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Floyed The Barber/Party

Dave's POV

I left to work as I herd Krist scream,
Don't forget the party tonight!


When I got to work I saw a Guy he looked like a homeless guy.
OH wait he was. He had blond hair and blue eyes.
He always looked at me with a smile.
He looks about my age 23.
He always had a guitar.
But anyway I better get to my stupid job.
It was boring, all I had to do was sweep hair because I was working at Floyed The Barbers.
Well I better start my shit of a job.


My shift was now over thank god!
When I got out side I saw Krist talking to the homeless guy.
Hey Krist.
Oh hey man.
Hey who is ur friend?
Kurt is it ok if he can live with us?
Uh yea man.
Ok well could you drive him home with you I need to go and get liquor for the party.
Yea sure come one Kurt.

As Kurt grabbed all his stuff and put it in the back seat he asked, So ur name is Dave?
Gorhl- Dave Gorhl.
Oh cool name and I'm Cobain- Kurt Cobain.
Nice, so like are you going to this party Krist is talking about?
I have no one to go with.
Well you can come with me if you want?


When we got to the house Kurt asked,
So where do I sleep?
On the couch if you want.
Ok what time is the party?
I think 9:00
You wanna watch some TV while I go shower?

Kurt's POV

Dave is a really nice guy. And kinda attractive. But no I can't think that way.
What ever I'm just going to play on my guitar.


I herd someone running down the stairs saying,
Hey Kurt you wanna go take a shower now?
Umm yea sure.
Ok you better hurry you only go 30 Minutes until the party.
Ok thanks Dave.
I ran up the stairs and started the shower.
When I got in it felt nice because of the hot water going on to my cold skin.
But Dave unturned me knocking and saying, Kurt hurry up you only got 10 more minutes.
10 minutes!!
I hurried and jumped out
And put my clothes on.
My hair was still wet but I didn't care and I ran out and saw Dave sitting on the couch.
Damn Kurt ur fast!
Yea but my hair is still wet!
So you look great.
I started to blush.
Well let's go!


Me and Dave have been here for like 2 hours but when we first got here he left me to go and out with some guys.
So the whole time I sat bye the back and had 2 beers.
The music sucked.
All they played was shitty 80s pop music.
I wanted to listen to Sonic Youth or something.
All the sudden Drunk ass Krist Walked up to me and said,
he-hey where is ur lo-love bird Dave?
What do you mean, me cheeks started to get red.
H-he always says that some homeless guy he sees which is you, is so cute and he was going to help you until I came in and asked if you wanted to move in.
S-so ur saying he thinks I'm cute?, I asked blushing.
Yea man well got to go fuck a chick see ya tomorrow!

I started to think a lot about Dave now.
I was starting to thing about a lot of things.
Like, when me and Krist met. Me and him met in high school.
I was wearing a band shirt and he liked bands, he said he played bass and I told him I played guitar. Then we started talking from there until we graduated then we stopped talking for some reason but just today we talked and now I'm living with him.

All of the sudden a slow song came on.
I just looked at all of the lovers dance with all of the colorful lights shining at my face.
I felt lonely and sad.

Dave's POV

I saw Kurt siding alone he looks lonely and sad.
He looked really cute to.
I went over and sat by him.
When I did he had the biggest smile on his face.
Hey Kurt.
Hi Dave I hope ur not drunk like Krist.
No I'm not.
Ok good.
Hey Kurt you wanna get out of here and go and get something to eat?
At 1:00 in the morning?
Yea I wanna get to know you more.
I could tell Kurt was blushing and that made my smile.
Yea I'd love that!


Me and Kurt order our food and we started talking.
So uhh Kurt how come you were living in that ally?
Well when I was 8 my parents got a divorce and I was with my mom or dad some nights but when I was 16 I told them I was uhhhh umm.
Come on Kurt you can tell me.
Ok well just don't make fun of me or kick me out.
I would never do that to you.
Ok well umm they didn't want me or talk to me because I'm gay.
That's nothing to be ashamed of Kurt.
Ur parents are missing out on you because you are one handsome wonderful guy.
He was blushing again.
After that he started telling me stuff about when he went to high school and how he plays guitar and would like to be in a band.
Than I started telling him about myself.

Kurt's POV

After we got our food Dave started telling me stuff about himself.
He was a really interesting guy.
He said that he grew up in Virginia and how he likes to play the drums and more facts.

Well Kurt I'm happy that we now know a lot about each other but we gotta get back home it's all ready 4:00 in the morning and I got work tomorrow.
Oh ok do you think we could do something else tomorrow after you get out of work.
You know yes me and you can watch a movie.
Ok sweet.


When me and Dave got home we both laughed because Krist was humping a bag of bread.
Kurt do you think he is still drunk?
Yep and I'm guessing he didn't get fucked tonight!
Yea hahaha.
Well goodnight Kurt see you when I get home from work tomorrow.
Ok ba-nothin.
Oh ok.

After Dave went upstairs with Krist still humping the bag of bread I was so embarrassed.
He knew I was about to call him babe.
God damit!
Whatever I need to get that stupid bad memory out of my head!

I went and laid on the couch.
No pillow or blank damn!
Whatever it's better than laying on concrete.
Than I fell asleep really fast.

Cuts And Scars

Kurt's POV

I woke up on the couch and there was a note on my head. It read

Dear, Kurt
I went to work and I'll be back at 7:00 PM so don't forget the movie tonight so get your stuff and put it by the couch so I can sit with you..... Krist is up stairs if you need him. He probably has a hang over so just scream FIRE!!!
And I'm sure he will get up well hope you had a good sleep see ya when I'm home.
- Dave

I Started blushing.
I need to stop blushing it's so stupid.
And I really didn't have a good sleep because the couch is to small for me.
My head hurts so bad.

I started running upstairs and scream, FIRE!!!! KRIST THERES A FIRE!!!
Nahh man there really isn't one.
WTF KU- wait ohhh man SHIT!
Dave told you to do that didn't he?
Yea he did.
Krist can you get me some kinds pills that will help my head stop hurting?9
Yea come with me I'll get ur pill and make you some breakfast.
Thank You.

As we went down stairs Krist told me to sit down.
He asked,
So Kurt where were you and Dave last night? I tried to find you guys at the party but I couldn't and then a few hours later when I got home you were passed out on the couch and Dave was upstairs to playing his drums.

Oh umm well.
Kurt you can tell me we have known each other since high school man.
Me and him went to a late night restaurant and got to know each other.
Ok that's all you needed to tell me.
Ok man, I said in a mumble.

I just sat at the table and waited for my pill for me head and breakfast.
Here ya go Kurt!
Wow Krist this looks really good!
Yea thanks man.
Your cooking skills went up!
It has!

5:00 PM

I sat on the couch and played my guitar really loud on the amp.
All of the sudden there was a big knock on the door so I answered it.
It looked like some skank.
Hi baby are you Krist Nov- KRIST!!!
Your whore is here.

Hey I'm Kurt you can wait down here and do anything you wanna until Krist comes down.

I went back to the couch and started to play my guitar.
She sat next to me and said,
I'm Courney.
She than slowly put her hand on my leg.
Look slut ur going to fuck Krist not me I like someone now goodbye Bitch!
Krist then ran down with a suit on.
Come on baby we got some fuckin to do let's go to my room.
Ok babe.
Krist how long will you and her be up there?
Some good hours man why?
Me and Dave are going to watch a movie.
Ooooo ok well il probably see you tomorrow.

7:00 PM
Dave's POV

Finally gosh I'm out of work.
But I can't wait to see Kurt.
As I walked out of my car I heard a loud guitar playing.
And someone was singing. They said,

Come As You Are, As You Were, As I Want You To Be, As A-A-A DAMIT!!!!!

Wow the singing was nice but I wonder why they got upset.
When I got into the house it was Kurt who was singing and playing guitar.
Hey Kurt!

Oh I'm sorry I scared you Kurt.
It-it's ok.
So are we still watching the movie.
Ok well I'm going to go take a shower.

When I got upstairs I herd banging.
Like a bed banging into the wall repeatedly.
It was coming from Krist's room.
When I was about to put my hand on the handle I herd a girl moan.
I smiled and walked away to the bathroom for my shower.


When I was done showering and got out of the bathroom Kurt ran up to me and hugged me in fear.
Kurt I'm still soaking wet.
I don't care.
Well what's wrong?
There was a spider down there!
All of the sudden we herd a big moan from Krist's room.
Yea umm Kurt let's get down stairs.
Can I hold your hand?
Yes you can.

How come you like movies Dave?
Cuz there awesome!
Ok well what are we going to watch?
I started saying I'm a scary voice,
The human centipede.
Come on really?
Yea man I'll go put it in.
When I was on the ground putting the movie in Kurt asked quietly, Dave? Why do you have cuts and scars on your arm?

I was hoping he wasn't going to ask that.
Don't worry about it Kurt.
He than slowly pulled his sleeve up and there was so many scars.
Dave don't be ashamed.
Well you have a reason to do it Kurt.
Yes and you do to so please just tell me. I told you how I was living on the streets.
Ok well it's just depression.
My parents never loved me.
Wh- why?
I have no idea probably because I liked different music than them and when my dad found out he bead me and while he was beating be my mother just spit on me.

Kurt slowly said,
Come over here and let's watch the movie.

Half way into the movie Kurt was getting scared and scared.
And to calm him down I just held him into my arms.


Kurt's POV

The movie was finally over.
Dave said well I'm going to bed ok.
Can I sleep with you please I'm scared.
He smiled and that made me blush.
Of course come one.
I held his hand and as we passed bye Krist's room we herd, ruuuuuuu I'm going to cu-cummmmmmmmm.

Me and Dave looked at each other and lathed so hard Krist screamed,
Shut the hell up love fucks.
We both blushed.

As me and Dave walked into his room it was really cool.
Wow Dave you have a lot of guitars and a cool Drum set.
Thanks well we should get to bed.

As me and Dave got into the bed and snuggled Dave said softly, Ya know I don't have work tomorrow so me and you can do something.
Thanks Dave I lo- I mean I really would love that!

Then the both of us fell asleep really fast.

Chad's Little Visit

Dave's POV

I woke up and Kurt wasn't next to me.
He must have been in the bath room.

When I got up and walked by the bathroom he still wasn't there.

I herd some moans. Like moans in pain!
I ran down the stairs and I saw Kurt on the ground holding his guitar with his eyes shut and shaking in pain.

Kurt! Are you ok!?
Ye-yea it's just my tummy hurts.
Kurt it's that bad?!
Yea really bad.
Ok we are going to the hos-
Nope can't...I just have to live with this.
Wh-What do you mean?
This problem happened when I was 14 and my mom took me and they said this is a unknown thing so he said I'm just going to have to live with this.

I had tears coming out of my eyes.
What kind of person has to live like this it's terrible.

Uhh.....well Kurt do you need anything?
No I think it's going away now.
Ok good but next time your tummy starts hurting just tell me.

All of the sudden we saw Krist and his skank of a ho walk down stairs.

Well hey guys!
Umm Krist we know you and her did it all night.
Ummm no!
Oh yea well when I went to take a shower I herd a lot of orgasam's
Oh really Dave!
Well how about how you tell Kurt how you love him so much and how you will always care for him!

The room got silent and me and Kurt blushed.
Haha Dave no good comeback?

I had to say something fast!

Umm yea you do you have a problem of me liking Kurt!!!!
Nahh man I do-
Yea you doooo! You absolutely do so just say it!

All of the sudden there was a knock at the door.
Krist go open it!

Krist walked over to the door and it was me and Krist good pal Chad Channing.
Krist said loud, Hey Chad!

Kurt ran up to me and said really fast,
Is that Chad Channing?
Yep why?
I need to get out of here!
Back in high school he bullied me and said, after I graduate and if I see you I will kill you no joke.

Kurt are you lying?
No! I need to leave!
Kurt ran very fast by the door to grab his shoes and he grabbed a jacket than his guitar and ran up stairs.
I ran after him.
He jumped out of the window.

I went to go ask Chad a question really fast.

Hey Chad!
Hey Dave what's up?
Well I just need to ask you a fast question than I need to go.
Ok what is it?
In high school did you bully a guy named Kurt Cobain than you said when you would graduate if you had seen him you would kill him?
Yes I hated that fucking kid!

I got really mad and I punched him in the face.
Chad than started punching me and he was strong.
My nose started bleeding and he got his knife and made a big cut on my face.

I got up and got my keys and ran out to my car and drove off really fast.

Kurt's POV

It was a little bit raining and gray out side.
Just the way I loved the days.
I was kinda getting scared.
What if Krist told me I was living with him and Dave and at night Chad kills me or something.
Ow whatever
There was no cars on the road but one was coming straight for me.
They stopped and rolled down there dark window.

Dave? Dave! Dave!!!

Dave was starting to pass out.
Someone attached him!
He had a big cut on his face.
I put him in the passenger seat and his eyes where half way open and than shut.
I checked his chest to see if he had bruises and he did on his ribs.
I have to get him somewhere dry and warm.
I need the bleeding to stop fast.

I need to drive the car to this cave I went to when I was living on the streets.
I really don't know how to drive but I hope this goes well.


I got to the cave and I carried Dave in to it.
Thank god the candles are still here when I was last in here.
I took my shirt off and put it on Dave's face to stop the bleeding.
5 minutes later it stopped.
He is still breathing so he will be ok.
It will take him a few hours to wake up
So I might as well get my guitar from the car and go play it at the back of the cave.

Dave's POV

I woke up with a really bad pain on my head and on a cold ground.
Where was I?
There was candles.
All I could see was candles, dirt mixed with stone, a open hole to out side. I could see my car parked out on the sand and the ocean moving in the dark.

I herd a guitar playing and someone singing,

Dive! Dive! Dive! Dive with meeeeeeeeeeee, Dive with me!

It Sounds like Kurt!
I went and walked over to the dark back of the cave.
I saw Kurt sitting on the ground with no shirt on. I could see his spine.
Dave! Your awake!
Yes and are you ok?
Yea I'm fine I'm just happy your awake!
So Kurt when do you want to go home?
We will wait tomorrow and see if Chad will be gone.
Ok good idea.

Kurt get the jacket over there you can't walk around with no shirt on because I've been hard for 2 hours now and you can get sick.
Bahaha ok.

Well we should get some sleep but how Kurt?
I have no idea.
Well we can get the candles and put the around us and and snuggle together.
Kurt started to blush again.

After doing that me and Kurt snuggled and fell asleep fast.

Home isnt Home

Kurt's POV

I woke up to birds chirping and the ocean out side was very calm.
I got up in pain because i slept in cold floor from the cave.
I kissed Dave and walked out of the cave.
I wonder if Krist hates me. I don't know why but I just have that feeling.

An-and what if Dave really likes me?
I haven't had time to think about it.
Not ever since I ran out of the house in fear and wondering if Chad will find me and kill me.
Oh well I need all of these thoughts to run out of my head.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and that cased me to jump.
I'm sorry Kurt but I think we should get back home.
Yea well you can talk to Krist I'll be hiding in the trunk of your car.
Oh ok.


Dave's POV

We pulled up to I don't know if it's our house.
I looked Kurt in the eye and said,
Ok you better hide in case something happens ok?
Yep I'll be right in the trunk.

I got out of the car and walked right in the house nervously.
Krist was sitting on his chair smoking weed.
Who said you can just walk into my hose like this?
Umm Krist I live here and so dose Kurt.
Krist got up and he all ready must of packed up me and Kurt's belongings.
Chad must have been hiding by the corner and he threw all of me and Kurt's stuff on the grass outside.
Then Chad pushed me out side on the grass and started punching me.
I kicked him in the face.

Kurt ran out of the car and pointed a gun at Chad.
Hey man put that down.
Leave Dave alone.
Ok man Ok I'm going back in the house.
As I was in pain Kurt picked me up.
I didn't know how that little guy picked me up he was really strong for his little skinny self.
He put me in the passenger seat and he drove.
Kurt you don't know how to drive.
Yes I kinda do but anyway are you ok???
Yes I'm fine.
Where are we going to live now Dave?
I have been saving up my money for a house and now is the time to get one.
Yes and it's not just going to be my house it's yours to.
No prob Kurt now let's get something to eat.


Ok Kurt you can stay in here and play your guitar for a while I need to go and buy a house as soon as possible so we don't have to be in this cold cave.
Ok see ya Dave.

Kurt's POV

I watched Dave leave. I really wasn't happy he was going to be gone but whatever.


As I was playing with my guitar I herd a cat meowing.
Oh hey little guy are you hungry?
Uhh well all I have is some sandwich meat you want some?
Meow Meow!
Ok here you go little guy but I don't have that much.

I kinda wanted to keep the cat. It was a little baby kitten. He must have lost his mom,dad,brothers and sisters.
I went on my knees and told the cat,
It's ok I lost my family members too.

All of the sudden Dave walked in the dark cave with the candles lit up.
Hey Kurt who is your little friend?
Our cat.
Oh you want us to keep it?
Yes I'd love that and we have to because I want it to have parents, something I didn't have.

I had a sad look on my face.
Dave sat next to me and put his arm around me.

Kurt what do you wanna name him?
Puff....Puff is the name! :)
Ok we can have Puff and we can raise him.
I had a sad look on my face again.

Kurt what's wrong?
Nothing I'm just happy that I'm giving Puff what I didn't get and that's a person who loves him.

Dave moved my head and made me look at his eyes.
We then got very close and then kissed.
His mouth tasted like sweet candy and his soft lips were warm.
We then broke the kiss for a breath.
Kurt I love you.
Yes and "I Will Care For You"

I could not stop smiling.
Well Kurt we should get some sleep and we will get our new house tomorrow.
I kissed Dave and went to sleep with Dave holding me and I was holding Puff.
We all than went fast to sleep......

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Krist Finds Us!?!?

Dave's POV

I woke up to my phone vibrating on my stomach and it kinda scared me.
I ran out of the cave and answered it.

Oh yes hello Mr.Grohl! I'm sorry I had to call you this early but you are now allowed to live in your new home the key is under the matt of your front door.
Oh ok thank you.
Yep and you are lucky because we put in furniture so you don't have to buy any.
Ok thank you bye.

I was really happy but I wasn't at the time.
The sun wasn't even up at all!
Whatever I guess I can carry Kurt and Puff to the back seat of the car and then to the new place.

Kurt's POV

I woke up in some bed.
Where the fuck am I???
I slowly got up and I saw my guitar hung up on the wall.
And all of my clothes were in a closet.
I slowly walked down the stairs and I saw a drum set and a bass guitar and a regular guitar.
I must be in a music room.
This house was really big. It had a big TV and a nice couch.
There was a big dining room.
I walked into this one room and saw Puff laying in a little cat house.

Puff! Are you ok?
I picked up Puff and asked where are we?
Puff jumped out of my arms and looked at me.
I think he wanted me to follow him.
Puff lead me to a big nice kitchen.
Dave was making bacon.
Dave!! I thought I got kidnapped!

I jumped into his arms.
He gave me a big kiss and smiled.
I blushed really hard.

No Kurt this is our house.
Wo-Wow! Is so big and fancy.
Yea I save my money.
Yea I can tell!
Yep well I need to go pay something and then go to work so I will be gone for a while.
Oh uhh al-alright.
Kurt it's ok you have Puff with you.
And you can go in the music room I got all the guitars and stuff for you.
Thank you Dave.

Dave kissed me and left.
Oh well I'll just go listen to Korn or something.

As I was trying to find the music room in the big house I herd a knock on the door.
I got Puff and put him in my arms and looked in the window to see who it was.
It was Krist! What the hell is he doing here how did he find me!

I slowly opened the door and opened the door where he could only see me eyes.

Wh-what do you want.
Uhh Kurt please let me in please.
No can do you kicked me and Dave out in the cold now you can talk to me in the cold.
Dude I'm not homeless.
Well just go away!

He then pushed the door open and it head me in the head and I fell on the ground and Puff jumped out of my arms and ran away.

You son of a bitch!
I'm sorry Kurt.
Ow I'm bleeding.
Uhh you might wanna put that on a wet towel.
Fuck you Krist you kick me and Dave out and than find me and hurt me!
I'm sorry! Look could you please allow me in here so we can talk please!
Fine come the fuck in.
W-wow this place is huge!
Yea sit on the couch I need to clean the big cut on my head you caused I'll be back in 2 minutes.

I went to find a bathroom and I finally found one.
I got a towel and got it wet and put it on my face.

I than went back to the living room and saw Krist throwing Puff in the air and back down to his arms.
He-Hey! Leave Puff alone bitch!
I ran and got Puff.

Kurt chill.
So Krist what do you want anyway!?
I just wanted to say that I'm sorry and that I was high when I kicked you out and I now know why you are so sacred of Chad. When I found out I beat the shit out of him and kicked his ass out of my house. And he also drugged me before I got high and kicked you guys out. I came to try to find you and Dave but less than a day you guys all ready have a big huge house!
Yea well tell it to Dave he got the living hell beaten out bye you and Chad.

I know Kurt I know and I am really sorry.
Tell it to my fist!

I started to beat up Krist and Puff started to scratch up his face.

At the time we were done beating him up Krist was on the ground in pain and Dave walked in.

Ku-Kurt who are you bea-Krist!

Dave walked up to me and said, Kurt you forgot one more thing.
You have to spit on his face!

Dave all the suddenly spit on him.

Krist said,
I de-deserve that.

Dave's POV

I helped Krist up after he got beat up really bad and told him to head up to the shower because he had blood all over him.
He couldn't barely walk.

Me and Kurt laid together on the couch.
I was playing with his hair and than something popped up in my head.

Uh Kurt remember how Chad was beating me up on Krist's grass.
Yea why, Kurt said in a mumble.
How did you get a gun?
When you pulled the gun gout on Chad remember? Oh yea some hippie on the street gave it to me when I was 16 and homeless.
Oh ok just making sure.

Krist was walking drown the big stairs and his hair was still wet.

Kurt Dave I can't really walk
Than try to go in the spare bedroom and I guess we will take care of you until you get on your feet again.

I put Krist in his bed and we said,
Can I sleep with your cat Puff?
Uhh Kurt likes to sleep with him tho.
Please Dave Please!

I gave Krist Puff and he fell asleep with Puff.

Me and Kurt got into bed and Kurt said, aww it's nice to be in a nice big bed with a cute warm Dave and Pu- wait.

Oh great, I thought in my head.
Wh-Where the fuck is Puff???
Probably shitting Kurt.
Yea ur probity right.

I kissed Kurt with all my passion and we both went to sleep.
Well I didn't really because of Kirst was bothering me to much! Uhhhh.

Suffering The Pain

Kurt's POV

I woke up in a dark nasty smelling place.
I was all chained up.
What the fuck is going on.
The metal chains on my arms were on so tight that it cut into my skin and I had blood rolling down my arms.

A man opened a door and closed it.
He walked down the dusty wooden old stairs.
He had long hair and he had creepy eye brows.

Uhh sir where am I?

In my basement.

Why?? Why are you doing this to me?

You know who I am right?

No not really.

Chad Channing remember me?


Tonight....Kurt Cobain will be gone and out of this world.

Please let me go I never did anything to you in high school and now!

He all the suddenly pulled out a big sharp needle.

What is that?

This will just make you sleep for a few hours.

N-No stop!

I all the sudden I felt a sharp pain and I blacked out.

Dave's POV

I was freaking out!
I could not find Kurt any where!
Where could he be?
Did he leave me for someone else!?
I fell to the ground crying screaming Kurt's name.

Da-Dave? Are you ok?

No Krist I think Kurt left me!

No I know exactly where he is I just found out.

What! Where is he!

Ugh uhh Ch-Chad I think is hurting him.

What! Where dose this little fucker live!

Darlin Saint street 13245

Thanks gotta go now.

Wait Dave!

Krist don't rip on my arm!

You need help right?

Look! Ur not in good shape and Kurt could probably be dead right now!

Uhh well I might not be in good shape but Puff is.

Puff? Puff!? Are you stupid he is a little cat!

Umm look at my arm Dave.

Wow! Those are deep cuts!

Yep and Puff did it when I stool Kurt's drink the other day.

I guess I could take Puff.

All of the sudden me and Krist herd Puff meowing loud. Maybe he was crying.

Oh puff are you ok?

Puff jumped by a picture of me and Kurt and he put his little paw on Kurt's face and meowed.

I went by Puff and said, Kurt is getting hurt by a man and Kurt could die so we need to hurt that man that is hurting him BUT not kill the man.


Puff jumped on my shoulder and I went into mine and Kurt's room and got Kurt's gun he hides.

Ok Krist if we are not back in 5 hours call the cops!

Got it. Good luck.

Than Krist kissed me on the cheek.

Oh and Krist never do that again.

Ok sorry sexy.

Kurt's POV

I woke up and there was cuts on my stomach.
What the fuck!

Than I herd the door open again.

Well good afternoon.

Fuck you leave me alone!

Oh Kurt you don't really want to talk like that to me.

All of the sudden a cat flew on Chads head and cutting deep in his head.


Chad than threw my little life saver to a knife.

Noooo Stop fucker!

Chad got Puff and stabbed him.

I couldn't help but scream and cry.

No No why? Why? My little Puff! Please! Please stop!

Dave ran down the the stairs and he started to punch Chad really hard.

Fu-Fuck you! You steal my Kurt! You hurt my Kurt! You cut him until you see his bones in the cuts! You kill my FUCKING CAT!!!!!!!!!

I've never seen Dave so mad. He punched Chad so hard over and over that Dave's hand was bleeding.

Dave ran over to me and got the keys to the chain and unlocked it.


I fell to the ground. I couldn't walk I was so week.

Kurt we need to get you home!

I started crying because of Puff.
I crawled over to the dead cat.

Wh-Why? Why did this have to happen?

I know Kurt I loved him to!

Dave sat next to my weak body and the dead cat and he sat me in his lap and held me. We both started crying hard and sobbed on each other.

Ku-Kurt we need to get out of here before that basters wakes up and Reyes to do some.

Ok..... Dave can you get that rag over there?


So we can Put Puff in it and then tomorrow we can Barry him and have a funeral.


Dave rapped puffs body in the white rag and then he picked me up and carried me to the car.

Dave's POV

Kurt fell asleep in the car.
I still can't believe about Puff.
I hope that shit face Chad burns in hell.
I looked up to the dark sky then back to the road.
I said in my head,
Thank you God for Kurt still living and breathing and if he wasn't and if he was gone I would have to kill my self to see him. And take good care of Puff up there please and thank you!

I pulled up the drive way and carried Sleeping Beauty in to the house.

Krist screamed, oh god what the fu-shhh Kurt is sleeping he needs it!

I sat Kurt on his bed and when back downstairs.

Dave what happened to Kurt?
And where is Puff?

I started crying and said, I'll tell you tomorrow get some sleep ok?

Krist hugged me and left.

I herd Kurt crying and screaming.
I ran up the stairs really fast.

Da-Dave I had a dream a bad one.

It's ok Kurt in here I'll be laying right next to you ok?


I fell asleep while holding Kurt.

I miss Puff all ready dose anyone else? Hope you loved this chapter!

Happy Is Coming soon

Kurt's POV

Meow! Me-urt! Kurt!! Kurt!!!
Wake up!


You were having a bad dream!

Wh-What time is it?

7:00 at night.

At night!?!?

Yeah.... Anyways I got some good and bad news.

What's the good news?

Chad is in jail BUT that's not it.

Well what's the other part?

I will tell you after we do the bad news ok?


Get up babe we gotta do the bad news!

Dave kept jumping on the bed and Krist walked in.

Dave! Stop jumping on the damn bed did you forget that he his hurt bad!?!?

Uhh sorry Kurt.

It's ok Dave but anyway why are you is a nice suite Krist?

Dave and Krist both liked at the ground holding both of there hands and I saw Dave had tears rolling down his face.

Dave I got that chair set up out side so Kurt doesn't have to stand.

Wh-what chair Krist? Dave what's going on?

Dave picked me and took me outside.
It was so beautiful there was candles lite every where and the sun set. It was amazing....But I think I knew what was going on. It was Puff's funeral.
Dave sat me on the chair and I was crying. There was a little picture of Puff on a stand.

Krist said in a sad voice, I will go first.

Puff I know you can hear us and I just wanted to say.....you just didn't die a cat...you died a hero. If it wasn't for you and Dave Kurt would be gone right now. You also protected Kurt and loved him so much when I tried to drink out of his cup you attached me and make the deepest cuts ever.... You left scars on me and now when I look at them I will think of a hero and that's you Puff we love you and we will see you when our time comes.......Dave you go now.

Ok Krist....Puff I thank you so much for coming with me to save Kurt....if it wasn't for you Kurt would of been dead. You two liked each other so much and that was so cute to see.....puff we will see you soon little buddy and I love you and Kurt dose to......

Hey! I do to!

I know Krist. Kurt do you want to say any words?

Yes I'd love to.

I was crying really hard when they said all that stuff but now it's my turn to tell Puff my words.

Uhh puff I hope you can hear me..... When I herd that meow when me and Dave where living in that cave I knew I was going to keep you and when I feed you the meat I wanted to and to give you what my parents didn't give me.... And-And.....that was love and you gave it back to me by saving me.
I love you Puff and I always will and I'm not saying good bye at ALL I'm saying see you soon because you are in my hart and in the sky......see you soon Puff!

Krist and Dave hugged me and where crying.
Dave picked me up and he got Puff's body that was rapped in the white sheet.
He put puffs body in the trunk of his car and put me in the backseat and sat with me.
Krist was driving us somewhere.

Da-Dave... Krist..... Where are we going?

Kurt we are going to barrie Puff in side the cave.


Dave dropped Puff's body and put dirt on it.

So Kurt here is the good news!

Wh-What is it?

You know how puff hide out side and the neighbor has a girl cat.


Puff fucked that girl cat and now she is pregnant!


Yep so we get a Puff Jr in 8 Months!

Oh my god YAAY!!!

Yea now let's get back to the car Krist is waiting for us.


Dave's POV

But Krist don't you have a home to?

Oh yea shit uhh got to go bye!!!!

Kurt are you coming to bed with me?

No I just woke up a few hours ago remember?

Oh yea well I'll be upstairs sleeping ok?

Yea I'll be down here watching TV.

Sorry this chapter was so short but anyway who is happy that Kurt and Dave will be getting a Puff Jr?

Living The Life

Kurt's POV.

Come her lil Puff it's time to eat!


Yeah Dave?

It's time to go meet some fans!

Oh great I can't wait!

Yeah come on Krist is waiting in the car!


Well it's dead silent in the car so I guess I will just talk in my head.

We are now so fucking famous.
I'm not really happy with all of this fame but who cares as long as if Dave is happy.
Every thine I look at Lil Puff I think if the real puff.
I mean that is Puff well.....Puffs son.

Any way I guess I have to meet like 100000 fans.

So sad :(... This is the last Chapter and I'm so so sorry it ended cheesy but
Thanks for reading!

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