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Chapter 1.

Dave stayed in the living room as Kurt locked himself in his room. Dave sat there on the small couch that he has been sleeping on for about a week now. He hated sleeping on that couch because he is a six foot man sleeping in a four foot long piece of furniture, but at least it's a place to stay. He lit a cigarette and pulled it out of his mouth, making a cloud of smoke. When the smoke began to clear, he made eye contact with a guitar in the corner of the room. It took him a minute to finally go over to the instrument and retrieve it to his sitting place. He placed the stick in his mouth as his fingers swiped over the strings. He began to make up a song in his head. His fingers stopped and removed the cigarette out of his lips. It ended up smushed in the ash tray along with other ashes and mutilated sticks of cancer. He took out his new journal that he got from the dollar store the other day for fifteen cents. The pen developed words with its ink. It was song about his love for Kurt from these past few days living with him. Dave went over the chords again and started to sing the added in words.

Kurt came out from his room to get something to snack on. Dave didn't hear him enter the area. Kurt heard him play and sing. His voice was quiet, so Kurt didn't really understand what he was saying. He shuffled a couple of inches closer. Dave faded with the sounds of the strings.

Kurt clapped his hands, which startled Dave and made him hold the guitar closer. Kurt smiled to let him know that he was friendly. "I didn't know you could play guitar."

"Yeah," Dave nervously spoke. "Ive played guitar since I was a kid."

"You're good." Kurt managed to sit beside Dave.

"Thanks," Dave felt a little uneasy. Did he hear the song? He thought. He wanted to keep the sweet melody to himself, from Kurt.

"You hungry?" Kurt blew away the awkward silence.

"Um, yeah." Dave got up and returned the guitar to it's corner.

What Dave didn't know was Kurt had feelings for him too. Once he saw him, he knew he was in love. All his jokes, his bright smile, and his muscular body.

"Dave?" Kurt's voice rang in Dave's ears.


"Are corn dogs alright?" There was no point of asking since it's the only food they could afford.

"Yes." Dave stood there with Kurt. He glanced over at Kurt for a split second and held his hand.

Kurt looked down at their hands, then up to the man who posses it. He kept thinking it was a dream, secretly pinching his thigh. Nothing. Now, Dave thought it was okay to kiss the blonde, since he didn't reject his hand.

The long haired man pecked his face. He withdrew his lips to see what he would say. Kurt didn't reject, he pressed his against the other's mouth. Dave's hand cupped Kurt's cheek, pulling him further in. In between kisses, Dave would find himself smiling in relief. Kurt trailed off to his ear. Nibbling his earlobe. Down to pressing his tongue on the side of his neck. His hands rubbed the sides of his partner's arms. Dave felt Kurt's hand coming from under his shirt, touching his damp stomach. He grabbed Kurt's wrist. Kurt immediately knew what he was saying through his facial expressions and gestures. Kurt backed away, licking Dave's taste from his lips.

"I'm sorry," Dave all of sudden regretting his choice. It felt so good, yet it was going so fast.

"Don't worry about it. I'm glad you made the first move," he leaned against the sink with a giggle.

Dave was proud of himself, so he smiled.

"You're a good kisser," Kurt giggled once more, afraid of Dave's response.

Dave rubbed the back of his heated neck, "thank you. You're good at what you did." He didn't know what it was called, but it was whatever.

Chapter 2.

The two men set in the dining room, talking about one another. About their childhood, past relationships, likes and dislikes. Kurt laughing at every joke Dave would slip out. To Dave, it felt like he was on a date, getting to know the guy on the other side of the wooden table. With every word Kurt spoke, Dave fell more and more in love with him. He related to him in some kind of way. They had this bond that was meant to be. Dave reached his hand across, Kurt laid his hand on top of it. That's all the young Grohl wanted, affection, something to tell him that he was loved without no words. He felt the love.

"So what does this mean?" Dave wanted to know if he really wanted him for him. Not to be used for his body.

"Are you asking if we are gonna be in a boyfriend-boyfriend relationship?"

"Are we?" He waited for the spine-tingling answer. He would finally be in love with someone who would actually love him for him.

"Yes," Kurt squeezed his hand and winked.

After a solid minute of staring into each other's colored eyes, Kurt insisted to take their plates and put them in the sink. He returned to his seat and held his partner's hand. His feelings were crazy for the guy. He had never had feelings for anyone like this.

"Do you want to watch a movie?"

"Sure. What movie?" Dave got up and walked to the small couch, while Kurt went to his collection of VHS tapes.

"Nightmare On Elm Street?" He smoothly twisted himself on his feet.

Dave wasn't a big fan of horror movies. He would deathly scare himself from little things and get nightmares. But he didn't want to say no because he knew Kurt loved those kinds of movies. "Okay."

The man on the floor popped in the VHS tape, looking up at the screen. The intro music played. He joined his new lover on the couch. Wrapping his arm around Dave's shoulder, pulling him in. In Kurt's embrace, the young man rested his head on his shoulder. Kurt rotated his face. His nose brushed the dark hair. Lilac aroma radiated from his hair, burring the sweet smell of earlier's sweat. His puckered lips touched the his scalp for three seconds then laid his cheek on it. Dave smirked to himself, loving every moment.

More than half into the movie, Kurt looked over to the sweet Grohl clinching a small pillow. His eyes were closed. The melody of his breathing soothed Kurt. He wanted to carry him into his room, but he thought that he might not be ready for that. Plus, he might wake him up from his slumber.

As the flick ended, he walked over to the tv and rewinded it for the next time to whom ever desired to watch it. He sat on the floor, waiting for it.


Kurt responded by turning into the direction of the voice. The voice he adored. "What?" He whispered.

"I love you so much."

The ends of Kurt's lips shot up into his cheek bones. The look of delight spread throughout his face. He noticed Dave's eyes were still closed. "I love you so much more."

The VHS player spit out the tape as the television screen went blue. Kurt took it out and slide it in the paper sleeve. He returned it to the shelf. He got up and headed for Dave. He draped a blanket that he'd been using for the past week, over him. He kissed his slick cheek. There was no hair nor stubble.

"Good night, my love."

Before he left the room, he turned off the tv and switched on the night light in the hallway.

Chapter 3.

Kurt laid in his bed, thinking about the young Dave. His sweet kisses lingered in his mouth. It was like sucking on a forever lasting strawberry flavored lollipop. A quiet knock interrupted his thoughts.

"Come in," Kurt rolled on his back to see who the intruder was. A dark figure appeared in the door. He knew who the body belonged to.

"Can I sleep with you?" Dave slowly gliding around to the empty side of the bed.

"Bad dream?" As Kurt let him crawl under the blankets.

"Yeah," Dave dug his head in Kurt's chest.

"Don't worry, I'm here with you now." His fingers combed the long hair. Once in a while he would touch Dave's bare, sticky back.

"Kurt, I'm scared." He muffled in the other's shirt.

"I'm here to protect you from anything and everything." Kurt guided Dave's face to look into the hypnotizing blue eyes. "I love you Dave. I really do. I will do anything for you." Kurt watched his lips, so tempted to kiss them again. Begging to taste the strawberry lollipop once more. More like Grohl flavored.

"Kurt, I love you so much. You mean so much to me."

"Dave, baby. You have no idea how much I love you. I feel like I've known you for years." He rubbed his side and left it there. His feeling were true. "I feel so comfortable around you. You give me this tingle in my heart."

Dave's brown eyes looked up into Kurt's. He was glad that Kurt felt this way. "Kurt I feel the same way." He lightly touched Kurt's prickly cheek.

Kurt was done waiting to kiss his significant other. He was growing impatient. He pressed his lips on Dave's soft lips. Slowly, he entered his tongue into the passionate kiss. Dave slid his fingers up and gripped his hair, slightly tugging it. Kurt got a little turned on by the act, making him kiss a little harder. He laid Dave on his back, hovering over him, while they still kissed. Kurt broke away to look at his one and only. To see his beautiful face. Then he fell back down on his back. Dave was actually getting ready to have sex with his lover. Kurt wanted to, but he would rather save it for a special night. Maybe after a great dinner or a great day they had with each other.

The blonde gave the long haired male a kind hearted smile. He gulped the other in his arms, holding him in his loving arms. He kissed the top of his head and rested his cheek to Dave's. "Try to sleep, okay baby?"


"Goodnight, my love. I'll see you in the morning. I'll be right here if you need me. Just wake me up." Kurt closed his eyes and began to dream about his lover.

Chapter 4.

Dave's eyes fluttered open. He looked over to the window on his left. The sun light peeked through the blinds. He was glad he got through the night without any nightmares. He looked over to the other half of the bed Kurt was laying in. No Kurt. Dave rolled out of bed and headed to the door. He opened it and there was his Kurt, sitting on the couch with a bowl in his hand. Kurt noticed him.

"Good morning, babe. You want some cereal?" Dave walked towards him, still in his boxers. Kurt took a bite.

"I'll get it, thanks." He bent down to the scruffy cheek and kissed it. He switched his direction to the kitchen. Kurt smiled at Dave's kiss.

Soon after Dave finished making his breakfast, he sat with Kurt, criss-crossed. He took his first bite and looked up at Kurt.

"Do you want to do anything today?"

"We can walk around the record shop or thrift store, if you want." Kurt put the bowl on the coffee table and grabbed the carton of cigarettes. He sat up on the couch while pulling out one and sticking it inbetween his small lips. He returned the box and got the pink lighter. The flame appeared after two clicks. Carefully, he lit it and inhaled. Then he pulled the cigarette out and blew the smoke into the open air. Dave watched him. He looked at Dave, smiling.

"Yeah, that would be fun," Dave looked down at his bowl, taking in a spoonful of cereal. Kurt tossed the lighter on the small table and switched his cigarette to the opposite hand from Dave to place his arm on the top of the couch, behind his head.

When Kurt detected that Dave was done chewing on the food, he ran his fingers through his partner's smooth scalp. He controlled his head to go kiss his lips. Kurt was the first one to enter his tongue, so tempted to taste him. The hand that held the cigarette was carefully placed on his thigh. As Kurt was getting into it, Dave pulled away by looking down at the bowl. Kurt sat back and took a drag.

Dave thought about last night. Remembering Kurt was the first one to say he loved him. "So, you were the first one to say 'I love you', huh?" Feeling truly loved.

"Actually," Kurt scratched the side of his head. "You did." He was usually the first one to say 'I love you' in his past relationships.

Dave was shocked. He didn't remember saying anything. He kept replaying the day before, but couldn't find anything. "When did that happen?"

Kurt inhaled his cigarette and puffed out a cloud. "It was last night. You said it in your sleep." He smiled at the thought. He stared at the blank TV. "You called me, then said 'I love you so much.' And I simply responded."

"What did you say?" Dave scooted over closer.

"'I love you so much more.'" He broke the eye contact from the blank screen and looked at Dave with a smirk. As he chuckled, he quickly looked between his knees. Dave looked at him, then leaned his head on his shoulder.

"You're so romantic," Dave said.

After Dave finished his breakfast, the two got ready for the outing. Kurt didn't bother to put another shirt on. And Dave just wore the same clothes from yesterday since he didn't do anything the day before except for sitting at home all day.

"Ready?" As Kurt grabbed his keys off of the table.

"Yes," Dave stood in front of the door, waiting for him. He finally opened the door and they both walked out.

When Kurt finished locking the front door, they both went into the car. As Kurt started the car, Led Zeppelin played. It was one of Dave's favorite songs by them. He started to sing along with Robert Plant. Kurt looked at him, surprised that he was actually a good singer.

Finally Dave looked at Kurt, realizing that he was watching him sing. He stopped and just continued to tap his foot and hit his hand on his thigh.

"Why'd you stop singing?" Kurt pulled out of the driveway, cautiously looking out for cars.

"I just thought you were giving me that look," Dave stopped the tapping of the foot and the slapping of the hands.

"What look?"

"A look to stop singing." The song ended.

"No, I was just amazed by your voice. You really have a good voice," he glanced at him as he was taking a right. "When you were playing the guitar the other day, I could barely hear you. You were so quiet." He kept his eyes on the road.

"I didn't want you to hear me." Dave looked out the window. Kids were playing on the park that they passed by. He was watching trees and houses go by.

"Why didn't you want me to listen?"

"Because the song was...about you." He finally faced him. He was kinda embarrassed to answer.

Kurt smiled as he pulled in the parking lot in front of the record shop. Wow, he made a song about me. "You made a song about me?" He looked over at him. He kindly grinned.


"Aw, baby, you shouldn't have." Kurt laid his hand on the thigh of the body in the passenger seat. He leaned over to kiss him, but Dave denied the kiss. He was gonna play hard-to-get. Try tempting him. See how far he can go. He got of the car, waiting for his lover to get out. He did, finally.

The blonde took the dark-haired man's hand. He was wondering why he was acting like that. They entered the small store. Kurt pulled Dave along to the ROCK section of the store. They looked around in that section.

"Hey, I'm gonna go to the bathroom. I'll be back."


Kurt started to head over to the back of the store.

As Dave leaned in to look at the record farthest from him, he felt Kurt's hand grab his ass. He turned around suspecting Kurt, but it wasn't. It was a big burly man. He had facial hair like Lemmy Kilmister. He had dark hair, with a slight attractive face. He was a muscular guy, but he wasn't dangerously muscly. He smirked at the small Dave.

"Why the fuck are you touching me?" Dave was angry.

"You just have a nice body. And you look so good-looking." The man seductively bit his bottom lip, hoping he would flirt back.

"Thank you, but no thank," Dave continued to look through the albums, uninterested in the male.

The man kept playing with him. "So, why don't you come to my house? So we can...you know...get to know each other."

"Like I said, thank you, but no thank you."

The man became frustrated. "What the fuck it your problem?" He leaned into Dave's space.

"You're my problem."

"You're playing hard-to-get, huh?"

"You wish." Dave falsely laughed.

Then the man secretly put his hand between Dave's thighs. No one could have saw, since they were in the corner of the store and the cashier was to busy reading a Rolling Stones magazine. He massaged Dave's balls through his shorts.

He moved in his ear and nibbled his earlobe. "I hope this might change your mind."

To Dave it felt good, but it would've felt much better if it was Kurt. He turned towards the guy, acting like he was into him. "You know what? You're right, I want you."

"You changed your mind, eh?"

Dave put his arms around his thick neck. Then he kneed him in the nuts and he fell on his back. "No, you can go fuck yourself. I already have a boyfriend."

At the end of the aisle was Kurt watching him. He had just started to watch. Dave looked up to see him slowly walk down the aisle. Dave ran up to him, throwing himself on him.

"Thank God you're here. I thought I would've gotten beat up." Kurt hugged him back, staring at the guy below. He was slowly getting up from the floor.

"I think we should leave." Dave looked over his shoulder to see what Kurt was talking about. They both ran out the door and jumped in the car.

Chapter 5.

Kurt quickly pulled out and drove off.

"What happened back there?" He leaned forward to the wheel as he sped up.

"That guy tried to flirt with me, then started to touch me. Then I kneed him in the nuts."

"Are you okay?" Kurt quickly looked over at Dave's side of the car. He crept his hand on Dave's knee.

Dave started to blush, "I'm fine." He scooted closer to Kurt and pecked his cheek. Then he kissed his neck, turning Kurt on. Shivers went down his spine. Dave felt his significant other gain goosebumps and fell back in his chair, leaving him wanting more. He smiled as he felt his plan was working.

They finally pulled up in the drive way. Kurt turned off the car and sat there staring at the wheel.

"What's wrong, baby?" Dave kissed his shoulder up to his ear.

"Nothing," he rubbed Dave's inner thigh.

"Come on, let's get out," he kissed him one last time and got out of the car.

Dave walked around the apartment in his boxers, trying to tempt Kurt. Kurt was sitting on the small couch, watching tv. Grohl sat down beside him as close as possible. The blonde looked at him, looked at his lips then to his eyes.

"What?" He smirked, tempted to do something so vulgar to him.

Dave pushed his lips onto the others, causing Kurt to bob his head back. The male tugged on the blonde hair, showing that he was in control. The sounds of the kisses overcame the tv's noise. Kurt rubbed his partners bare chest, determined that he wanted to do more than just touch his flesh, but he was scared to be rejected.

Dave broke the kiss and looked down at the hand on his upper thigh. He then looked up at his lover, he already knew what he want. He wanted the same thing. "Let me help you." He assisted the hand on his crouch.

Cobain looked at his stiff hand. He didn't know what to do. He had been wanting and when the time comes, he doesn't know what to do.

"You can touch it," he politely said. Kurt started to massage his penis through the thin cloth. Dave bit his lip as he hit a really good spot. He stopped him and took him to the room.

Dave pushed him on the bed and crawled on top of him. As he did this, he started to undress him. He sat on his hips, slightly feeling Kurt's hard penis. The long haired male kissed down the blonde's stomach. He unbuttoned his jeans as he kissed his thin happy trail. When he pulled them down, there clearly stood his erection. Dave pulled down his underwear and looked at it uncovered. Kurt supported himself up, trying to see what he would do next.

"Have you done this before?"

"Just once, bu-u-uh," Dave put as much as he could fit in his mouth. "Uhh." He didn't bother to continue, instead he moaned. He fell back in the bed. Sometimes, he glimpse down, biting the back of his hand.

As he was about to cum, Dave moved on up to Kurt's lips. Kurt was kinda frustrated that he didn't get to finish, but he thought that it was just apart of it. Grohl seductively pulled his boxers down. He laid himself on Kurt, kissing him some more. Their genitals touched. He stood back up and pulled Kurt's body to the edge of the bed.

"Ready?" The young Grohl whispered, as he was holding his dick.

In reply, Kurt nodded.

"What? I can't hear you," he teased. But right when Cobain was about to answer, he shoved it in. The blonde whimpered. "I can't hear you." He pushed it in again.

"Ugh...yes," Kurt dug his head in the mattress.

"Now, talk dirty to me," Dave demanded.

"Oh, Dave. I can feel your hard dick inside me. Man, you make me so hard," he began to touch himself. Dave pushed his hand away and did it himself.

Dave kept the rhythm up, until he felt that he was about to cum. He picked up his pace and started to groan. Kurt laid there helplessly, enjoying every moment. Dave had ignored his partner's pleasure for his own. Kurt began touching himself. The long haired man put all of himself in, releasing his liquid. Kurt sped up, trying to cum. But Dave pulled out and put his lover's cock in his warm mouth. He helped him. Kurt grabbed the sheets surrounding him, feeling himself about to release.

"Fu-u-uck!" Kurt groaned. Dave caught his significant other's seamen in his mouth. He swallowed the liquid and looked up at Kurt to see if he did good.

Unexpectedly, Kurt pulled Dave on him and they passionately kissed. The blonde rolled over, laying his lover on his back. He hovered above him, kissing his collarbone. He then rested his head on the tan chest. His finger lightly ran across the other's chest.

"How was that?" Dave looked up at his dimpled lover. His hot breath blew on Kurt's neck.

"That...that was great," he was still breathless from his cumming.

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Chapter 6.

Dave gently placed his arm around Kurt. They both laid there in silence. Kurt looked at the window. The red light of the sunset came through the blinds, covering the two males. Dave kissed the back of Kurt's bare shoulder.

"Isn't that beautiful?" Kurt gazed at the blinding horizon.

"Who? You?" Dave smiled in Kurt's neck.

"No. The beautiful sunset," he chuckled.

"It's beautiful, just like you."

"Oh, whatever."

"I'm not feeling too good." Kurt then felt his sweaty bare chest. Dave's face buried into his shirt. He could feel the heat of his forehead through his shirt.

"You're hot," he peeled Dave away to be sure that it was his forehead that was developing heat.

"I know I am." Grohl chuckled 'causing sharp pains in his stomach.

Kurt couldn't help but smile. "You have a fever."

"The Cobain's Disease," he tried to giggle, but it kept irritating his stomach, making him even more sicker.

Kurt laughed along with him. "I'll make you soup." He slithered out the bed and went through the open door.

The weak male body laid in the bed, motionless. All he can do now was look up at the ceiling without causing him pain.

After thirty minutes, to what seemed to be hours, Kurt turned on the light, stunning Dave. He tried to block the light source with his arm. Kurt walked over to the good-looking man's side of bed with chicken noodle soap. He sat up against the wall, getting ready for the meal.

Cobain handed him the warm bowl and watched him as he sipped the liquid out of the spoon. He watched his lips, then his his dark eyes. Kurt caught the sick man looking at him.

"Thanks, Kurt. I have no idea what I would do without you," he beamed his famous toothy grin. Kurt almost melted from his words and smile. It tempted him to kiss his significant other.

The hot soup burned most of the pain Dave had in his stomach. He was feeling a lot more better. "That was good." He placed the bowl on the floor, by Kurt's feet.

"Anytime," his hand landed on his thigh. He tested his move, watching Dave analyze his hand. All he did was smile. Kurt leaned in slowly, his hand supporting himself beside Dave's thigh.

"Kurt?" Dave innocently looked up to Kurt.

"Mhm?" He backed up.

"I love you." Dave grabbed the back of the blonde's head, which turned him on. He forced his lips into his partner's.

Kurt pulled away, "I'm guessing you're not sick anymore." Dave ignored him and continued to kiss him. As Kurt adjusted Dave, it triggered his stomach pain. Grohl pulled away, gritting his teeth.

Kurt realized his pain. "What's wrong?" He sat back up on the edge of the bed.

"I'm still sick. I'm sorry, baby." He grabbed his forehead, leaning his head against the wall.

"You want some medicine?" Kurt tried to search for Dave's eyes. All he did was nodded, still his head in his hand. Cobain walked out of the room once more. Grohl just sat there, sitting in his pain.

Seconds later, the blonde came in with a spoon and a bottle. He paused at the side of the bed where Grohl was. He poured the liquid in the spoon and held it out.

"Dave," Kurt alerted the weakling. All he did was sipped the liquid and laid down. Slipping himself under the blanket. "Good night, beautiful." The lips of the blonde pressed against the long haired man's forehead.

Dave groaned. "Night," he mumbled.

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Chapter 7.

A loud knock came from the front door. It woke up Kurt, but not Dave. Kurt eyed the male. Dave hid under the blanket. He laid in the fetal position, taking in the cover. Kurt laid there for a few moments, until another cluster of loud knocks came from the door. He finally got up and headed for the front door, taking his sweet time. He peered through the peephole.

A long body stood there, impatiently waiting. "I know you're in there." Kurt left it ajar to the visitor, letting him push it open on his own. The blonde walked to his cigarettes and lighter on the coffee table. The long man came in behind him.

As Kurt plopped himself on the couch and began to light his cigarette, his bass player stood beside the big comfy chair. "Aren't we gonna practice?"

"Whenever Dave wakes up," Kurt puffed the smoke out.

"Speaking of Dave, where is he?"

Kurt choked on the smoke. Krist didn't know about the two who occupied the apartment. He didn't know about the couple. He hasn't even heard from them since last week.

Kurt continued to cough, as Krist came closer to see if his friend needed assistance. "Are you okay?"

The small body, who sat in the couch and struggled to return to his breathing patterns, he shook his head and waved his hand 'no.' As he finally finished his horrible cough, he decided to take another puff. "He's sleeping."

"Where?" Krist contemplated on wether to sit down in the comfy chair or continue to stand.

Kurt became nervous. Krist was never informed about Kurt's sexuality or any of his date life. Kurt thought he would be mocked by his best friend or by anybody who learned the truth. "Up in my room." He non-scantly scratched the dirty scalp. He hadn't taken a shower for three days.

"Why is he in your room?"

"Why are you asking so many fucking questions?" His voice was risen up to a defensive, stern voice. Krist backed off and laid off of the questions of Dave. Kurt just sat there and continues to smoke.

Soon, Dave appeared in the living room, but no one noticed. Krist was grabbing out his weed and papers, and he made his joint. Kurt was too busy writing down ideas of the band in his journal. Things that came into mind and sounded clever was written on the lined paper. Dave cleared his throat to attract the two. Kurt brightened up, once he saw his love. Krist observed how Kurt saw Dave. He didn't want to assume, but it looked like he was into the young Grohl.

Kurt felt his grumpy persona disappear. "Are you feeling better?" His smile slowly increased as he said each word.

Dave stood beside Krist, "my stomach feels so much better. I feel great." He smiled back to his hidden lover, but Dave never knew that they were hidden, or ever in hiding.

Krist analyzed Kurt, then looked at Dave. "How was your sleep?"

"It was good," Dave sat on the floor. "So, what are you doing here?"

"Don't you remember?"


"There's practice today."

"Oh, yeah. But can we eat breakfast first? I'm kinda hungry."

"Um, well, why not?" Krist smiled at the youngster.

As the practice was about to begin, Dave flirted with his significant lover by rubbing Cobain's arm and gave him a smile. He finally headed to his drum set and waited for Krist's start. Blew.

After the song finished, Kurt spoke, "guys I made a song last night."

Krist removed the instrument from his body and fell on the couch, "let's hear it." He was ready to hear the song, as was Dave. Dave sat on his drum stool. His drum sticks on his thighs, excited to hear it.

"Come on over and do the twist, ahhh." Kurt walked towards the drum set and made eye contact with the man who hid behind the stable instrument. "Love you so much, it makes me sick," he smiled, letting him know that it's about him.

Dave was so infatuated with the song by this point. How he smiled and swayed along with his guitar. Once in awhile, the drummer would bite his lip when Kurt blew kisses at him, only on available times;when he wasn't singing. Kurt had totally forgot about Krist's presence.

"He keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart."

By this lyric, Krist was a little off guard. Didn't he mean 'she'? He didn't know Kurt was talking about. He knew that Kurt hung out with a guy who was gay in high school, and wished to be gay to piss off everyone. But was that true? Was it true that he wanted to piss off everyone? Or was it just to cover up his sexuality?

The song ended and Dave frantically clapped. "That was really good, Kurt."

"Yeah, that is a good song. What is it about?" Krist wanted to know the secret of Kurt that he hid from his best friend. But wait. Is he my best friend, or is he just a close stranger? He thought.

Kurt became nervous and scared to answer. He thought up a excuse. "Um, it's about a girl."

Dave's heart sank. Questions swarmed through his head, waiting to be answered, just like Krist, but he was much more eager to find out. Was he cheating on him? Wasn't he gay? Why would he give those looks and just dedicate to some girl? Has he come out of the closet? But Dave held in his hurt and sorrow, trying not to make a scene. His tears being trapped, trying to break free. All he did to cover it was a weak smile.

Kurt saw his pain, but didn't say anything. He never wanted to tell anybody his sexuality. He just wants people to let him do something without someone badgering him and make fun of him for it. Like, his friend in high school. He had a thing for him. But every time he was seen with him, everyone would bully him and threaten him, even beat him up inside and outside of school. All he wants is to love someone and others who dislike it could fuck off.

Krist persisted to go on with his billions of questions to find out what was hidden from him. "Who's this girl? Someone you've met?"

Cobain looked at the helpless Grohl being shielded by his drums. "Uhh...yeah." It hurt him to say it.

Dave couldn't hold on much longer. "Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom." He politely excused himself and passed his band members. Kurt's eyes followed him until the wall blocked his sight, so he wasn't able to see where he was going.

Krist didn't know for sure why the youngling left the space. "What was that about?"

"I'm not sure." Slowly a piece of his heart tore off, like a leaf disconnecting from the tree branch during a fall morning.

"Was is something I said?" The tall man was worried if that he did something wrong. That it was him to cause the problem.

Kurt looked down the hallway and looked at his feet, thinking what to do about the situation. "Krist can you leave, please?"

Krist was kinda hurt by those words. The weight of the world sat on his shoulders. Man, this was all my fault, he thought, I shouldn't asked all those questions. He grabbed his bass and other small belongings he brought in earlier. "I guess I should be going. Call me when you guys feel better." The corners of his mouth drooped as the door was slammed behind him. In a way the 6'7" man felt jealous. Krist didn't have his best friend's attention. He felt isolated and ignored. But he had to cover up his hurt because he didn't want to cause anymore problems.

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Chapter 8.

The dark, gloomy sky stood still as the tall trees went by as he drove to his destination. He felt bad about what happened that day. Was it my fault? All I wanted was to know what the truth was. Something that he didn't know from Kurt.

Krist pulled in the drive in. Shelli's car wasn't there. He then remembered she was at work. He put the car in park and turned the car off. He sat in the driver's seat. What was running through his head was to figure out how to make things better between the band. He didn't want to be kicked out of the band or no longer best friends with Kurt. He shouldn't have pushed Kurt. They should've had a one-on-one conversation.

After pondering on his thoughts on what he should have done, he finally got out the car and locked his Toyota. He shoved his keys into his pocket and took out his bag of weed. He began to put the joint together, taking a slower pace to the door of his house. Instead of going inside of the house that Shelli, his wife, and he owned, he sat on the step that led to their shelter. He lit it and inhaled. The weed relaxed him. Soon, he was planning to get drunk on wine.

"Dave." Kurt rested his forehead on the door. "Dave, come out, please." No response. "Dave, I can explain." He pressed his ear to the door to see if he could hear Dave. He heard sniffling and whimpers. Slight coughs were also heard. "Can we talk about this?"

The door finally opened, just a tinsy bit. Just enough so Dave could see Kurt's face. He wiped his nose. "What do you want?" He sniffed.

"I just want to explain everything to you," he looked straight into his lover's eyes.

"What? That you've been cheating on me?" Dave stammered.

"No I hav-"

"That you've met a girl that you had feelings for?"

"No, I-"

"That you don't love me? That you don't want me anymore?"

"No. Can I-"

"That you don't have strong feelings like I do?"

"SHUT UP!" Kurt stomped his foot in frustration. Dave closed his mouth and looked away from Kurt. Immediately, he felt bad for getting mad. Everything was quiet. "Dave, I will never cheat on you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."

"Then what about that song? Who was that dedicated to?"

Kurt snickered, "it was for you, you silly."

Dave wiped his eye, "then who's the girl?"

"There's no girl."

Dave opened the door all the way and folded his arms. "Then why are you hiding? What are you hiding from?"

Kurt didn't want to answer him. Instead he looked down at his worn out, holey socks that he wore to bed. But he had to. He had to let his partner know what was going on. He had the courage to look him in the eye. "Back in high school, I knew a gay guy. We hung out and we were the best of friends. But I had a thing for him, I liked him. As soon people new that I hung out with him, I was getting beaten up, bullied. It became a routine. Soon, my mom found out that I hung out a with a gay guy, she pulled me away from him." Kurt took a breath. "I just want people could fuck off, you know?" He was nearly in tears. "I want to be in love whoever I want, whenever I want. I just don't want someone to fuck with me, fuck with our relationship." Dave witnessed a single tear come down Kurt's eye. "I love you, but I'm afraid of being humiliated and being beaten up. I'm scared."

"What about Krist? Isn't he your best friend?"

The blonde became silent. "I haven't told him that I'm gay. Nobody knows. Not even him."

Dave was trying to think of how he was gonna tell how he felt. "Kurt...I don't want to be hidden." He looked up to the male on the other side of the border of the bathroom and the hallway. "I don't want to be your little secret. I can't live like this. I need someone who is proud of me and would proudly strut me around."

Kurt felt helpless and was willing to change everything, but this is gonna be hard to do. He was thinking of things he could change, but he found it difficult to find a solution for his problems.

The silence was broken by Dave. He had thought up the only thing that could help them both. Or so he thought. "Kurt," Dave broke into tears again. "I think you should do more thinking about yourself before you date someone. I don't know if I could do this much longer."

Kurt's knees shook and became weak. Tears came to the surface of his eyes. "What do you mean?" His lip began to quiver.

Dave rubbed his forehead of what he was gonna say. He was gonna cry, but tried to hold it in. "I don't know if this is gonna work between us. I think we should go our separate ways."

The news squeezed Kurt's heart. He felt the pain of grief. He fell to the ground on his knees. His head hung off his neck. His arms drooped off his shoulders. The tears came down. Dave wasn't able to see it due to the long blonde hair covering his sorrowful face.

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Chapter 9.

Kurt sat on the couch, while Dave gathered his things. He dug his face into his shaking hands. Dave walked into the living room and saw Kurt. He cleared his throat to let Kurt know that he was leaving. Quickly, the blonde looked up and saw Dave's packed up things. His duffle bag strapped over his shoulder and a back pack in his hand.

Kurt ran over to him and dropped to his knees in front of Dave. "Don't go!" Kurt whimpered. He cried frantically. "What can I do to change your mind?"

The dark, long haired man felt bad for the guy. He wanted to stay, but he didn't want to be caged. "Take care of yourself, Kurt." He walked towards Kurt and pecked his cheek. "Bye, Kurt." Dave opened the door and walked out.

Kurt followed Dave outside. Dave walked down the driveway. Kurt watched him throw his stuff in Krist's car and jumped in. With no looking back, which Kurt broke down crying. What he didn't know that Dave actually looked back when Kurt turned away when the car started up. But when Kurt looked back, Dave quickly looked forward.

"Are you ready?" Krist slurred.

"Yeah." A little sadness was in his voice.

The car began to move away. Driving down the street then it disappeared into the distance.

Krist tried to keep his eyes on the road with a stupid grin and wide eyes. Dave picked the dirt from under his nails then looked out the window. The car swerved a little which made Dave worry and looked at the driver. Krist wasn't alarmed. Nothing seemed to effect him. Dave thought it was just a one time thing and looked out the window again. Then Krist ran through a stop sign, almost getting hit. A loud honk made Dave jump a little.

Dave grabbed the handle on the roof above his door. "Krist, what the fuck." Mad mixed in with an worried tone of voice.

"What?" Krist looked at the drummer.

"What do you mean 'what'? We almost got into a fucking car accident." He started to raise his voice.

"No, that guy didn't have the right-a-way." Krist rose his voice also. He speeded up with an additional 10 miles per hour, without knowing it. They were going 75 in a 55 mile zone.

"You didn't stop at the fucking stop sign."

"Yeah, I did."

As Dave looked forward trying to get away from the argument, a red stop light was ahead. Krist wasn't stopping.

"Krist, slow down! Krist watch out!" A car was about to come on the road.

Everything went into slow motion. The head of the truck collided with a Honda. The car became badly dented by this one hit. Both of the cars shriveled up and spun. Airbags went off. Krist's arms waved in the air as Dave gripped whatever he could.

When the terrible scene was finished, the airbags deflated. Now the two could see out the front window. Dave looked at Krist and Krist looked at Dave, seeing if each other was all right. Krist had a cut to the temple to his head to the end of his jaw. Another cut on his eyebrow and his lip. Nothing really damaged him.

The drummer tried to grab the drunk's arm, but it hurt like a bitch. He looked down and there was a huge gash in his forearm. He whimpered. With the other hand, he touched around the wound to see if it was real. He couldn't believe it.

Krist saw the horrifying cut. He gasped. "Oh my God, Dave. You got a fucking cut on your arm." They both looked at the bleeding wound. Krist looked into his eyes. "I'm so sorry Dave. I'm gonna call for help." He tried to exit the vehicle, but couldn't. A couple of shoulder hits did the job. He fell out and landed on his hands and knees. When he got up on his feet, he looked around. As he walked, his ankle ached. To cure it, he limped.

The car that got hit, had a huge dent on the side. He walked over to it to see if the person was okay. The male driver was unconscious. His eyes were closed, body hung over the elbow rest.

Krist became distraught and desolate. He ran to the nearest shop on the side, yelling 'call the ambulance! My friend needs a doctor! Guys, come on!' A woman behind the counter to the phone on the counter and began to call. He stood there for a couple of seconds then decided to run over to the car to check up on Dave.

There he was. His eyes were closed. His wound bleeding. Krist tried to open the door, but wasn't able to. He struggled, trying to do everything he can. When he realized that he couldn't do anything he slide against the door and began to cry. Thinking about him killing two people and one of the two happens to be one of his newly best friends.

Loud sirens went off, which made Krist get up and limp over to them. Ambulances and a firetruck immediately stop around the accident. "Guys, over here!" He waved his arms around to let them know where the victims are. "My friend needs help. Please help."

People came out of the vans and went to the cars. Only one stopped to talk to Krist. The person kept asking questions and he answered them. He watched as a fireman tried to open a door with some type of weird machine. The person tried to get his attention. It seemed like he turned off his audio. All he heard was this lingering high pitch sound, along with his own heart beat. He watched the scene around him. Then he saw a duo wheeling someone to the ambulance. It was Dave. He ran towards him, forgetting about whoever was interviewing him about what happened.

"Is he okay?" Krist walked with the paramedics.

"Who are you, sir?" One of the men asked.

"I'm his best friend. I need to go with him." Krist cried, looking at the unconscious body.

The two carried the body into the vehicle. With no word, they closed the doors and drove away.

Kurt's phone rang. He had spent the few hours thinking on how to change himself. It was now a quarter to eight. He took his time to the phone. After the fourth ring, he answered it. He gave a weak 'hello'.

A woman answered. "Is this Kurt Cobain?"


"There is a patient with a name of David Eric Grohl. Do you know him?"

The name struck his heart. "A patient?"

"Yes. He was a car accident."

A single tear streamed down. "What hospital is he in?"

"Woolmanhill Hospital."

Kurt hung up and put his shoes on. He grabbed the keys off the counter. As he was putting on his jacket, he went out the door and closed it behind him.

Kurt ran through the doors and passed some people. He ran up to the front desk.

"David Grohl? Where is David Grohl's room? I have to see him." His voice kinda raised.

The young nurse couldn't find the words. "How do you spell Grohl?" She took her time to look through some papers to find the last name of Grohl.

"G-R-O-H-L." He rushed.

"Um.." She looked through some more. Kurt kept tapping the counter, making her nervous. Once she couldn't find it fast enough, she just used the computer. "Room 425. It's on the fourth..." Before she could say anymore, he zoomed off.

He ran to the elevator, pressing the button a million times per second. Finally the doors opened. As he was about to enter, some people were coming out. He got out the way, then walked in the elevator. He pressed the '4' button and tapping his thigh, showing that he was in a hurry. His eyes watched the numbers changing slowly.

The bell dinged, opening the doors. He ran past the desk, taking a left into the hallway.

"Sir, where are you going?" The lady said, but Kurt ignored.

The blonde looked through the different numbers of rooms. 421...422...423...424...425. Bingo! He opened the door and there was Dave with the doctor standing by his bedside. They both looked at Kurt.

"Sir?" The doctor questioned.

"Kurt!" Dave smiled.

"Dave!" He ran over to him and gave him a hug, but Dave let out a groan and pushed him off. Kurt saw that his arm was bandaged. "Doctor, can you tell me what happened?"

"He was in a car accident. He has a huge gash on his right forearm. We stitched that up. He has a hairline fracture on his left tibia. If you can see he his leg is in a cast." He lifted the blanket and showed the cast. Dave's toes peeked out of it.

"Thanks doctor." Kurt said.

The doctor nodded, "I'll let you two alone." He smiled and walked out.

Kurt sat on his bedside. He looked at him. Dave just looked away, realizing that they had just broke up few hours ago. He felt ashamed that he had to make that decision. Kurt searched the other's face, trying find what's wrong.

He decided to look away also, "Dave, I know what I did was bad... I didn't mean to hurt you." The blonde glanced over to him. "I've been thinking for the last several hours... I'm gonna come out. I'm gonna tell everybody."

"Are you sure?" Dave looked into the deep blue eyes. His left hand touched Kurt's arm.

"Anything to keep you," Kurt knew it was cheesy, but it was true.

Dave smiled at him and sat up to hug him. The blonde kissed the other's cheek. After they let go, Kurt realized something was missing. "Where's Krist?"

Dave shrugged. "All I remember is Krist driving recklessly and we hit a car...After everything was over, we looked at each, everything looked fine. As I was about to touch him, my arm hurt. Right when I looked down, a huge gash in my arm." He took a deep breath, "he ran to get some help, then I blacked out."

Kurt sat there, taking in the story. Visualizing the situation. He rubbed his chin and brushed his hair aside. "Do you think he would be here? At the hospital?"

The wounded Grohl shrugged. Kurt looked at the door he came in from. He looked back his love. "I'm gonna check, okay?" Dave nodded and insisted to give him a hug.

Kurt walked to the nurse who tried to call at him earlier. "Ma'am?" She looked up from her paper work or whatever she was up to. "Do you know if a Krist Novoselic is here?"

The lady gave him a evil stare before she got the chance to look through the computer. "How do spell Novoselic?" He eyes still planted on the screen.

Kurt sighed, "N-O-V-O-S-E-L-I-C."

It took her a second to find the name and she told him the information. He was on a different level of the building. "Thank you." He smiled, while she just sneered and continued to do what she was doing.

He walked to Dave's room and let him know that he was gonna visit Krist. After walking to the elevator and pressing the button, he finally searched for Krist's room. Soon enough, he walked into the room. Krist was in bed, looking at the tv at the corner of the room.

"...Survivors are being hospitalized after this horrible crash. Good thing nobody got killed..." A feminine voice came from the tv. When Kurt made himself visible, Krist hurried to turn off the tv.

With no eye contact, Krist went on "I'm hated. I almost killed two people in that accident."

"Come on Krist, don't be so hard on yourself." Kurt commented.

"No. After curing this sprained ankle, I'm gonna go to jail for drunk driving." He wept. "I fucked up. I can't believe I put loved ones in danger. I ruined you and Dave's relationship."

"You knew that me and Dave were together?" Kurt surprised to find that out.

All Krist did was nod. It took him a moment to talk again. "I asked Shelli to bail me out."

"What'd she say?"

"She said yes, but she is now gonna lock up the alcohol, which is understandable. So it will help me cut down my drinking."

"I'm glad." Kurt sat in the chair beside the bed for a moment. "Well, I have to go back to Dave. So I'll see you around." As he was about to go out the door, he stopped and looked at Krist. "And don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes." He gave a warm hearted smile and closed the door.

Chapter 10.

Dave woke up with Kurt's heavy arm on his chest. Kurt laid beside him on his medical bed. Gently, he tried to remove Kurt's arm so he can get the tv remote. So while waiting for him to wake up, he could watch some tv. He turned it on, finding out that the news were talking about the car accident that he was in. He couldn't believe that they were talking about it. The news showed the street. A bent sign on the sidewalk was shown. "...good thing no one died in this tragic accident..." Before they would talk further about it, he turned it to another channel. Dave felt bad for Krist.

Soon, the nurse came in with a tray. The tray held some poorly scrambled eggs, he spotted a small egg shell; two mini pieces of ham; a pancake and a plastic cup (looking like a glass cup) of orange juice. There was also silverware wrapped with a napkin on the side of the plate.

"Good morning," as she closed the door behind her. "I've got breakfast for you." Dave pulled the mobile table on wheels close to him, getting ready for the meal. But it was kinda difficult because of Kurt laying on his side, blocking the table to go further. So he scoutted to the side. She placed the tray on his table.

"Hope you like your breakfast." For some reason she gave him a kiss on his cheek. "I'll be back to get your pills." Dave sat their with a shocked expression on his face. He didn't know what do. He froze. She came in with a miniature paper cup. "Here you go Mister Grohl." She handed over and monitored him, making sure he's actually taking the prescribed drugs. Then she left him. It seemed like she was flirting with him.

While Kurt went to check on Krist, the nurse came in for lunch. The same one from breakfast. Dave got ready for his meal.

"So your friend isn't here?" As she set the tray down.

"Friend? You mean my boyfriend?"

"Oh he's your boyfriend? So you're like...gay?"


She moved the table-on-wheels aside and sat on the edge of the bed. Her hand laid on his upper thigh. "How about I make you straight?" Her lustful look overcame her first impression of a sweet and friendly woman.

Dave removed her hand and tried to grab the tray. "How about I eat my lunch and you hand me my pills?" She crawled on him, trying to kiss his neck. He lightly shoved her so he could get some space. "You can either give me my pills now and there will be no complaint, no one will know." He looked into her eyes hard. "If you keep this sexual act up, I'll have you removed from my room and get you fired."

The nurse thought about it for a good minute and withdrew herself from the bed, with a frown. You could tell she was embarrassed that she was rejected. "Um, I'll go get your pills."

Krist got his own meal. Kurt wanted to check up on his best friend and see how he was doing. After the meal, Krist just started describing the accident. Kurt didn't want to see his friend cry and see him in pain, but he couldn't bottle it up. So he let him talk about it.

"Krist, don't cry. Everyone makes mistakes." Kurt sat on the bed with him and held him. "You can't be so hard on yourself." Kurt wiped his eyes for him.

Krist needed that hug to help him get through this sorrowful memory. Then Shelli opened the door, finding the two guys holding each other. Kurt looked up, and gestured his hand for her to join in this huge hug.

Her eyes held her tears. She joined in the hug. "Krist, I love you so much." She kissed his head. As they all pulled away, she kept her eyes on her husband. "Um...Kurt, can I have some alone time with Krist." Krist's head hung off his neck.

"Yeah. I'm gonna go up to see Dave." Kurt looked at the distraught Krist one more time. He squeezed his best friend's hand, then let go. The blonde left the two alone.

Shelli listened to Kurt leaving the room. She wrapped her arms around his neck, hanging on him like a monkey hanging from a tree. "I'm glad you didn't get hurt. I'm so glad that you're okay."

Krist tried to push her off him. "Shelli you don't understand. I could've killed people. I put people's life's on the line. I saw Dave's arm bleeding with a gapping wound. A guy in front of us, his body was flinging around. I saw the two get pulled into an ambulance, without knowing that they were dead or alive. I don't even know if that guy is dead."

She was hoping that her husband wasn't going into depression. She hadn't told him, yet, that she had a miscarriage, nor that she had a baby growing inside her for about two months. "Krist, I was meaning to tell you something, but I was so busy doing work." Krist's was preparing for a divorce or something so horrible. "Um..." She was beginning to cry and couldn't tame it. Shelli grabbed a tissue from the nightstand and began to blow her nose. With a quivering lip and trying to control herself, she managed to tell the news. "Um...I had a miscarriage..." She looked away from him. She couldn't bare to see his facial expression.

"I didn't even know we had a baby."

She looked at the tissue in her hand. "Yeah, me neither. I found out this week, when they came up with the results on what was wrong with me.... We could've had a child." She cried.

It was his turn to hug here and give her comfort. He whispered into her ear. "We can try again." He smiled against her head. "Don't worry, we'll have a family, like you want."


A month later from the accident, Dave got out of the hospital. Don't worry, the guy who was involved in the accident didn't die. He also got out of the hospital with a cast on his arm. Nothing really marked him except for a broken left arm and a few cuts that faded in only a few days.

Krist got only a day after he received the news from Shelli. He was taken to jail and ended up being their for twenty-four hours. Shelli bailed him out and comforted him at home. She was too busy with work. She had been working ten-hour shifts to pay Krist's hospital bills. She had been doing a lot for Krist. Making breakfast when ever she could, did sexual favors for him, anything to keep that smile on his face. Krist's memory started to fade whenever Shelli did what she could, when they spent time with each other. But as soon she left the house for work, sometimes his memory would come back. Sometimes his brain wouldn't remember, but a tv show or a movie that would show the incredible scene of two cars collided. He would sit there sobbing. He knew everything was good for Dave, but what about that guy? He would call Dave to see he was there, but it would always happen when Dave is resting or out somewhere.

Dave was doing better than before. His arm was nearly healed completely. Stitches were still helping close the wound, so did the bandage. The doctor required rest for Grohl. Kurt was his personal nurse. Always giving his medication, making food for him, and pleasing the injured Grohl. Kurt was pampering Dave a little too much. But soon after getting out of the hospital, they became in debt. So Kurt had to find a job while Dave rested. Kurt didn't like the idea of having a job. He never like having the job. He was hoping that he would just survive on money that he got from selling band shirts. Kurt got two jobs, one as a waiter and another as a cashier. Slowly, the hole was getting smaller. At one point, Kurt broke, hating to be at work and facing everyone who was rude, so he asked his parents for money to help pay the bills. But Dave kept him strong with his meaningful words and from the great sex. Dave promised, once he got the permission to get on his feet again, he would help Kurt out from his stressful position.


As Kurt was making a splendid dinner, he heard a someone yelled "hey guys!" It was Krist. Shelli held his hand, in his other hand held a bottle of red wine. Dave came out of the room to greet and hug the guests. He took the bottle from him, placing it on the table behind him.

After the food was served, everyone started to eat. Shelli talked about how work was and how closer Krist and her got closer. Dave told her his progress of his healing arm and started to describe the hard times Kurt had been through to pay off these bills and rent. When they finished their food, they soon talked some more about what they have gained positively and negatively from the accident. Krist and Shelli had monitored his drinking that night, witnessed Dave and Kurt.

Soon, Shelli put her hand on Krist's, then he gently grabbed it. "We have something to tell you guys." The married couple looked at each other. It seemed like they were seeing who would mention the news.

Krist was assuming that he was sharing, then looked at his band mates and best friends. "We're having a baby."

Grohl and Cobain were shocked, yet excited to see the blooming family.

"How long are you?" Dave walked over to her. His hands were ready to feel the baby bump.

Shelli moved enough for him to touch her stomach. "It's been almost two months."

Kurt was still shock of the whole idea of a baby growing and living inside of a woman's body. The whole process interested him. Dave gave the blonde a look. "Are you gonna feel it?"

A single tear surfaced his eye. He nodded and walked over.

"And we thought you guys could be the godparents." Krist looked at the amazed two who were touching the belly, sheltering a growing fetus inside.

The two, without hesitation, looked at them. "Us?"

Shelli nodded at them. Dave started to break into joyful tears. He spoke to the baby. "Aw, I can't wait til you come out. I'll take care of you as much as possible."

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Chapter 11.

Seven months later, Shelli was rushed to the hospital. At was ten-thirty-two in the evening, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Eight pounds and two ounces. Dave and Kurt drove over in matter of minutes. They came into the room, finding Shelli tired in the medical bed and Krist standing over his two girls. Kurt ran over to see the newborn, Dave followed him. With eyes closed, she smiled. She was wrapped into a pink blanket.

The newborn opened her eyes, revealing her gray eyes. "What's her name?" Kurt couldn't handle the cuteness, but couldn't help to look at the little person.

"Kristi, after her father." She looked up to Krist.

Kurt put his heads out. "Can I hold her?" She nodded and handed her over.

Dave sat his chin on Kurt's shoulder, looking at the infant. They were both in awestruck about the addition of the Nirvana family. Dave slid his finger in the little hand. She gripped it while looking up at the couple. The blonde looked at his lover, tear in his eye and a smile on his face.

The two were hand in hand, walking along the beach. They eyed the sunset resting on top of the ocean. Dave just looked at the blonde. He was nervous to tell Kurt the news that he was holding ever since he saw that child in his arms.


Those hypnotizing blue eyes looked into his. "Huh?"

"I love you...and I've got you tell you something?" He got on his knee and dug into his pocket. Kurt knew what he was doing. Tears came to the surface of his eyes. "Will you marry me?" When he opened the small box, a silver band in a small, black cushion.

"Yes." Kurt pulled Dave up and hugged him. He pushed his lips into Dave's pulp ones. "I love you so much."

Then Kurt had a flashback of the first time Dave said that he loved him.


Kurt responded by turning into the direction of the voice. The voice he adored. "What?" He whispered.

"I love you so much."

The ends of Kurt's lips shot up into his cheek bones. The look of delight spread throughout his face. He noticed Dave's eyes were still closed. "I love you so much more."

The End.

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