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Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Leafs crunched on the ground as Kurt walked on them. He was on his way back home from Dave's.

Kurt looked around, it was really dark and he could barely see. He shivered, he knew he should've brought his jacket but he didn't think he'd be at Dave's long.

The wind blew which caused the leafs to move across the road and more fall from the trees. Kurt did love Fall, it was his favorite season. He also loved Halloween, that was the night him and Dave would go crazy. Krist would usually stay at home and help his mom give out candy.

But it wasn't really close to Halloween yet, it was only October 5th.

Kurt began to think of Dave. He wondered what he was doing now.

Kurt was a little puzzled with himself, he wasn't in love with a girl he was in love with a guy. His best friend Dave. Dave didn't know this though because Kurt never said nothing to him about it. Dave also never talked about girls so that made Kurt wonder if he was gay like him.

Kurt heard a noise which creeped him out. He looked around but didn't see anyone. He began to walk faster.

All the sudden Kurt felt a hand on his shoulder. He screamed and punched someone in the face.

"Ouch hey it's only me!" Dave yelled

"Oh Dave I'm so sorry you scared the heck outta me!" Kurt playfully pushed Dave

Dave held to his cheek, "That hurt" he pouted. Kurt thought when Dave whine and pouted it was adorable.

"I'm sorry Dave, don't sneak up on me like that" Kurt frowned and began to feel bad for Dave.

"You just left your notebook at my house" Dave handed it to Kurt

"Oh umm yeah thanks" Kurt smiled

"Your welcome" Dave grinned

"Are you okay?" Kurt looked at Dave's face but it looked alright he gently felt of it but it also felt okay.

"Yeah I'm fine" Dave smiled, "Well I'm gonna go home I'll see you later"

"Okay bye"

Kurt walked on home.

He wanted to tell Dave that he loves him. He just needed too. Maybe he will soon. He just needs to make a plan because he knew it would never happen on it's own.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Kurt woke up early. Really early about 6:30. He couldn't sleep much, he couldn't get Dave off his mind. He needed to tell him.

He thought of when he could but then he knew when he could.

Halloween night.

Usually for Halloween Dave and Kurt would go trash peoples houses then go to a party. Kurt figured at the Halloween party he could tell Dave. Maybe when he was drunk. And if Dave remembered then it would be important to him but if he didn't remember then Dave wouldn't care about it.

Kurt smiled, hoping everything would go right for him. It has to go right.

Sorry for such a short chapter.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3


~Halloween Night~

"Ready?" Dave smirked

"Ready!" Kurt smiled and chuckled.

Dave threw some toilet paper at some house, they quickly ran away when a light came on.

Kurt was so happy, he loved being with Dave. He wanted to be with him forever.

Kurt still hadn't forgot his plan, he was ready.

"Wanna go to the party now?" Kurt smiled at Dave

"Yeah. Let's go" Dave grabbed Kurt's hand and led him to the house where the party was.

Kurt looked around, there were a lot of people around. Drinking and smoking weed and everything. Couples making out.

He thought about him and Dave making out. How much he wanted to.

"Come on" Dave led Kurt over to a table with beer on it.

Kurt didn't drink or smoke nothing because he wanted to be sober to remember to tonight. To try to win Dave's heart.

Dave drank and was now getting drunk. Now Kurt was ready.

Dave was now sitting down, Kurt walked over to him and straddled him.

Dave chuckled and grinned

"I love you Dave" Kurt pressed his lips onto Dave's, deeply and passionately. He was turning himself on and Dave.

When we broke away Dave looked at him in surprise, "I love you too"

Kurt didn't know for sure if Dave loved him or not. He knew he'd have to wait until in the morning to know for sure.

"Come on" Dave smirked.

He took Kurt's hand and took him upstairs. Dave pushed Kurt onto the bed and hovered overtop him, kissing him wildly and rough.

Dave kissed, nibbled, and sucked on Kurt's neck.

This felt amazing to Kurt but he couldn't do this. He couldn't have sex with Dave, not now anyway because he loved Dave but he wasn't sure if he loved him back. It would hurt him enough to know Dave didn't love him but it would be worse if he lost his virginity to him.

Dave slowly unzipped Kurt's jeans. Kurt didn't want to stop but he knew he had to.

"Dave, wait. Stop"

"Why?" Dave looked into Kurt's beautiful blue eyes

"I'm still a virgin"

Dave grinned, "Oh. Alright. So you don't want to have sex?"

"Not now." Kurt sighed

Dave got off Kurt, "Okay"

Both of them went back downstairs and partied.


Kurt took Dave home, well home with him. He wanted to know Dave's reaction about tonight as soon as he woke up.

Both of them laid in bed. Kurt began to drift off when he felt a hand slide down his pajamas.

Kurt opened his eyes and saw Dave grinning.

"Dave. No"

"Just let me rub it"

"But Dave-"

"Please just rub"

Kurt sighed and gave in,"Alright"

Dave grinned and started rubbing Kurt's penis.

Kurt couldn't help but moan. This felt amazing and was even hotter knowing Dave was doing it.

Dave was saying Kurt's name, practically screaming it.

Stoking really hard.

That's when Kurt came. That's all he could take.

"Ohhhh god D-Da-Dave" Kurt moaned.

Dave smelt of Kurt's cum and then licked it off his fingers.

"Did you like that?" Dave grinned

"Ye-Yes" Kurt nodded

Dave straddled him and kissed my neck and whispered in his ear, "I want you Kurt. I want you inside me"

Kurt's breath was getting heavier, "N-No Dave not now"

"Please" Dave begged

Kurt shook his head, "We will later"

Dave sighed and laid beside him, "Well let's go to sleep"

"Okay. Goodnight"

Dave began to laugh

"What's so funny?" Kurt looked over at him

"I just really love your body" Dave grinned

Kurt sighed, "Why are you so horny?"

Dave poked Kurt's tummy, "Because you"

Kurt blushed. Dave started rubbing his side and kissed his neck

"Dave please stop" Kurt said between a moan.

"Do you want me?" Dave teased

"Yes but-"

"Just shhh" Dave continued to kiss his neck

Kurt pushed Dave away, "Let's just go to sleep I'm tired"

Dave frowned, "Fine."

Kurt closed his eyes and began to fall asleep. He couldn't wait until the morning.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Kurt woke up and laid there waiting for Dave to wake up. It felt like forever but Dave finally began to wake up.

"Huh?" Dave looked around.

Kurt knew it would take a little while for the memory's to come back to Dave.

"Good morning" Kurt smiled
"What happened last night?" Dave looked at Kurt
Kurt grinned "You'll remember soon"

Dave closed his eyes. No memory's yet.

"I gotta go home. I'll call you later" Dave slowly got up.
"Okay" Kurt frowned, he was kinda disappointed. He loved Dave so much and it was killing him. Dave had to remember last night. He just had to.

Dave was sitting around watching TV when he remembered last night.

Him and Kurt at the Halloween party. Kurt kissing him and telling him he loved him. Dave taking him upstairs. When they got to Kurt's house. The hand-job. He remembered it all.

He smiled. Kurt loved him. This was amazing.

Dave quickly ran over to Kurt's.

"Kurt, I love you too!" Dave said with a smile.
Kurt knew now that Dave did love him. Now his heart was beating fast. He loves Dave and Dave loves him.

"I've loved you for so long Dave" Kurt smiled.

Dave picked Kurt up and swung him around, tightly hugging him.
He kissed him deeply.
"Finally after so long your mine now Kurt" Dave chuckled. He was so happy he couldn't help but laugh. Kurt, was so happy he cried.

"So you do remember last night?" Kurt looked into his eyes
Dave nodded,"Yes. I do. I wish I wouldn't have got drunk" he chuckled.
Kurt smiled. He couldn't stop smiling.

"Let's go" Dave tugged at Kurt's hand.
Kurt blushed, "Why?"
"To do what I wanted to last night" Dave winked

Kurt followed behind Dave, slowly upstairs.

Kurt laid down as Dave kissed his soft lips. What turned into gentle kisses was now rough and wild. Dave rapidly played with Kurt's tongue, and Kurt enjoyed every second of it.

As Dave nibbled on Kurt's neck Kurt slid Dave's shirt off and rubbed his body. His hand wondered down into Dave's jeans.
Kurt had never felt of another guys penis. He had also never felt this way before, so hard and turned on.

Dave took Kurt's shirt off and threw it on the floor. Dave kissed his upper body everywhere and licked his nipples a little.
"Oh my god" Kurt smiled
Dave looked up at Kurt, "What is it?"
"This is just so amazing"
Dave chuckled, "Yeah. It is. Are you ready?"
Kurt nodded,"Yes I am."

Kurt reached over at his nightstand and handed Dave a condom.
Dave slid Kurt's jeans off and felt of his penis. This was also Dave's first time doing this.

Dave put on the condom and went inside Kurt, slowly and steady.

After Dave had himself inside Kurt he began to thrust and stroke Kurt's penis.

Both boys were nervous. So shaky and nervous. Both of them were moaning. Moaning each other's names.

"Da-Dave I'm g-going to-" Kurt didn't get to finish, he was interrupted but Dave, "Ohhhhh g-god Kurt, Kurt, Kurt!"

Kurt felt Dave's cum enter inside him that's when Kurt came.
"Dave oh my god Dave!" he yelled as he came.
Dave watched as the cum came outside of Kurt. He put a little on the tip of his finger and ate it. It didn't taste at all like he thought it would.

"That was great!" Dave said panting.
Kurt nodded and pecked Dave's lips, "I love you"
Dave smiled, "I love you too"

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