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Love At First Sight?

Krist point of view.

There's Kevin, walking straight towards me. I was sitting outside my apartment door, looking at the sunset. Before he interrupted my thoughts, I was thinking of Kurt. Of our past relationship. He had broke my heart after cheating on me. I found him in the bed with some guy. I had just got back home from work. The sounds of moaning echoed the small apartment (and in my mind). Slowly, I opened the door, wanting it to be a nightmare instead of reality. That was a month ago. But that darn memory stuck with me, like glue.

"Hey, man," Kevin stood in front of me, looking down on me. "Why are you out here?"

I pulled my legs closer to my chest. My elbows sat on my knees. One of my hands pulled back my hair. It wasn't in my face, it was just an extinct. "I was just thinking."

My best friend walked beside me and slid his back on the wall, sitting himself down with me. "About?" His legs spread out.

"Just thinking." My eyes just looked at the horizon. A blend of orange, hot pink, red, and yellow surrounded the sun. It's so beautiful......like him.

"About Kurt?" I didn't make eye contact nor answered. "Krist, you have to move on. It's been a month. He obviously moved on."


"No buts. I don't want to hear it anymore. You can't waste your time with him." Silence. I looked at him. I was so frustrated that no one knew how it felt to be cheated on. A feeling inside me wanted Kurt to find me and apologize and make it up to me. Make me feel like I matter, again, or something. All I did was was look at him for a few moments then the beautiful sky. All of a sudden he stood up.

"I guess we aren't hanging out," I moped.

Kevin dusted off the back of his pants, "nope."

"Then what are we doing?"

"Chad is having a party tonight. How about we attend?" A smirk appeared.

I sensed his mischievous plan. "What are you trying to do?"

"Oh, you know exactly what I'm doing," he grabbed my limp hand. He tried to yank me up, but failed. I was to big for him to lift. "We're gonna get you another man to get him off your mind."

We got the alcohol and drove across town to get to the party. By this time, the stars came out. A few people stood outside, talking to one another while smoking a cigarette. Kevin led me into Chad's house. Everyone was dancing and drinking, having a good time. Kevin notice others that we knew, and he said 'hey' to them. I didn't bother talking to the ones who noticed and wanted to talk to me. So I just flat out out ignored them. He guided me to a keg of beer. I looked around to see if I would find someone that I knew. No one I could find. I usually would go up to someone and try to spark up an interest or some sort of conversation. But that was me before this disaster. Now I'm this introverted guy who sits at home all day thinking about the guy who once owned my heart and later destroyed it.

I felt a nudge on my arm. I turned to see who it was. It was Kevin with two red solo cups in both of his hands. He handed me one and I took it. "Drink up." He chugged it and got himself a refill. I sipped and watched him as he refilled his cup. "Mind if I mingle?" Kevin asked.

"Um, sure." He straight up left me. I had no where to go. I know I was known for being a social butterfly, but ever since the break up... I just felt like I was nothing. I guess I need to find someone new, just like everyone encourages me to do.

So I walked through the crowd and tried to rebuild my social skills. Wandering around the sea of dancing folks. There was an empty couch. Then a guy sat on one end. I guess I could flirt with him. I didn't quite see his face, until he brushed his hair aside. He was so good-looking. He looked at the people who passed by him and took a sip of a glass bottle, a beer I'm assuming.

I took a deep breath, sipped my drink, and headed to the vacant spot beside him. His eyes watched me as I came up to him and sat down. I felt nervous. I haven't flirted with anyone in a long time. I've lost my charm, ever since...Kurt. Then I mentally punched myself for thinking of him and for saying his name. At this moment, I'm trying to move on and find another one who can make me feel alive again.

"Nice party, huh?" I glanced at him.

He was in the middle of drinking his beer. "Yeah." He looked at the crowd in front of us and took another dose of alcohol. "Are you here alone?"

"No, just with my friend. But he went off," I gripped the plastic cup. "What about you? Are you here alone?"

He looked over at me, "same. My friend made me come to this party." We both became silent. I had nothing else to say. "What's your name?"

"I'm Krist, what's yours?" I smiled my best smile to impress him.

He smiled too. But his was so big and attractive. I almost melted. This made me smile even bigger. "My name's David, but everyone calls me Dave."

I nodded because I didn't know how to answer. I wanted to know more about him, but I didn't want it to seem like a first date. I wanted to know if he was gay, so I know I at least have a chance with him;but I didn't want to come on to strong. Before I was gonna throw out a random question, he just looked at the crowd, down to his beer, then to me. "I just got out of a relationship."

"Yeah, me too." I took a long sip to forget. In a way, it's funny that his relationship probably ended over twenty-four hours ago, and mine ended a month ago. It made me think how stupid I kept Kurt around my mind for that long-ass month. "I was cheated on." Oh no! Wow, Krist, I thought, nice going.

"So did I. My boyfriend was such a asshole," he shook his head and took a quick sip. 'My boyfriend' I thought, he must be gay after all. "He fucked another guy in my bed. He had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and was all skinny." Was that who I thought it was. Is he describing someone I know. "I was gonna surprise him with flowers, because he likes flowers," I drank as I listened, "and I heard him screaming 'Kurt'." I spat out my drink on the ground, trying not to spray anybody. "Are you okay?" He patted my back as I coughed. I had choked a little from that spit take.

I gasped for air and shook my head 'yes'. "That's my boyfriend."

Dave looked at me weirdly, "who's your boyfriend?"

"You said Kurt, right?" I wiped the remaining liquid off my mouth with the back of my hand.


"Thin? Dirty blonde hair? Skinny?"

He nodded, "yes." He sounded like he was not sure. Sounded a little concerned.

I took a deep breath, "Kurt's my boyfriend, the one who cheated on me."

I saw Dave take it in. "You're boyfriend cheated on you with my boyfriend?"

"I guess so," I ran my fingers through my hair. "I found them together a week ago." I lied. I didn't want it to make me look like a loser.

"Yeah. Me too." Dave bit his lip, like he's holding back something. But it looked adorable. His eyes were a beautiful brown that sucked me in. Silence surrounded us.

"Um..." I was nervous on what I was gonna say next. "Uh...Do you want to dance?"

Dave smiled and looked down. He tried to hide his blushed face, but it was still visible. He didn't really say anything. All he did was nod. I didn't know what I was getting myself into because I can't dance. I grabbed his hand and helped him up.

I began to sway with the music, trying to look attractive. At this point I didn't get why I was trying when I felt like an idiot. So I leaned closer to his ear so he can hear me clearly. "I'm gonna be completely honest with you, I don't know how to dance." I pulled away to see his reaction. He smiled.

"Don't worry, I'm not sure how to dance either. I haven't been to these kinds of parties before." He yelled. Enough to let me hear what he was saying.

"Yeah, me too. I guess I have to get really drunk to start dancing," I chuckled, as well did he.

His eyes wondered down to his empty bottle, then up to me. "Speaking of alcohol, I have to get more. You want me to get you some more?"

"No, that will be fine. I'll go with you."

The corners of his mouth curled up. Dave flashed his perfect, white teeth. I felt his hand grip mine. He lightly pulled me into the direction of where he wanted to take me.

All of a sudden I gained a lot of confidence. Yes, I was drunk, but that doesn't matter. I'm fine. Doing so much better. No more anxiety, no more nervousness. Nothing really to worry about, except for Dave, who was equally drunk. We've spent our time around the keg of beer. We would watch all the people who would walk by. Dave would ask me what kind of guy I was interested in. I would point out some people and he would too.

"Krist, I gotta tell you something." His words were a little slurred, but I didn't mind.

"Okay, what is it?" I grinned.

He let out a little chuckle, "not here you silly. We have to go somewhere quiet...'cause...you know." A lustful smirk appeared on the lower portion of his face. In the back of my head, I knew what he was doing, but I remained clueless.

Like last time, he took my hand and guided me through the crowed room. He took me up the stairs to a room. First he peeked his head in, then yanked me in.

"So what were you going to tell me?" The dumbest question I would ever ask. I was conscious on what was happening. I knew where he was going with this. This was what Kurt used to do. In fact, he did that to him when he first met him.

Dave sat down. He didn't do anything promiscuous. "I have to be honest with you." He paused. "Me and my boyfriend broke up less than a month ago. I must sound like an idiot." His hands supported his head. Elbows sat on his thighs.

I sat beside him and began to rub his back. "That's what happened to me. I thought I was gonna look like a loser." He sat up and looked at me with relieved eyes.I cleared my throat. "Since we're being honest...um..."

It seemed like he was waiting for me. Which he was since he said, "what?"

"Well, um...I like you."

Before he looked away, a cute smile appeared. "Yeah..." He looked back at me, "me too."

I looked into his gleaming eyes, slowly leaning into his personal space. I paused for a couple of seconds to see if he was allowing me to do what I've been wanting to do all night. Closer and closer I got. My fingers held his jaw in place. Our lips finally touched. Our lips stayed in that position, then I pulled away to see his beautiful face. His lips still puckered, eyes starting to flutter open.

We looked into each other's eyes and he grabbed my face in for another kiss. This time, our tongues tangled with each other. His fingers ran through my hair. He then kissed down my face to my neck. My hand gave a gentle push on his chest, just enough to let him know to stop.

Dave stopped and wiped his mouth. "Sorry."

"No, you're not doing anything wrong." I got up and locked the door. "You just forgot to lock the door." I smiled and walked over to Dave. Slowly laying him down on the bed.

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So, What's Gonna Happen Between Us?

Dave's Point Of View.

I couldn't get him out of my head. His slim body. His grey eyes with a tint of blue. I would like to see more of him. We could go out for dinner. Maybe go out for a movie. But does he think of me that way? This was probably just a one night stand situation. Man, I shouldn't have let him go so far.

To get him out of my head, I thought I could use some fresh air. So I walked around the block. I passed by a McDonalds on the corner, a drug store and another apartment complex. A tall man was locking his door. From afar, he looked familiar because of his height. But I wanted to be sure. I walked into the complex, acting like I was going back home. As I got closer and closer to the stranger, the more he wasn't a stranger anymore.

I could bump into him, or I can pass by him and see if he remembers me. Krist looked up. Oh shit, I thought. I got the chance to see him smile, before I looked away.

"Dave?" His footsteps came closer.

I couldn't help but look up at him, trying to make it seem like I didn't see him or recognize him. "Krist?"

Krist had his arms out and indulged me into his warmth. "Hey, it's nice to see you again."

I was stunned about his action. I was expecting this situation to be awkward. He was scary friendly, but I loved it. "Yeah, you too." The thoughts drifted away from my mind and I decided to hug him back.

We finally let go from each other's grasp. He was smiling at me. "Well, I was gonna go get something to eat. You want to come?"

My stomach felt like a group of butterflies flying in my stomach, tickling the inner wall of the organ. I couldn't believe that he asked me that. My forehead started to become sticky from the development of sweat. I could feel myself blush. "Um, sure." I gave a smile and wiped my sweaty lip.

Krist walked to the passenger side and opened the door for me. "Thank you."

"No problem." He smiled. After I got my whole body in, he closed the door. Krist walked on the other side. When he sat in and close the door, he was still smiling. It seemed like he couldn't help but smile.

Krist was being so polite to me. He opened the car door for me, held the door that led to the restaurant for me, and he helped me seat myself by pulling out the chair for me.

The waitress ordered our drinks and left us alone. "So, were you planning to eat at a restaurant by yourself?" I managed to ask him. I knew something was up.

"Actually, I was just gonna go to the McDonalds and pick chicken nuggets, but I bumped into you. I wanted to take you out to somewhere that doesn't sell fast food."

"So, what does this mean?" Hoping he would say it was a date.

"Um... Well, I'm gonna be honest with you..." Is he thinking we're just friends? "I thought this would be our first date."

My heart danced. I smiled as big as I can. "This is our date?"

"Yeah, is that..okay?"

I nodded. The waitress came back with the drinks. She asked us for what we wanted to eat. We ordered our food. She left us again.

"So, what does that mean? We're dating?"

"Yeah." Krist took a sip of his drink. "I want to see more of you. Get to know you better."

He walked me to my door. My session of clearing my head of a man who I thought might not talk to me ever again, turned into our first unexpected date.

"So, I guess I'll see you later?"

"Yeah, you can come over whenever you want." My wrists crossed in front of me and my fingers tangled with each other.

Krist took a step closer to me. His hand slid under my hair to hold my jaw. It seemed like he was seeing if I would let him do what he wanted to do. I looked up to him, getting ready for those lips to collide with mine. Our eyes met, then our lips. Gently our lips mixed and melted with each other. He pulled away, except our noses. We looked into our eyes. I smirked and looked down at my hands, hiding my red cheeks.

"I'll see you later." Our eyes met again.

He nodded, "yeah." I slowly inched my way to my front door. As I unlocked the door and slowly entered, he called out for me. "Dave?"

"Yeah?" I turned around to face him.

Krist just stood there before responding. "You want to go to a movie this Saturday?" His hands were behind his back, he stood on the ball of his right foot as the other one stayed flat on the ground. He looked like a little kid asking for something from his parents.

"Yes. I would love to." My whole body leaned on the door.

He smiled, "well, I'll see you on Saturday."

"See you on Saturday." I repeated. I watched him walk off while biting my lip.

I quietly closed the door and walked into the living room. I thought about the date and him kissing me. I did a quick celebration dance and yelling 'yes'. Then I fell backwards on my couch, hugging a pillow. "I'm in love." I smiled.

I kept thinking about that face across that table, then I just fell asleep without realizing it.

Probably not good as I promised. But hoped you enjoyed.

Saturday Night.

Krist's Point Of View.

My nicest button up shirt were tucked in my blue jeans. A belt around my hips, holding my pants up. My only shoes that I have were on my feet. I made sure I had enough money for our movie. I took one glance in the mirror. Smoothing my shirt and fixing my hair. Before leaving, I took in a deep breath.

I knocked on the door. Man, I was nervous. Quickly, I smelt my breath, making sure it didn't reek of garlic. Combed my hair back with my fingers.

"Okay," I sighed. Without me noticing, my eyes were watching the bottom left corner of the door. His foot appeared, then I looked up quickly. "Hey, you ready?"

Dave nodded and stepped outside the door frame. "Mhm." He turned around and locked his door. "Let's go." His fingers ran down my arm to my hand. Our fingers tangled together. He looked up at me and smiled, leaning his head on the tip of my shoulder.

We walked up to the window, with a teenaged, acned face on the other side. I got the tickets and waited inside for our snacks. While waiting, I kept looking down at his hands. Every time he would catch me looking at him, I quickly looked away.

Finally we made it to the cashier. I opened my wallet, flipping through each bill. I didn't have enough for our own snacks. This means we have to share a large drink.

"That's ten ninety-six." A young women stood behind the counter. The popcorn was ready.

"Um, Dave, is it okay if we share a drink?" He nodded. It saved my wallet's life. Saving me about four bucks.

We spotted our seats and got comfy. Not a lot of people were there, only few couples sat at random parts of the theater.

I dug my hand into the popcorn bowl and felt something. It was solid and warm. As I looked to find out what it was, it gripped my hand. Dave glanced up at me, telling me that it was his hand. He smirked and put his head on my shoulder. Man, he was cute.

He lifted his head and put his back to the back of the chair. Then my taste buds were screaming for some soda. So, I sent my hand to search for the cup in the cup holder, while my eyes remained on the screen. The cup was no where. I looked over at Dave and there he was with the cup in his hand.

To be a romantic, I leaned over to him and trying to find the extra straw. He eyed me when I was sipping. I finished, then he grabbed the bottom of my chin, pulling me in for a kiss. I touched his smooth face. Once he pulled away, I thought, I'm gonna get some tonight. I smiled to myself.

Dave slid his hand to mine. He pulled me in, my shirt in his fist. He started to kiss me, furiously. Pushing me against the wall while slamming the door behind him.

What happened next was unexpected. And also for you, reader. You would've not seen this coming.

He sat me done, still kissing. His lips drifted away. Dave stared at me for a minute. I wasn't excepting this. "You want to watch tv?" My shoes were off, ready to get this started, but then I realized I took them off for no reason.

My eyebrows rose. But for him, I nodded my head and answered him with a 'sure'. He didn't want us to be a "hit it-quit it" kind of couple. Like friends with benefits, you catch my drift?

While he got it on, I just got myself comfortable. His head laid out on my lap. I was staring at him, running my fingers through his hair. This is gonna be us, cuddled up or just lay our clothed bodies on each other. I guess I want something different and he wants something more.

Was I starting to act like a Kurt? Wanting to use him and soon abuse? I yanked my hand out of Dave's soft hair. Am I becoming a monster?

I jerked, making him looking up at me. "What's wrong? Is there a bug in my hair?" He joked.

A fake smile on my face. "No, I just scared myself."

"Oh." He went back to laying his head on my lap.

I can't do this to Dave. He doesn't deserve to be treated like this. This is something I have to fix. Pronto.

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