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Archivist's Note: This story starts at Chapter 3.

Chapter:3 Do Re Mi

Dave's P.O.V
3 days later and I'm felling better but I kinda feel bad that Kurt was taking care of me so I'll just take him out to eat and a movie for a thanks.

As I was going to go ask him I herd him in the living room playing Do Re Mi.
He sounded Beautiful. since the past few weeks I think.... we'll.... I don't know.... am I gay? No..... I don't like guys..... maybe just only Kurt. I've only known him for a few weeks no no its just the song yea.

Dave are you ok? Yea I'm fine Kurt.
Do you feel better? Yea and I just wanted to thank you for taking care of me. No prob man I'm not letting you die out there. Yea so do you wanna go to dinner and than see like a ummm a uh..... Dave are you sure you are ok. yea yea sorry I just zoned out sorry do you want to go to dinner than see a movie. Yea sure sounds fun but why are you taking me? Because you took care of me and I wanted to treat you to dinner and a movie. oh ok.

Me and Kurt are at dinner but I could not stop thinking about when I was telling him if he wanted to go to the dinner and movie because I was falling deep in his blue eyes but whatever. me and Kurt went to a fancy place. Kurt got a pizza and I got a steak.

Me and Kurt went to see a scary movie. The whole time Kurt held onto my arm but I didn't mind. After the movie we drove home and Kurt fell asleep on me. I put my arm around him and he looked comfortable.

We finally got home and I carried Kurt to his bed but Kurt said wait Dave please lay next to me. As I laid in the bed with Kurt I was really happy laying with him as he put his head on my chest.

Kurt's P.O.V

I woke up to hearing Dave's hart beat. It was slow and calm. I went downstairs and made a coffee and smoked a cigarette. I started to write a song called Serve The Servants. After 5 minutes of playing songs Dave came down and hugged me. What was that for Dave? For letting me in the band and save my life. No problem man.

Chapter:4 The Love Begins

Dave's P.O.V
It's been 1 year since I joined the band and I think it's time to tell Kurt how I fell about him. I think Kurt likes me because sometimes we flirt with each.
Kurt! Yea. come with me I wanna take you some where come to the car ok!
Kurt's P.O.V
Ok let's go Dave.
15 minutes later
Dave are we almost there. Yea Yea calm down just relax.
10 minutes later
Ok Kurt were here follow me.
Dave led me to a path and it was so beautiful. There was blue and white trees and birds chirping. The path let to a pound and there was a bench.
Sit down Kurt I need to talk to you. ok What's up Dave.

Kurt remember how we met? Yeah I was looking for a new drummer than your cute self came up and wanted to play drums for me.
Yes and you saved my life.
Dave grabbed my hand as he said that.
Anyway Kurt I wanted to tell you that I love you with all my hart will you be- I had to kiss Dave it was soft and gentle. Then I backed away to get a breath. Will that answer your question Dave?
Yes... Let's get home
25 minutes later
Dave's P.O.V
Kurt kissed me and he had the same feeling to! I love him so much.

Me and Kurt got home and sat on the couch. Kurt said we can't tell Krist
Ok. Why? Krist tells everyone a lot of thing and this is one. Ok Kurt than I kissed his cheek.

We started to watch a movie and Kurt was really warm so he took his shirt off and that made me get a little hard but I was trying hard to let it not be noticed. I did notice cuts on Kurt's.

What? Kurt said. Kurt do you cut yourself? Of course not. Kurt you do and I do notice you have depression sometimes yea lets not worry about that ok Dave. ok babe.

And one more thing Dave I can see your hard. what no!

I jumped up and ran up the stairs thinking I wasn't.

Chapter:5 The Crash

Kurt's P.O.V

I woke up on Dave's chest. I got out of bed slowly so I don't wake up Dave because he looked peaceful sleeping.

I went down stairs for a cigarette and water. I thought to myself why do we stay in this stupid house all the time and go out and race each other on go carts. Yea I'll ask Dave when he gets up.

8 minutes later
Dave's P.O.V

Hey babe!
Hey what's up you wanna go buy 2 go carts?
Hell yea lets go!

Some Hours later
Kurt's P.O.V

We just got the carts and a guy helped us get them to my driveway.
That will be 50 dollars.
Ok whatever bye, Kurt be nice Dave said.

Dave showed me the gas and break it looked easy to drive. I hoped into it and started driving. Dave yelled " Hey wait for me!

As Dave was driving next to me it was calm but I was trying to ignore the 2 loud motors.

I started to here a voice in my head. it made me zone out and not pay attention to the road. The voice said " Kurt you can go right now off this road and end it all". I was starting to get depressed. I herd Dave scream to me Kurt what's wrong!? Then I sprung off the road.
Moments later.

Dave's P.O.V

Kurt are you awake Please! Please! Please!
Kurt lifted his head. He had blood all over his hand and face.
Dave. Kurt said " don't call an ambulance just get me out of here.
No Kurt I'm calling I love you so much I'm keeping you safe.

32 minutes later

Dave's P.O.V
Kurt was in the hospital and I was going crazy because the doctor would not let me see him. I hope Kurt is ok.

24 minutes later

Still Dave's P.O.V

Finally the doctor came out and said " Mr. Cobain is ok and free to go home he just needs someone to take good care of him and he has 2 broken fingers and a nose.
I asked the doctor " will he be able to play the guitar any more?
Of course. come with me so you can fill out some papers to get Mr. Cobain out of here.

After a while.
Dave's P.O.V

As me and Kurt got into the car I asked him babe are you ok.
Yea he said in a mumble.
Kurt said " I hope my fingers heal soon so I can finish making the NeverMind album. Kurt they will heal real soon lets just get home. then I kissed him on the forehead.

Chapter:6 Chad Kidnaps Kurt

Kurt's P.O.V

It's been a few months since I was in a cart crash but my hand is all better and I'm happy because we finished the album NeverMind! I was happy, Dave was happy, and Krist was.

Kurt! Dave yelled, yea babe! I'm going out to get some food I'll be right back! Ok Dave!

Moments later I herd the door open and close from down stairs. I thought, maybe Dave left something? Whatever.
I went back to righting some songs for my next album.

I felt hands around my neck. it was Chad! He told me to shut the fuck up.
He said " Fuck you Kurt it's time to die mother fucker! No stop get the fuck off of me! Then Chad got duck tape and put it on my mouth.
I saw him righting something but I got a pen and trying to wright on the wall Dave help me Chad took me at this address. I all ready knew where I was going because back in high school Chad did the same thing to this one kid as he is doing to me right now.
God I just hope Dave helps me!

25 minutes later

Dave's P.O.V

Kurt! I'm home!

What the hell. I walked in to see Kurt's guitar on the ground. That was not normal. I saw a note on the ground it said " YOU WANT YOUR LEAD SINGER KURT.... YOU CANT HAVE HIM BECAUSE HE IS A FUCKER!!!!"

I thought what the fuck. my eyes started to tear up. I didn't know what to do! I started to go crazy.

All the sudden I saw words on the wall it was little and it said " Dave find me at this address my old drummer kid napped me.

I ran down stairs and grabbed Kurt's bat and ran to my car.

Minutes later

Dave's P.O.V

this is the address. I saw some beat up drums on the curb getting ready to get thrown away. I ran and smashed the door open. Some guy ran up from some stairs he said " what the fu- wait your Dave Gorhl the bitch who stool my job. Shut the fuck up and just give me Kurt. The guy came after me with a knife and stabbed my on my side. I had just enough energy to hit the guy with the bat then he passed out on the ground.

I let out I hurting moan because I got stabbed and my blood was every were. I herd Kurt it sounded like the guy tapped his mouth. Kurt must have been down stairs. It was hard to get down stairs but I got to Kurt and untapped him. Dave! Omg honey are you ok!
The only thing I'm worried about is you Kurt did he hurt you. No but he tried to drug me and Krist is over there in the corner Chad got him drunk but whatever that was Krist favorite thing to do was get drunk. yea I said.

Dave we need to get the hell out of here and you to the hospital. Ye-Yea lets hu-hurry in about t-to pass ou-out.

Chapter:7 Will He Be Able To Drum?

Kurt's P.O.V

Dave and Krist hurry and get in the car. Krist got in the car and right away he passed out in the back seat, Dave was moaning in pain because Chad stabbed him on his side. It's ok Dave hang in there we are almost to the hospital.

As we got into the hospital the nurse remember us when I was in here because of the cart accident back a few months ago.

Hello Mr. Coba- WE NEED A DOCTOR! I said I need to go with him but the nurse pushed me away. She said ur going to have to wait in the waiting room with your friend over there. Then they took Dave away. No!!! Dave!!!

I went and sat next to Krist. I was really worried for Dave. I decided to start a conversation with Krist. So Krist are you still drunk? Not as bad as I was man. Hey Kurt you know what. What? When Chad was knocked out on the ground we should of killed him. Wha? Yea man he would have got out of our life's. I'll tell you what Krist after Dave gets better we can move somewhere ok. oh umm yea man.

4 hours later

Kurt's P.O.V

I woke up and herd the doctor saying " hello Mr. Cobain it's nice to see you again. Yea Yea so how is Dave? He is ok but not at the same time. How? Some of his guts are ripped open but right now they are getting stitches. Dave is free to go home but he has to stay in a bed for some good weeks. weeks!? Do you know Dave Gorhl and Nirvana? Yes you guys and that one guy sleeping by you I know you are all in a popular band but Dave could probably never drum like a beast. what!? If he is doing good in a few weeks come by and we can have a check if he is good. Ok.

After I herd the doctor tell me all this stuff I was not a happy person. but whatever I just need to focus on Dave's health.

I saw Dave coming to us he had tears in his eyes and he was limping. Dave hugged me slowly and started crying on my shoulder. I said " Its ok all we need to do is get Krist home and then you in a bed ok. ok.

Chapter:8 The News If He Could Drum.

Kurt's P.O.V

It's been a few weeks ever since that one night all three of us Krist, Dave, and me will remember for a long time. When Chad kid napped me AND Krist and also stabbed Dave. After that night I called the cops and Chad went to jail and all three of us pressed charges on Chad. But whatever let's forget that night.

I just got a call from Dave's doctor. The doctor said " hello Mr. Cobain how is Dave doing?" He is doing good. That's great that good and do you think he could come in today we want to see if he is good to drum. Oh ummm yea sure we will be down there as soon as possible! Ok see you soon Mr. Cobain.

Dave! Dave!
We need to go to the hospital it about if you can drum!
Ok can you come pick me up!?
Umm sure!

I ran upstairs and asked Dave " why do you want me to pick you up?
Because I love you and I like to cuddle in your arms.
Ok come on I told the doctor that we would be would be there as soon as possible.
Ok let's gooooo.
15 minutes later

Kurt's P.O.V
Me and Dave walked into the hospital holding hands. I was really nervous and I'm sure Dave was too.

We walked up to the desk and the lady asked " who are you here for" Well we just need the doctor that was assisting Dave Gorhl a few weeks ago.
Oh yes yes the Nirvana boys yes ok just wait patiently over there.
Me and Dave looked at each other. Dave said " I hope she didn't forget Krist" yea.

It's been 20 minutes and finally we saw Dave's doctor walking towards us.
Hello Mr. Gorhl and Mr. Cobain.
Hi, How's it going. Good! Good! You 2 can come with me. The doctor took us to a room and made Dave go in weird positions.
Mr. Gorhl your all good you can drum.
Yes! Hell yea! We both said.

The doctor added one more thing.
Mr. Gorhl you have to do one more thing. what?
Get in a doggy style position.
Umm ok? Dave said.
Haha! The doctor was acting like we was fucking Dave.

Dave jumped away from him and I punched the doctor in the face. I said " fuck you were not paying the bill because you did that. I grabbed Dave and held him in my arms and ran out of the room. As we ran I herd the doctor scream " Fuck you Suns of Bitches!"

As we got home we saw Krist sitting on the couch. What are you doing here? Dave asked.
Oh well I was watching TV at my house but I saw a mouse and I tried to throw my shoe at it but it didn't die so I got my keys and here I am.
Me and Dave both lathed because we saw Krist only had one shoe on.

Oh yea! Hey guys, I said. what?
Tomorrow we start our In Utero tour. oh yea! I can't wait! They both said.
I can't wait to eat all the cookies. hell yea!

Chapter:9 Worst Tour's Ever

Kurt's P.O.V

I woke up feeling depressed. I had no idea why but I better get happy because I have a Tour to start.
Krist must have not went home yesterday. I started laughing because I was thinking " why. why. Krist has to get out of his house and stay at his friends place because of a mouse damn that's sad.

Well I better start the day but I felt useless and thinking why should I be on this earth.

Dave! Dave! Get up we can't sleep in all day! Ok.Ok. I'm up. And Dave while I'm in the shower get Krist up. ok babe.

As I had the shower running I decided I'd cut myself. I'm to depressed to do anything but cut.

When I went into the shower I let the blood from my arm roll down but Dave came into the shower with me and said " Kurt what the fuck! Stop doing this shit to yourself! " I told Dave the same thing as last time, don't worry about it. Dave was not really happy. Dave said " this doesn't help you at all ok. then he took me out of the shower and got a towel and rapped it around my arm. I hope the fans don't see this. Whatever I said.

6 Hours later
Dave's P.O.V

The plain ride sucked. There was an annoying crying baby and a fat guy screaming at the assistant for chicken wings. All three of us Krist, Kurt, and me had to go right to the tour. We couldn't go to the hotel room and get our stuff settled in but they said they all ready booked our rooms. The one thing that sucked about that was we all got our own rooms and me and Kurt couldn't share a room.

We finally got to the tour and played a mixture of all the songs we recorded.
I could see Kurt was not happy because when he jumped into the crowed they all pulled his hair and slapped his face.
And someone threw a bottle of water at me but Krist was all fine because he keeps flirting with the girls and gave a lot of autographs.

3 hours later
Kurt's P.O.V

Thank god we are done with one of the
tour's. I was still very depressed and I needed something..... something like hair-ow-in. So I went out but Dave caught me. Where do you thing your going? To ummm to get a new guitar because mine is starting to get old. Well ok.
I haven't been given Dave my attention since I got depressed so I kissed him with all my passion. I'll be right back.

Chapter: Kurt's Suicide

Kurt' P.O.V

It's been seven months and I can't stop with all the drugs and depression.
I think I should end it all it would be the best for Dave, maybe Krist, my mom because I know she still hates me because we haven't talked since I was 14 when I moved to my uncles, my father because he never loved me, and for Nirvana because I'm sick of wasting all the hours on music.

I need time before I'll kill my self. I need to spend my last days with Dave then after that il get a gun.

I walked into the room and saw that Dave was righting a song! It sounds really good. hi Dave. hey babe how is it going because you look really tired.
It's been going good I'm about to go to bed. Anyway what are you doing I see you are righting a song what is it called? Marigold, Why do you like it? Yea it sounds great. Kurt come lay with me I wanna cuddle. Ok!

Dave whispered in my ear wanna go do some thing before we go to Europe. Id love to Dave!

Few days later

Kurt's P.O.V

Me and Dave spent a lot of time together and did things. Dave kissed me a lot and even did thing with me in the bed room but I don't wanna go that far.

Me Dave and Krist got out of the car. Dave asked " So you will meet up with us in a few weeks in Europe for the tour's? " Yes I said kinda sad. I gave Krist a hug and kissed him on the cheek then i gave Dave my last kiss to him I made it long and hugged him tight. I just wanted to let you know that I love you soooo much Dave.
I love you to Kurt.
Come on Dave we need to go stop sucking face with Kurt! Krist said.
Ok! Ok you asshole I'm coming Dave said.

As I saw Dave walking to the plain I started crying and I had to get to my car and get the gun.
The whole time as I was driving to get the gun I was sobbing in the car. I wanted Dave but I'm doing what's best to not become poor and still addicted to drugs.

I finally got to the house and went and got a paper and pen and started righting my Suicide note for everyone.
I went to my little box that had my drugs in in and got my needle and stuck it in me that had hair-ow-in in it.
I loaded the gun but I was to scared to pull the trigger but I pulled it and got it over with. I could first feel some blood go down my noise then I saw blood all over the floor then every thing went black. was I dead? I saw flash backs of my whole life all in one second then I saw Dave's face but then it all went white..........then......... I was.......GONE........

Chapter:11 Dave Finds out

This is the last chapter of this book sadly :,( but I will make a new book about Dave starting the band foo fighters......

Dave's P.O.V

I was happy but had a bad feeling at the same time. I didn't know why but who cares. I sat dow on my bed in the hotel and turned on the tv and saw Kurt's face on the news. The lady was saying" breaking news right now it seems to be local grunge band singer Kurt Cobain has shot himself in the head". I had to turn the TV off. Was all that just true.

Krist ran into my room crying he said sobbing " Da-Dave did you here? Here what!? Kurt killed him self they found his body this morning. what!?! It was all true? Yes! Yes! Dave!
I couldn't help but scream Kurt's name and then krist ran and hugged me. Me and Krist didn't want to do anything because we were so sad. Krist said will you sleep with me man? Because I'm sad and scared. Sure.

A few hours later

Dave's P.O.V

I was having a dream and Kurt was there singing on stage. Then it was me and him standing by the bridge were we met. Kurt said " Dave your having a dream". all I could say was " Why. Why. Why Kurt that was selfish. Dave I was hooked on drugs it was the best I could do and I was so sick of all my depression. Then I woke up to the phone ringing. I answered Hello? Yes Dave it's me Courtney. Courtney was a good friend of me Krist and Kurt. Oh hey I said with sadness in my voice. Are you and Krist ok? No not really. Oh well I'm sorry and I can't get my mind off of Kurt but they are getting Kurt's body cremated. Ok. And they wanted to know if you wanted to see him before they burn his body. I started Crying and said ok. ok. I'll be back in Seattle tomorrow. Ok love ya Dave bye.

15 hours later

I got off the plain and went straight to see Kurt's body. Krist said he didn't want to see Kurt all messed up. I walked slowly into the door and I saw Kurt he looked bad. I started crying really hard. I saw how they shaved the side of Kurt's head and stitched up and the dry blood they had on him. I was sobbing on Kurt but then I got an idea and I saw it in Kurt's face. I've been writing songs and I don't know if I should publish them and make a band....Maybe......Maybe.
I gave Kurt one last kiss on his four head and held his hand then I had to leave because Krist needed someone he was crying and freaking out.

When I got home I wanted all of Kurt's thing and it still smelled like him and that's what made me crying again.....again........and again.
I payed on the bed sobbing on Kurt's jacket and held his guitar in my arms.
I was thinking in my head and wanted to make songs and get a band to gather.
But who cares it would never work.
Before I went to sleep I said in my head
R.I.P. Kurt Donald Cobain

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