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Nirvana had done it again. Another great concert. The center where they played was right next to a fancy hotel, so they decided to go get drinks to celebrate. The bar was crowded and snazzy, and Kurt wondered why Kris had dragged them there. But atleast they were having fun. In about an hour, Dave was in a drunken stupor, Kris was hitting on everyone, and Kurt was a bit loopy.
"Dude…..Daaaave….Dave…." Kris was poking Dave, who just gave him the evil eye.
"What? You've been poking me for 10 minutes…."
"Dude, where's the baby?" Kris was looking around, totally ignoring the fact Korinne was staying overnight with Dave's parents.
"Not gonna answer…" Dave drank another Guinness while Kurt was hugging him. "Hi, Kurt."
The bond was an inch away from sitting on his lap. Dave tried to shove him off, but Kurt hung onto his neck.
"Hmm….I love you, Dave." Kurt smiled at him, his face buried in Dave's neck and gently kissing it. Kurt pressed closer on him.
"Kurt, no," he said sternly. Kurt looked at him, blinking.
"Why….?" He looked like he was about to cry.
"Have some sense! We can't do it here! Not with all these people!" Dave kept chastising him.
"Atleast kiss my neck?" Kurt pushed a few pieces of hair off his shoulder. Dave turned away from him, not saying a word. Kurt shook his head. The alcohol was going to his head. He decided to go in the bathroom to clear his mind and let Dave in peace.

The bathroom was big and white and clean. Kurt staggered in, grabbing onto the line of sinks to keep stable. His eyes were clouding over with tears, which he tried his best to blink away.
'Selfish. That's all I am. A selfish bitch.' Kurt thought. His mind was screaming at him all sorts of bad things, and were slowly getting louder. "I love him." Kurt whispered to himself. "I love Dave…." He couldn't help it, and the tears streaked down his cheeks. 'God, I want him….' He pressed himself against the counter, he blushed, enjoying the sensation it gave him. 'Want him in me….' Then he stopped and sank down to the floor, whimpering. Dave was mad at him, and he couldn't fix it. He crawled underneath the sink, fumbling around in his hoodie pocket, pulling out a syringe.
"Hmmkay…." he sniffled and injected a bit of heroin into his system. After, he threw the syringe into the trash and curled into a tight ball, filled with self-loath.

"Kurt!" Kris yelled. He was looking for Kurt, but he was nowhere to be found. "Dave, where's Kurt? Did we leave him with your Mom too?" Kris genuinely looked perplexed.
"Well, we-WHAT?! No!" Dave looked at his surroundings then back to Kris, who had 3 women and what looked like a post-op transsexual clinging to him.
"Hey, I can't find him. Here. Look, groupies!" Kris' smile spread ear-to-ear.
"One day, I swear to God I will smack you. And I'll go find him." Dave sighed.
"You don't look so hot, dude."
"I kinda yelled at him. I'll go find him, it'll be okay. Go back to your women."
"It's three girl's and a cross-dressing hooker named Bill, actually."
And with that, Dave backed away slowly.

Kurt was on the verge of sleep when he heard footsteps. He curled up tighter, afraid to be noticed.
"Kurt? You in here?" Dave's voice. "My God this bathroom is bright!! Holy Jesus…." Kurt loosened up and slowly crawled out.
"Come to yell at me some more?" Kurt whispered. Dave crouched down to look at him.
"No, baby, no. I want to apologize….sorry I snapped at you." Dave said, reaching out to touch him, but Kurt withdrew, shaking his head.
"No. I'm terrible. I'm selfish! I'm a loser. I'm a horrid spouse, too…." Kurt looked like he was going to cry again. Dave pulled him out from under the sink, leaving Kurt on the floor.
"Stop it. You're acting like a little kid. Now get up." Kurt sat in silence for a minute before slowly getting on his feet. "Kurt, I didn't mean it. But there's a time and place for everything, princess." Dave smirked at the last sentence.
"I was drunk….I'm sorry…I-I think I still am…" Kurt said.
"Yes, but still."
"So you don't hate me?"
"No! I love you, Kurt. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't have married you." Dave grabbed Kurt's hand, squeezing it. "Now….do you accept my apology?"
Kurt smiled and nodded. Dave wrapped his other hand around Kurt's waist. Kurt's hands wrapped around his neck as they stood there in silence. Kurt kissed him, soft and chaste. He looked at Dave before kissing him harder. Kurt's tounge ran across Dave's teeth while Dave nibbled Kurt's lower lip. Kurt opened his mouth, and a jolt went through him as his lover's tounge danced with his own. Kurt moaned softly and Dave broke the kiss, turning Kurt around and wrapping both hands around his torso, kissing his jaw line and neck, making Kurt moan more. The blond's hand groped at Dave's crotch. Dave flicked his tounge in Kurt's ear, making Kurt shudder in pleasure.
"Baby, I want you…." Dave's breath was hot in his ear. Kurt's hips moved side to side against him, and Dave stopped licking Kurt's ear to tend to his neck.
"Dave." he gasped. "Yes…" this was all too much for him. "I-I want you too..in me….please don't stop…." Dave gently nibbled and sucked Kurt's neck. "Oh. OH."
Dave grinned and shoved him into a tiny stall. Kurt's breath was ragged and Dave slammed the stall shut. He pressed Kurt up against the door, kissing him with such heat it made Kurt melt. He held onto Dave, pressing so close he could feel every outline of his body. Kurt broke away from Dave, undoing his pants and pulling them down along with his underwear and his shoes, kicking them aside. Kurt looked adorable in his purple hoodie that went to his thighs, too-big striped long sleeved tee, and his stringy blond hair now grown a bit past his shoulders. Broken, warn, and high. Everything Dave ever wanted. Dave undid his pants, revealing a good 9 inch length. Kurt blushed and sucked it a little, giving it enough slickness for entrance.
"What if someone comes in?" Kurt asked. Dave patted his head.
"Don't worry, love." Dave picked Kurt up and set him against the wall, and wrapped Kurt's legs around his waist. "We'll be okay. You ready, Kurt?" Dave's fingers dug into Kurt's hips and Kurt clung tight to him. "This'll hurt a it, baby….Hang on to me." Kurt nodded and it his lip. With one hard thrust Dave was inside him. Kurt bucked his hips against Dave to try and get rid of the pain, tears filled his eyes.
"You okay?" Dave asked.
"Yes. I'm fine." Kurt breathed. "Dave, please…make love to me…" He buried his face in Dave's neck and moaned. Dave thrust inside him slow until Kurt was ready to go faster. Kurt couldn't believe it. This felt amazing. Dave filled him up good. Kurt kissed him, and a growl came from Dave's throat.
"Baby, God you're tight…." Dave groaned, pulling Kurt's hips down to meet his. Kurt moaned loudly, but Dave covered his mouth.
"Not to loud. Don't wanna be found out." He smirked. This was killing Kurt. It felt so good he wanted to scream. Dave thrust harder into him, doubling the pleasure. He bit Kurt's neck hard, licking it.
"Oh…oh! Dave! Dear God….come…" Kurt's moans became whispers and pleas. Dave could feel himself swell inside Kurt, he was close to orgasm.
"Kurt. Kurt. I love you." Dave kissed him gently. Kurt bucked his hips against Dave harder, moaning in his ear.
"I wanna be with you forever….This is…Aaaaaah. I'm coming Dave I'm coming…" Kurt couldn't finish, he shuddered in ecstasy, near screaming. "OH. Yes. Yes…I love you…..Dave, Dave. YES!!"
"….Heaven." Dave finished his sentence for him. "Ah, Kurt….I'm gonna….I'm gonna come…God yes….KURT!!" Dave cried Kurt's name, coming inside his precious Kurt, releasing his seed inside of him. Kurt's legs loosened their grip on Dave's waist, the both of them breathing heavily, completely spent. Dave set Kurt down, and his knees collapsed, Kurt sinking to the floor. Dave zipped his pants, then looked down.
"Bad Kurt. Came all over my shirt, naughty thing." Dave said, half joking and half serious. He pulled his shirt off and zipped his jacket up.
"Hmm, you gonna spank me then, Daddy?" Kurt laughed. He pulled his pants back on, Dave playfully smacked his butt and Kurt winced. "Eep! Be gentle…."
"Aww. You were very good Kurt. I love you so much." Dave drew Kurt into him for another kiss. He unlocked the stall and they walked out, Kurt hiding Dave's stained shirt underneath his hoodie.
"Hold on." Kurt said. He unzipped his pants, Dave turned and blushed a bit. He laughed.
"Kurt, you DO realize you're shaking, damp, stoned, still very drunk, and pissing in a trashcan?" Dave asked, rolling his eyes.
"What?" Kurt asked, zipping is pants. Dave shook his head. "Alright, coming husband dearest." Kurt laughed before falling on his face. "Oh, Dave….you did me so good….I can't walk…." Kurt giggled. "Carry me, Dave?"
"Alright." Dave picked him up, Kurt threw his arms around his neck, his eyes fluttering. He was tired from all this fun.
"Where's Kris?" Kurt asked.
"Oh, just with three showgirls and a transsexual named Bill." Dave replied.
"Sleep. You're worn out. I love you, baby."

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