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Chapter 1

Chapter 1~

Kurt arose from his bed and looked around the dark room. He ran his fingers through his damp blonde hair and sighed. He had another nightmare, a nightmare about suicide and his parents fighting. When he was younger his parents got a divorce and he still has nightmares about it.

He laid back down and looked at the ceiling. The only noise he heard was the ticking from the clock. He closed his eyes but couldn't seem to go back to sleep. It was only 3:00 in the morning but Kurt got up anyway. He figured if he couldn't sleep then there wasn't any need to just lay there.

He rubbed his tired eyes and yawned. He only got five hours of sleep. He turned on his coffee maker and sat down at the kitchen table. He lit up a cigarette and took a long puff. He slowly let the smoke out and watched as it disappeared.

He heard a beep from his coffee maker. He stood up but stepped on something hard. He gasped and looked down, Dave left his drum sticks. Kurt took in a deep breath and let it out. He picked up Dave's drumsticks and looked them over to make sure he didn't affect them. They looked fine so Kurt sat them on the table.

He fixed a cup of coffee and sat back at his table. He took a long drink and smelt of the coffee. He crossed his legs and looked at the pictures on the wall.

Kurt wasn't married and he lived alone. Sometimes his best friends Dave and Krist would stay the night with him. Those nights were crazy. Kurt didn't drink but Krist would always bring beers and get drunk. Dave would drink a beer or two but wouldn't get drunk. Those nights were the only nights Kurt could sleep because Dave would sleep with him and wrap his arm around him and whisper in his ear that everything was okay. Kurt felt so peaceful when Dave would do this.

After Kurt drank his coffee he took a shower. He let the warm water run over his cold body. He shampooed his hair then soaped up his body. After he got finished he put on some jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Since he wasn't going to go anywhere he slipped on his socks but left his shoes off.

He ran back downstairs and flipped on the TV. There he saw the video to Come As You Are by his band, Nirvana. Kurt sang and played guitar, Dave played drums and Krist played bass.

Kurt was kind of quiet and shy. He was tall and skinny. He had blonde hair that was to his shoulders and amazing blue eyes. His smile was beautiful and his laugh was adorable. He was just gorgeous.

Dave wasn't shy and he loved to talk. He was tall and skinny. He had dark hair that was a little below his shoulders. He had brown eyes.

Krist was a loud, wild person. He would talk to anyone who looked at him. He had dark hair and dark eyes. He was tall and skinny.

As Kurt lit up a cigarette he heard a knock at his door. He unlocked the door and opened it. There was Dave and Krist.

"Hey" Dave smiled at Kurt and wrapped his arms around him.

Kurt smiled and hugged Dave back. "Hey guys. What's up?"

Dave and Krist walked inside and shut the door. Kurt sat down on the couch and turned the TV off. Dave sat beside him and smiled. Krist walked into the kitchen, looking for food.

Kurt looked into Dave's eyes. He immediately began to feel nervous and weird. He blinked and looked away from Dave. Dave smiled at Kurt, "Wanna go practice?"

Kurt nodded. Dave, Krist, and Kurt all walked into the studio.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2~

After their last song they all walked into the kitchen and drank some water. Kurt looked over at Dave and smiled. Dave smiled back and took a long drink of water.

"You guys should stay here tonight" Kurt said

Krist shrugged. "I don't know."

Dave nodded. "Yeah. We can. If you want."

Kurt smiled and nodded. He lit up a cigarette and began smoking. He looked at Krist, who was randomly shaking his head looking at the wall. He looked at Dave who quickly looked away from him, smiling and blushing. Kurt giggled quietly.

They all sat around and talked for a few hours. Kurt yawned and said, "I'm tired."

Dave grinned a little and picked Kurt up, he carried him upstairs and gently laid him on the bed. Dave laid beside him and wrapped his arm around Kurt. Krist slowly came upstairs and laid in the other bed. Dave pecked Kurt's cheek and smiled against his neck. "Goodnight sweet dreams beautiful." Kurt felt himself blush, Dave had never called him beautiful and he had never kissed his cheek.

"Dave..." Kurt said whispering
Dave whispered back, "Yeah?"
Kurt frowned,"I had another nightmare last night."
Dave frowned and pecked Kurt's cheek again. "It'll be okay baby. I'm here. If you wake up and your scared or something wake me up and I'll comfort you."
Kurt smiled. "Thanks."

Dave smiled and held Kurt tightly. Kurt closed his eyes and began to drift off.

"Kurt. Wake up!" Dave whispered loudly and shook Kurt
Kurt opened his blue eyes. "What?"
"Do you hear that?" Dave looked around the room.

Kurt began to hear a weird noise. His eyes wondered around the room and landed on Krist. Krist was sitting up, moving his mouth in a weird way and making a weird noise.

"Krist, what are you doing?" Kurt asked
Krist jumped a little. "Oh uh nothing I couldn't sleep."
Dave began chuckling. He laid back and grinned, still laughing a little.

Kurt groaned and laid back down. He held to his stomach and groaned.

"What's wrong?" Dave asked concerned
Kurt whined, "My tummy hurts."
Dave moved closer to Kurt and wrapped his arm around him. His hand wondered down from Kurt's side to his tummy. He slowly began to rub it. "It'll feel better soon."

Even since Kurt was little he has been having stomach problems. He would feel burning and kinda sick and it would hurt. He would drink strawberry milk to help it and sometimes if Dave rub his tummy it would stop hurting.

"Feel better?" Dave asked still continuing to rub his tummy
Kurt shrugged. "A little."
"Kurt, I have something to tell you." Dave whispered
"Whats that?" Kurt asked looking into Dave's eyes
"I... Love... You." Dave said slowly
Kurt sat up a little and stared at Dave.
"I'm sorry Kurt but I just can't help it. I've been feeling like this for a long time and I just needed to tell you. Your all I think about and when I'm around you my heart beats fast and I feel nervous. If you don't love me back then that's okay, but I still want to be friends."
A smile crept across Kurt's face. "Dave, I love you too."
Dave smiled. "Are you just kidding with me?"
Kurt shook his head. "No. I'm not. I mean it."
"Awwww," Krist said from across the room. "I knew you two would end up together."
Dave grinned and looked around from Krist. He looked back into Kurt's eyes.
"So... What? Are we together or just friends?" Kurt asked
Dave smiled and squeezed Kurt tightly. "Together. If you want to be my boyfriend?"
Kurt smiled and hugged Dave back, "I want to."

Chapter 3

Chapter 3~

Krist opened his eyes and looked across the room. He looked over at Kurt and Dave. Dave had his arm around Kurt and Kurt had his head on Dave's chest. Krist smiled and looked at the clock. It was 11:42. He looked out the window and saw it was cloudy and snow was falling from the sky. It was late January but it seemed like early December.

"Wake up!" Krist yelled as he threw a pillow at Kurt and Dave.

Kurt groaned and slowly moved waking Dave up. When Dave looked at Kurt a smile came across his face. "Good morning beautiful."
Kurt pecked Dave's cheek. "Morning."

"Guys get up! Let's go play outside! It's snowing!" Krist yelled and jumped out of bed.
"I need some coffee and a cigarette first" Kurt yawned
Dave smiled. "Your so cute." He rubbed his nose against Kurt's shoulder. Kurt smiled and kissed Dave's head.

"Lovers let's go! Get up! C'mon!" Krist tugged at them
Kurt slowly got up and walked inside the bathroom to pee. Dave stood by the door waiting for Kurt to finish.

"Why don't you just go in there? He's your boyfriend now." Krist grinned
Dave playfully rolled his eyes. "Your crazy."
Krist smiled. "I know. I saw you two this morning. You had your arm around Kurt and Kurt had his head on your chest. You were so cute!"
Dave looked down smiling.

Kurt walked out of the bathroom and Dave walked inside. Krist followed Kurt downstairs. Kurt turned on his coffee maker and lit up a cigarette.

"Can we play in the snow?" Krist pouted
Kurt nodded. "After I have my coffee."
Krist smiled. "Yes!"

Dave walked back downstairs and sat beside Kurt at the table. He smiled and wrapped his arms around Kurt. Krist smirked and sat down. "Okay? Well hurry up."

Kurt's coffee maker went off. All three of them made a cup and sat down. Kurt smelt of his coffee, he loved the smell. Dave smiled and kissed Kurt's nose. Kurt smiled at him and pecked his cheek. Krist chuckled at them and chugged his coffee.

"I'm done!" Krist smiled.
Kurt nodded. "Okay, go upstairs in my room and find some gloves and jackets."
Krist smiled and ran upstairs.

Dave looked at Kurt and grinned. "Since we're dating now, is it okay if I kiss you?"
Kurt's cheek went red. He smiled and nodded. "Yeah"
Dave leaned in and pressed his lips against Kurt's. Both of their lips were moving. A smile came across Kurt's face and that broke the kiss. Dave looked into Kurt's eyes and smiled.

"That was my first kiss." Dave admitted
Kurt nodded. "Mine too."
Dave smiled and pecked Kurt's lips. "Your lips are so sweet." Dave grinned
Kurt smiled. "Yours too. There so soft and sweet."

Krist came back downstairs and threw gloves, scarfs, hats, and jackets on Dave and Kurt. Kurt threw them onto the floor and went through them. He gave each of them a pair of gloves, a scarf, a hat, and two jackets. Krist quickly put them on but Kurt and Dave wasn't in a hurry. Krist opened the door and ran out.

Dave stood beside Kurt waiting for him to put on his gloves. Kurt slipped his fingers into them, then he was ready.

"Kurt," Dave whispered. He put his hands at Kurt's sides and looked him in the eyes. "I love you so much."
A smile spread across Kurt's face. "I love you too."
"Guys come on!" Krist yelled at them
"C'mon" Dave smiled at Kurt and held his hand as they walked outside.

As Kurt walked out a breeze of cold air hit him. He gasped as Krist pushed him down into the snow. Kurt immediately began kicking at Krist as Krist started throwing snow on him. Dave tackled Krist down and shoved snow into his mouth. "Eat it, eat it!" Dave laughed.
"Wait! I think that snow had piss in it!" Krist gagged. Kurt got up and hugged Dave. Dave hugged him back tightly and pecked his cheek.

"Oh my god!" Krist yelled, "Oh my god!"
"Stop freaking out what's wrong?" Kurt asked
"That snow... Had... Piss in... It" Krist said gagging and spitting.

Kurt and Dave burst out laughing. Laughing so hard they felt weak. Both of them fell onto the snow and looked over at each other. Dave smiled, "This snow is cold!" he shivered
Kurt grinned. He jumped up and sat on Dave's waist. Dave smiled up at him and held his hand. Kurt picked up some snow and laid it in Dave's hair.

"Guys! Look!" Krist yelled.
Dave and Kurt looked over, Krist was pointing at some snow that was yellow.
"I pissed in the snow" Krist chuckled
Kurt looked down at Dave and kissed his lips. After that Kurt got up and helped Dave up.

Dave gathered some snow and made a snowball, he threw it at Kurt and hit his arm. Kurt smiled and threw a snowball back at Dave. Krist was too busy looking at the snow he had just pee'd in.

"Let's make a snowman!" Dave clapped
Kurt smiled and began making a small pile of snow. He gathered it into a ball a started rolling it into the snow.

Kurt made the head. Krist made the middle part and Dave made the bottom part. Since they didn't have the things to make a face they carved in eyes, a nose and a mouth.

"I'm freezing" Kurt shivered
Dave wrapped his arms around Kurt and led him in the house.

"Want me to make some hot chocolate?" Krist offered
Dave and Kurt both smiled and nodded.

"Oh yeah, we have to go on tour next week!" Krist jumped up and down.
Kurt nodded. "Alright."
"That's gonna be exciting" Dave grinned at Kurt.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4~

*Next Week*

"Watch out Krist!" Dave yelled as Krist tripped over him.

"Whoa! Move out of the way!" Krist screamed playfully

"Guys calm down we have to leave in the morning." Kurt called out at them

Dave leaned in closer to Kurt and whispered in his ear. "I have a surprise for you when we go on tour."

Kurt smiled and pecked his lips quickly. "What is it?"

Dave grinned, "You'll see."

"Alright I'm finished packing" Krist said as he stood up. He gathered all his bags into a pile.

"Me too. Do you need some help Kurt?" Dave pecked his cheek and smiled

Kurt shook his head. "No I'll be done in a second."

Dave put his stuff into a pile. He looked at Kurt but Kurt was now finished. Dave smiled at him and Kurt smiled back. Krist walked out of the room and wandered downstairs to watch TV. Dave picked Kurt up and sat him in his lap.

"I want to be with you forever." Dave smiled and wrapped his arms around Kurt.

Kurt smiled and rested his head on Dave's shoulder. "Me too. And we will be together forever."

Dave pressed his lips against Kurt's and deeply kissed him. Kurt kissed back with love and passion. Dave held both of Kurt's hands and continued to kiss him.

Kurt broke the kiss and smiled at Dave. "We better go to bed. We have to get up early in the morning." Kurt yawned

Dave nodded and pecked his nose. He picked Kurt up off him and gently laid him on the bed. Kurt rested his head in Dave's chest and listened to his heartbeat. Dave kissed Kurt's head then wrapped his arm around him. "Goodnight sweetheart." Kurt whispered

Dave whispered back, "Goodnight beautiful. Sweet dreams."


"Wake up beautiful." Dave whispered in Kurt's ear.

Kurt slowly opened his eyes and looked at Dave. Kurt was greeted with a kiss. A short, sweet, deep kiss from warm lips. Kurt smiled at Dave and cuddled with him.

"We have to get up." Dave sighed

Kurt shook his head. "Let's just lay here for five minutes and cuddle."

Dave smiled. "Okay."

Before long both of them fell back asleep. They were woken up by the sound of a horn.

"Guys the tour bus is out there!" Krist yelled and jumped up.

"Shit!" Dave gasped and got up.

All of them quickly put on clean clothes and grabbed their bags. They all ran down the stairs and out the door. Krist ran on the bus. Kurt and Dave slowly got on and sat down. Kurt rubbed his eyes and yawned. Dave pecked his cheek and rested his head on Kurt's shoulder.

"Guys! There's only one bed!" Krist yelled

"Oh no." Dave shook his head.

Kurt sighed. Both of them hated sharing a bed with Krist. He would move to much and sometimes he would punch their face. Plus he always took all the cover off them and they would freeze.

Dave nuzzled Kurt's neck and smiled. "As long as I get to lay beside you then it's fine."

Kurt smiled and nodded.

"So what's my surprise?" Kurt grinned

"You'll see. Just be patient." Dave smiled

Kurt playfully rolled his eyes at Dave. Dave smiled at him, "Let's get Krist drunk so he'll pass out that way he can just lay on the floor." Dave chuckled

Kurt nodded. "Alright!"


After a few hours Krist was drunk and had already passed out.

"Come on" Dave whispered to Kurt.

Kurt followed him into the bedroom. Dave laid on the bed and Kurt laid beside him. Dave slowly pressed his lips onto Kurt's. Kissing him roughly and wild. Kurt kissed back using his tongue.

Dave crawled on top of Kurt and grinned at him. Dave slowly started grinding his hips against Kurt's, still kissing him deeply.

He ran his fingers down Kurt's body. Kurt shivered at the feel. Dave's fingers wondered at Kurt's jeans. He started unbuttoning them but Kurt pushed his hand away.

"Dave stop." Kurt said as he sat up

"What's wrong?" Dave sat in front of Kurt and looked into his eyes

"I'm still... A virgin and I'm not ready yet."

Dave looked down. "Oh. S-Sorry."

Kurt shook his head. "No, I'm sorry. I want to but I'm just not ready yet. I'm too afraid. I panic too much."

Dave held his hand. "It's okay. I don't want to rush you into this, we can wait as long as you want to."

Kurt smiled.

Dave smiled back. "But can I ask you something?"

Kurt nodded. "Yes."

"Did it ma-make you hard?" Dave blushed

Kurt chuckled. "Yeah. A lot. Especially when you wandered your fingers down my body."

Dave blushed deeper and kissed his cheek. "Good. Now are you ready to go to bed?"

Kurt nodded and laid back down. Dave laid beside him and kissed his head.

"Goodnight." Kurt whispered

"Goodnight beautiful." Dave whispered back.

Chapter 5 (Last Chapter)

Chapter 5~

After they performed they got back into the tour bus and started for Seattle.

"Kurt?" Dave smiled

"Yes?" Kurt looked up from his guitar.

"Come in here for a second."

Kurt sat his guitar down and followed Dave into his room. He sat down on the bed beside Dave. Dave smiled and looked into his eyes.

"What?" Kurt looked around.

Dave slipped something on Kurt's finger. "I know it's early but... Will you marry me?"

Kurt smiled and looked at the ring on his finger. He looked up at Dave and smiled. "Yes." Kurt nodded.

Dave smiled and kissed his lips deeply. "Together, forever?"

Kurt nodded. "Together forever."

Sorry for the really short chapter. Hope you liked it (: thanks for reading.

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