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Sitting up front a tired and grumpy bass player sat behind the steering wheel, shifting gears when needing to on a long stretch of road. Rolling up his side of the window it was getting pretty cold now it getting close to dark, even though it was hot as hell during the day passing through the sounthern states. Everything usually cools off during the later part of the day around dusk.

Looking over to the passenger's side, long blond hair catching the last bit of daylight with the said owners head sticking partly out the window. The dry cool air picking up parts of the golden hair lightly blowing in the wind, it was angelic if anything.


it actually reminded him of maybe a fallen angel? Like something you'd see in a museum on a big canvas with oil paints, with a fancy frame carved with the most intricate details.


Maybe I should go to a museum, any type of museum would be nice science, art, history,...-


Hearing a loud horn noise looking back on the road frantically turning the steering wheel, grazing past a semi-truck who honked his horn again. Probably in effect of almost having a head on collision with their little van.

The van slightly rocked,

"dude what the fuck was that about?!..."

"yeah man warn us next time.."

voices calling from the back which belonged to two sleepy sounding musicians, who were trying to catch some sleep before having to trade sitting up front and driving.

"Sorry guys..." Krist mumbled, looking out the corner of his eye he could tell the blond was looking at him it made him flush slightly.

'Did he notice me staring earlier?...' he thought to himself, trying to forget their almost 'accident' he kept driving.


Staring at the fuel gauge it was on 'E' then looking at the miles the bass player knew exactly how far he could get before having to fill up again, when on past 'E'. Taking the cream colored van as far as she'd go, he pulled into the nearest gas station knowing if he went any further they'd be out of fuel. Which wouldn't be good since the next station was another fifty miles.

Hitting a light bump then coming to a complete stop it seemed to stir everyone in the van, including the blond whose face was pressed against the glass.

Opening the door before stepping out he let out a sigh "you guys better get movin if you gotta pee or whatever, were not gonna make another stop till we hit the next boarder crossing. Bottles will be you're only bathroom if you don't go now." Slamming the door closed well not on purpose but the van's heavy metal door just sounded loud when closing.

Groans could be heard when Krist made his way past the van to pump gas, reluctantly the three of them moved out of the van. They knew the bass player was serious, Krist couldn't help but smile to himself when he'd seen the three of them crawl outta the van they looked like zombies. Having gotten no actually 'real' sleep in the past few days it does it's toll, Krist managed to do alright he was a heavy sleeper when he'd gotten the chance to catch some Z's.

Filling up the van completely pulling out the money he needed, he went inside to pay off the attendee. Which he'd made some small conversation with "man $1.07 that's armed robbery" he laughed, the attendee caught his sense of humor and chuckled too.

"Well it's times like these man, at least it went down seen how high it was for the past few years" the attendee said ringing up the bass player when he handed over the bills.

"Yeah true" he laughed noticing Kurt walking past him rolling his eyes, the bass player couldn't help it if he was a so called 'social butterfly' when it came to strangers.

"Where ya'll headed?"

"Trying to get to Iowa, can't wait to get more north man this heat is brutal" Krist laughed.

"Oh son you're in for one hell of a drive"

"don't I know it, just past through New Mexico my legs are killin me"

"I bet well I hope you have a safe ride through on you're trip"

"oh well thanks" Krist smiled before exiting out the station.

"Come on chatty Cathy" Kurt called out sitting in the passengers seat door open, the tall brunette hopping back in the van starting the ignition they were back on the road for God knows how long.


"Chris turn on the air seriously..." the blond groaned

"no way this gas has got to last us till we get to Oklahoma, and the air sucks up the gas" the tall brunette shifting, his back sticking to the seat from him sweating.

"Come on man just for a few minutes it won't hurt..." Chad called out from the back sounding hopeful,


The three let out a groan in unison.

This heat was very unbearable even by human standards, all the windows were open but all it did was let in hot dry air. Whose ever idea it was to come through Texas in fucking July the blond wanted to kill, trying to stick his head completely out the window to 'cool off' it didn't help it seemed to make him feel even hotter.

"Come on Chris I'll suck you're cock if you turn on the A/C" Kurt pleaded desparate for some cool air, the other two spoke up as well.

"I'll suck you're cock if it means air seriously come on man" Chad groaned out moving up front slightly with Jason doing the same,

"we'll all suck you're cock bro".

Krist just rolled his eyes getting annoyed at their 'attempts' to get the air turned on,

"sucking my cock isn't gonna keep us from running out of gas, so unless if you ladies got an extra tank of gas lying around I don't think so".

They groaned in their lost attempt with getting some air, Kurt shifting in his seat looking into the back "Chad hand me my bag" he asked.

The little drummer looking for the blonds bag handing off the green canvas bag to the other when he found it he plopped back down hair tied in a pony tail to try anyway to cool off.

The blond had the same thing in mind he had no shorts just a couple a pair of jeans, pulling out a pair of scissors he cut the pant legs off. So now his jeans came a little above his knees, it somewhat helped but not really. But at least now he had some shorts.


Almost to the boarder of Texas, the bass player reluctantly handed over the wheel to Jason. With the other guitarist and drummer trading places, with Kurt and Krist it was thier time to get or try to get some sleep.

Using the roll of foam as a pillow the bass player was out like a light even in this dreadful heat, Jason taking a look into the back to make sure Krist was out.

"Really man it won't hurt only for a few minutes" he whispered to the drummer who sat up front with him, but then looking at the controls the guitarist scowled.

Taped across the controls written in pen stood a warning.

-TOUCH THIS AND YOU DIE!!! I mean it!-

The guitarist reluctantly moved his hand away from the controls,
"fuckin bastard.." he mumbled under his breath.

Maybe he was having a good dream or maybe he knew his threat worked the bass player was smiling with his eyes shut smug as can be.


Finally making it to Oklahoma all four of them were literally praising the lord it felt literally cooler than Texas, still a bit warm this was a lot more tolerable to deal with. They made it there with good time a half a day early before their gig, mostly thanks to Krist with his Nazi juristdiction over the van. Pulling into the parking lot of their gig, they all got out of the van stretching and walking around.

It was quite early in the morning still, shops and business's opening for the day.

"Go get some food I'm starving man" the blond sounding half asleep leaning against the van, all of them looked completely out of it except for the bassist who seemed wide awake.

"Think I saw a place that might have some stuff" pointing back the way they came, looking at the three he figured he'd be off on his own by the looks of it they weren't going anywhere.

It was partly quiet still in the small city with only a few passing cars driving by, then seeing a bus full of kids on their way to school. He waved at them, though getting some waves then some obsene gestures he laughed.

Going into a deli whiched seemed to just open with the clerk wiping off the counter, then looking at Krist.

"Hey how are yah?" the clerk asked

"pretty good, how are you?" he asked in return,

"not so bad tryin to get through the morning always slow" the clerk laughed.

Walking over to an ice box grabbing a few pre-made sandwhich's, having to grab a small basket to hold some of the food when it became too much holding it in his arms.

"Feeding a small army?" the clerk laughed,

"close enough how about four hungry guys" setting the basket on the counter with the clerk ringing it up. Pulling out sandwhich's, chips, a few can's of pop, and a small box of cookies. Putting everything in a paper bag when he brought up the total, the tall brunette payed the bill with thanks exchanged he left the shop heading back towards the van.

With a cookie partly in his mouth the bass player handed off the bag which they seemed to attack it like a pack of animals, "jesus guys hungry?" he laughed munching still on the cookie grabbing a can of Coke from the bag. All of them eating contently sitting on the cold asphalt, Krist looking a bit curiously at the blond "you better eat somethin besides cookies man you're gonna get a sugar rush" noticing Kurt had the box of cookies in hand eating them all.

"I did." the blond managed to say in between chews, Krist noticing the half unwrapped sandwich with only a bite taken out of he just rolled his eyes.

They were all tired...actually pretty fucking exhausted if anything, of course there's the rush you get after you finish a set. After performing in front of all those people and meaning by 'all those' like a crowd up to three hundred, but when you mix in booze then hop all over the place it's a real work out.

Before they even played after setting up, then doing a soundcheck. The bass player managed to work his charm, talking to a lot of people before their set about the band or whatever came up which was music. This managed to earn them a place to sleep for the night, an actual place though it was on someone's floor it was better than sleeping in a van or sleeping on asphalt.

A roof over their head that had A/C no less it was honestly heaven if there was a word to describe it, all of them slightly tipsy on their feet. It was probably way early in the morning it was still dark out but you knew it was late, the bass player with beer in hand talking with his singer. It was nice, they were the only two in the living room there they were staying. There 'host' was already sleeping in bed, Jason and Chad going out for a smoke before they actually hit the hay.

Being alone together was a nice change it's been a while since the two could actually talk to each other, without having someone standing around. Downing the last bit of beer Krist held onto the can, staring at it like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"Got somethin on you're mind?" The blond asked eyes half lidded from mix of booze and being tired, though he was out of it mostly he could still tell when something was up with the other.

Krist let out a sigh, "worried I guess..." tipping the beer can back and forth you could hear a couple of droplets left sloshing around in the can,
"about?..." Kurt tried his best to sit up or at least try to look like he was giving the other full attention.

"Shelli..." he actually got choked up slightly at the mention of his girlfriend's name, "I miss her and just I don't know.." letting out another sigh. It was actually depressing watching the other sit there looking like he was gonna break down anytime about it,

"well hey don't worry about it I'm sure everything's fine" knudging krist in the arm letting a small smile spread across his face.

"H-how do you know?" the bass player sounding hopeful into the blonds insight,

"I don't" he laughed, then tipping back the rest of his beer he looked at Krist.

"You write to her don't you?" he asked,


"and she write's back to you right?"


"well there you have it man, why'd she spend her time writing to someone she doesn't love?"

"I-I don't know..."

"because she 'does' love them." lightly shoving the brunette.

"Y-yeah you're right...It's just that..I've got this feeling yah know like in the back of my mind that's like no she's only doing it to waste sometime" Krist let out another sigh.

"Well hey if that's the case I might punch her in the face then" Kurt laughed,

Krist smiled and laughed a little bit.

"She does care I know it in the way she writes to me telling me to be careful, keep an eye on you, make sure the van doesn't explode, make sure Kurt doesn't explode the van.." at the last part both of them laugh.

"See man now don't be so fucking worried it's fine." the blond smiled,

"I'll try not too" he promised, though he wasn't sure if he'd actually be able to keep that.

Moving closer to the blond till they were only inches away Krist pulled the other into a embrace,

"thanks man..I'm glad to have you" he let another sigh.

The hug caught Kurt off guard a little bit but he gladly returned the thanks,

"well it's not any trouble to help a friend".

"Whoa touchy touchy" a voice calling out from the side, the two musicians pulling away from each other to see the other two make their return.

"You know how it is free love and all that" Krist said scooting away from the blond rolling out his foam pad laying back on it, the four of them making conversation before dissolving out with the lights shut off trying to get some sleep.

Some part of night...or call it morning Kurt didn't really know why but making sure everyone was asleep which they were the light snore of all of them filling the air, he slightly scooted closer to the bass player. Not by much just so he could look at him.

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