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"I'm leaving!"
The wavy haired singer grinned, racing to the door before almost tripping over a stack of slut magazines as he tried to get the attention of his bosom buddy Chris—who frankly couldn't give a damn.
"Uh-huh…" he waved back nonchalantly, eyes glazed over. Eddie huffed, stomping his foot as he slammed the door.
Outside, however—with his short attention span—he forgot all about what's-his-face-and made his way toward the concert amped up as he practically skipped there singing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as loudly and off key he could.
The closer Eddie got to the concert the more people he saw, either excited or depressed, with raggedy, weed smelling clothes as they made their way inside the structure. It wasn't the audience he was used to coming to his shows, as he weaved his way around the loyal zombies.

"Man, these people are weirdo's…" he whispered to himself, quickly ducking behind a trashcan when he thought someone heard him. The guy was 6 foot after all…and Chris wasn't around to help him…
But after that burst of excitement was over he found himself front row, screaming his head off at "Heart Shaped Box"—he got a lot of stares too…
It wasn't until after the concert he pulled out his backstage pass with one of those stupid shy grins he always had as he approached Dave.
Setting his blue eyes on long, dark hair, he reached up to tap Dave on the shoulder;


Dave turning around to see who exactly was trying to get his attention, looking down the long haired drummer saw a bright eyed and excited singer with a nervous grin on his lips he immediately recognized from another fellow band he was all to familiar with both by him and probably every other patron hanging around.

"Oh hey!" he smiled,
having a towel in his hand wiping off the sweat on his face and neck.

"How've yah been man?" putting out his other hand, giving the shorter long haired brunette a hand shake.

"I heard your scream while playin though I didn't see you I figured you might be around your lucky you've got a such a distinct cry man" he laughed, looking over at his band mates that weren't too far away packing up their gear.

"Well I gotta get packin don't really want Kurt yellin at my ass" he laughed again, Dave noticing his own bassist passing by with an amp in his arms he tossed the sweaty towel at his face
"Dude what the hell when I get back you are so dead!" he yelled at Dave, the drummer only snickered and turned his attention back to Eddie.

"Hey I'll probably be done in like a few care to stick around? I'd like to talk more with yah since it's been ages since we last chewed the fat".


While Dave was finishing his order, Eddie was already looking around quite shyly, trying to avoid eye contact with everyone.

"Dude, people are staring…."

Dave laughed, "Well we are famous, aren't we? Nothing we can do about that…" he smiled at the waitress as she giggled and hurried past.

"Yeah but…I dunno…I have trouble outside of doing the band…"

Dave mumbled and nodded as he ate, digging his fork into the slice of custard pie he was eating, "Yeah I've noticed." He laughed.

Once Eddie's order of a chocolate milkshake and french-fries arrived he had forgotten all about his shyness and ate liberally.

Dave chuckled, noticing the shirt under his flannel, "You like The Who…?" he nodded while Eddie swallowed and smirked,

"Well, yeah! Who doesn't…?! They made rock what it is today…Hell, I remember, the year after I moved out to Seattle…I drowned myself listening to Quadrophenia and Tommy on loop for 2 months…" he looked distant for a moment before sighing, "That was right before I worked with Chris on the Temple of The Dogs thing and I swear, The Who brought me luck…"


"Oh well The Who their alright I can dig their music but they're no match for the kings of rock" Dave said then taking a sip of his coffee.

"Andwhowouldthatbe?" his mouth stuffed with fries his cheeks looking like a chipmunks,

"Zeppelin man" having a satisfied look on his face.

Almost choking on his fries quickly took a drink of his shake,

"you're not serious are you?!" gasping out.

"Of course their the best have you listened to Bonhams playing on Moby Dick?! He's fucking fantastic compared to that Moon", looking at Dave he felt a little irritated at how he just blew off one of his favorite bands that he's idolized for as long as he can remember, though people have their right to opinions he just couldn't let it go.

"What about Won't Get Fooled again?! That was Moon's prime did here that solo?!" sitting up in his seat food quickly forgotten Eddie was ready to fight for his band.

"Well that was good I have to admit but it's not something I care for" drinking the last bit of coffee

"And what about the rest of the band they are all genius's like Roger's amazing voice, Pete's song writing, John's bass that he plays like lead guitar, and Keith's monster playing nothing can top them!" getting a little red in the face he tried to calm down.

"Whoa man no need to get so wound up" Dave laughed.


Eddie slid back down into his chair and mumbled, "I'm not wound up…!" He folded his arms against his chest and huffed, before he blurted out;

"At least Roger looks like a man! Robert's nothing more than a wannabe Rog anyhow! His singing sucks and so does his hair! And not to mention Roger can act! A singer AND an actor…pffh!" he nodded, quite sure of himself.


"Oh well now your just acting like a brat" Dave teased grinning like the cheshire cat,

"you can say what you like about Robert his singing is so-so but Page and Bonham make the band what they are with their hard playing".

"Maybe one day you'll understand what real music is all about".


"Oh, really?!" Eddie hissed, eyes narrowing, "Page is a douchebag and Bonham is a hairy freak..!" he stood up seething as he snorted, "Besides, I think I know what real music is anyhow…Since I'm the only one here who MAKES any!"


"That no one buys" Dave retorted, getting up from his looking down at Eddie.

"Page maybe a dick but at least he doesn't need a bass player to back him, and what's wrong with bein hairy man ladies dig the fur"


"I know what ladies dig…" Eddie said with a hiss, "I've had a model remember?" He smirked eyeing Dave across the table, "Oh, and didn't you hear, Ten was the highest grossing album this year…Where's yours? OH YEAH….it wasn't!"


"Oh you've had 'A Model'? not so bad for some one just starting out though considering I've had more than one it's nothing to brag about though they were sweet ladies" Dave said rather boldly.

"Oh and Nevermind was #1 on the charts and where was Ten oh that's right #2" Dave said in a sarcastic tone.


"Riight…and what did you contribute? Oh yes, you drum…Which we all know is so very important…" He scoffed, folding his arms again, "I only wrote, played and sang…Not to mention the types of losers you draw into your concerts…what do they do for an after party? Cut each others wrists?!"


"Drumming's an important part of having a band it keeps the rythm it goes right along with the lyrics and guitar and bass so why don't you keep your yap shut about drummers I bet you wouldn't be saying this if Matt was around" looking around seeing that alot more people were staring at the scene the two were causing.
"Why don't we take care of this outside since I don't think it's a good idea to ruin these nice folks evening" Dave smiled at an elderly couple that weren't sitting too far away.
"Fine…" Eddie agreed, although as they stepped outside he became fully aware of how much shorter he was, and although he was scrappy when he had to be, it wasn't exactly his idea to be fighting a so-called friend outside of a small dinner after his so-called friend's concert…
He instead stood stiffly and looked around as toughly as he could, and kept his hands down at his sides making fists with them as he looked up through his curly hair.
"So…?!" he demanded softly, eyeing the taller man.


"Jeez man are you always this high strung?" Dave laughed. Eddie looking at him was not all amused as he still stood scowling a bit.
"I highly doubt you wanna dance since you don't look like much of a fighter" pointing at the shorters arms.
Eddie began to pout but tried his best not to, "I'm short, but I'm nowhere near weak…" he looked around a little before he showed him a muscle. "I work out…" he said meekly then huffed, "But…I usually leave the fighting to someone else…"


Looking a bit surprised "well hey man I never called you weak, though I don't think there you should be someone else fighting your battles for you" Dave said. Tired of really standing he leaned on the brick wall that wasn't too far away from their so called sorry excuse for a scrap.
"I don't ask them too!" Eddie huffed, leaning against the same wall without thinking, "They just...stick up for me…cause I'm short." He sighed ruffling his hair, "I guess I'm spoiled…" he chuckled he sighed, looking around casually.
Dave laughed almost uncontrollably holding his sides "well that's a fucking lie" trying to calm himself down, "it's not about height height ain't got nothing to do with it man" wiping his eyes from the bit of tears that formed while laughing at Eddie.
The other couldn't understand what was so funny and cocked an eyebrow, "What are you laughing about?! What do you mean that's not the reason…?!" He slumped against the wall and huffed, looking thoroughly like a child—without even realizing it.

Trying his best as he could to hold back laughing even more it was almost impossible for Dave "well actin like that for one thing" trying to imitate the others huff in a melodramatic way.
"You act like a fuckin kid man and your old enough to be my big brother" he teased patting Eddie on the head.

Eddie couldn't help but realize how he was acting and blushed, pushing the other's hand away, "Y-Yeah, well…w-what am I supposed to do…?" he argued weakly before punching him hard in the arm. "People should tell me I'm actin' like a kid..! And not in a smart ass way either…" he eyed Dave with a mock stare before sighing.
"Ouch" Dave yelped
'guess he is pretty tough' he thought rubbing his arm knowing there would most likely be a bruise there later.
"well their not gonna tell you cause from what I can gather it looks like they like protectin you and you like bein protected your like....a delicate flower" after saying that Dave busted out laughing again.
"Delicate?! Riiight…" Eddie chuckled a little sarcastically as he punched him again in the arm—in the same spot, before softly agreeing, "Maybe it's not so bad…But so what if I do like it?! It's nice to know you have friends…" he nodded before leaning against the wall again.

'fffffffuck' trying to hold back a cry from being punched in the arm yet again, "true" looking over at Eddie he flicked him hard on the side of the head "punching people isn't very nice" Dave laughed.
"Yeah, it isn't…and neither is being a smart ass…" he snickered loudly, before pinching the other's side, just above his hip.
"Hey! I'm not a smartass...well not all the time and look who's talking" flicking Eddie on the head again.
Eddie snorted, slapping the other's hand away as he pinched Dave again, this time on his stomach, "You are! And so what if I am?" he huffed, blowing a few curls out of the way of his face.
"Hey! That shit hurts man!" rubbing his stomach where Eddie had pinched him,
"you souldn't go around pinchin people short stack" flicking the other in the nose.
Eddie snorted, rubbing his nose and head as he kicked the other in the shin, "Well stop fuckin flicking me! It stings!" he huffed, blue eyes glaring at the other, ready to pinch him again...
"Well at least I'm not doing anything that'll leave bruises you little masochist!" Dave said while flicking eddie twice in the nose.
The singer gasped louder than he expected to as he grabbed his nose and whined before growling and pinching Dave as hard as he could on his butt, "How's that for masochist!? You flicking bastard!"
"HEY!" Dave yelped "you know what fine then two can play at this game!" pinching eddie on the chest.
Eddie blushed for a moment before grabbing his chest, "T-That was almost my nipple, you effing freak!" He kicked him in the shins again before he collected himself, huffing softly with relief.

"Son of a-" Dave yelped clenching his teeth together from the pain. "STOP KICKIN ME!" he yelled before kicking Eddie right back in the shin.
"OWW!" Eddie moaned, cursing as he grabbed his leg. "Effing bastard!" he howled before pinching his arms and stomach as hard as he could.
"WELL YOU FUCKIN STARTED IT!" Dave yelled, pinching Eddie's cheeks on his face.
"Why don't you fuckin grow up man!" he yelled rubbing his arms from the pain.
"I am grown up!...I mean…" Eddie blushed, mumbling to himself as he rubbed his face, "I'm sorry…" he sighed, pouting to himself as he tried to massage his face—he pinched pretty hard for a skinny guy…
"Oh wait I didn't quite catch that, what did yah say?" Dave grinned turning his head to the side with a sly look on his face.
"I'm sorry, okay man?!" the other huffed, pouting turning his head to hide a blush. "Now shut up…!"
"Awww don't get upset little guy need a hug?" Dave teased opening his arms.
Eddie almost turned around, but instead pouted, "..N-No I don't need a hug…!" he fussed, shooing him away, "I'm not a 'little guy' either…!"
Pulling Eddie into a hug "it's okay short stack shhhhh..it's okay no one's gonna hurt you" Dave cooed petting him on the head.
The singer mumbled, but eventually relaxed and sighed against the other's chest, "…I'm not afraid either…" he added in a soft voice after he wrapped his arms around the other's waist.
"Do you want me to buy you a toy to make you feel better?" Dave laughed picking up Eddie in his arms and spinning him around.
Eddie gasped a little louder than he had wanted to and coughed, trying to hide his embarrassment; "No, I don't want a toy!" he pouted, clinging to the other, looking around to make sure no one saw them, brushing aside his curled brown hair.
"Are you sure? I'll get you a slinky cause everybody loves a SLINKY!" Dave still continued to spin Eddie around laughing.
"I don't want a stupid slinky!" Eddie huffed, arms wrapped around Dave's shoulders, "If I wanted anything…it'd be a Nerf Blaster…But I already have one…Not the new one, though." He sighed shaking his head, "Anyway, I don't want a toy!"
"But who doesn't want Slinky?! I gotta get you a Slinky Slinky Go Slinky Go!" Dave finally stopped spinning around Eddie and looked at him with a goofy grin on his face.
"Your getting a Slinky man no matter if you like it or not besides I don't have enough money on me to get yah anything else"
"Didn't your last Nirvana record go platinum…?" the singer asked cocking an eyebrow, "How cheap can you be…?" he teased, smirking back at him. "…I'll take the slinky as long as it comes with a Crunch bar." The smaller man argued, keeping his grip on the other's shoulders.
"Hey I'm not cheap! I paid for your food and I'm getting you a toy and candy this is the worst date ever!" Dave exclaimed, setting Eddie right back on the ground.
"…Well, if this is a date, who said it was over yet…?" Eddie laughed, eyeing the other with a wink.
" Well I know I didn't short stack come on lets go!" Dave smiled before pulling Eddie by the arm running down the side walk.
Eddie chuckled running behind him down the block, "Hay where's the nearest store around here?!" he yelled at him, still running along.
"I don't really know but we gotta hurry!" Dave laughed looking on either side of the street for a toy store or something of the like.
Eddie looked at his watch, "It's only 10:29!" he laughed, running and looking around with him, "Does the 7/11 sell slinkies? Maybe we should go to circle K…"
"Oh shit I didn't even know it was that late! Now we really gotta hurry Kmart is already closed and I don't think 7/11 sells slinkies but some place has to be open man!" a little bit of worry in his voice.
Eddie frowned slightly, "Okay!...But what's the rush for…?" he asked watching as Dave's grip on his arm tightened.
"Well considering the fact that the later it gets the more stores that close kinda thing happens I think that kinda has something to do with it!" looking back at Eddie then continuing to run.
The shorter grunge singer huffed, "That's not what I meant…" he was going to mumble and fuss, but instead saw a small toy shop on a corner, "Is that place open?! Over there?" he pointed quickly to the left, a little ways down the street.
'"YES! COME LETS GO MOVE MOVE MOVE!" Dave exclaimed picking up the pace. Quickly crossing the street though not before looking both ways, running up to the toy store.

Eddie couldn't help but laugh and follow behind him, "Don't scare the guy running in like some crazy wack-job..!" he teased, wandering in a little more quietly than his friend.
Looking over at an older man sitting behind the counter which he looked a bit surprised to see he had customers so late. "Excuse me but umm do have any slinkies?" Dave asked the old man
"Oh yeah they should be in the back there" pointing to the back of the store.
"Thanks!" Dave cheered
"Sorry, sir…" Eddie laughed, "My friend is a cluck…" he watched as Dave ran back, huffing and slamming the slinky on the counter.
"Hay, it's pink!" The other huffed, frowning, "Where's the green ones, like they show on tv?!"
"There is no green one's just pink and purple and you don't look like a guy that would enjoy purple so pink it is" pulling out a few bills from his pocket
giving the cashier some money
"You can keep the change" Dave said before handing over the Slinky to Eddie.
"Here yah go"
Eddie huffed but accepted the slinky with a 'thanks' and slid it onto his wrist—since it was large enough to do so, and looked pretty cool too…
"I still want my Nestles Crunch…" he smiled, acting bashful.
"Well if my memory serves me correctly there should be a 7/11 some where" leaving the toy shop and back into the night looking around for familar sign.
"Thanks again, sir!" Eddie called back as he darted out the shop to catch up with Dave.
"…All that running…" he sighed, looking up at Dave, "Buy me a big gulp, too."
"Well if your good maybe" Dave teased, pulling out whatever he had left in his pocket
"Okay well scratch that it's either Big Gulp or crunch bar which one is it gonna be?" looking at Eddie before continuing walking.
Fixing the slinky bracelet on his wrist he looked into Dave's hand, "Mh…How much is both..?" he asked, pulling out 5 dollars. "I'll buy you something too…we can go dutch, for now…" he added with a chuckle.
"Okie dokie" putting his money back in his pocket, passing by some town houses which immediatly caught Daves attention. "Dude let's try out the slinky!" pointing to the stoop he stopped in front of.
Eddie chuckled and ran over and up the steps as he slid it off his wrist and handed it to Dave, "It better kick ass too…" he smirked, crouching down to watch more closely.
Lining up the Slinky on the stoop and pushing it down the steps the familar clink it made as it went down, Dave absolutely entranced by the plastic toy.
Only making it to the last step before stopping Dave jump off the steps and picked up the toy
"DID YOU SEE THAT?! THAT WAS SO INCREDIBLE!" moving the slinky back and forth in between his hands.
"Can we do it again?"
Eddie laughed and jumped the almost 6 steps to the bottom before eagerly agreeing, "Hell yeah!" He took the slinky back and climbed back up the stairs to push it himself, watching as it climbed back down on its own.
"Whoever invented this fucking toy is a fucking genius man!" watching the slinky go down the steps again, while laughing.
"Dude, I wholeheartedly agree…" He laughed, walking back down the steps, "Wanna go again? Or just…" he pointed to the soft glow of the 7/11 sign post just down the block.
Dave biting his lip looking back at the steps and then back to the 7/11 sign it seemed like the most toughest decision he's ever made. Though looking again at the town house a light flicked on,
"Oh shit come on!" Dave whispered pulling Eddie by the arm again.
Eddie snickered as he ran behind him, and down the street toward the 7/11.
"Guess that decision was made up for us…" he smiled, elbowing Dave gently in the side, a smile on his lips as he slid the slinky back up his arm.
"If it wasn't for that guy would still be doin it though!" Dave laughed, finally getting to the party store the familar chime played when opening the door.
He laughed, following behind as he made his way to the large drinks aisle and grabbed a cup, "Yeah, true…" Eddie smiled, watching as the cup filled.
Staying up front looking at all the candy that was put out Dave spotted a crunch bar grabbed it and set it on the counter.
"Come on short stuff!"
Eddie rounded the corner with his drink, already stuck through with a straw and drank some before he set it down on the counter.
"What'd you get?" He asked, pulling out the 5 dollars he had in his cargo shorts.
"Umm...." giving the candy rack a once over again Dave snagged a packet of double mint gum.
"This" plopping it on the counter.
Eddie at first was going to ask, 'just gum? But I have five dollars' but instead just shrugged and put his money into Dave's hand to pay the simple looking clerk behind the plastic counter.
Handing the cashier the money who seemed to be in a zombie state of mind took the money and handed back the change with really no spoken words between them, Dave handed back Eddie his change while pocketing the gum.
"God well that guy wasn't creepy" Dave said when they were safely back outside.
Eddie nodded, sucking his straw, "Yeah, he's…pretty much a freak…" he said casually, walking beside Dave, feeling safe as he usually did when he was with someone taller.
Pulling out the pack of gum from his pocket taking out a strip ripping of the wrapper and popping it in his mouth, knudging the pack into the side of Eddie's face "Want a piece?"
Eddie choked a little on his limited flavor 'Extreme Raspberry Big Gulp' as he tugged a piece of gum from the pack, "You don't have to shove it into my face…" he huffed a little, taking the gum and chewed it quietly, popping bubbles.
"Well I just thought it would be polite to share speaking of which..." leaning in by Eddie face taking a sip of his big gulp.
Eddie huffed, holding the drink up a little so he didn't have to reach so far down, "Are you done?" he mumbled, watching him perhaps a little too closely, his adam's apple bobbing.
"Yeah that was really good" Dave smirked putting his gum back into his mouth.
"So how long are you guy's around here for?" he asked.
"Three days…Lollapalooza starts right after a town or so over, so we'll move into some other hotel by then…" Eddie mumbled, looking down at his straw in thought before he took a drink himself.
"Awww well that sucks were gonna be back in Seattle by then doing shows" Dave let out a sigh
"though we'll be here for a couple of days gotta a couple more gigs to do" spitting out the old deflavored gum he had in his mouth and putting in a new piece.
"That's cool…" Eddie agreed, before passing the other his drink while he pulled out his Crunch bar and carefully opened the foil to take a bite. "Mh…T-Too bad you won't be around…"
"Yeah I guess then after Seattle were goin to fuckin europe festival after festival after festival I hate festivals!" Dave exclaimed before taking another sip of the pop.
"The German one's aren't so bad…cause the beer's good…" Eddie smirked, elbowing Dave in the side with a wink, before taking another bite of his candy bar. "Mh…So when exactly are you gonna be back…?" he mumbled.
"And in Amsterdam the reefers pretty damn good" Dave laughed looking over at Eddie
"Hey can I have a piece?"
The other nodded and broke off a piece, "Here…" he offered, looking up at Dave.
Taking out the piece of gum from his mouth and moving his head down towards Eddies he picked up the piece of candy bar with his mouth, his tongue lightly brushing against the others finger tips.
"Thanks" he mumbled in between munching on the crunch bar.
Eddie went completely blank, now quiet and walking beside him like an extremely red zombie staring at his fingers, "Uhhh….y-yeah…" he said gently before looking up shyly to see the other not paying any attention—and licked the same fingers before he wiped his shirt and stuffed his face with candy.
Looking back at Eddie "Hey..." lightly grabbing a hold of his chin Daves tongue ran along side his mouth "you had something on your face I got it though" putting his gum back into his mouth and letting go of Eddies face.
Before he knew what was, and had happened, he froze in mid step, face flushed. "…T-Thanks…" he said softly, looking up at Dave with a blush and soft smile.
It was something about kisses (and that was practically a kiss in his book) that always loosened him up, and he couldn't help but cling to Dave afterward and nuzzle his side. "…Did you hear me…?" he smirked, before purposefully pinching his butt, "I said thank you…"
"Oh I heard you seriously man what is up with you and pinchin? Are you like a little crab or somethin?" looking at Eddie with a cocked eyebrow.
Eddie huffed, "I am not a little crab…" he blushed slightly, still holding onto Dave's arm as he took another bite of his candy bar, "And I dunno…It's kinda fun…" he chuckled a bit.
"Well whatever floats your boat my little crustacean whoever has to deal with you has the patience of a saint I'll give'em that"
Looking down at Eddie again "And what is up with you eatin that candy bar man your eatin it like charlie bucket" Dave laughed.
Eddie pouted, mumbling to himself, "I'm almost done, sheesh…!" He said, before finally finishing the bit that was left and balling up the paper—stuffing it into his cargo pocket. "And Chris deals with me…just fine…" he nodded, quite proud.
"Cornell right? Well that's surprising he seems like a guy that doesn't take any shit" Dave laughed
"He doesn't…he just sends me to Mike when I bug him…" he said with a pout, still clinging to Dave's arm.

"Sounds like a guy I could get along with" Dave teased before spitting out his gum off to the side and sticking a new piece in.
Eddie bristled slightly at the comment, "What's that mean?" he huffed softly, eyeing Dave a little more carefully, "…I thought you liked your bassist…"
"Can't I get to know people? And of course I like Krist what are you on about man?" Looking at Eddie a bit confused.
"Y-Yeah…" he sighed softly, "Sorry, dude…I guess I'm a bit clingy…to Chris I mean…" Eddie smirked shyly, looking down at his feet embarrassed.
"looks like it your like a dog protecting a bone with him" Dave laughed
"though I can understand where your coming from though" he smiled.
Eddie looked up in interest, "Really? How so…?"
"Well I mean that's how it is when you get close to someone, you trust them but you just don't people" Dave let out a sigh.
"Yeah…it is like that…" Eddie confessed, looking at Dave with a kind smile.
"Bah! Were just a couple of softies though I'm not as soft as you Mister I get so embarrassed easily" Dave said after tussling around Eddie's hair.
Eddie chuckled, slapping his hands away, "You?! Get embarrassed?! HA!" he laughed, "That'll be the day…!" He took a moment to yawn before looking at his watch, "W-Whoa! It's 2:48!" He immediately thought of Chris and flushed with worry.
"Well shit I didn't think it was this late" Dave rubbed his eyes a bit "where's your hotel? I'll walk you over there"
Eddie looked around quickly before finding a downgrade that lead toward the city for several blocks, "Its over there…the one to the left, with the spires on it…" he sighed sadly, "It'll take all night to get there…You'll have to be my alibi…" the shorter man smiled playfully.
"Well that's fine with me man" Dave said before letting out a loud yawn.
It was around 3:30 in the morning when the two of them finally made it to the hotel.
Eddie sighed, sitting on the stairs in the lobby as he waited to check in,

"Man, Chris is gonna be mad…" he whined softly, ruffling his hair, "I hope he didn't wait up…"
"Well I mean it's not like your a teenager and you have a curfue do you?" Dave laughed
"I'm sure it'll be alright"
Eddie snorted as he took his room key from the hotel desk, "No, I'm not a teenager…" he frowned a little walking up the stairs with a slight blush, "He just…doesn'tliketosleepalone…that's all…"
Dave looking a bit surprised "oooh now I get it" waggling his finger at how oblivious he was earlier.
"Your -with- him aren't you?" he grinned.
"Whaat?!" Eddie flushed dark red, running up the stairs, "I dunno what you mean! WITH? Ha…with…that could…mean anything!"
Running up the stairs right after Eddie
"Chris and Eddie sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Dave yelled making kissy noises with his lips.
"Shhhhh!!" Eddie hushed him, once they reached the 3rd floor. It had been privately rented out, since both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were using it, and was currently silent…
"He might hear you if he's still awake…" he said in a hushed voice, walking down the hall.
Dave immediately quieted his voice to a whisper
"first comes love then comes marriage then comes baby Chris in a baby carriage" he snickered trying to hold back his laughter.
Eddie quickly elbowed him, "Shutup!" he hissed as they approached the door.
He sighed softly, pushing the key into the lock as he held the doorknob and went inside. The place was still a mess from that morning, with magazines scattered about and empty beer cans in a strangely neat pile near the sofa.
"Phew.." Eddie sighed; "Maybe he's asleep!" he could feel his spirits lifting—until a toilet flushed from the other room.
"Goddamnit!" the shorter singer hissed, ducking around like an idiot.
Dave giggled trying to hide behind the back of the couch which didn't work out so well.
Chris appeared eventually, looking around—apparently aware the two were in his apartment.
"Eddie, hiding behind the floor lamp doesn't hide your curlytop…and why is there Vans sticking out from behind the sofa?"
Dave slowly scooted out from the back of the couch
"well hey fancy meetin you here" he forced out a laugh.
Eddie blushed, peeking out from behind the lamp, "S-Sorry…I was gone for so long…" He pouted, sitting down on the sofa, in front of the chair Chris was now sitting in.
He cocked an eyebrow, "Sorry for what?" he yawned, "Didn't you go to a concert?" He nodded at Dave, "I'm guessing you got Dave to babysit you…Last time it was Layne wasn't it?"
Eddie huffed, "He ditched me…"
"I know…" Chris laughed, combing through black hair with his fingers.
Feeling a little bit awkward just standing around
"hey can I crash here for tonight I don't feel like walking back all the way" Dave asked.
"Yeah, sure." Chris chuckled standing up, "Want something?" he nodded over to the kitchen area where it was also equally a mess.
Eddie meanwhile kept on the sofa, watching Chris as he slumped back into the large tufted chair and yawned.
"Nah I'm alright thanks though" plopping down next to Eddie letting out yawn.
"Cool…" Their host stretched, and then passed a general look around the room before he looked at Eddie who blushed.
"What?" he laughed, "Anyway, I was gonna ask how the night went…" he nodded at the other's arm, "Is that a pink slinky?"
"Dude man you should have seen it like the slinky actually made it down the steps it was so insane!" Dave jeered sitting up on the couch.
"We totally need to do that again man" looking over at Eddie.
Eddie laughed, "Yeah it was pretty awesome…" He winked at Chris who chuckled, "Yeaahhh, that is pretty awesome, but I've done even 'funner' stuff than that…" he teased at Eddie who pouted,
"Like what?" He asked curiously leaning in.
"Like using ten Slinkies oh my god dude that would be insane having them all go down the steps at the same time we gotta do it!" Dave getting bright eyed looking back over at Eddie hopefully who would agree to doing it.
Chris couldn't help but laugh, shaking his head as Eddie even more enthusiastically agreed, "Oh hell yes! That'd be sweet as hell…We could do that tomorrow…well, later tomorrow." Once Eddie realized Chris was laughing he blushed,
"No no!" the taller man chuckled, tossing his hair, "That'd be awesome. Invite me so I can bring mine."
"This is gonna be so fucking awesome man! Oh sorry Chris to cut you off like that man what were gonna say?" Dave sounding a little bit sorry at his over excitement on his ridiculous idea.
"I was saying invite me already…" He laughed, leaned back in his chair yawning—a lot more laid back than his friends at the moment.
"Yeah duh you can come too! But if you do you have to help buy more slinkies…" Eddie warned, chuckling.
"Yeah sure, I'll just steal more money outta your wallet." He laughed when Eddie started to frown, running into the bedroom to get his wallet.
"I'm missing 20 bucks!" he yelled back, huffing.
"I'll have to snag some cash from Krist considering I'm broke at the moment" Dave laughed pulling out some spare change from his pocket.
"Why do slinkies have to be so expensive now man before I remember they were like one dollar or somethin" shoving his change back into his pocket.
Eddie pouted throwing his half empty wallet into Chris' lap before flopping down on the sofa, "Yeah…I remember too. Everything was cheaper back then…"
Chris laughed, rummaging through the other's wallet, "Yeah, those were good times…"
"I wonder if that toy store has operation? I would really like to get before we have to leave..." Dave mumbled to himself.
"Find anything interesting in there Chris?" Dave asked.
Chris chuckled, pulling out a photo of Eddie and his mother to show Dave, "Here's a good one…" he laughed. It was definitely old, one from the 70's with his blondish curlytop, held by his mom.
"Oh, here's a good'n…" he chuckled, pulling out a picture of himself, "Well, well, well…I was wondering where this got to…"
Eddie flushed, trying to get the pictures back, "…What about Dave?! Search through his wallet!"
Chris shrugged, "Dave, lemme see your wallet."
Pulling it out from his back pocket and tossing it to Chris,
"not sure if you'll find anything interesting in there though maybe just moths" Dave laughed.
Chris chuckled, looking through the several zippers, "A quarter, condom, old gum wrapper…ahh…what's this?"
He pulled out a forth folded photo and opened it, "Ha, this is a good picture of Krist…" he smirked, hiding it before Eddie could rush over to try and see.
"Aw, come on…! You showed my pictures…" He huffed, folding his arms. Chris shooed him back, "This isn't for the faint of heart." He chuckled, "Nice trick, to hide it in an old condom wrapper." He added putting it back and tossing it to Dave across the coffee table.
"It keeps it warm" Dave laughed grabbing the wallet off the coffee table and sticking it back into his pocket.
"What about you Chris what's in your wallet?" He grinned.
Chris snickered, "Well let me just go get it, shall I?" he got up and walked casually to the bedroom and dragging out a pair of his jeans with it, tugged the wallet from his back pocket.
After he dropped the denim beside the chair and sat back down comfortably, he opened it,
"Let's see…" He pulled out several different colors of condoms, too many Canadian quarters and one buffalo nickel. "Um…a photo of my mom, cause she checks my wallet to make sure I don't throw it away…Uh, some women I can't remember…" he laughed putting them on the table, "Oh, and 3 photos of Eddie naked sprawled out on the bed."
Eddie gasped, rushing over to snatch the wallet away, while Chris laughed loudly, "I'm lying! Calm down!...I just have one naked picture of you sheesh." He laughed, "It's taped to the back of one of my high school photos." He showed them the front, where he was standing with Andy before they went to college.
"I'd show you the back, but kitten here won't let me." Eddie rolled his eyes before he punched Chris in the arm, "Ass…" he sighed, relieved.
"Ouch! Man you punch too hard." Chris chuckled, used to his childlike outbursts.
Dave laughed 'I guess I was right about these two' he thought to himself, looking at the supposed love birds.
"So…What about you and Krist?" Chris nodded to Dave across the room, "I saw that photo remember?" he smirked, "…I hope he's not the type that expects phone calls when you're out too late."
Eddie hid a small giggle as he sat on the arm of Chris' chair, watching the two of them.
"Nah he's fine man he's probably just driving Kurt up the walls talking about politics or some shit like that" Dave laughed.
"He loves talking about stuff like that it makes me wonder why he didn't become a politician than being a musician I'd vote for him" he let out a sigh.
Chris laughed, "Vote for his policies or his bedroom manners?" he snickered, "Anyway, I didn't think the guy was interested in that kinda thing…Hn, I'm surprised Krist and Eddie don't pal around…When the guy's not being a kid, he really does think too much for his own good…"
Eddie sighed, "Well I'm the only one around here who does…" he snapped with a smile.
"Ah, ah, ah, don't get fresh." Chris hissed, watching as Eddie blushed.
"Okay it's been nice talkin ladies but can we go to bed now I'm beat, this little crab had me runnin around all night" pointing at the shorter of the three of them Dave said before letting out a loud yawn, kicking off his shoes.
Just as Eddie was about to pout at the comment, he was swept into lithe, but strong arms, "Agreed. Time for bed, crab." He chuckled as the other hissed, cursing softly as they went to bed. "Night!" Chris called back, setting Eddie down to turn off the overhead light to the living room, leaving Dave in the dark.
Lying on the couch in the dark Dave tossed and turned trying to get comfortable but it was no use just lying on his back looking at the pitch black ceiling was all he could do. He was tired but just could get to sleep sitting up from the couch he turned on the light on the night stand, and went over to the desk that wasn't too far away that had a phone on it.
Pulling out from his pocket the business card to the hotel his bandmates were staying at he dialed in the numbers, with a hotel clerk answering asking to have a call put through he waited tapping his foot against the carpet hoping that someone would answer.
"........hello?" a sleepy voice asked.
"Did I catch you at a bad time" Dave laughed trying to keep his voice down.
"Yes actually I was having a very nice dream about fucking a long haired brunette in the kitchen"
Dave busted out laughing before quickly covering his mouth, looking over at the door hopefully the two singers were down and out by now.
The two men were quiet, but not asleep. Eddie was busy trying to push Chris off of him, blushing while he bit him on the shoulder.
"Ouch!" he hissed behind his hand, eyeing the lankier man in the darkness who shrugged,
"If you would stop squirming and giggling no one would hear us…" he tugged the other closer, rubbing his back. Eddie huffed, pushing the other back, his hand in Chris' face, "Stooop! I can't with someone in the other room!"
"So I'm sure mister cool wasn't so lucky tonight eh?" Dave teased
"Nah I slept with like ten girls! And and......another girl" said Krist
Dave giggled he just loved how creative his fellow bassist's mind was,
"oh I bet and let me guess that one russian politcian guy was there too?"
"Boris Yeltsin? Oh yeah he was but like you know he only likes to watch and stuff he's in to some weird shit" not sounding as tired now Krist seemed to wake up talking to the drummer. The more Krist talked the more difficult it was to hide his laughing without being too loud.
"So like..where are you man?" the bassist asked sounding a bit concerned,
"I'm in the closet watching you" Dave smiled.
"Nuh uh cause if you were I would hear all that damn giggling your doing" looking over by a nearby closet just in case,
"you looked didn't you."
"No...I didn't" Krist pouted
the drummer laughed.
"Come on where are you really?"
"Come on; just take it off already…"
Chris had pulled the other close enough to pin down as Eddie pouted, punching him in the chest,
"Qu-Quit it!" He flushed—although he wanted the same thing his friend was thinking—he wasn't sure about 'doing that' with someone just in the other room.
Chris sighed, "Fine, fine…" and rolled over, acting as if he was upset at the singer. His ploy worked like a charm; now the once embarrassed singer was leaning over him, whimpering softly;
"I'm sorry…!" he whispered, "I just…can't we just kiss for now?"
Chris sighed, but smiled in the darkness and tugged the other down, "Sure, why not…" kissing him, with Eddie's hair covering their faces.
"Well I'm just sittin here all by my lonesome in a hotel room" Dave sighed
"well why are you there and not here?" the bassist asked
"because I was too tired to make it back to our hotel so I'm crashin with Chris and Eddie" the drummer began to fiddle about with the stationary set that was on the desk drawing on the paper, which consisted of boob's and butt's.
"Well if your so tired why aren't you sleeping instead of talking to me?" Krist questioned,
"because I felt like buggin you I know Kurt sleeps like a fuckin rock so I figured you'd answer" Dave said while still doodling.
"Awww do you miss me?" the bassist teased.
Eddie sighed happily, lying on Chris' chest humming softly, "What did you do while I was away…?"
Chris sighed, "Mh, not much…drank, slept…ate, crapped. All the busy rituals of life just seem to fly by…" he chuckled when Eddie smiled, kissing his forehead.
"I mean it. What happened? Did you…you know, miss me any?"
"Miss you?...Yeah, alright, I missed you."
Eddie huffed sitting up in bed, "What's that mean…?"
"It means, yes…" he purred, tugging Eddie back down against him, "…I missed you."
"Pffft as if" Dave said in a girly voice,
"oh well I miss you too" said the bassist who chuckled.
"Don't worry you'll see my sexy brunette ass real soon" purred the drummer,
"I sure as heck hope so I really wanna live out that dream I had"
"Oh Novoselic I didn't know you had such kinky thoughts" Dave said while tearing off the doodled on notepad for a clean sheet he began to draw again.
"Well I've got plenty believe me like I wonder if it would possible to fuck on a escalator?" absolutely enthralled with the thought the bassist thought about it.
Dave couldn't hold back from laughing he quickly covered his mouth again,
"dude what the fuck man why are you thinking about shit like that?!" the drummer quietly laughing in between words.
"Stop grabbing my butt!"
Chris chuckled, pinching Eddie on the cheek, "Come on…what do you want me to do? I'm not that tired yet…"
Eddie squirmed, blushing as he gave in, sighing softly against the singer's chest, "Mh…W-Well…j-just a little…"
"A little what? You're mumbling, I can't understand a word." He chuckled, pinching his other cheek. Eddie flushed, sighing deeper with an embarrassed pout.
Standing up from his chair Dave walked around a bit as far as the phone cord would let him which wasn't very far looking out the window it was still dark out with city still lit up.
"Krist I'm loooooooooooooonely!" the drummer said in a sad tone,
"Well what do you want me to do about it?" he asked.
"Come to me!" Dave said in excitement,
"Dude I am not coming to you I don't even know where the hell you are man"
"Well I'm at the Marriott third floor room number 110" saying matter of factly.
"..........I guess I don't have a choice here now do I?" Krist asked
"Looks like it" the drummer said while trying to hold back a giggle.
"Fine I'll be there whenever if I don't get mugged first"
"You won't get mugged no one would mug you you're a fucking giant man you would doing the mugging" said Dave,
"Very true...okay bye" the bassist laughed.
"See you soon" Dave purred before hanging up the phone as quietly as possible.
Currently Chris had Eddie on his stomach pressed into the sheets with a smirk, sighing over his shoulder which he gave a quiet lick.
"H-How is everything, hmm?" he swooned into the others ear. All the response he got was another creak of the bed with a soft, but happy, moan.
Constantly looking out the window which gave a clear view of the front of the hotel Dave waited trying to spot a familiar figure it seemed like forever looking at the clock that hung on the wall and then back outside.
Finally spotting his long legged friend running down the sidewalk the drummers heartbeat quickened leaving the window and waiting patiently behind the door. Listening closely for familiar footsteps of the bassist he opened the door automatically as soon as he heard him approach.
"Get in." Dave stated.
The bassist only made it in few before he was pulled down with his lips pressed upon Dave's, enjoying the kiss for a moment Krist pulled away.
"What about the guys?" sounding out a bit out of breath,
"Their sleeping, and you took too long!" Dave growled.
"Dude I just ran 20 blocks give me a fuckin break!" the bassist retorted.
Sighing as he rolled over, Chris lay silently smug, watching as Eddie yawned into the sheets,
The singer nodded meekly and settled in, tugging the sheets over his head. "Mh."
Chris only snickered, patting his head over the soft bedding, before rolling over himself; "Night."
Snuggling close next to Krist on the couch the drummer laying partly on his chest in between the couch he let out a sigh.
"So did I just run 30 blocks just to sleep in another hotel?" the bassist whispered,
"I thought it was 20?" Dave asked.
"Nah it was 30 alright" Krist huffed,
"well...you did just run 20 or 30 blocks to sleep in another hotel...but it's with me." the drummer said before planting a light kiss on Krist's lips.
Yawning and rolling over to an empty spot in bed, Chris sighed and dressed himself before stepping out toward the bathroom door—which was closed.
It was 9:56, and the trip out to the grounds for Lollapalooza was on 5 hours away. Chris meanwhile was more concerned about emptying his bladder.
"Hay…pee, crap or wash faster, thaaaanks…" he sighed, leaning against the door, forehead first, thick locks hiding his face.
The sound of toilet flushing then a tap running the door was soon opened the singer face to face what he would consider in his book a giant.
"Oh yeah sorry about that man" Krist apologized before stepping back into the living room taking a seat next to Dave who was still passed out on the couch.
Eddie and Dave were currently sitting on the sofa when Chris peaked his head out from behind the partisan; "Why was there a very large bassist in our bathroom this morning...I blame you, Dave…" he yawned slipping into the bathroom after him to take a piss.
Dave pointed at himself and mouthed 'who me?' before Chris disappeared completely. The bassist resting his head on the drummers shoulder nodding off again, Dave nudged him "hey no more sleepin!"
"LET ME SLEEP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" Krist yelled before putting his head right back on the drummers shoulder.
"You've gotten enough sleep!"
"I ran like 50 blocks last night let me sleep!" cuddling close next to the drummer.
Eddie laughed, "Why did Krist end up coming over anyhow? You must have called him, Dave…" the other grinned, elbowing Dave in the side.
"Nooooooo he didn't I knew he was in danger so my spider senses were tingling and I came to him to his rescue" Krist blurted out trying his best to sleep but he knew it wouldn't work out.
"Well there you have it." the drummer pointing over to the bassist.
"Oh really?"
Eddie turned to see Chris appear after the toilet silenced, "So you're both psychic, then?" he said, slumping down into the same chair to yawn loudly.
"Yes we have a wave length that can be felt half way around the world or 80 blocks away" Krist stressed.
"I thought it was 50 blocks…" Eddie corrected, getting up to go sit with Chris, pinching his legs to get him to move them so he could sit,
"Ouch! Dave was right, you are a goddamned crab." He laughed, pinching Eddie back who yelped slightly, ending with a huff,
"I am not a crab…!" he mumbled, rubbing his arm.
"Quiet, you crab." Chris teased, "So…what's on the agenda today?…cause I was gonna hit an I-hop after I got dressed." He yawned afterward, combing through his hair. "Which one is better, I-hop or Denny's..?"
"I want pancakes!" Dave yelled.
"I want sleep" the bassist mumbled.
Chris chuckled, shaking his head, "That doesn't answer my question, but alright. Pancakes." Eddie smiled, kissing Chris on the forehead, "I think Denny's is better."
"You would." Chris smirked as Eddie pouted, flicking his nose.
"OUCH!" the other exaggeratedly yelped, "Where are you picking up these bad habits…?!" He eyed Dave, "I blame you for this too, Dave."
Dave put up his hands in defense "hey it wasn't me man", a light snore could be heard coming from the bassist.
"Dude Krist get up!" the drummer knocked him off his shoulder.
"Why do you do this to me?!" the bassist groaned with his head in his hands thinking on he'll never get any sleep at this rate.
"Well I'm going to get dressed…" He pushed Eddie off of him and chuckled as he followed him into the bedroom to also change out of his clothes from the other day.
After a while the two appeared, dressed casually in t-shirts and baggy jeans—Eddie wearing his cargo shorts and a Who-shirt.
"Are you gonna drag your sleepy friend along with us?" Chris nodded at Krist who was trying his best to curl up onto the sofa.
"Novoselic get your ass up right now!" Dave said
"Nooooooo.....leave me alone" the basisst groaned, getting an idea the drummer going over to Krist whispering in his ear.
There was a silence soon after Krist mumbling out "not even the temptations of the flesh will I want to leave please let me sleep"
"Okay fine then were gonna have to do it the hard way" Dave huffed grabbing the bassists legs dragging him off the couch.
"Dude what the fuck?!" Krist yelped when his back slammed into the ground.
"Get up."
"Fucking fine then" the bassist getting up from the floor slouching a bit from being so tired.
"And he literally drags him along…" Chris chuckled, opening the door, "Well? C'mon…this looks like the most raggedy bunch of losers I've ever seen." He teased, smiling.
Eddie meanwhile helped Dave carry the large man out the door as they walked the distance to the elevator.
Then they had breakfast and it was awesome.
The End.

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