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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Courtney quickly grabbed her bags. She gave Kurt a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I'll be back in a few weeks Kurt I love you" Courtney said as she opened the door

Kurt lit up a cigarette, "Okay see you later"

Courtney ran out and got into her car. She quickly started it up and backed out of the driveway.

She was leaving to go on tour with her band Hole. She wouldn't be back for a few weeks. Kurt was actually glad she was gone. Now he was all alone and could hang out with his best friend Dave. Courtney didn't like Dave and she didn't like when Kurt would bring him over. Dave has tried to get along with Courtney but he just can't. He absolutely hates her. Kurt would rather have Dave than Courtney. When he needs someone Dave is there. Courtney could care less when Kurt was going through depression or feeling all alone or feels like killing himself. Dave has always been there for Kurt and he always will.

Kurt finished his cigarette and turned the TV on. There he saw his video to 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. He was most famous for that song. He didn't really want to be, he wanted all his songs to be good and popular but everyone knows him for Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Through the whole video he didn't pay any attention to himself. He tried to watch Dave. He liked the way Dave played drums. He always got into it and Kurt loved that.

When Kurt was around Dave he felt so safe, like everything was okay. He felt a little nervous. He stuttered, and his hands would sweat. When Dave would come over they would mostly listen to music and talk about other bands. Kurt would also ask Dave a bunch of questions. Like stuff he liked, if he was in love, what is favorite things was, just anything he would think to ask.

Dave would always answer all Kurt's questions and ask him back the same ones.

Dave was tall and skinny. His hair was a little past his shoulders. His eyes were brown and he loved to laugh. Kurt was tall, really skinny, he had blue eyes. Blonde hair that was a little above his shoulders. He was quiet and kinda shy.

Kurt picked up the phone and dialed Dave's number. It rang a few times but when Kurt heard Dave's voice a smile came across his face.

"Hello" Kurt grinned

"Oh hey Kurt. What's up?" Dave said

"Nothing just sitting around. Courtney's finally gone on tour and I was wondering if you want to come over?"

Dave smiled, "Yeah I'll be over after I shower"

Kurt cleared his throat. "Okay I'll see you later then"

"Okay bye" Dave said then hung up.

That's chapter 1!!! Hope you liked it (~:

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Dave quickly took a shower. He was glad Kurt called,he was also glad Courtney was gone. He knew these few weeks would fly by because when he's with Kurt he has such a blast.

He knocked on Kurt's door. He stood there for a few seconds waiting for Kurt to open the door. When Kurt did they both stood there and smiled at each other.

"Hey" Kurt finally said

"Hey. What's up?" Dave replied

Kurt shook his head. "Come in"

Dave smiled and walked inside. Kurt shut the door and looked at Dave.

Kurt felt himself getting nervous. He felt his hands beginning to sweat. He wiped them on his jeans and cleared his throat.

"So umm Courtney's g-gone?" Dave finally said after a few silent seconds

Kurt nodded. "Y-Yes she i-is"

Dave smiled.

"Wanna listen t-to some music?" Kurt asked with a shaky voice

Dave shook his head for a yes.

Both boys walked nervously upstairs to Kurt's room. Kurt had a bunch of things running through his head. Like if Dave noticed how nervous he was, if Dave liked him too, just everything. The same things was running through Dave's head. Dave wanted to grab Kurt's hand and hold it, but he was to shy to do that. He was to shy to tell Kurt he liked him. Usually Dave is never shy or nervous, but when he's around Kurt he is.

Kurt sat on his bed, Dave sat in a small chair close to the bed. Kurt turned on his stereo. The CD he had in was The Cars. That was one of Dave's favorite bands, and Kurt's.

The sat around and listened to music. Kurt asked Dave more questions as usual and then Dave was about to leave.

"I better be going. I'll see you tomorrow or something." Dave said to Kurt

Kurt nodded. "Okay"

Dave quickly gave Kurt a hug. As he slowly broke the hug he looked into Kurt's blue eyes.

Kurt stared into Dave's eyes with a smile on his face.

Dave quickly pecked Kurt's cheek. Kurt blushed and grinned.

Dave opened the door, he looked at Kurt who's cheeks was still red. Dave smiled at him then he walked out.

Kurt stood there smiling. He couldn't believe Dave just kissed his cheek. To some people it really wouldn't be anything but to Kurt that moment was perfect. He knew his heart was getting closer to Dave. He did love Courtney but just loved Dave more.

He wondered what awaited tomorrow.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Kurt took a drink of his coffee and looked at the wall. He wondered if Dave was awake. He wondered if Dave thought of him as much as he did him.

He smiled at the thought of Dave. He's so sweet, amazing, perfect, and everything to Kurt. He sighed, he began to think what if Dave didn't like him. What if Dave laughed at him? What If Dave never talked to him again? Kurt felt like crying when he thought like this. It really did hurt when you loved someone and they didn't love you back. But then Kurt started thinking maybe Dave did like him too. He just kept wondering.


Dave woke up and looked out the window. He immediately began to think of Kurt. So sweet, gentle, and his everything. He wish Kurt wasn't with Courtney. He hated Courtney so much, she's cheated on Kurt before. Dave knew if Kurt was his he'd never hurt him or take him for vantage.

He got out of bed and changed clothes. He needed to see Kurt because if he didn't he'd go crazy.

He rubbed his eyes then ran out the door. He quickly walked to Kurt's. He couldn't stop smiling.

When he made it to Kurt's house he knocked on the door.


Kurt heard a knock at the door. He stood up and opened the door. There stood Dave. Kurt smiled, he felt that nervous feeling again.

Dave smiled, "Hey"

"H-Hey. Come in" Kurt stuttered

Dave walked inside and shut the door behind him.

"What's up?" Dave grinned and looked at Kurt. He realized Kurt had the cutest nose ever.

Kurt cleared his throat, "Nothing just sitting around. Want some coffee?"

Dave nodded. "Sure"

Both of them wandered into the kitchen. Kurt got a cup and poured come coffee into it. He poured some cream and sugar too. Dave smiled and took the cup. "Thanks"

Kurt nodded. "Your welcome"

Kurt got a spoon and stirred it all together. Dave took a drink and sat down.

"Wanna go look at the water at the river?" Kurt asked

Dave smiled, "Sure. Let's go"

Dave took a long drink of his coffee and followed behind Kurt. They began walking up the street. The river wasn't too far away.

The way there they just talked and laughed. Kurt was so happy with Dave. Everything was okay with him.

When they got to the river they sat on a rock and looked at the water.

Kurt put his head on Dave's shoulder. Dave nervously put his hand on Kurt's. Kurt smiled.

"Isn't the water beautiful?" Kurt said

Dave grinned. "Not as beautiful as you are."

Kurt blushed. He knew what Dave said but he just had to ask "What?"

Dave blushed deeply. "Noth-Nothing."

Kurt smiled. He began to realize maybe Dave did have feelings for him.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Kurt just got off the phone with Courtney. She told him she'd be back tomorrow evening. He didn't have much longer with Dave. He had to tell him his feelings. He had to before she came back.

He picked up the phone and dialed Dave's.

"Dave?" he asked after Dave said "Hello"

"Yeah?" Dave asked sounding concerned

"Can you come over please?" Kurt said with tears running down his face. The reason why he was crying was because he was afraid to tell Dave, he just loved Dave so much he couldn't stand it. It was killing him that he wasn't with him. And if Dave didn't love him back then he was going to be heartbroken.

"Yeah I'll be right there" Dave said as he quickly hung up the phone.

Kurt sat on the couch. He covered his face with his hands and cried.


Dave quickly ran to Kurt's. He didn't knock he just ran in.

He found Kurt sitting on the couch crying.

He sat beside him and wrapped his arms around Kurt.

"What's wrong Kurt?" Dave asked

"Dave... I love you so much. I can't stop thinking of you, I can't sleep because I always think of you. Your everything I want and need. I know you won't feel the same but I'm sorry I just love you so much." Kurt sobbed

Dave's eyes was wide open. His mouth was open. He was so shocked.

"I'm sorry" Kurt whispered

Dave quickly smashed his lips against Kurt's. He kissed him deep and as passionate as he could.

"I do feel the same Kurt." Dave admitted

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

After Dave kissed Kurt both of them sat there and stared into each other's eyes. Neither of them knew what to say. After a long distance of silence Kurt finally spoke up. "Really?"

Dave nodded. "Yes. I have always loved you but stupid Courtney got in the way."

Kurt nodded. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot that she was coming back."

Dave sighed. "When?"

He frowned, "Tomorrow"

Dave looked down. "Oh."

Kurt looked into Dave's eyes, "But, I don't love her anymore. I can't be with her anymore."

Dave grinned. "What are you going to do?"

"I guess I'll make her leave or something." Kurt chuckled lightly

Dave pecked Kurt's lips. "When am I going to see you again?"

Kurt smiled. "Come over tomorrow."

Dave nodded.

~Next Day~

"Kurt I'm home!" Courtney said as she walked inside.

She wondered into the kitchen. There was where she saw Kurt and Dave holding hands.

"What's going on?" she asked, confused

"Courtney, I'm sorry but I don't love you anymore. I love Dave."

All three of them argued for a while. Finally Kurt had enough. He yelled out at Courtney. "Shut up and get out!"

Courtney's eyes didn't become watery, she didn't feel heartbroken. She never really did love Kurt. She only used him for his money.

Courtney packed her stuff and left leaving Kurt and Dave alone.

"I'm sorry you had to see that" Kurt said feeling ashamed

Dave pecked his lips. "At least I have you now."

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Chapter 6

I decided to go ahead and write this...

Chapter 6

Kurt opened his blue eyes and looked around the room. He quickly began to think of Dave. So sweet and amazing. Kurt smiled and laid back. He let his mind wander off to thoughts about Dave. Some weird thoughts, some crazy thoughts, some sexy thoughts and just everything.

He took a glance at the clock. It was 10:56. Usually Kurt would get up earlier but he laid there for two hours thinking of Dave. He slowly got out of bed and made some coffee. He sat there and drank some. He was glad Courtney was gone, he was glad he now had Dave.

Kurt didn't know for sure if he was bi or gay. He didn't really see anything in women anymore, but he did in men. Well one man, Dave.

He wondered what it would be like to have sex with Dave. He wondered if it would hurt, if it would feel good, if he would like it. He felt himself blushing. He knew it would probably be awhile before him and Dave had sex. They had just got together but he felt as if they had been together for a long time. He knew everything about Dave and Dave knew everything about him.

Kurt heard a knock at his door. He immediately got up and opened it. There was his love.

"Dave!" Kurt smiled and wrapped his arms around him

"I miss you too" Dave grinned and pecked Kurt's lips.

Dave walked inside and closed the door behind him.

"Yes I did miss you. I couldn't stop thinking of you!" Kurt smiled

"Me too. I couldn't sleep because I thought of you. I was so happy I didn't feel like sleeping." Dave said

Kurt lightly chuckled and pecked Dave's lips over and over.

"So what's up?" Dave asked

"Nothing just drinking coffee. Want some?"

Dave shook his head. "No thanks I already had some"

Kurt smiled and sat down sideways on Dave's lap. Dave smirked and pecked Kurt's lips.

Kurt rested his head on Dave's shoulder and smiled.

Dave kissed his head and stroked his hair.


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Chapter 7

Hey guys. This is my last chapter of the story. This chapter does have sex in it so yea. But anyway hope you liked this story. Thanks for reading (:

Chapter 7

"Just please be gentle." Kurt begged

Dave nodded. "I will try my very best. I promise I'll go slow."

Kurt smiled and pecked his lips. Dave slowly took his shirt off and kissed Kurt's lips deeply. He pushed him onto the bed and laid on top of him. Kurt wondered his hand slowly and shakily into Dave's jeans. Dave let out a loud moan.

"Just do it now." Kurt said

Dave nodded. Kurt took in a deep breath and let it out. Dave put his hand over Kurt's mouth.

"I just want to tell you that if I hurt you I'm sorry. I'll go as gentle as I can. If it hurts and you want me to stop then tell me. I love you Kurt."

Kurt smiled. He started feeling a little better. "Okay."

Dave slowly started pushing himself inside of Kurt. He went really slow, he kept looking at Kurt to make sure he was alright. Kurt laid there looking at the ceiling. He closed his eyes.

"You okay?" Dave whispered

Kurt nodded. "Yes."

When Dave had himself inside Kurt he started thrusting slowly.

"Yo-You can go fas-faster." Kurt slightly moaned

Dave started going a little faster. Kurt opened his eyes. The painful feeling now turned into pleasure. A grin came across Kurt's face.

"Faster!" Kurt moaned.

Dave started picking up his pace. He was moaning Kurt's name as loud as he could.

"Harder!" Kurt screamed in pleasure

Now Dave was going as fast as he could. Fast and hard. He couldn't possibly stop moaning. Kurt and Dave was both moaning each other's names.

Dave began rubbing Kurt's penis so he'd come.

"I'm gonna com-come" Dave moaned

Kurt scream moaned, "Come Dave, come hard."

Dave did a few more thrust and he came. He threw his head back and bit his bottom lip. He closed his eyes as he went a little faster. Kurt, see Dave do that, came too.

"Dave!" Kurt moaned over and over until it was over.

Dave laid beside Kurt, both of them almost breathless from moaning so much.

"That was amazing!" Dave grinned

Kurt smiled and sat on Dave's waist. "Wanna go again?"

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