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Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Kurt slowly woke up, Chad and Jeremy was laying beside him. He sighed, "Another day I should be dead" he said to himself.

He rose up and rubbed his eyes. He got out of bed to find a small puddle of blood where he was laying. He ignored it because by now, he was used to it.

Kurt was a beautiful boy. Really beautiful and everyone knew that. He had blonde hair and these amazing blue eyes. His smile would kill you. He was tall and extremely skinny, and his body was amazing.

He walked inside the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes were red from crying and his hair was a mess.

He walked back into the bedroom to find Chad sitting up smiling.

"How was last night?" Chad looked at Kurt and bit his bottom lip, smiling.

Kurt sighed, "Great... I woke up in some blood."

Chad sighed, "Don't be such a bitch Kurt. Tell me you enjoyed it because I know you did."

"I enjoyed it" Kurt lied.

Chad smiled, "Great. Tonight me and Jeremy are doing at it the same time."

Kurt nodded, what he really wanted to do was runaway and never come back but he couldn't. He didn't have nowhere else to go. Every night Chad and Jeremy raped him. It was killing Kurt, it was disgusting and it made him so sick he even throws up sometimes.

"Can't we just skip tonight?" Kurt begged

Chad sighed, "Do you want me to kick you out so you can live on the street again? You better shut up Kurt."

Kurt sighed, "Okay. I'm sorry."

Chad grinned, "Come here."

Kurt couldn't fight Chad so he had to listen to him.

Kurt walked over to the bed and laid beside Chad.

Chad put his arm around Kurt and kissed him. Kurt felt so sick he couldn't kiss back.

"Me and Jeremy are going out today. You want me to get me something?" Chad smiled.

"Please get me a Fender guitar, notebook and a pack of pens." Kurt begged

Chad nodded, "I'll try. But if I do you can't scream tonight"

Kurt sighed but nodded, "Okay. I won't."

Chad kissed Kurt's head, "I love you"

"I love you too" Kurt lied.

Kurt didn't love Chad, not at all. He wondered if he'd ever find his love. Sometimes when Chad and Jeremy would leave he would stare out the window just to see couple hold hands and kiss.

Kurt wanted to kiss someone and enjoy it, when Chad kissed him he felt disgusted, he didn't like it. He wanted to have sex with someone and enjoy it. He didn't want to be forced to do it.

Jeremy woke up, "Hey guys."

"Hi" Chad smiled and kissed Jeremy's lips.

Kurt wanted to puke. He felt so sick.

"When are you going?" Kurt interrupted them

"After we take a shower" Jeremy yawned.

Kurt nodded. He couldn't wait for them to leave.

Finally after a while of talking, Jeremy and Chad took a shower.

Kurt smiled, he couldn't wait for them to leave.

"We'll be back soon Kurt." Chad hugged him

Kurt nodded and Jeremy and Chad left.

The first thing Kurt wanted to do was take a shower to get all the germs off him. All those germs of Chad and Jeremy kissing and rubbing his body. He shivered at the thought.

Kurt got in the shower, he washed his hair and cleaned his body.

When he got out of the shower he felt way better.

He dried off and put on clean clothes.

He looked at himself in the mirror, he knew himself that he looked really good but he would call himself ugly.

He brushed his teeth and started mumbling words to a song. Another thing about Kurt was he sang amazing. His voice was just perfect.

He brushed his hair and rubbed his fingers through it. He smiled. If only he could escape from here he would be happy. If only someone would save him.

Kurt sat around, watching TV and eating snacks.

Chad and Jeremy walked in. Chad had a guitar in a case in his hand.

Kurt smiled. He loved playing guitar but he hadn't played since he was a little boy.

"Here's your guitar Kurt." Chad handed it to him.

Kurt quickly opened the case and looked at it. It was a black Fender guitar.

"Thanks" Kurt smiled.

Chad also handed him a notebook and pens.

"Thank you" Kurt nodded.

"Now you know the deal" Chad smirked

Kurt nodded. He took in a deep breath and let it out, "I know. Just go ahead, do whatever to me."

Chad grinned.

He threw Kurt onto the bed and crawled on top of him. Jeremy undressed himself, Chad, and Kurt.

Kurt felt disgusted. He wondered if it would be like this his whole life, getting raped like this. Waking up in blood. Feeling sick everyday. Wishing for his love to rescue him.

Chad and Jeremy kissed and rubbed all over Kurt's small body. Kurt closed his eyes, he couldn't watch this. It was too horrible. He felt so disgusted, about to throw up. He just had to hold it in.

He felt two things going inside him. He knew it was Jeremy and Chad. It hurt so bad, he wondered how that was even possible, for two people to be inside him. He wanted to scream. Scream so loud. But he couldn't.

After a while he couldn't take it, he screamed as loud as he could. Then Chad punched his face. Kurt felt the pain as soon as Chad hit him. Kurt knew he would have a black eye.

"I told you not to scream. Now yell our names. Yell!"

Kurt swallowed some puke, "Oh Chad. Oh Jeremy"

He wanted to puke. Please god let it be over Kurt kept saying in his head.

Finally he felt them go out of him. He was throbbing. It hurt so bad.

He started to cry, he couldn't stop. Why do I have to live like this? He kept wondering.

They both laid beside him, Chad on Kurt's left and Jeremy on Kurt's right.

Chad whispers in Kurt's ear, "I have a friend coming over tomorrow. You better not tell him anything about this."

Kurt nodded with tears running down his face.

"Goodnight" Chad kissed Jeremy's lips then Kurt's head.

Kurt couldn't sleep at all, he couldn't stop crying and feeling so disgusted.

Finally the puke came up, he ran into the bathroom and threw up in the garbage can. He wished he could puke up everything inside him so he could just die.

Kurt stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes before going back to bed. He laid against the wall, leaving Jeremy and Chad beside each other. He looked at the wall and cried hisself to sleep.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


"Kurt wake up!" Jeremy shook him.

Kurt opened his eyes, "What?"

"Get up. Dave will be here soon." Jeremy pulled at Kurt

"Who's Dave?" Kurt rose up, stretched and yawned

"One of Chad's friends"

Kurt sighed, "Oh. Okay."

"Come on, get up and shower." Jeremy sighed

Kurt was getting kinda angry, "I'm getting up! Stop pulling at me!"

Jeremy sighed and walked out of the room.

Kurt got up and took a shower. He looked at himself in the mirror, surprisingly he didn't have a black eye, but it was sore.

He put on a T-Shirt, flannel, and jeans. He also put on a pair of black converse.

Chad smiled at Kurt when he came out of the bathroom, "You look so good." Chad bit his bottom lip.

Kurt looked away, "When's you friend coming?"

"He's on his way. Remember you better not tell him anything about us."

Kurt nodded, "I know." He sighed and sat down.

Kurt ran his fingers through his hair, it felt all tangly so he brushed it.

There was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it" Jeremy got up and walked over to the door.

"Hey" Kurt heard an unfamiliar voice.

Kurt looked up and saw a boy standing there. He had kinda longish hair, it was black and he had brown eyes. He was tall and skinny. He had never seen him before.

"Come in" Jeremy said in an innocent voice.

"Sit down" Chad smiled.

Dave sat beside Chad. His eyes looked around the room but stopped on Kurt who was sitting in the corner of the room, writing in his notebook.

Dave looked Kurt up and down, admiring him.

"Who's that?" Dave pointed at Kurt

"That's Kurt. Kurt Cobain." Chad smiled.

Kurt looked over at Dave, Dave couldn't help but look into his eyes. They were so beautiful.

Kurt noticed this and quickly looked away from Dave.

"Kurt, this is Dave." Chad grinned.

"Nice to meet you" Kurt mumbled not looking away from his notebook.

"You too" Dave smiled at him even though Kurt wasn't looking at him.


For a while they sat around and talked. They started talking about girls.

Kurt heard Dave say he just went through a breakup and was now more into guys.

"Do you like anyone?" Chad looked over at Kurt

Kurt felt so angry, he wanted to hit Chad. Chad was asking him all these dumb questions and playing all innocent.

"No I don't." Kurt put down his notebook, "What about you Chad? Are you into guys or girls?" Kurt grinned

"I'm not gay" Chad chuckled.

Kurt gritted his teeth. How bad he wish he could hit Chad.

From time to time when Kurt would look over at them he would notice Dave would look away. He knew Dave was staring at him, watching him. He was just hoping Dave wasn't part of Chad and Jeremy's little group thing were they raped him.

"Well I'm gonna be going home. I'll see you guys later." Dave got up but tripped over Kurt's guitar.

"Who's guitar?" Dave looked down at the case.

"That's mine. Sorry" Kurt got up and picked it up.

"Can I see it?" Dave asked.

Kurt nodded, he opened his case and showed Dave his guitar.

"That's cool. Can you play?" Dave smiled at Kurt

Kurt smiled, "I used to could. I don't have any picks though."

"Oh well that sucks. I'm sure your great at it though" Dave nodded.

"Thanks" Kurt said as he closed his case back

"Well I'll see you guys later" Dave waved at them.

"Bye Kurt" Dave smiled.

"Bye Dave"


Jeremy grinned, "That went good"

"Yep" Chad smiled

Kurt sighed.

"Do you like Dave?" Jeremy looked at Kurt

Kurt shrugged, "He's alright I guess."

"Let's go to bed" Chad winked.

Kurt sighed. He was so sick of this.


That night Chad raped Kurt. Then Jeremy had sex with Chad. Kurt was so sickened by them. He hated them so much. He cried and tried to fight but wasn't strong enough.

Kurt cried himself to sleep again. He woke up tons of times in the night. But the only thing he could think about that made him feel safe was Dave. He thought of Dave and he felt so safe and peaceful. He began to fall asleep with a grin on his face.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3


"Is Kurt here?" Dave looked at Jeremy

Jeremy grinned, "Yeah he's here. What do you need with him?"

Dave looked up at Jeremy, for some reason he felt as if Jeremy didn't want him to see Kurt.

"I just want to give him something."

Jeremy stood aside, "Come in"

Dave walked inside and saw Chad sitting on the couch. He didn't see Kurt.

"Is Kurt here Chad?"

Chad grinned, "Yeah he's upstairs."


Dave ran quickly up the steps. He saw Kurt sitting on his bed writing in his notebook, he quickly closed it when he saw Dave.

Dave smiled at Kurt, "Hi"

"Hi" Kurt put his notebook under his bed.

Dave walked over to Kurt and sat beside him, "I got you something"

Kurt looked up at him, "What?"

Dave handed Kurt a pack of guitar picks.

"What's this for?" Kurt took the picks and looked at them

"Well you said you didn't have any guitar picks. It's Dunlop picks, my friend Krist says they're the best."

"You didn't have to get them for me, I could've got them myself."

Dave smiled, "Well I wanted to. Umm do you wanna go hang out or something? You look like you could use some sun your really pale."

Kurt sighed, he wanted to go with Dave but he didn't want to put with Chad and Jeremy.

"I can't" Kurt looked down and his hands.

"Oh. Well maybe later." Dave got up off the bed.

"I'd like to hear you play guitar sometime Kurt, you look like you'd kill that guitar" Dave chuckled.

Kurt smiled, "You can later, I have to pick a few strings and see if I remember how to play."

Dave nodded, "Well I'll see you later Kurt. Have fun with the guitar."

Dave was about to walk out but Kurt stopped him.


Dave looked back at Kurt, "Yeah?"

"Thanks for the picks. That's really nice of you"

Dave smiled, "Your welcome Kurt."

Dave left and Kurt pulled out his guitar.

It felt amazing to pick at the strings, he remembered every one. He even remembered how to play a few songs.

Kurt wondered if he could maybe write his own songs. He just needed something to write about.

Chad walked upstairs, "What did Dave want?"

Kurt shook his head, "Nothing just gave me some guitar picks."

Chad smiled, "Well that's cool. I'm gonna go watch TV have fun with your guitar."

When Chad walked out Kurt began playing his guitar and singing.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Kurt woke up to find Chad and Jeremy standing over him.

"What?" Kurt asked when Chad grinned.

"Me and Jeremy are leaving for a while, we might not be back for a few days. You better stay here and not go anywhere with Dave. If Dave comes over looking for us, just tell him we won't be back for a few days. Understand?" Chad looked into Kurt's eyes but Kurt looked away.

"I understand" Kurt said with a nod

"Now give me a kiss before I go" Chad demanded.

Kurt kissed his lips, very lightly and it only lasted for a second.

"C'ya later" Chad and Jeremy said as they walked out.

Kurt got up and took a shower. After his shower he ate a pop-tart.

He sighed, he was sick of this. But at least he wouldn't get raped for a few days.

Kurt heard a knock at the door. He quickly brushed his hair and opened the door.

There stood Dave with a grin on his face.

"Hey Kurt"

"Jeremy and Chad's not here" Kurt said as he looked down at his feet.

"Oh, well umm I actually came to see you"

Kurt looked up with a smile on his face, "Oh. Well uhh come in."

Dave walked inside and closed the door behind him.

"So how's it going with your guitar?" Dave smiled

"Okay I guess. Wanna hear me play?"

Dave nodded, "Yes."

Kurt and Dave ran upstairs, Kurt pulled his guitar out under the bed and got it out of it's case. He sat on the bed and Dave sat beside him.

Kurt began playing and singing the words to 'The Man Who Sold The World'

Dave smiled, "Oh my god your amazing. Your voice is perfect! Gosh that was great. I love hearing you sing, it's beautiful."

Kurt blushed, "Oh, thanks"

Dave took Kurt's hand, "Come on"

"Where are we going?" Kurt looked up at Dave.

"To my house. I wanna show you something."

Kurt sighed and let go of Dave's hand, "I'm not suppose to leave. Chad told me to stay here"

Dave grinned, "But Chad's not here to know if you leave, is he?"

Kurt smiled and shook his head,"Lets go"

Dave took Kurt's hand, "I hope you don't mind to walk, I didn't bring my car I just walked over here."

"It's okay I like to walk" Kurt said as he walked out of the house.

Dave let go of Kurt's hand. His cheeks were blood red.

"Where do you live?" Kurt asked

"It's only about five minutes away" Dave smiled


"Come on" Dave said as he opened the door.

Kurt and Dave both walked inside.

"What do you need to show me?" Kurt said after he cleared his throat.

Dave smiled, he grabbed Kurt's hand and led him into the garage. There was some drums.

"My drums" Dave chuckled

Kurt smiled, "You play drums?"

Dave nodded, "Yes. Maybe one day we can be in a band together. You can be lead singer and guitarist, I could play the drums and my friend Krist could play bass."

"I wish" Kurt sighed

"Is something wrong? You just seem upset all the time." Dave had a look of concern

"It's nothing, don't worry about it." Kurt looked down

"You know I will worry about it." Dave looked into Kurt's eyes.

Kurt sighed, "I just want to die."

Dave frowned, "Why?"

"Because I hate my life. The things I go through is awful. I just want to die."

Dave sighed, "We all go through things in our life Kurt, but someday it's all going to change. Everything will be better."

"Well I don't think this is going to change." Kurt sighed

"What's bothering you Kurt?" Dave held his hand to comfort him

Kurt didn't move his hand, he wanted to hold Dave's hand. With Dave he felt so safe and peaceful like everything was alright.

Kurt shook his head, "I can't tell you."

Dave nodded, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

Kurt sighed, "I want to tell you but-"

"But what?"

"It's Chad and Jeremy." Kurt held in his tears.

"What do they do to you?" Dave frowned

That's when all of Kurt's tears came out, he started crying. He put his head in Dave's chest and let it all out.

"They rape me Dave. Every night they rape me! They touch my body and I don't like it. They hurt me. It makes me so sick! They tell me they love me but I don't love them. I hate them!" Kurt sobbed

Dave himself began to cry.


"I just want to kill myself!" Kurt yelled

Dave put his arms around Kurt and hugged him tightly. Both of them crying. Dave couldn't help but cry, his heart felt broken. He didn't want to see Kurt hurt like this.

"Why don't you just leave?" Dave said as he wiped away tears.

"They won't let me. I try to fight them but I'm not strong enough."

"You can't go back Kurt, you can't. You can stay here with me. You have to."

Kurt shook his head, "Then they'd kill me."

"I'll protect you Kurt."

Kurt frowned, "I want to get away from them. But I can't."

Dave ran his fingers through Kurt's hair. He looked into his blue eyes. Then kissed his lips. Softly and gentle.

Finally this was something Kurt liked. He didn't feel disgusted by this. He wanted to kiss Dave. He wanted to stay like this forever.

Kurt found himself kissing Dave back. Both of them was blushing and shaking. They were so nervous.

After a few seconds Kurt put his arms around Dave's neck and kissed him deeper.

Dave broke the kiss to get some air. He looked into Kurt's eyes. Both of them was speechless. Kurt pecked Dave's lips.

"I better be going back home."

"Wait. Don't leave." Dave begged

"I'll see you soon" Kurt kissed Dave's lips. This kiss was full of passion.

Dave stood up and hugged Kurt.

"Kurt, I love you. If Jeremy and Chad rape you or hit you ever again, tell me"

Kurt nodded and hugged Dave back tightly.

"Come over tomorrow." Kurt said as he opened the door.

"Okay. I will." Dave smiled,"Do you want me to walk you home?"

Kurt shook his head, "I'll be fine. Thanks. And Dave... I love you too."

Chapter 5

Chapter 5


When Kurt got home he wrote a song for Dave. He couldn't stop thinking of Dave. Now he is in love, finally in love.

The song he wrote was called 'Love Buzz' he even got the guitar beat already. He just can't wait to play it for Dave.


Kurt sat around forever waiting for Dave. Finally he heard him knocking.

Kurt opened the door. He greeted Dave with a kiss.

Dave chuckled, "I missed you too"

Kurt tugged at Dave's arm, "Come in."

Dave walked in and gently pressed Kurt against the wall and kissed him deeply.

He rubbed his nose against Kurt's and smiled.

"I really missed you" Dave pecked Kurt's lips.

"I missed you too. I couldn't stop thinking of you. I even wrote a song for you."

Dave grinned, "Play it."

"I want you to play drums with it."

Dave kissed Kurt's cheek, "Let's stay here for a few minutes then we'll go to my house"

Kurt nodded, "I love you Dave."

"I love you too Kurt. A lot."

Dave began to kiss Kurt's neck. Kurt didn't stop him because he loved it. Absolutely loved it.

Dave slid his hand up Kurt's shirt and started softly rubbing his nipple.

"Da-Dave. This feels so amazing."

Dave looked at Kurt, still rubbing his nipple, "Do you want me to stop?"

Kurt shook his head, "No don't stop"

Dave smiled and kissed Kurt's lips.

Both of them explored each other's mouths. It was just amazing to both of them.

Kurt walked Dave over to his bed. Kurt laid down, he allowed Dave to lay on top of him.

Kurt unbuttoned Dave's shirt and started rubbing is abs. He nervously rubbed his hand into Dave's jeans.

"Oh Kurt" Dave moaned.

Kurt began to rub him, slow shaky strokes.

"Aw yes rub it hard" Dave whispered in Kurt's ear.

Kurt had completely forgotten about everything else. All he was thinking about now was doing this with Dave.

"What the hell are you doing?" Chad ran into the room.

Kurt quickly took his hand out of Dave's jeans then Dave jumped up.

"What's going on?" Chad was beginning to get angry.

"Nothing" Kurt looked away from Chad and looked into Dave's eyes.

Dave mouthed to Kurt, "Let me know if he hurts you."

Kurt nodded to him.

For a few minutes it was silent until Chad yelled at Dave.

"Get the hell out!"

Dave quickly pecked Kurt's lips then left.

Chad jumped on the bed and started pounding Kurt's head.

Kurt started kicking Chad, trying to get him off of him. Then Jeremy ran into the room. Chad stopped hitting Kurt but was not striping him.

"I can give it better to you than Dave" Chad chuckled as him and Jeremy thrusted inside Kurt.

Kurt was crying and screaming. Begging to god they'd stop. If they didn't stop he'd die.

Finally they stopped. Chad slapped Kurt across the face and left the room. Leaving Kurt alone and crying.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6


"You can't see Dave anymore" Chad hissed.

"No! You can't tell me what to do, I love Dave and I'm not leaving him." Kurt began to cry.

"Shut up!" Chad yelled and hit Kurt.

"You better tell him you love me and not him" Chad demanded.

Kurt nodded. He didn't have any other choice. He had to kill himself.

When Chad and Jeremy left Kurt went in the bathroom. He locked the door and looked in the mirror.

He picked up a razor and took the blade out.

Kurt looked at it for a second. He took in a deep breath and let it out.

If he couldn't have Dave then there wasn't any use in living. He didn't like getting raped all the time, Dave was the one to rescue him but now he can't see Dave anymore.

He began sticking the blade into his skin, he was hoping to bleed out.

He stuck it in deeper and deeper. He watched as the blood came out of his arm and into the sink.

Deeper and deeper. Now he was feeling weak. He knew he was close to bleeding out. The blood was pouring from his arm.

Dave walked inside the house.

"Kurt?" he looked around but didn't see him.

He heard a painful groan coming from the bathroom, it sounded like Kurt.

Dave ran over to the door, he tried to open it but it was locked. That's when he busted the door in.

"No Kurt stop!!" Dave yelled.

He grabbed the razor blade from Kurt. Kurt tried to grab it back but Dave threw it somewhere. Neither of them knew where it went.

"Kurt, why did you do it?" Dave said through tears.

He quickly picked up yarn and a needle. He knew he didn't have time to take Kurt to the hospital, he would bleed out by then. He started sowing up Kurt's wound.

"Just stop and let me bleed out" Kurt begged

"I can't. I love you too much" Dave sobbed. "Why are you trying to kill yourself? You know I couldn't live without you!"

"Chad hit me and raped me then he told me I couldn't see you anymore. If I can't be with you then I don't want to live."

Dave started crying more. He hugged Kurt tightly.

"Please tell me Dave that you will be there for me!"

Dave nodded, "I will."

"Just hold me Dave. Don't leave."

"I won't ever leave you Kurt."

"Please love me Dave please. Your the one who is going to rescue me aren't you?"

Dave nodded, "And I will rescue you. Come on we have to leave before Chad comes back."

Kurt got his notebook, clothes, and guitar.

Both boys were a mess. They both had dry blood on them and was crying. Dave had to rescue Kurt. He needed to hurry before Chad came back.

Kurt and Dave ran out of the house and started running to Dave's.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7


Kurt and Dave ran full speed to Dave's house. The rain was pouring but that didn't stop them. They knew if Chad saw them then they were dead.

When they went inside Dave hugged Kurt tightly and kissed his head.

"We're safe now Kurt. I have you now."

"Dave, I'm glad you came into my life, I've been hoping and praying someone like you would find me. You found me and you helped me escape. Since the first night I saw you I couldn't get you off my mind. I thought of you all the time. I would wake up in the night and the only thing that would make me feel safe was to think of you. I need you more than anything. Chad and Jeremy have hurt me for so long, but now that doesn't matter. What matters is I have you."

Dave smiled and a tear rolled down his face but Kurt wiped it away, "That's so sweet Kurt. I know you probably deserve better than me-"

Kurt shook his head, "Your perfect Dave. I couldn't love anyone like I do you."

Dave smiled and hugged Kurt. They heard a knock at the door.

"Hide" Dave whispered.

He waited for Kurt to hide before opening the door. There was Chad and Jeremy.

"Get out." Dave demanded

"I know Kurt's here and I'd like to see him." Chad crossed his arms and smirked

"Why? So you can rape him again? He's not here anyway, he came by and told me he was running away."

"Liar" Jeremy spoke up

"I'm not lying. He told me to tell you guys he was running away. You might wanna go look for him he seemed really upset."

Chad sighed, "Fuck!"

Both of them ran off and Dave shut the door.

Kurt came back out, he kissed Dave's lips.

"You make my life complete. My heart was broken but you put all the pieces back together Dave."

Dave smiled, "I love you sooooo much! We're going to be together forever. I promise."

Kurt smiled, "I want to be with you forever. Forever and always."

Chapter 8

Chapter 8


Kurt woke up, he looked over at Dave and smiled. His love was laying right beside him, he just couldn't hardly believe it.

He was so in love. He never thought he would find his love but he did. After all the pain he went through it's over. He's away from Chad and Jeremy and now he is with Dave.

Dave looked over at Kurt and smiled.

"Good morning" Dave said with a smile

"Good morning" Kurt kissed Dave's cheek

"Are you feeling okay?" Dave asked

Kurt nodded. "Everything will be okay if I'm with you. Your just so perfect. I've been waiting for someone to save me. Your my hero. I couldn't live without you. The first time I saw you I thought of you all night long. It was the only thing that made me feel safe. When I felt lonely or sad I thought of you and I was fine. I love you so much Dave."

Dave smiled and pecked Kurt's lips. "I'm always here for you Kurt. Anything you need I'm here. I love you so much."

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