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Running for my life

Kurt's POV

I sat next to my friend Krist in class.

Hey Krist.

What up Kurt.

The teacher than yelled at us to stop and he handed out our test scores and I GOT A F??

Krist than whispered in my ear "Kurt are you ok you don't look to good?

Uhh ye-yeah I'm find.

Than the bell rang and I ran out of the class room.

I don't want to show my step Dad my grade or he will beat me even more than he dose every day.

I got all of my stuff out of my locker and walked home really scared.

I looked in the drive way and he wasn't home so he must be getting bear.

My mom opened the front door and said, hurry Kurt get in and have some food fast be for your father gets home.

I ran in and looked at my mom.She had a black eye.

Mom did he hurt you again?

What do you think honey.

Well mom he is going to hurt me really bad because I got a F on my test.

Oh dear I'm sorry.

I looked at my mom and said why can't we just run away like Lisa "My Sister"

Because we would have no where to go.

I herd the the car pull up from the drive way and I guess i am ready for the beating.

What the fuck do you want you shit, said dad.

Uhh well my teacher wanted me to show this to you.

I gave my test score and me got up and said, will you try you best next time?


He than slapped me really and and I fell to the ground.

He would not stop kicking me and punching.

It was about 20 minutes and he was done hurting me.


I was bleeding really bad so I was crying and limping up the stairs.

I went to the bath room and cleaned all of the blood up.

This was it I had decided to just run away from all of this I can't stand it and of my mom want's to stay and loose both of her kids from this loser drug user than that's what she wants.

I got all my my clothes and put it in a case and put my guitar in its case and got a picture of my real family and put it in the case. I left my mom a note that had said,

Dear Mom,

I can't live like this anymore. I'm failing in school because of that peace of shit step dad that I have to stress about. I'm leaving for good. Please get away from all of this and when you do try to find me. I think you feel like I am mad that you don't want to leave but I'm not....its not your fault how that man is. I love you so so much....please leave this madness.

- Kurt

As I heard my step dad run up the stairs screaming my name I put the note under my pillow and got all of my stuff and threw it out the window and I jumped.

I was running for my life and I didn't even look back I just kept running.

I ran all the way to the city and I had to find a place to stay to I when into this ally and sat there looking at all of the cars go by.

I was really cold and didn't have any food.

I just got my blanket and pillow and laid down holding my guitar close to me.

The Gorhl's

Kurt's POV

I woke up very cold. I put my pillow and blanket in my case. I just remembered there was school today and now that I ran away I don't think i will be able to go to school and if I do I think my mom might find out and make me live with that hell hole dad.

As I was walking out of the allie a mother of a boy that looked about my age and a girl that looked a year younger than me asked, were are your parents and why are you out here?

Uhh well you see I have a abuser step dad and he hurts me so I ran away and my sister did a few years back and my mom wants to stay with that abuser so I was sick of being abused so I ran away and here I am now SO can you please not put me in a adoption center PLEASE!

No I will not do that...But do you want to live with me and my kids? It's just us.

Are you sure? Are you with the FBI?

No and yes I'm sure.


We walked to the family's car and when we got in everybody introduced themselves.

Ok I'm Don but if you want you can call me mom.

Ok MOM haha.

I'm Victoria and I guess I'm your new sister.

Than the long haired boy looked over at me and said, I'm Dave JUST Dave.

Ok well I'm Kurt.....Kurt Cobain.

Oh that's a nice name, said Don.

Ok so Don,Victoria and Dave I don't really want to be called your brother or son because i don't really like the word STEP.

Oh ok sorry we when to fast Kurt, said Don.

It's ok.

When she pulled into the driveway they must have been rich because they had a big house. It kinda embarrassed me.
I don't like all looking rich or fancy because it's just to embarrassing.

When we got into the house Don said, ok Kurt you can stay in Dave's room for now.

I looked over at Dave and I could see that he wasn't happy.

Dave go show Kurt to your room.

I followed Dave to his room and when we went into the room it was pretty cool. The room color was a dark red. There where torches on the side of the bed. There was a big shelf of records and there was some good music on it.

Wow Dave you have a good taste in music!

You probably have a good taste in music to because you carry around a guitar.

Ha yea.

I could all ready tell that me and Dave might be good friends but when we where in the car it looked like he didn't want anything to do with me.

So where do I sleep?

I have a bed under my bed I can pull out for you.

Wow this is a nice bed thanks.

Yeah well if you need to take a shower there is one over there I have a bath room in my room.

Oh cool thanks.

Yeah well don't tell my mom I'm sneaking out.

Uhh ok.

Dave than opens the dark curtain and jumped out the window.

I just left the window open if he comes back.

I headed in the shower but I got a little curious and looked around in his cabinet. I found lube and weed in it.

I started laughing and ran in the shower.


When I got out of the shower I dried my self and put my clothes on. I didn't brush my hair because when I take care of my hair I look like a little girl.

When I went went out of the bathroom shirtless Dave jumped back in through the window and saw me.

Damn Kurt why do you have all of those cuts and bruises on your stomach?
Dave asked.

I ran in the bath room and put my shirt on and said, maybe I'll tell you when we go to bed.

All of the sudden Don called us down for dinner.

When I and Dave following me behind sat down at the big dinner table Victoria looked at me and gave me a wink.

I just gave her a what the fuck look.

Ok guys eat up and Kurt I bet your hungry! ,said Don.

Oh you can just get me something little.

Kurt are you sure?

Yeah I'm not really a big eater.

After I was done eating I cleaned my plate and went to Dave's room and took of my shirt and socks only leaving me in my jeans.

Dave walked in wearing only Adidas shorts and dimmed the lights and jumped on his bed.

So Kurt could you tell me why you were on the streets and why you have big cuts and bruises?

Oh uhh well I get bullied at school and when I come him I have a abuser step father and he beats me everyday. My sister ran away and so I thought why not just get away from all of this and I left my mom a note and I left and went to the city in the cold rain. I went to sleep in a ally and when I woke up there you guys were.

Oh damn that's a hell of a story. Sorry about that Kurt.

That's ok I'm just happy I'm away but I hope my mom gets out of there.

Oh well do you wanna smoke some pot with me it will get your mind off of things.

Oh uh well I really don't smoke weed and wouldn't your mom catch us?

Nope and that's why I have a hidden lil lounge in my room so come on follow me.

Dave than pulled my arm and he pulled his dresser and behind it was a little door and he opened it and turned on the light and lead me in. It was so cool it had all kinds of snacks in a mini fridge and so many music and band posters. Dave pulled me to the couch and walked over to a big bag of weed and made me a smoke.

Here Kurt you'll love this.

Ok well I'm not going to get addicted to this and I'm only having one puff.

Ok well it better be big.

Dave went over to the radio and popped in a record and it was Sonic Youth.

Ok here.

He lit it and I took the puff. At first I coughed but I didn't feel anything.

What the hell I can't feel anything Dave!

Watch you will.

I said ok but then I started to feel really chill and than I started seeing colors and than Dave saying ,"haha your stoned". Then Dave turned into my step Dad and I felt like I was chocking.
But that's the only thing I remembered...............

Something isnt right

Dave's POV

I woke up with a big headache and tried to remember what I did last night. I soon remember that me and Kurt go high on weed. I wonder if it helped him with the whole running away abusers Daddy thing.

I looked around to see if Kurt was in my room but it looks like he is using the bathroom. I got my book and just read it for a little but then I heard crying coming from the bath room.

I opened the for slowly and saw Kurt cutting his stomach.

I ran over and grabbed the razor and flushed it in the toilet.

Kurt why the fuck are you hurting yourself?

He didn't even look at me he just cried in his lap.

I got him and held him in my arms and told him it would be ok.

I picked him up and put him on my bed.

Dave I can't get all of this out of my head please tell me how I do it .

Well Kurt the only thing I can help you with is giving you my magazines to masterbate to.


I threw him a play boy magazine but he just gave it a nasty look.

What's wrong Kurt?


Oh uhh that's ok I'm Bi sexual.

Oh....Kurt said

Ok well just try to be happy ok Kurt?

I'll try to be.

Ok well I have to go to school but I'll just ditch so I can come back for you and my sister will be at school and my mom will be at work so see you soon.

Kurt's P.O.V.

As the Family said goodbye I went back to Dave's bed sat there and listened to Pink Floyd.

There were many things going through my head. I think I just want to go back home and look in the window and see what's going on at my old place.

I wonder if my mom is still there taking in all of the beating from that dumb Mother Fucking step peace of shit dad.

While I was thinking I was interrupted by Dave running in the room throwing his backpack on the ground.

Uhh hey Dave I think I wanna go check out my old place and see what's going on and see if my mother is still there.

Really Kurt...I don't really know about that what if your step dad will see you?

We are just looking in the window but when will we leave because we are far away from my place.

We will just run there come on Kurt I will follow you lets go right now!



Kurt's POV

Ok we are here now let's look in the window.

Ok, said Dave

As I looked I saw a body on the ground and my step dad in his chair with red liquid all over him.

I took a closer look at the body and it was my MOM.

I screamed really loud But Dave covered my mouth so he wouldn't hear.

Dave looked at the window and said" holy shit".

He rushed over at me and carried me and ran as fast as he could.

He ran across Town to his big house and through all of that he didn't stop.

When we got into the house Dave's mother was standing at the top of the stairs looking worried and said "Mr. Gorhl where have you been and why is Kurt crying?

I heard Dave say under his breath "oh shit".

Then Dave said "Kurt I have to tell her there was a life lost".

He sat me on the couch and then we all sat in the same room until there was in big loud knock at the door before Dave's mom could spit a word out of her mouth. She opened it and said excuse me sir who are you?

Then I recognized that voice and it was my big nasty step father trying to find me.

He said in a big nasty voice where is Kurt Cobain?????!!!

Then Dave's mom said "I have no idea who that is I'm sorry".

Then Dave's mom was pushed to the ground and really fast I ran and hid under the couch.

KURT!! I know your here! I can smell you.

I looked over and he still had that shirt on with my moms blood on it all over and socked in.

Said Mrs.Gorhl

He ran out of there faster than a dog chasing a cat.

Mrs.Gorhl looked out the window to make sure he got in his van and left.

She was a little shooken up but she told us calming "Ok now let's all go on the couch and talk now....Dave can you tell me what happened before and after you ditched school and what you did with Kurt?"

Dave told her every thing and she was shocked and also could not stop looking at my face looking down at the floor looking very sad.

"Oh Kurt I am very sorry for you. We can now take care of you or if you don't want us to or if you have a family member that can take you in" said Mrs.Gorhl

If you an and have no problem taking care of me. And also I don't have any family members anymore they didn't want anything to do with me after my stepdad came into the family and they all moved away.

"Oh my Kurt I am very sorry you are now a loving family member in ours."

Thank you. Now is it ok if I sleep and then take a bath because I have a lot on my mind about my mom and every thing and I don't think I'm going to be eating good today.

"Go right ahead Kurt do what you gotta do."

After all that happened Dave had to go back to school Mrs.Gorhl went back to work and it was just me in the house all alone.i could not stop thinking of my mom and her helpless body on the ground but I can't do anything to help my poor mother she is gone now and in a better place with my real father. But I was hated.... I am hated.
After that I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night from Dave tugging on me.

"Hey...Hey...Kurt... Wake up"

Huh oh ok I'm up. "Rubbing my eyes"

"Get dressed we are going out to see some cool things!"

At 4:00 in the morning?

"Yeah and anyways it's a Saturday as I should say morning. We weekend has started!"

I got out of bed. Put some cloths on and my converse and we went out.

Tell Me Your Story.

Kurt's POV

Me and Dave were walking on a dirt path. It was in his backyard leading to a river.

It looked really cool with the moon shining off of the water into our eyes and it was very peaceful. Dave got two logs and sat them next to the River for us to sit down.

He than looked me into the eyes with a worried face and asked
"So? Are you ok about your whole mom incident??"

Yeah I think I'm starting to get there it's just I really wish my Father...you know my real Father did not die and I wish me my mom and dad were a happy family but.....he died and my mom fell in love with a abuser and my life was hell. It still is a little now with all of this on my mind.

Dave was looking at the River flowing by with the moon light shining on his face for light. He looked Down and not happy.

Dave....Uhh I was wondering what happened to your father?

He looked at me slowly and then back at the water and said
"Well It was about 4 years ago my Father was going to get my mom some flowers on there anniversary but he had to get gas in his car but than a man came up to him with a gun and robbed him...Took his money and keys to the car.I guess the guy got in the car, shot my Dad Dead and that was it. The cops got all of our stuff back but it hurt me really bad. My Father was everything to me and my mom but I just couldn't see the pain in my mom anymore and I couldn't take the pain but after about a year or 2 I kinda got over it and so did my Mother.

Wow I am very sorry Dave.

It's ok what happens...happens.....

Yeah...I am really going to miss my mother but anyway what could we do out here Dave?

"Many thing like swim in the lake...Smoke some pot or uhh well I guess that's it."

Ok well do you wanna do both at the same time?

"Sure but isn't it like ur second time smoking pot?"

Yeah but I really just don't care anymore.


He then made the joint and took all of his clothes off except his underwear. He than inhaled and letting it out slowly. He gave it to me and I did the same. He than told me to only get in my underwear and I did.

Hey Dave I don't really feel different.

"You will in a second."

We finished the joint and then went into the water. I stared to have this nice fuzzy feeling and it just felt so good. I should say better than masterbating.

Me and Dave were just swimming until we got really close to each other finding ourselves looking into our eyes. His sparked like a star shooting off to find its way around. Then we got close. Nose to nose then lips to lips.
When we kissed me moved slowly and soft. His lips were warm and tasted like sugar....but that must be the weed talking.

We disconnected from each other and then everything went black.

Dave's POV

I woke up in my bed and my underwear was wet. I looked over to see Kurt sleeping on his mattress on the ground and he was only in underwear to. Our clothes from last night were by my bed.
I looked at the clock and it was all ready 4:37 in the afternoon.

I had to think for a second last night what happened and it came to me.
Me and Kurt got high and kissed. Then he fell asleep or passed out in the water and I held him with one arm and with the other I got our clothes and came back to the house and fell asleep.
I just can't stop thinking about how amazing that kiss was but I'm not going to try to say anything to make things weird.

I went downstairs and my mom left a note that said

Dear Dave and Kurt
I went to fly out to Florida to take your younger sister to Disney land or world idk what to call it. So we will be back in a week or so. Please stay out of trouble and try to stay away from that man looking for Kurt he can hurt you guys really bad.

Love, ??Mom??.

I put the note on the table and made some eggs,toast,bacon, and waffles for me and Kurt.


Kurt walked down the stairs with wet hair... He must have took a shower.

Hey Dave said Kurt

Hey Kurt how are you feeling?

Ok but I just really don't remember anything from last night do you Dave?

Yeah you just fell asleep in the water and I got you and your clothes and brought you back here. But anyways we are going to be here alone for about a week or 2.

Oh ok...

Oh and here I got you some food because you look like you really need it.

Yeah thanks Dave.

Yeah anytime Kurt but you wanna go see Korn tonight with me they are playing.

Oh well I'm not that much of a big metal fan I'm into grunge music and stuff like sonic youth, the smashing pumpkins and pink Floyd.

Yeah but who cares just come you will have fun!

Well ok fine but who is taking us?

Some of my friends Tony,Danny,Jackson and Christian.

Oh I bet they are big metal guys.

Yeah but they are just some skinny long haired guys. They are cool

Ok well I'm going to go get ready!

Ok Kurt

Kurt's POV

Me and Dave where waiting out side of his house and this van with screaming metal heads pulled up and screamed to get in while blasting that song by Korn "Got The Life". Me and Dave got in and they smelled like weed really bad and I hoped that the cops don't see us with it or smell it.


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