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As dark as it could be on an Autumn night the cold air filling the streets, rustling some leaves that clung to the sidewalk. Street light glow filling up the quiet and empty roads, though the silence isn't around for too long. Footsteps echoing against the pavement, heavy breathing coming from a partly terrified person. Sweating forming against his brow, trying to run as fast as he can his light blond hair picking up the light from the street lamps. Running down an alley through to another street he looked behind himself, "shit." he wheezed out seeing the black shadow moving against the buildings. He wasn't sure how much longer he could keep up with the phantom chasing after him, running into a bricked old building windows boarded up on the outside.

Making haste once he was inside, running towards the back of the building that was a dead end. Backing against the wall, "I'm in here you shadow fuck!" yelling out on the top of his lungs till his voice cracked. The shadowy figure entering the room, the black mass moving against the floor closer and closer. The blond man watching the shadow inch closer still back against the wall, then seeing it enter the middle of the room. Yelling out again "NOW!!!", nothing happening the shadow stopped for a moment then continuing making it's way towards the blond.

"Krist I swear to God, it's here God damn it!" keeping his eye on the figure the whole time getting even closer. Only till the shadow was a few feet away from the blond, did he hear a voice chanting out. It didn't even sound like a real language only jibberish to anyone that was listening, stepping into the room a tall figure with dark hair and light eye's still speaking in the odd language. The shadow freezing in place, the blond quickly stepping away from the dark creature and moving towards the dark haired man till he was by his side.

Reaching into his pocket the brunette pulled out a small glass bottle, then throwing it against the floor where the creature stood. A loud blood curdling scream filled the building when the contents of the bottle made contact with it, the creature turning around about to attack them both the brunette looking surprised and taking out another botttle doing the same again only moments ago. Did the creature finally turn to dust dark ash filling the floor once was in place of the shadow.

Leaning back against the wall the blond was actually able to catch his breath, wiping his hand over his face he let out a sigh. "Krist seriously took you fucking long enough!" the blond spat out, pulling out a pack of of cigarettes lighting up only now was he able to really relax a bit.

"I was just making sure you got it cornered, don't need another one getting away like last time." the brunette answering back. Pulling out a pocketwatch from the inside of his coat popping it open taking a glance at it, he made his way back towards the doorway. "Come on before more show up" giving the blond a motion to follow behind him.

Parked not too faraway from the building was a beat up old Cutlass Supreme who's seen better days, pulling out his key's the brunette opening one of the heavy door's to the charcoal colored car.

Once they were driving down the the still empty streets of downtown did the brunette speak again,
"Kurt...did you notice anything about that class D that seemed a little off?" still keeping his eyes on the road.

The other thinking at the question shaking his head "no man it seemed like every other one that we've delt with.." looking at the brunette and then continuing "and next time you're the fuckin bait!" he added on with a small laugh.

Just something did didn't settle right with Krist, the whole ride not being too quiet with the radio playing in the background the brunette wasn't really focused on the music. Pulling onto the side street parking the coupe in front of a two story office building.
Not going through the front door but going to the side of the building, where a flight of of stairs sat going up them on the door that stood at the top read 'Novoselic & Cobain Investigative Services' in white text.

Once the two were inside Kurt plopped down on the couch physically tired from running around across town, the brunette turning on a few lights around the space. A make shift small apartment, small for two people but it would do. Though it didn't help that it was messy papers and books everywhere, pilling high on on tables and the floor.

"I swear to God they better knock it off for a bit.." the blond mumbled out snuggling his face against the pillow, kicking off his shoes in the process. Krist was still silent his own thoughts blocking out what the other was saying, taking off his hat and coat putting them on the rack that stood close to the door. He took a seat on the reclining chair that wasn't too far away from the couch, rubbing at his eye's he was just as tired as well but probably not as bad as what the other went through.

Leaning back into the chair he dozed off just as quickly as the blond did on the couch.


A loud ringing filled the small apartment/office, Krist waking in the chair that he fell asleep in he stretched getting up from the recliner. Looking over at the blond who seemed to have heard it as well, covering his head with the pillow to try and block out the annoying noise. Daylight lit up the apartment, which made the brunette squint a little trying to get use to the light. Answering the phone that sat on the kitchen counter he seemed a bit surprised, talking with the person for a moment "yeah it's no problem, I know where it is" then exchanging a good bye he quickly grabbed his coat and hat.

"Come on we got a meeting" the brunette kicking the couch to try and get the other up.

"Why did you agree to do this? Isn't this a job more for police" the blond mumbled out looking through a set of binoculars, "I didn't agree to anything 'we' agreed to keep an eye out, and what these ladies are doing isn't exactly legal." krist stated before taking a drag from his cigarette. Both of them sitting in the parked Cutlass, neon lighting coming into the car. The red light district of town being lit up with colorful lights, street walkers making their rounds on the sidewalk. Disappearing into alleys or into the building they hung around then reappearing shortly after, trench coat men walking in the opposite direction they came not wanting to be recognized.


Driving across town to the less glamorous part of the city more or less the ghetto, they pulled their coupe to the side of the road once they spotted someone that they recognized. Stepping out and walking up to said person who was leaned back against the wall of a bricked building, the person didn't give off too much of an intimidating presence. Long brown curly hair light colored eye's, a smile spreading across his lips once he saw the two walk to towards him.

"It's a been a while hasn't it?" the curly haired brunette said shaking hands with Krist, "not too long Jason" the taller brunette said.

Jason offering his hand to the blond who still had his hands in his pockets keeping them in place, giving the other a loathing expression. The curly brunette still smiling "still social as ever aren't you Cobain", the blond scowling at the other. Krist speaking up to try and make this meeting short "so what do you got for us?", Jason reaching into his pocket and pulling out an envelope. Then handing it off to the taller brunette, "you've been hired" taking the envelope and looking at the contents. Krist looking inside then back at the curly brunette, "by who exactly?" putting the envelope inside his coat pocket.

"Just a scared pimp, his ladies either have been showin up dead or disappearing completely" Jason lighting up a cigarette when giving the details of their new case, then continuing.
"The deaths are odd that's why he contacted me to get a hold of you" taking another drag he went on by the looks it definitly got both of their attentions.
"When they are actually able to find them their just dead like their sleeping no strangulation, or any marks anywhere to show how they died." looking at the two the taller definitly interested to know more, but the blond not showing too much interest when he was.

"He just wants you to keep an eye out and if you actually find and catch the guy, he said he'd give you a little extra so he can personally kill him." the long haired brunette stated.
"So were just baby sitting some hookers then?" Kurt spoke up, "well if you wanna look at it that way then yeah" Jason grinned. The blond looking up at the taller that stood next to him, once Jason gave the last bit of details about where and when they needed to be they left getting ready for the long night that was ahead of them.


The stake out was more or less boring watching scantily dress clad women, who seemed to be a bit on edge walking around with a supposed killer on the loose. Keeping an eye on the few women that walked the street, one of them walking towards their car leaning down and gently knocking on the window. The brunnette rolled down his window smiling at the woman "yeah?", the woman wasn't too bad looking if it wasn't for all the make up caked on her face curly brown that hung past her shoulders. "See anything yet?" she asked, "no but we'll keep an eye out so nothin happens to you little ladies" Krist reassured.

"Oh well if you catch the bastard I might have a little somethin for you~" she cooed her fingers lightly brushing the brunettes arm that partly hung out the car. Kurt just rolled his eye's giving the woman a disgusted look, "you should put more clothes on it's cold out" the blond scoffed. Cocking her eyebrow at the comment at noticing the blond "hmph", leaning away from the car noticing something grabbing her attention on the sidewalk.
"Well duty calls, see you later~" giving the brunette a wink before going into an alley. Krist keeping an eye on his side view mirror when the lady disappeared, he let out a sigh.

Waiting for awhile for the brunetted woman to make her reappearence when she didn't, Krist pulled out his pocketwatch taking a glance at it then putting it away opening his car door. Hopefully it was nothing the brunette thought, either the guy was having trouble getting it up or something really bad was happening trying to think at the latter looking at Kurt.

"Watch the car." he stated before leaving, the blond nodded looking into the rear view mirror watching as the other make his way towards the alley.

Once the brunette was in the alley seeing no one in sight, he carefully made his way further through the darkened back street. Keeping his right hand in his coat pocket the whole time stepping past garbage that littered the lane, then stopping once he'd seen a few rats quickly run past his feet. He made haste moving fast till he reached the end of the alley, looking down one of the small pathways that connected with the back street. He was surprised stepping back at what he saw pulling out what he had held onto in his pocket.


The blond still sitting in the car staring at his watch then back into the rear view mirror, Krist was gone for too long if he was only checking something out. He couldn't wait any longer grabbing the key's from the egnition, he got out and went down the same alleyway the brunette went down.


Krist was half expecting what he'd find then not, seeing the streetwalker that disappeared lying on the ground not moving with a black shadow cast over her.
"HEY!" the brunette yelled out which caught the attention of the creature, holding tightly to the bangle that he held in his hand feeling the many charms that clung to it.
"Come on dark and ugly" trying to taunt the shadow which it worked moving away from the woman and setting it's sights on the brunette.

The blond making it half way down the alley hearing Krist call out he quickly ran towards the other's voice, at seeing the brunette on the backstreet floor trying to fight off the shadow he quickly ran towards them.

Once Krist caught sight of the blond he managed to shake the shadow off of him, pressing one of the charms against the black mass it let out a cry. Pressing down on the black form till it was on the ground the brunette yelled at the other "use the salt!" Krist wasn't sure how much longer he could keep up holding the shadowy entity down. The blond running over towards him pulling out a bag dumping salt to the ground till it completely surrounded them, Krist quickly getting off the shadow and watching his step to make sure nothing messed up the circle.

The shadow trying to move to escape did no good being surrounded with the salt it shrieked, the brunette wasting no time catching his breath pulling out a bottle cracking it open against the concrete where the shadowy mass was. It let out a final cry before disappearing into smoke, the smell of cloves hitting the senses of the two. Then something clincking against the pavement, Krist going over to the circle where the dark entity once was crouching down and picking up a charm. He couldn't tell what it was, it looked like some little trinket a gold medallion that had a broken string wrapped around it.

Holding it up to show Kurt, "wonder why it had this around?" handing it over to the blond to inspect. "I don't know I haven't seen anything like it.." his finger tips running over the small grooves of the gold peice.

The brunette going over to the woman that lied on the ground knelt down checking her pulse, "she's just unconscious got here in the nick of time" Krist said pulling out a small packet and snapping it open. Moving the packet towards the woman's nose she immediatly regained consciousness, "the hell..." opening her eye's, wrinkling her nose at the naustiating smell.

"Are you alright?" Krist asked, the brunetted woman sitting up looking around unsure of her surroundings for a moment. "That...Guy..He wasn't..." she mumbled out trying to get her thoughts together, "don't worry he won't be coming around anymore..." Krist helped her up to her feet.

"Thank you." she said clinging herself to the taller, "I-I..Thought I was going to die.." tears filling up her eyes. "It's okay. You shouldn't be having any more trouble" he reassured her, the blond ignoring the cliche sight you'd see in movies his mind was more set on the medallion he was given.

The three of them leaving the alley and back into the main street it was a relief being back out in the open, walking back to their car the brunetted woman still tagged along. Kurt already getting in the car, while the taller talked with the woman.

"If anything like this happens again or if anything odd happens don't hesistate to call we'll be right back here in a jiffy" Krist smiled handing over a business card, the woman gladly took it "okay I will" she smiled back.

Saying their goodbyes it was nearly day break light starting to fill the dark streets, driving off into the morning the blond was about to doze off in his seat till the other spoke up.
"Looks like were gonna have to pay Chad a visit about that peice of junk", and by peice of junk referring to the odd trinket the entity had.

"Now?" the blond asked sounding tired in his voice, by the silence Kurt knew his answer he let out a groan.

Both men having styrofoam cups in hand when entering a small and dank pawnshop the neon 'open' sign lit up, a man sitting behind a counter reading the morning paper not giving the two the slightest attention. The shop filled with random objects people have pawned off to make rent or for their own personal reasons, that didn't interest the two at all. As they made their way through past the counter going into the back room which read 'EMPLOYEE'S ONLY!', they walked down a set of stairs.

Though the shop wasn't that big at all it was all a front for something else that went on there, boxes piled high against the walls. The musty smell oh old papers,books, or whatever was in the cardboard containers, following a path that led through the basement. The underground room had tunnels all connected to it, though if you didn't know your way you'd probably get lost.

Easily making their way through the catacombmish type pathways, it wasn't long before they came to a dead end. Any other person that was faced with this would have turned around and tried one of the other ways that were there, the two stopping in front of the brick wall, Krist pulled out his pocketwatch taking a glance at it before the wall disappeared and they continued on their way.

Making their way further in the new space around them was a lot different, more clean if anything boxes still piled up but with more actual statues or trinkets lying around.

Rustling around could easily be heard as they got further in, the blond looking around idly while taking a drink from his cup. The slightest bit of steam could be seen coming from the container, it took all the nagging at the taller brunette to get them to stop somewhere to get something to wakeup a bit before making their stop at the two faced shop.

Both of them stopping once they caught sight of a short brunette with long brown hair easily past his shoulders, writing something down on a notepad on a desk.

"Hope we didn't catch you at a bad time?" Krist asked taking a sip from his cup, the long haired brunette still kept his head down as if not hearing what the other said. Then speaking up while writing, "well I figured someone was coming not sure exactly who, till one of the sensors went off" a light sounding voice coming from the shorter. Fitting if anything for his small stature and appearance, not too far away from him hung up on the wall a long box sat with wires going out in all directions. A blinking light going off on the many lights on the switch board, flipping the notepad the small brunette continued to write "Is there something you need." he said stilling writing away.

Krist motioning towards the blond who felt around in his pockets taking a minute to find what he needed, pulling out the gold medillion he walked over towards the shorter placing the trinket directly on the notepad. In hopes of getting the long haired brunette's attention, which it seemed to work. He stopped writing completely picking up the trinket, "where'd you get this?" he asked looking at the two.

"Well taking care of a demoss that had a streetwalker fetish, after getting rid of it had that along with it." Krist said, then continued "we wanted to know exactly what that was so we of course came to you Chad since you everything about things like this".

Chad looked at the taller then back down at the medallion, "oh yeah I know what it is, a bit surprised though that you have it but then not that surprised at all" giving the charm back to the blond who stood not too far putting it back into his pocket.

"Well you better tell us" Kurt warned, the shorter brunette shrugged.
"It's just a deflecter it blocks out any light or dark energy, though it doesn't last for long depending on how powerful said energy is" Chad taking a seat in a nearby chair before he continued on.
"Ususally they disappear after their done working, but you've managed to get it before it was completely used up" the shorter brunette pulling out a pack of cigarette's and lighting up taking a drag.

"Do you have any idea why a demoss had such a thing?" Krist asked, the shorter shook his head.
"Can't really say why a demoss had it...Unless..." the long haired brunette trailed off,

"unless what?" the blond spoke up.

"Unless someone must have given it to the damn thing." Chad finished off, the blond and the taller looking at each other a bit confused.

"Why would someone give that to a demoss?"the taller asked, Chad took a another drag off his cigarette. "Not really sure but...." trailing off again,

"But?" Kurt and Krist asking in unison.

"I did sell a few kind of recently..." he answered sheepishly,

"to who." the taller said.

Chad itched his head looking at the two meekly, "to the Temple..." finishing off his cigarette and putting it out.

"Temple as in...Temple of the Dog?!" Krist partly raising his voice, "How many did you sell them?!" sounding a bit furious.

"A few..." the shorter piped up,

"how many is a few?!" Krist asking again.

"Two dozen..." the long haired brunette lighting up another cigarette,
"two dozen?! That is a little more than a few!" the taller scoffed.
"Well hey it's not my fault you know I'm Switzerland on this so if someone's got the money it's theirs" Chad spoke a little more edge in his voice.

The taller letting out an annoyed sigh, throwing his empty styrofoam cup in a nearby trashbin.

"Jesus Chad...Out of anyone you could have sold those to why'd it have to be them" Krist sounding a bit frustrated, the blond watching on a bit unsure what to say about it keeping his mouth shut in the process.

"You know what trouble they've caused you were there, so you know first hand what their capable of!" the taller exclaimed.
"Yeah well that was a long time ago things were different then..." Chad taking another drag, "that was years ago wasn't it...when it was us three and Jason" the smaller thinking about it a bit nostalgically.

It was a while that passed when it was more than just two getting rid of entities that didn't belong in this world, getting rid of Jason for not being enough for the group and having priorites elsewhere. Then shortly after Chad leaving because he didn't care too much for what they were doing.

After an awkward bit of silence Krist spoke up, "well who exactly did you give them to?"
the shorter couldn't help but give a small smile "I think you can guess who...".
The taller letting out another sigh "fucking great...We'll have to pay him a little visit then come on" motioning for the blond to take their leave.

"Well thanks." the taller spoke up, before the two made their exit leaving the shop. Once they were outside did the blond speak up finally, "are we really going to see him now?" he asked looking at the taller once they got in the car.

"Not now no...Later we will once it get's dark again" Krist starting the egnition in the old coupe which lightly purred. Going back to their place only seemed best catching some sleep till they had to go out again, to have a talk with the leader of the so called trouble making group.

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