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Chapter 1~ First Time I Saw You I Fell In Love

(All Is In Kurt's POV)

~Chapter 1~

I sat down and took a drink of my water. I looked at the clipboard which had everyone's name on it who was auditioning to be our new drummer. Everyone was good but wasn't who I was really looking for. None of them really got into it, they seemed to enjoy playing for me but didn't really seem interested in the song. The song I have been getting everyone to play was 'Scoff' it was on our album 'Bleach'. Krist took the clipboard from me and looked at it.

"Who's next?" I asked Krist who is the bass player.

"Dave... Grohl" he said as he opened the door.

Dave walked inside. He was tall and skinny. His eyes were brown and his hair was dark. He was... Gorgeous.

"Hi" he greeted me with a smile.

"H-Hi" I smiled back and looked at Krist. He was grinning at me and smirking. I ignored him and looked back at Dave.

He sat down at the drums and tapped them a few times. "What song do you want me to play?" he asked

I cleared my throat. "Scoff"

Dave nodded. He began hitting the drums, he was amazing. Krist played his bass along but I just sat and watched. He really got into the song. He was incredible.

After he finished he looked at me with a serious face. I was so lost in his eyes I forgot the song was over.

"Well?" he asked

I snapped out of staring at him and looked away from him. "You was great. What do you think Krist?"

Krist smiled. "He was fucking awesome!"

Dave chuckled.

"Well I guess your our new drummer" I smiled

Dave stood up and shook my hand. "Thanks. This is awesome! So ummm... What now?"

I looked down at our hands. Dave slowly took his hand away and smiled.

"Ummm... Come back here tomorrow at 11:00" I said

Dave nodded. "Will do! Well I'll see you later."

I smiled at him and he walked out.

Krist grinned at me. "I knew what you were doing" he smirked

I smirked back at him. "What?"

"You like him don't you?" Krist poked my tummy

"Krist I don't even know him" I looked down and smiled

Krist chuckled. "Awww you like him and you don't even know him yet. That's cute!"

I felt myself blushing. "Shut up Krist" I grinned

Krist smiled and poked my arm. "I'm gonna tell him!"

I shook my head. "No don't!"

"So you do like him?" Krist grinned

I stood up. "No I don't. Your just... confusing me. Can we just not talk about it?"

Krist nodded. "Okay we won't talk about it if you don't want to."

I nodded. "I'm hungry now."

Krist smiled. "Me too. Let's go get a pizza."

"Good idea" I slipped my coat on and we walked out and got into Krist's car. I couldn't stop thinking of Dave. I don't even know him but I'm in love with him. I can't tell anyone though. I just can't. I can't wait to see him tomorrow...

Chapter 2~ Why Am I So Nervous?

~Chapter 2~

I slipped my jacket on and ran outside. I got into my car and began driving to the studio where Dave auditioned. I didn't tell Krist to meet us there because I was going to pick Dave up take him to my house to practice.

I felt nervous as I got closer to the studio. Why am I feeling like this? I don't even know Dave but yet I think I'm in love. He was just so cute. That laugh was adorable and that smile. Oh my lord that smile was beautiful. His eyes were nice too. And his hair was kinda long. I sighed. I know Dave won't feel the same, he'll probably think I'm weird if I tell him I like him. He'll probably leave Nirvana and I'll never hear from him again. I can't let that happen so I can't tell him. I'll try not to stare at him or flirt but no promises.

I pulled into a parking place and walked inside. There sat Dave waiting for me. I motioned for him to come over to me when he noticed me. He smiled and ran over to me. "What's up?" he asked

"Nothing. I came to pick you up, we're gonna practice at my house." I said

Dave nodded. "Okay."

We walked back into the parking lot and got into my car. I felt myself getting nervous when Dave got in the car, my hands were getting sweaty and my stomach was feeling weird.

"You okay?" Dave asked. I guess he realized I was feeling weird.

I nodded. "Yeah I'm fine."

Dave smiled. "Alrighty."

I started driving back to my house. The whole way there I barely talked to Dave and when I did I would stutter and wouldn't stop smiling. I felt so embarrassed and stupid, Dave probably noticed and now he probably thinks I like him. Well I do like him but he probably thinks I'm retarded. I peeked over at him from time to time and smiled. Gosh I'm so stupid!

I pulled into my driveway and parked my car. I opened my door and got out. Dave shut his door and followed me into the house.

"I have a studio in here that's where we practice" I told him

He smiled, "That's awesome. Your awesome."

I felt myself blush. I smiled at him. "Thanks. You seem awesome too."

He looked over at me. This was actually the first time he really looked at me. I noticed he looked into my eyes.

"I like your eyes" he smiled

"Thanks." I felt my cheeks go red again. "I li-like yours t-too" I stuttered

He smiled and I think he even blushed a little.

"Oh shit!" Dave screamed

"What? What happened?"

He pointed to Krist who was sitting in the studio laughing.

"He scared me" Dave said almost breathless.

I chuckled. "Are you alright?"

He nodded and took in a deep breath then slowly let it out.

Krist was laughing so hard he was crying. I started chuckling a little but Dave was still catching his breath. I felt a little sorry for him. I shakily patted his back.

Dave sat down at his drums. Krist picked up his bass and I sat at a stool that was in front of my mic.


"That was great!" I said as we finished our last song

"Thanks." Dave smiled at me.

Krist grinned at me and smirked at Dave. Dave looked at him with a confused face but playfully shook his head at him.

I put my guitar back into it's case. Dave poked my back, I looked up at him.

"Uhh can I talk to you?" he asked

I nodded. "Yeah hang on a second"

Oh my gosh. What if he asks me out? What if he says he likes me?

I shut my case and stood up. Dave grabbed my hand and pulled my outside away from Krist. I was getting so nervous.

When we got outside he looked into my eyes. "Kurt..."

I smiled, "Yes? What is it?"

"Are you sure I'm the right drummer for your band?"

I felt kinda disappointed. I was hoping he would've told me he liked me or something, but no. He didn't. I guess he doesn't like me.

I nodded and looked down. "Yes I do. Your a great drummer."

He smiled but the smile faded when he looked at me and noticed my head was down.

"What's wrong?" he asked

I shook my head. "Nothing" I began walking back inside.

"Kurt?" Dave stopped me


"Are you and Krist... dating?"

I shook my head. "No. I'm not dating anyone."

Dave grinned, "Okay. Good. Are we practicing tomorrow?"

I shook my head. "No not tomorrow but the next day."

Dave nodded. "Alright. I'll see you later then."

He playfully pushed me and then he began walking home.

"Do you need a ride home?" I yelled to him

He waved goodbye. "No."

I walked back inside to Krist. He was playing with Dave's drum sticks. "Look what your boyfriend left" he grinned

"He's not my boyfriend!" I blushed

Krist smiled. "What did he want? Does he like you?"

I shook my head. "It was nothing and no he doesn't like me, just as a friend."

Krist frowned. "Well maybe he likes you but he's afraid to tell you."

I looked down. "I doubt it. Why would he like me anyway?"

"Because your beautiful" Krist said

I shook my head. "No I'm not."

Krist chuckled a little. "Yeah you are. Plus Dave was staring at you the whole time during practice." He grinned

I looked up. "Really?"

He nodded. "He likes the way you play that guitar" Krist smirked and winked

I playfully pushed him. "Stop it!" I chuckled and blushed

He grinned at me. "Okay okay. He'll probably be here tomorrow to get his drum sticks. Maybe then he'll tell you he likes you."

I smiled, "I hope so."

Chapter 3~ Why Don't You Love Me Like I Love You?

~Chapter 3~

I looked through my magazine. The magazine was mostly about gay guys. I decided to get it so I could read it. It's suppose to give tips on if a guy likes you or not. I figured I'd see if Dave did any of the things others guys would do. One was give long stares. Another was smile at you a lot and blush. Plus there was more. I had Dave's drumsticks right beside me. I kept looking for him all day but he hasn't come yet.

As I look through the magazine it had something about gay sex in it. I felt my cheeks go red because the first thing that came to my mind was Dave. I started reading it but I heard my doorbell ring. I quickly shut the magazine and hid it under my couch. I opened the door and finally there was Dave.

"Hey. I think I left my drum sticks here" he said

I nodded. "Yeah. Come in here."

He smiled and walked inside. He gently shut the door behind him.

I picked up his drum sticks and handed them to him. "Here you go."

He smiled. "Thanks."

As he took the drum sticks his fingers gently brushed against my hand. I smiled and looked away. Dave was blushing wildly when I looked back at him. He looked so cute when he blushed.

"Kurt. I don't mean to be weird asking this but... Are you gay?"

I looked down at my feet. "Yes. Yes I am."

"Me too" he said

I looked up at him and smiled.

"I think your beautiful and hot" Dave smiled and began playing with my hair

I blushed but grinned. "Do you-"

"Do I what?" Dave smiled

"Do you... Like me?" I looked away from him again. Now I wish I'd just die, I was stupid to ask that.

He smiled. "I'm not sure. I don't really know you but, your really sweet and beautiful. I think I do." He smiled and slowly moved his hand away from my hair.

I nodded.

"Do you like me?" He asked

"Yes" I whispered

He smiled and kissed the top of my head. "I better be going home. I'll see you tomorrow at 11:00?"

"Yeah. 11:00" I nodded

"Alright. Bye, beautiful." He winked and walked out.

I sighed and sat down. My heart felt broken because he thinks he likes me which means he doesn't. I pulled out my magazine, I looked through it hoping to find how to heal a heart that was breaking.

Chapter 4~ It Hurts To See You

~Chapter 4~

I got out of the shower and started drying off. I couldn't get Dave off my mind. I even had a dream of him last night. Why am I so in love with him? I'll never know that myself.

I sighed and put on my boxers. Why can't Dave be mine? I put on my jeans and then I put on my shirt and then a button up over it.

I looked at the clock. It was 10:56. I quickly put on my socks and then my converse then I ran into my studio. Krist sat there eat a hotdog.

"Where's Dave?"

He shrugged. "How'd it go yesterday?" he said with a mouthful

I shook my head. "He doesn't like me."

Krist frowned. "I'm sorry." He finished his hotdog then wiped his hands on his jeans.

Dave ran in and sat at his drums. When I looked at him it hurt. My heart is killing me. I love him and I want to be with him, but he doesn't feel the same.

We played songs from 'Bleach' and a few new ones I wrote. I sang them sadly because I didn't feel like singing with a broken heart.

"Okay guys. One last song. This one is called Big Long Now"

I began playing my guitar and singing. After that I showed and explained to Dave and Krist what to do. We practiced again and it went pretty good.

"Okay. Practice is over." I said and then began putting my guitar up.

Dave got up and walked over to me. He whispered in my ear, "I know your upset and I know it's because of me. I do love you but I want to get to know you better. Don't think I don't like you because honestly I do."

I smiled and blushed a little. I nodded at him. I whispered back in his ear, "Come over t-tomorrow and let's talk"

Dave nodded and pecked my cheek. "I will" he smiled

My heart was beginning to heal, those words made me feel so much better. Dave does like me, kinda, sorta, I don't know. I couldn't stop smiling.

"Hey let's go in and drink something because my mouth is so dry I'm about to dehydrate" Krist whined

I nodded. "Okay let's go."

All three of us walked back into the house. We went into the kitchen. I got three cokes out of the fridge and took them to the table. I gave one to Dave and Krist and then opened mine.

"No beer?" Krist frowned

I shook my head. "No beer. Just coke."

Krist shrugged and opened it. He took a long drink and then smiled. "So much better. I need another one."

I chuckled. "Go get one."

He shook up and tripped by the table. His coke landed on me and got all over my shirt. "Krist!" I yelled

"Sorry. Hang on I'll go get you a clean shirt." Krist said as he ran upstairs.

I playfully rolled my eyes. Dave chuckled a little. I looked at him and smiled. I playfully pushed him gently.

"Here" Krist threw a shirt on me.

I stood up and took my shirt off. I looked at Dave. He was staring at me. His eyes wide open and he was biting his bottom lip. I could tell he was breathing heavily. I blushed and put on my clean shirt.

Krist smirked at me. He knew Dave was staring at me practically drooling.

Dave stood up. "I gotta go" he ran out.

Krist started laughing. I felt my cheeks go red.

"Watch out for him tomorrow Kurt" Krist winked and gently elbowed me.

I smiled and looked away.

Chapter 5~ Stutter

Chapter 5

I opened the door, there on the other side was Dave. So adorable.

He blushed. "Hey"

I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside, I shut the door and looked him in the eyes.

"What's wrong?" he asked

"Ask me anything you want. Ask me everything because I love you and I need to know if you love me back!" I said quickly

Dave smiled. "Just tell me everything."

And that's what I did. I told him everything. About my life and things I like. We actually had a lot in common. Both our parents divorced, we both dropped out of high school and we both like the same things. The whole time I talked I stuttered a bunch of times but I couldn't help it.

Dave smiled. "That's great. I gotta go I'll see you later."

I frowned. "That's it? Well do you love me or not?"

Dave pecked my lips. "Maybe"

Sorry guys but I won't be updating for a few weeks. Because I'm going to write a really long Kurt & Dave FanFiction. Sorry guys.

Chapter 6~ Yes Or No?

~Chapter 6~

I ran to Dave's house and knocked on the door. I need to know if he loves me or not. It's been three days since I've seen Dave and I'm about to go insane.

He opened the door and grinned at me. "Did you miss me?"

I pushed through him and walked inside. "Do you love me or not?"

Dave shrugged and grinned. "Maybe"

I felt my heart ache. "Dave tell me!"

Dave smiled. "Yes I do. I really really really like you. Your hot and sweet. So do you want to be my boyfriend or not?"

I smiled and kissed him deeply. "Yes"

Dave wrapped his arms around me. "Good. So were dating now?"

I nodded.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs. "Come on" he winked

I shook my head. "No. If that's all you want then I don't want to date you." I crossed my arms.

Dave chuckled. "Not for that! I have something for you."

"Oh" I giggled.

I followed him upstairs. There on his bed laid a guitar case.

"I got you a guitar." He smiled

I opened the case and looked at it. It was white and red.

I smiled. "Thanks. You didn't have to get me a guitar."

He shook his head. "I wanted to."

I hugged him and pecked his lips.

The end.

Hope you liked it (:

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