I sat in the car, looking out window and watched people walk by.

After a few minutes Dave walked back out. He got in the car and handed me a candy bar and a coke.
"I got you something" he smiled and laughed
I took it, "Thank you" I smiled.
He handed me the bag of medicine and started the car back up, "Ready to go?" he looked over at me.
"Yes please" I smiled.
"Alright" he started pulling out and driving home.

When we got home I walked in and went straight upstairs. I was so tired I didn't feel like walking anymore.
Dave followed me and laid beside me, "What do you want to eat?" He kissed my head
"Nothing" I groaned
"Why not? You have to eat sexy" he smiled
I blushed and smiled, "Because it'll only hurt my throat"
He frowned, "How about some soup?"
"Sure" I smiled and put my arm around him.
"Dave, I'm so tired I don't feel like moving anymore."
"Don't worry babe you'll feel better soon" he held my hand
I smiled and played with his fingers, "I hope so"

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Dave's POV

I put my arm around Kurt and kissed his cheek, "Feeling any better?"
He whined, "No"

I hate when Kurt's sick. But in a way it's good because I get to take care of him, plus he's adorable when he pouts and whines.

"I'll go get your medicine sweetheart" I kissed his head, got out of bed and went downstairs.
I got his medicine,a bottle of water and a glass of orange juice. Kurt said he doesn't like drinking water early in the morning that it made him feel sick so that's why I got him some juice.

I walked slowly upstairs, back into the bedroom. I handed him his medicine and water, "I hate drinking water in the morning" he whined
I smiled, "I know but I got you a glass of juice." I handed him the glass
"Fine" he pouted.
He took his medicine with the water and made a face then he quickly gulped down the juice.
"That wasn't to bad was it?" I smiled
He nodded and lit up a cigarette.
"Let's go take a walk Kurt" I smiled and pulled him up
"Good" Kurt smiled I kissed my lips but he stopped me, "Not until I feel better"

He slipped on a jacket and we headed out the door. It was a little chilly outside, leafs on the ground. But it is October.

Me and Kurt decided to walk down the road instead of up.
"I love you Kurt" I said as I pulled him close to me and put my arm around him. "I love you too" he smiled and held my hand.
"This is just perfect, being with you" Kurt looked up at me and smiled.
I smiled back, "I know. I want to be with you forever"
"Where do you wanna go Dave?" he took a puff of his cigarette
"Where do you want to?"
He shrugged, "I don't know but not to far. I don't feel so good."
I frowned. I hated when my baby was sick.

We walked a little longer and decided to turn back. Kurt looked kinda pale, I figured he was running a fever.
I picked him up and packed him home.
He put his head on my shoulder as we walked back.

When we got in Kurt sat down on the couch. "I miss my guitar" he whined
"Do you want me to get it for you?"
He shook his head, "No not now. Maybe when I feel better."
I felt of Kurt's forehead and cheeks which felt kinda warm.
"You feel warm baby" I frowned
He pouted, "Why do I have to be sick?" he put his head in my hands and rubbed his eyes.
I walked in the kitchen and got some fever medicine and gave it to Kurt. He took it and made a sick face, "Ew" he pouted.
I chuckled, "Wanna go take a nap?"
He smiled, "Yes"
He stood up, I picked him up and took him upstairs. I softly laid him on the bed.
"Lay here with me Dave" he smiled and held the cover up so I could get in.
I smiled back at him and slowly got under the cover.
He smiled and I put my arm around him.
"I miss kissing you Dave"
I frowned, "I miss kissing you too. I want to kiss you so bad."
He looked into my eyes, "When I get better I swear we are going to make out and kiss for hours" he blushed.
I kissed his nose and smiled, "Good. Now let's go to sleep" I heard rain drops hit the roof.
"Alright" he gave me one last smile, put his head on my chest and went to sleep.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Kurt's POV

After a few days I felt way better. My throat didn't hurt anymore, and my fever was all gone. Finally!

"Dave" I shook him.
"Huh?" he raised up from the couch
Instead of saying anything I pressed my lips against his, he kissed back and smiled, "So I take it your feeling better?"
I smiled and pecked his lips, "Yes I am"

He hugged me and kissed me again. The soft kisses turned rougher but I liked it.
Dave pushed me onto the couch and was on top of me. He had his hands on my waist. He pressed his penis against mine, tighter and tighter.
He unbuttoned my jeans and stuck his hand inside.
I felt him rub and massage my penis. "Mmm" I moaned. This is the only time someone else has touched my penis.
He slipped off my shirt and kissed my neck. He kissed it a few times and started sucking on it. "Ohhhh" I let out a soft moan.
It felt amazing.
Dave kissed down to my nipple, still massaging my penis. He began licking and flicking my nipple with his tongue.

I knew we was going to have sex. I knew I'd be loosing my virginity to Dave, but I wanted to. I smiled at the thought of it.
"Kurt, do you want to do this?"
I nodded, "Yes. I'm ready."
He smiled, "Me too"

I felt like I was going to have an orgasm but Dave stopped massaging my penis.

He slipped off my jeans and grinned at me.
I was just about to start feeling of his penis, I had my hand making it's way down to his penis when we heard a knock at the door.
"Nooooo" Dave groaned.
I looked down, disappointed. I was ready and wanting to do this.

"I'm sorry" Dave frowned and kissed my cheek.

I zipped my pants back up and put my shirt on. Dave opened the door and there was standing a little boy with a small kitten.
"Yes?" Dave looked at the kitten then the boy.
"I found this kitten and I don't know who's it is. I was wondering if maybe you would want it?"
Dave looked at me and I smiled.
Dave took the kitten which was very small, it's fur was white and a dark grey.
"Thanks" the little boy said, and then he ran off and Dave shut the door.

"What are we going to name it?" Dave looked at me.
"I don't know." I still felt hard, I didn't know if the feeling would go away or not. I hope Dave doesn't notice it through my jeans.

"Well, we'll think about it later" Dave sat the kitten down. It sniffed around and wandered around.
Dave opened a can of cat food we had from our last kitten which ran away.
The kitten sniffed it and then ate it.

"Kurt" Dave looked at me.
"I'm still hard" he blushed.
"I am too"
He looked at me and smiled, "Wanna go upstairs?"
I felt my cheeks go red but nodded, "Y-Ye-Yes"
He took both of my hands and led me upstairs to our bedroom.

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Kurt's POV

Dave grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. We walked into the bedroom, stood there and kissed. Some rough kisses and some soft kisses.
Dave pushed me on the bed and got on top of me. He gave me a smile and kissed me deeply.
He kissed my cheek and then my neck. He started sucking on it which felt absolutely amazing.
He took his shirt off and then mine.
He got back on top of me and kissed me again, he had his tongue at my bottom lip wanting to go in. I allowed him to. We both explored each other's mouths. It was just amazing.
After we got done with our tongues Dave sucked on my bottom lip. "Do you want to see my penis?" he blushed but I nodded. This was the first time I've seen another guys penis.
Dave showed it to me, it looked so hard and big. I smiled. "D-Do you li-like it?" he blushed again.
"Yes I do" I smiled back. Dave had already seen my penis, from that one time we stayed at the hotel, he came into the bathroom and saw it.
"Touch it" Dave smiled
I reached my hand out and felt of his penis, "It's so h-hard" I smiled
He nodded, "It is. Because of you"
I felt myself get a little harder when he said that. But I knew if I got any harder I'd explode.
"Do you want to go inside me?" Dave kissed my nose
"You can go in me" I nodded
"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you"
I shook my head, "You won't hurt me."
He smiled, "Alright. Would you rather use a condom or lube?"
I thought for a second, "How about the lube" I smiled
"Okay" he smiled back and rubbed lube on his penis.
He slowly went in me. My eyes opened wide. My virginity is gone now, but I lost it to someone I love.
He slowly thrusted, very very slowly.
It didn't feel to good at first but after he thrusted a few more times it started feeling amazing.
"You can go harder now Dave"
He bit his bottom lip and started going harder.
He started rubbing my penis, I knew I'd cum soon.
"I'm gonna cum Kurt" he moaned
"Yes. This is my first time" he chuckled
He threw his head back and closed his eyes, he thrusted really fast for a minute. I felt his cum enter inside me. "Oh my god Kurt!" he screamed and moaned,"Kurt!!!!"
Dave was pounding my penis with his hand, when I saw Dave throw his head back and close his eyes, that's all I could take. I came.
"OHHH Dave!" I moaned and screamed his name as I came, "Dave!"
Dave licked the cum off his fingers, "God Kurt you taste good" he smiled.
I smiled, "Really?"
He nodded, "Yes. Amazing."
Dave laid beside me, we were both breathing heavily.
"Did it hurt?" Dave asked still breathing heavily
"A little at first but then it started feeling amazing" I smiled.
We were both laying there naked, I didn't know what to do now so I put my arm around Dave, "I love you" we both said at the same time and chuckled.
Dave put the cover over our naked bodies.
"Should we put our clothes back on?" I asked and pecked his lips.
"Not right now. Let's just lay here like this" he smiled
"Okay" I smiled back and put my head between his neck and shoulder

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Kurt's POV

I opened my eyes and heard rain drops hitting the roof. I thought about last night and smiled. I put my arm around Dave and squeezed him tightly.
The only bad thing is that I am kinda sore but I figured I would be.
I looked up at Dave's face, he was still asleep. He looked so adorable.
I didn't want to get up I just wanted to lay there with Dave.
I looked around the room and then at the clock which said 9:13.
"Good morning" I heard Dave whisper in my ear
"Morning" I smiled and he kissed my forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and then lips.
"You sore?"
I nodded, "Yeah" I chuckled
"Come on. Let's take a shower together" he smiled
"Okay" I smiled and got out of bed. I slipped on some boxers and he did too.
I saw a small puddle of blood on the bed. Not big but a small puddle.
"I'm sorry Dave" I looked down
"It's okay Kurt it's not your fault. I'll change the bed sheets later"
We walked into the bathroom, we both took our boxers off and got in the shower. Dave started the water, it was cold at first but then turned warm.
Dave wrapped his arms around me, I could feel him smile.

I got my head wet, Dave shampooed it for me.
I shampooed Dave's head.
We both soaped up with washrags.

After we got done we got out and dried off. Dave dressed me and I dressed him.

"Last night was amazing" Dave said as he sat beside me on the couch.
I lit up a cigarette,"Yeah. It was. How long do you think I'll be sore?"
"I don't know" he frowned.
"I'll be better soon" I smiled.
"Maybe tonight if you want to... You can go inside me?"
"Are you sure?" I looked at him.
"Yes" he smiled.


Dave's POV

"Kurt" I moaned as he sucked my neck.
"Ready Dave?"
I nodded, "Yes"
He slowly stuck his penis in after putting lube on it.
It kinda hurt.
He started trusting his big penis in me.
I closed my eyes. After a few more hard thrust it felt good. It didn't hurt anymore.
"Harder" I moaned. He did exactly what I said. He went as hard and fast he he could, "I'm going to cum soon, I feel it" he moaned.
He started rubbing my penis like I did his last night so I could cum when he did.
"Ohhhh god" Kurt moaned.
I felt like I was going to cum from listening to Kurt moan and yell.
He rolled his eyes back, "Oh my god this feels amazing"
He started going faster.
I felt myself cumming, "OH GOD KURT!" I screamed.
Kurt thrusted one last hard time and I felt his cum enter in me.
He went a little faster as he came.
He licked the cum off his fingers an laid beside me, "I didn't think your cum would taste that good" he chuckled.
We was both breathing heavily.
"That was amazing Kurt" Dave smiled
"I know" I smiled and put my arm around him.

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Dave's POV

"How does this sound Dave?" Kurt began playing his guitar and singing the words to 'If You Must'
He sounded amazing. I closed my eyes and let his words enter inside my head. I smiled the whole time he sang.
"That's amazing Kurt"
He sat down beside me and put his head on my shoulder, "Thanks"
He yawned, and the way he yawns is adorable, "I'm so tired"
I stood up and picked Dave up. I packed him upstairs to our room. Slowly walking up the steps. I got into our room and softly laid him on the bed.
I laid beside Kurt and put my arm around him. He put his head between my shoulder and neck. I started playing with his hair with my other hand, lightly stoking pieces of his hair.
"I remember the first time I met you Kurt. There was just something special about you. I've always thought you was beautiful. I've always thought you were perfect."
I felt him smile on my neck, "Really?"
I kissed his head and continued to play with his hair, "Yeah. I'm serious"
"I've always loved you" he mumbled
I smiled, "I've always loved you too. And I always will"
I realized Kurt was asleep when I heard him softly breathing. I looked at him, he looked so adorable when he was asleep. He even had a slight smile on his beautiful face.
I love Kurt with all my heart, I don't know what I'd do without him. He's my everything, even the first time when we met, he was my everything and he always will be.
All the sudden I didn't hear Kurt's soft breath. I didn't see his tummy moving. I held my finger up to his nose and I couldn't feel anything coming out.
"Kurt!" I screamed with tears in my eyes...

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Dave's POV

"Kurt!" I screamed
He jumped up, gasping for air.
"What happened Kurt?" I hugged him tightly
"Sometimes when I have a bad dream I can't breath and I wake up about to smother" he said still gasping for air
"Are you okay?" my eyes getting watery again
He nodded, "Yeah. I'm fine. I'm sorry I fell asleep when you were talking. I'm just so tired"
I wrapped my arms around him, "I know Kurt."

I pressed my lips against his and began syncing his lips.
He immediately kissed back.
I got on top of him and hovered overtop him and kissed his neck.
"Dave." He moaned in a whisper
I slipped his shirt off and then mine. Kurt looked at my abs for a minute and then rubbed then.
He gave me a beautiful, big smile, "Nice"
"Thanks" I chuckled and slid my hand down his pants and into his boxers. I felt his penis, already getting hard.
I stopped for a moment and sat on his waist. I looked at his body, it was so small but just so sexy.
I bit my bottom lip and smiled.
"Can I do anything to you Kurt?"
He smiled and smirked, "What do you want to do?"
"Anything and everything" I licked my lips and chuckled
He nodded, "Yes"

I started licking his nipple. And he moaned softly. God the way he's moans it just... Wow!
"Dave. Oh Dave" he smiled and moaned softly
I kissed him roughly down to his penis and immediately unbuckled his pants. I smirked when I saw his bulge but he only blushed. It's so adorable when he blushes.
I kissed his penis and started sucking on it
I sucked it until he came. He came into my mouth and it tasted amazin.
I swallow all of it and rubbed lube on my penis.
I went inside Kurt
"Oh Dave!" he screamed.
I started thrusting and the feeling felt amazing.
I thrusted a little harder. Just the sound of Kurt moaning was all it took.
I came within a few seconds.

I laid beside Kurt panting. He looked over at me and smiled, "God I love doing this with you"

Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Kurt's POV

I woke up and looked up at the ceiling. I yawned and popped my fingers. I looked over at Dave, he was laying there watching me with a smile on his face. He looked so adorable.

"Hey beautiful" he said

I smiled at him. "Hey"

I moved over next to him. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed the top of my head. "I love you" he said

"I love you too Dave. I'm glad I have you"

Dave kissed me then smiled.

"Dave?" I asked


"I've never loved anyone as much as I love you."

Dave grinned. "I think that you are my true love. I've never felt so happy and safe with someone like I do you."

I rubbed my nose against his and chuckled.

Dave started laughing then pecked my lips.

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