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Chapter 1

Kurt's POV

"Don't lie to me Dave"

"About what?"

"Something's wrong now tell me what it is"

"Everything's fine" he gave me a fake smile.

Every since Dave had got a boyfriend he has been acting different. I want Dave to myself and no one else but whatever makes him happy.

"Dave please tell me. We've been best friends for years I know something's up with you now tell me."

"It's nothing Kurt!" he shouted

"Well whatever Dave"

He looked down, "I'm sorry for yelling at you it's just that nothing's wrong"

"If nothing's wrong then why do you always have a busted lip or a big bruise somewhere or why do you have dry blood on you?"

"Kurt it's nothing. I have to get home I'll see you tomorrow"

"Dave please don't leave" I begged

He was ready to open the door when I pushed him against the wall and pushed my lips onto his.

"Kurt d-don't"

"Why not?"

"Because I have a boyfriend now"

I looked down, "But I want you Dave. I need you"

"I'm sorry Kurt"

I looked back up and kissed his cheek, "If something's wrong then you need to tell me so I can make it better"

He smiled, "Nothing wrong"

I pecked his lips and he smirked at me

"You know you like it Dave"

He blushed and left.


Chapter 2

Kurt's POV

I was up in my room playing my guitar when I heard a knock at my door. It's a little past midnight so who would get at my door now?

I slowly stood up and quietly walked downstairs. I slowly opened the door and there was Dave.

His face was covered in blood. His lip was swelled and his nosed looked broken. I saw tears running down his face.


"Please help me!" he cried in pain.

I quickly led him in the house.

"Oh god. You look disgusting" I looked away

"I'll be right back" I ran upstairs and got a wet towel and ran back downstairs to Dave.

"Sit down"

"I can't"

"Why not?"

"I have blood on the back of my pants and I don't want to get it on our couch"

"Well come here"

I took him into the kitchen and sat him in a kitchen chair.

I started cleaning the blood off his face with the towel.

"Dave what happened"


"Your boyfriend?"


"What'd he do?"

"He beat me up and r-r-raped me"

I could tell he was freezing and he was scared. My Dave hurt by that monster? No I can't allow this to happen!

I even froze in my spot, "he raped you?"

He gave me a light nod.

I felt my heart break then I continued to clean the blood off Dave. He wasn't bleeding anymore it was just dry blood.

"You have to stay here with me Dave, alright?"

He nodded, "Will I be alright?"

"Yes. Your lip is busted just a little. I thought your nose might be broken but it's not but where'd all the blood come from?"

"My nose and I stabbed Luke's hand with something but he's alright"

"Why did he beat you up?"

"Because I told him I didn't love him anymore and that I am in love with someone else."

"Come with me"

I grabbed his hands and led him upstairs. I gave him some boxers, pajamas and a shirt.

"Here put these clean clothes on yours has blood all over them"

"Okay" he smiled and thanked me.

He took off his shirt and I couldn't help but stare at his body.

I bit my bottom lip trying to control myself from getting up and feeling of Dave's body. I knew it wasn't a good idea anyway because I knew he didn't want me.

He slipped the clean shirt on and looked at me, "Well"

"Well what?" I smiled

"Are you going to watch me change underwear?"

I smirked, "Yes"

I saw his cheeks go red and he took them off, he wouldn't look at me he would just look down.

I stared at his penis, I could feel my eyes were huge.

He put on clean boxers and then put on pajamas

"I don't want you to go back to him Dave"

"I won't" he looked down and took a sip of coffee

"If you do I won't never talk to you again. That hurt me so bad to see you like that Dave. Next time I see him I'm going to hurt him badly"

"I'm sorry Kurt"

I pecked his lips gently hoping not to hurt them, he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed his lips into mine.

He was kissing me deeply and passionately. Of course I kissed back.

I put my tongue in his mouth which he seemed to enjoy because he played with it.

He sat on my lap facing me and continued to kiss me.

We broke apart to get some air.

"I love you Kurt, I love you so much" he started crying

"I love you too Dave" I smiled and hugged him.

"Why didn't you get me instead of Luke?"

"I wanted to but he wouldn't let me leave. The reason I got out is because I stabbed his hand and ran out"

"Well it's over now Dave and your mine"

He smiled, "I love you"

"I love you too"

"Come here"

I moved closer to Dave and put my arm around him.

Now I am laying in bed with Dave there's so much I want to do.

I put my head in his shoulder and kissed his cheek.

"Your mine now Dave and no one else's"

I kissed his lips and slid my hand down to his penis. He was getting hard and so was I.

"Wait Kurt"


"I can't right now I'm sore because Luke raped me"

"Crap! Well maybe later when you feel better?"

He nodded, "Of course"

"Well goodnight beautiful Kurt"

"Goodnight sweetheart"


Chapter 3

Kurt's POV

"Dave" I whispered

He slowly woke up, "Yeah?"

"Wake up baby it's past 11"

"Oh god"

"What is it?"

"I'm so sore"

"Are you alright?" I held his hand

"Yeah I'll be fine"

"Where are you sore at?"

He blushed deeply.

"I was still a virgin there"

"Oh" I looked down disappointed, Ive always wanted Dave to loose his virginity with me.

"I mean he didn't even go slow he just did it hard and it hurt"

"I'm sorry" I kissed his head

"It's okay. I'm just glad I'm with you lets go downstairs and get some coffee"

"Go ahead and fix some I'll be down there in a few minutes I'm gonna put on some clothes"

"So you can watch me but I can't watch you?"

"Well that isn't exactly what I was going to do" I laughed

"Then what was you going to do?"

I whispered in his ear, "Masturbate"

His eyes went huge and I laughed

"I'm just kidding but if you want you can watch me change clothes" I winked

"I want to" he smiled

I picked out some jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

I slowly took my shirt off and stood there for a second, looking at Dave. He smiled.

I took off my pajamas and boxers and stood there, "Do you want me Dave?"

He bit his bottom lip and nodded.

I rubbed my penis with my finger to tease him a little. I noticed he had a bulge in his pajamas so I stopped and put on some clean boxers, jeans and my shirt.

"Why'd you stop Kurt?"

"Because your getting hard and you said your sore. I'm sorry"

"I really liked it Kurt it was hot" he winked

I smiled, "So you want some coffee?"

"Yeah" he smiled and stood up I still notice the bulge in his pajamas I guess I was staring because he said, "It'll go away soon"

I looked away and we went downstairs.

I made me and Dave a cup of coffee and sat beside Dave, "Here you go babe"

"Thanks" he kissed my nose.



"Why do you love me? I mean what's so special about me, I'm really nothing"

"Yes you are Dave. And everything's special about you. Your looks, your personality, just everything."

"I wish I were as beautiful as you Kurt"

"I'm not beautiful"

"Yes you are. Your eyes is the most beautifulest blue in the world. Your hair is just amazing and your face features is amazing!"

I smiled, "Well thank you Dave"

"Well umm I should go get my stuff from Luke's shouldn't I?"

"If you do I'm going with you"

He nodded, "That'd be fine" he smiled and kissed my lips.


Chapter 4

Kurt's POV

"Let's just make it quick"


Me and Dave got out of the car and walked inside, there on the couch was Luke. I wanted to punch him, kill him, and everything but I promised Dave I wouldn't hurt him unless he tried something

"Hey Dave I missed you" he said in a sweet voice.

I looked at Luke's hand and noticed he had it wrapped up.

"I'm getting my stuff and I'm leaving you"

"Leaving me?" he said in a hurt voice but I knew it was fake.

"Yes I don't love you anymore"

Dave walked upstairs and started unpacking his stuff. The whole time Luke talked to him, he was yelling a few times and begging him not to leave.

Dave had all his stuff and was heading out the door when Luke grabbed his hand and almost knocked him down. I pushed Luke and gave Dave a hug, "Go on I'll be out there in a second"

He nodded and began to run outside.

"So what your fucking him now?" Luke laughed

"Just leave us alone. I don't want to start a fight or nothing"

"Fine then I'll just find someone else to fuck and rape and all that shit. So go fuck Dave I hope you fuck so hard your dick falls off!" he yelled

I smiled, "Me too"

I walked out to the car and started driving Dave back home.

Did I say home? Yeah I did but it is Dave's home now because he's all mine.

"What happened?" Dave asked as he put his hand on mine

"Nothing I just told us to leave us alone and he said he'd find someone else"

I smiled and Dave smiled back.

"I love you Dave"

"I love you too beautiful"


Chapter 5

Dave's POV

"Are you ready?"
I looked up at Kurt, "Ready for what?"
He leaned in, kissed my lips and pushed his body onto mine.
"Ready for this?"
"Not yet" I looked into his eyes but he looked disappointed
"Why not?" he whined
"Because what you don't trust me?" he took his body off of mine and lit up a cigarette.
I didn't answer instead I just looked down.
"Dave I know Luke hurt you but I'm not going to hurt you like he did because I love you"
"I know Kurt but I'm just not ready to yet"
He sat down, "Well alright then"
"Kurt please don't be mad at me"
"I'm not mad" he hugged me tightly
He nodded, "Promise"
He started mumbling a song which sounded beautiful because his voice was amazing.
I closed my eyes and listened to Kurt's beautiful voice sing the words to 'Drain you'
"Your just so amazing"
"Your beautiful, your voice is amazing and just everything about you is beautiful and perfect"
He smiled, "Thank you" his cheek went a little red
"And Kurt?"
I pressed my lips against his and I kissed him passionately, "How about tomorrow night?"
His eyes lit up, "You want to have sex tomorrow?"
i nodded and laughed, "If you want"
He smiled, "I do"


Chapter 7

Kurt's POV

"Wake up Dave" I gently shook him
"I'm up" he whispered and smiled
I kissed his head, "Ready for a shower?"
He smiled, "Yeah" he pecked my lips and got up.
I was feeling kinda sore I guess it's were me and Dave had sex last night and plus it was my first time.
I got up, I could tell I was walking weird and so could Dave, "Are you alright?"
I nodded, "Just kinda sore"
He hugged me and we went to take a shower but Dave stopped me, "Kurt, I'm so glad to have you. You took me in when I needed someone. When I was hurt you helped me. You never let me down. I always have loved you and I know I always will and another thing Kurt. You saved me."


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