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Chapter One

Dave smiled at his blue eyed friend as he strummed his guitar, mumbling words Dave couldn't understand, but he didn't mind. Just hearing Kurt's raspy voice sent a smile on his face.

It was safe for Dave to say he had fell in love with his best friend. No denying it. He knew Kurt was beautiful, caring, a bit moody sometimes, quiet but when you talk to him he's very talkative. He knew that Kurt always looked at the flaws in things, trying to improve them. He knew Kurt was picky when it came to clothes, food, etc... He had Kurt all figured out. Kurt was hard to please, which would be difficult in a relationship, but Dave could live with that. He knew Kurt was bisexual, so he at least had a small chance.

"You think that song was good?" Kurt asked. "Because I think it's awful."

Dave chuckled. "It's amazing, Kurt. It's perfect. The fans will love it."

Kurt sent Dave a small smile. "I hope so. I know it's time for an album, and I have to make some quick songs. Ugh I'm so lazy aren't I? I do this every time."

Dave just shrugged with a smile. Kurt chuckled and pulled out a cigarette from the pack, lighting it up with his black lighter.

"Where's Krist?" Kurt asked as he blew out the smoke from his cigarette.

"Oh, he's on his way." Dave assured. Krist had called a few moments ago, apologizing for being late and informed he was on his way over for band practice.

"I miss Frances." Kurt said with a sigh. "Can you believe Courtney did this to me? Fucking leaving me and taking Frances away! I just... I wish I wouldn't have married her. The relationship was so great at first... then I realized she was so self centered." Kurt sighed. "Sorry, I'm rambling on again."

Dave nodded in understanding. Dave wasn't going to lie, he was glad the two of them got a divorce, but that was an awful way to do Kurt. Not even letting him see his own daughter.

"Well maybe... when you're ready to move on... you should try a relationship with a guy... instead of a girl." Dave suggested. Kurt took a long drag of his cigarette and nodded.

"You know what? I think I just might. Girls aren't really working for me."

Dave didn't get to say anything else because Krist came rushing in, his hair a mess.

"Sorry guys, I overslept."

"It's like five in the afternoon." Kurt pointed out.

Krist sighed. "Okay. I may be on a little bit of a hangover."

Kurt chuckled and picked up his guitar, which he already had tuned. Krist watched with a smile as Kurt fixed up his mic. Little did Kurt know, that Krist was also in love with him. Krist admired everything about Kurt. His style, attitude, everything. Kurt was pretty much the only thing Krist thought about.

"Okay. Let's get started." Kurt said. Krist watched carefully as Dave walked passed his crush, lightly sweeping his hand against his. A small blush appearing on Kurt's cheeks, and a smile appearing on Dave's face. Krist gritted his teeth in anger, but pushed the thought away, thinking maybe it was only an accident.

"Okay..." Kurt whispered to himself and strummed his guitar.


"I better be heading home." Dave whispered to Kurt. Krist had already left, almost as soon as band practice was over. Dave wondered if he was angry because he kept flirting with Kurt.

Was Krist jealous?

"You sure? You don't have to leave yet. I'm here... all day... all alone." Kurt said and sat his hand on top of Dave's. Dave grinned and bit his bottom lip, lightly blushing.

"Hmm... I don't know. It is getting pretty late." Dave said.

Kurt sighed. "But the nights are so long and lonely."

"Are you suggesting I stay with you all night?" Dave asked. Kurt giggled lightly.

"Maybe I am... would you like to?"

Dave shrugged. "Sure."

Kurt smiled. "Good. Now let's watch a movie!"

Chapter Two

Krist felt around in his pockets, searching for his pick. He groaned when he realized he forgot it at Kurt's. He could've waited until tomorrow to get it, considering it was pretty late, but it seemed as if his bass was just begging him to play it, and also, he'd get too see the beautiful blue eyed boy he so deeply loved.

He grabbed his jacket and headed out the door. He figured he'd just walk. Kurt only lived a few houses away from him. And it didn't take long before he was on Kurt's front porch, knocking on the front door.

Krist smiled when Kurt opened the door, but his smile faded when he saw Dave standing behind him.

"Hey, Krist. Are you okay?" Kurt asked. Krist looked away from Dave and back at the tiny blonde.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I just forgot my pick. What are you guys up to?" Krist said quickly. He couldn't deny that he felt jealous what Dave was here. Could the two of them be in a secret relationship?

"Nothing. We were just watching a movie. Wanna join?" Kurt asked. Krist gritted his teeth before shrugging.

"Sure I'll join." Krist said as he walked inside, closing the door behind him.

"I'm gonna go get some strawberry milk. You guys want some?" Kurt asked. Krist and Dave both answered with a no before Kurt disappeared into the kitchen.

Krist raised his eyebrows at Dave when he noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt.

"What?" Dave asked.

"Why aren't you wearing a shirt?"

Dave shrugged. "I don't know. It got hot."

"You weren't trying to do anything with Kurt, was you?" Krist asked with crossed arms. Dave chuckled.

"No. Why? You're jealous of me and Kurt, aren't you?"

Krist faked a chuckle. "Me? Jealous? I don't think so. Why would I be jealous anyway?"

"Gee, I don't know. You kinda act like it. You're jealous!" Dave said with a grin and put his hands on his hips.

"Am not!" Krist argued like a little kid.

"Don't lie, Krist."

Krist sighed. "Okay, I may like Kurt a little."

"A little?"

"Okay a lot. And you aren't just doing to swoop in and take him, Dave." Krist snapped.

"Ha. It's pretty obvious he likes me, Krist. He flirts with me all the time." Dave said and flipped his hair. Krist rolled his eyes.

"Stay away from my man." Krist said and snapped his fingers.

"Your man? I think you mean my man." Dave snapped.

"I think you should-"

"I'm back!" Kurt said as he came running into the living room. He looked at Krist and then Dave. "What happened while I was gone?"

Dave smiled sweetly. "Nothing, Kurt. Just talking about music. Now, let's go finish the movie, huh?"

Kurt nodded. "Okay. Let's go, Krist." He took Krist's hand, lacing their fingers together, as they walked up the stairs.

Krist stuck his tongue out at Dave, and Dave flipped him and mouthed, "Fuck you."

Krist rolled his eyes at Dave. Once they all were back in Kurt's room they all laid on the bed, Kurt in the middle, Dave on his right, and Krist on his left.

Dave took Kurt's hand sometime throughout the movie, lacing their fingers together. Kurt giggled silently and blushed. He blushed deeper as Krist took his other hand.

Dave rolled his eyes at Krist and laid his head gently on Kurt's shoulder. Which Krist did also to Kurt's other shoulder. Kurt giggled, enjoying what the two boys was doing. He had a pretty good idea what was going on, but didn't say anything.

Finally the movie had ended.

Kurt looked over at Dave, who was asleep on his shoulder. He gently kissed his head and looked at Krist, who was asleep on his other shoulder. He placed a kiss on Krist's head too before closing his blue eyes, falling asleep with the other two boys.

Chapter Three

"Don't talk to me." Krist snapped. Dave flipped him off.

"Don't talk to me either."

"Stay away from Kurt."

"You stay away from Kurt."

"Your ass is flat." Krist said as he snapped his fingers twice and shook his head.

"You have a baby dick."

"You suck dick. Wait..."

"Who sucked a dick?" Kurt asked as he returned from getting water. He handed a bottle to Krist, and the other to Dave.

"No one. Krist was just talking about dick sucking." Dave said with a chuckle. Krist rolled his eyes.

"No. Dave was telling me a story of how he sucked a dogs dick." Krist said with an innocent smile.


"He's lying. Don't listen to him, Kurt." Dave said, rolling his eyes. Kurt looked at both of them and chuckled.

"Hey, Kurt?"

"Hey, Dave."

"Do you wanna come over? I made you some cookies." Dave said and then he poked Kurt's tummy.

"Will there be strawberry milk?" Kurt asked. Dave nodded.

"Okay. Then I'll be there. I gotta go home and shower first." Kurt informed. He kissed Dave's cheek before leaving the two boys alone again.

Krist crossed his arms and gritted his teeth. "This is war, Dave. This is war."


"Sorry, Dave. Your cookies were so good I ate all them." Kurt said, looking down because he felt bad for eating all the cookies. Dave chuckled. Kurt was the cutest thing.

"Hey, it's fine. They were for you." Dave said and then he lifted Kurt's head up.

"I bet you taste better than the cookies." Dave whispered as he slowly leaned on, almost kissing the beautiful boy, but a knock at the door interrupted him.

Dave groaned and Kurt blushed. "I'll get it." Kurt said in a whisper and kissed Dave's cheek.

And who was at the door? Krist. With a huge cake.

"Hello, gorgeous!" Krist said with a smile. Kurt returned the smile and moved aside, allowing Krist inside.

"I made you a cake." Krist said. Dave rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Really, Krist?" Dave said through gritted teeth.

"Oh, a cake! It looks delicious! But I already had like thirty cookies." Kurt said, disappointed.

"Well then, you can save it for later." Krist said. Kurt smiled.

"Oh no, there's a spider on Krist's foot." Dave said with a gasp and stomped down on Krist's foot. "I killed it!"

Krist bit his cheek in pain. "No you didn't, right there it is on your leg." And then Krist kicked Dave's leg, causing him to yelp in pain.

"You little shit." Dave said in pain.

"Dave, are you okay?" Kurt asked. Dave looked down and shook his head.

"It hurts."

"Krist, why'd you kick him that hard?" Kurt snapped. "Poor thing. Go lie down, and I'll come look at your leg."

Dave looked up and nodded at Kurt. He made his way up the stairs, flipping Krist off when Kurt wasn't looking.

"Thanks for the cake, Krist. But I think you should go now." Kurt said sadly and took the cake from Krist, dipping his finger into the icing and licking it off.

"I'm sorry." Krist said with a pout. Kurt frowned and kissed his cheek.

"It's fine. I'll see you later, okay?"

Krist nodded and kissed the top of Kurt's head. "Okay."

Chapter Four

"Let's take a look at your leg." Kurt said, plopping down on the bed beside of Dave. Dave rolled up his pant leg and Kurt ran his finger over the small bruise.

"There's a small bruise there." He said almost in a whisper. Kurt gently kissed it.

"It feels better now." Dave said with a smile. Kurt chuckled and pecked his cheek.

"Good. I'm gonna be heading home. It looks like it's going to rain soon." Kurt said, getting the bed.

"You can't just stay here with me?" Dave asked with a pout.

"Sorry, Davey. But I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

Dave nodded. "Okay."


"Hello, Kurt." Krist said. Kurt smiled at him before taking another drag of his cigarette.

"Hey, Krist."

Krist grinned. "You look adorable in that sweater."

Kurt blushed and looked down at his green sweater. "Oh. Umm. Thanks." He said nervously.

"Your welcome, doll." Krist said, tossing in a wink. Kurt chuckled and blushed deeper.

"So... have you made any new songs lately or guitar riffs?" Krist asked.

Kurt nodded. "Yeah. I came up with a guitar riff for Heart Shaped Box. Umm... I'm not sure if it's any good or not though."

Krist smiled. "I bet it's perfect. Just like you."

Kurt giggled lightly and blushed once again. "So... would you like to hear it?"

Krist nodded and watched as Kurt rushed up the stairs to get his guitar. Only a few seconds later he appeared with a beautiful Fender guitar in his hands.

"Okay. I just need to tune it." Kurt mumbled, mostly to himself. Krist watched as Kurt tuned up his guitar until he had it perfect, or well, perfect to Krist.

"I can never get these damn things in the right tune. Oh well. It'll work."

Krist watched Kurt's fingers as they moved around on the guitar. He didn't sing along as he played his guitar. He just did the riff over and over a few times.

"It's the shit, right?" Kurt asked with a chuckle, grabbed another cigarette.

"It was great, Kurt. I think it suits the song pretty good."

"Hm... you think?"

Krist nodded. "Yeah."


"So, what did you and Kurt do after I left?" Krist asked. Dave grinned.

"Hmm... lets see... we kissed."

"Liar." Krist snapped.

"Hey, I'm not lying. We used tongue and everything, man. He just told me not to tell anyone, so be a dear and don't say anything about it to Kurt."

"Ooo bitch, I'm gonna kick your ass." Krist said.

Dave rolled his eyes. "Not before I kick your ass. Mother fucking shit."

"I swear, Dave-"

"Shut up. Kurt's coming." Dave said in a whisper before Kurt returned back to them, lighting up a cigarette.

"What's going on guys?"

Krist and Dave both smiled. "Nothing. Nothing at all."

Chapter Five

Dave smiled sweetly at the beautiful blonde as he tuned his guitar. Kurt smiled back at him as he finished tuning his Fender guitar.

"Alright... I have a song for you, Dave." Kurt said sweetly. He knew exactly what was going on between Dave and Krist, and he really liked that they were fighting over him.

Kurt grinned as he began to play Love Buzz. Krist gritted his teeth in anger as Dave sent an encouraging smile to Kurt.

"Come with me." Krist said angrily as he grabbed Dave's arm and pulled him away.

"What the hell, Dave?!"

"What? I didn't do anything. It isn't my fault he loves me and not you. I mean, I am hotter than you." Dave said, flipping his hair.

"Yeah, you're so gorgeous, Dave." Krist said, rolling his eyes. "I've known Kurt longer than you have! I've been there for him more than you have!"

"Remember our bet, Krist. I think I'm winning. So, you should just give up." Dave said.

"Actually, I think you're both pretty cute. Also, you've both been there for me. Its hard to choose between the two of you, especially since I'm just part of a bet, when I thought I was much more than that." Kurt said as he appeared in the room. Both, Dave and Krist jumped.

"Kurt, we-"

"No." Kurt snapped. "I don't want to hear it. It was just a bet. To see who I would pick, I'm guessing. So now, I'm not picking either."

"Kurt, you're more-" Dave started, but Kurt covered his mouth with his hand.

"I didn't think you were like that, Dave. Especially you, Krist." Kurt said, shaking his head in disappointment.

"We can honestly explain, Kurt." Krist said quickly. Dave nodded.

"Then explain." Kurt said, looking at Dave.

"Well, we both like you." Dave said.

"Honestly, we do." Krist said.

"And we were both going to ask you out, but we didn't want to pressure you. So... we were going to both kinda hang out with you and see which one of us you pick." Dave finished. Kurt sighed and bit his bottom lip.

"I'm still not very impressed, but okay." Kurt said. He softly kissed Dave's lips, and then Krist's.

"Let's just call it a threesome." Kurt said before he began to walk away, but Dave grabbed his arm.

"Wait. You need to pick one of us."

Kurt grinned. "Yeah. I want you both. So, let's say we're all three together. Get what Im saying?"

"But that'll never work out." Krist said.

"Either it works, or I'm picking neither."

The twos boys groaned. "Okay, okay. We'll see how it goes." Dave mumbled. Kurt said and hugged them both.

"Cool. Now, I have two boyfriends. Dave has two boyfriends. And Krist has two boyfriends." Kurt said with a nod before he left the room. Krist and Dave glared at each other.

"I don't want to be your boyfriend." Dave said.

"I don't want to be your boyfriend either, because you're an asshole." Krist said before he disappeared out of the room. Dave rolled his eyes and groaned.

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