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Kris leaned back in his seat, his hands resting behind his head his knees jammed up against the steering wheel. They were in the 7/11 parking lot, drinking sodas and getting stoned. He took a puff of the joint and gazed around at his surroundings, looking around at everything around him.
The air was thick with Marijuana smoke even though the AC was turned on. Kurt was curled up in his seat, his sleepy eyes blinking rapidly in an attempt to stay awake. He was sucking on the soda straw, slurping at the drink with all his might. Kris smiled and popped the joint in Kurt's mouth, letting him have a few drags.

"Good stuff, isn't it?" Kris asked him. "Afghani."

Kurt smiled and nodded.

"Yep. Thanks for the soda, by the way...."

"No problem. Anytime, Kurt." He reached over and patted the blondes head lovingly. Suddenly, something hit him. He didn't know if it was the hashish, the heat or what, but he kept his hand on Kurt's head. He let his fingers stroke the golden tendrils, his hand grabbing at the long locks and tangling them gently, then smoothing them out.
Kurt made a purring sound and Kris pulled his hand away, shocked with himself.

"Why'd you stop?" Kurt whined. "That felt good, dude..." Kurt uncurled his body and slouched out in the seat. He was 16. He'd never been romantically or sexually involved with anyone before, and he seemed to be either unaware or apathetic about his body. He was waif-like and very petite for his age, with long blonde hair going down his shoulders and pale, almost pasty skin.

Kris thought he was fucking beautiful. He gulped and turned his head away, mumbling something to himself. Chastizing himself, maybe. Kurt gave him a confused look.

"What's wrong?" Kurt asked. "Ya got a headache?"

'No' Kris thought. 'Just an ache in my loins....Ummm, nothing. Just thinking about things. Kurt?"


"You've never had anyone, have you?"

"Nope~!" Kurt smiled happily and shook his head. Kris grinned, good sign. "Why?"

"No reason, just asking. Hey, how about you and me ditch this place for a bit. Go somewhere we won't be found for a few hours."

"Like outlaws?"

"Not exactly, just somewhere we can think. Have a deep, philosophical conversation with no one to bother us." Kris was figeting with the hem of his shirt as he spoke.

"Kris? You're weird...."


The car was now parked in some field type place not too far from the conveience store.

"Well, it's nice..." Kurt looked around at his new surroundings.

"Do you think this'll do?" Kris asked, his elbow propped upon the glove compartment and his head resting in his hand.
Kurt noded.

"It's fine." Kurt was looking out the window now. "Yeah, it's actually real nice out here. No cows, either." He smirked at his own comment, and Kris leaned in a bit closer to him. Get a better look. Man, he was cute....He groaned softly to himself.
He felt like that man in that book. Obsessed with a precocious, snarky child...

"Lolita." He whispered. He blushed and bit his lip, hoping Kurt hadn't heard. Kurt looked at him.

"Why're you still acting weird??" Kurt sighed and shook his head. "When're we gonna talk...?"

Kris smiled at him, turning on the radio. Led Zepplin. "Soon, soon. C'mere, Kurt. How about we get a bit more comfy?" He reached over and wrapped an arm around Kurt's waist and lifted him up onto the console between the seats. He gently pushed Kurt into the backseat and soon joined him.

"That was unexpected." Kurt commented, rather flatly. Kris laughed and put an arm around him. He blushed again and pulled Kurt closer to him.

"Alright. Now we talk." Kris said.

"'Kay.....Kris, if you had a glass duck, what'd you name it?"

Kris smirked and ruffled Kurt's hair again. Silly thing, the hash must be kicking in just now.

"You're so silly, Kurt." He said. "No, let's talk about something serious."
Kurt groaned.

"Don't rant about Communism, dear Lord don't..." Kurt stuck out his tounge. Kris shook his head. He inhaled and let the words roll off his tounge.

"I think you're beautiful." He said. Kurt looked at him, his eyes widened.

"What? I-I'm not cute...." He said. Kris reached out and let his hand stroke Kurt's cheek.

"You are. You're special, you're beautiful. I've felt this way forever." Kris spoke softly, and Kurt just looked at him. "You don't know how much I care about you."

"You love me lots." Kurt said.

"Yes. But....You're my special little thing. I want to protect you from everything. You're so young. I need, no....want to show you everything..." He was speaking more to himself than to Kurt. "Something special...."

"Kris...." His whisper died on his lips as Kris kissed him. A chaste one, but a kiss no less. Kurt blushed. It felt nice to have a bit of affection. He should've pulled away after a few seconds, but Kris' lips remained on Kurt's, his tounge tracing the edge of his lips. His tounge thrust his way between Kurt's lips, licking and rubbing at his teeth. Kurt placed a hand on Kris' chest as a pre-caution, to push him back if need be. Kris pushed on Kurt's back, trying to get the boy close to him.

"Mmmm....." Kris moaned and leaned into Kurt. Kurt felt uncomfortable. Kris pulled away and grinned. "Kurt, that's how lovers kiss. I love you."
Kurt breathed hard. It didn't feel good. He loved Kris, but not like that. They weren't supposed to kiss like that. They were brothers, weren't they?

"I-I don't like that, Kris." Kurt whispered. Kris frowned and then pushed onto the car door.

"Aww, well, you'll like this then I hope..." Kris grabbed the hem of Kurt's teeshirt and pulled it up, and began kneading and rubbing his belly. Kurt sighed, his brain was hazy. The hash had robbed his sense of reason. His stomach ached often, Kris' large hand rubbing it gave him a sense of comfort. He pulled Kurt's shirt up higher to were his nipples were visible. Kurt gasped as Kris kissed the nipple and began to suck on it. Kurt moaned. He stroked Kris' head out of instinct as his tounge teased the hardened nipple.

It felt weird. How could something so wrong feel so good....?
Kurt began to cry. Kris stopped sucking and sat up, pulling Kurt on his lap.

"What's wrong...?" He asked. Kurt sniffled and shook his head.

"This doesn't feel right, it's not right. B-but if it makes you happy....." He whimpered and placed his head on Kris' shoulder.

"It's alright, Kurt. What does the Bible say? 'Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood'. You're part of me."

Kurt groaned.
"Anything but Jesus, please no Jesus..." Kris continued to speak.

"It's fine. He wants us to love each other. If two people really love each other, it's fine...Please don't cry." He kissed Kurt's forehead. He grabbed Kurt's hand and pressed it on his crotch. Kurt tried not to think about the bulge he could feel under the denim. Kurt pulled his hand away.
He was beginning to feel nauseous. Maybe it was all the sugar in the soda, maybe the marijuana, or maybe it was the smell off Kris' body. He felt the zipper come undone, and Kurt had to keep himself from retching by the time the zipper hit bottom. Kurt shifted as Kris' hand fished into his underwear, pulling out his hard dick. The whole car was now filled with a mushroomy, yeasty odor. That manly scent Kurt still didn't have. Didn't want.

Kurt whimpered. Kris laughed and jostled him on his knee a little bit, trying to get him to smile.

"I won't hurt you Kurt. I promise." He cupped Kurt's chin his hand. "Will you let me....?"
Kurt didn't know what to think anymore. He shrugged. Whatever made Kris happy. Kris slid his fingers into Kurt's jeans and pulled them down along with his underwear. Kurt blushed and felt a bit odd at his suddeness of being naked from the waist down. Kris picked him up and sat him down to were he was facing him, just a half inch away from his dick.

"I'm doing this because I love you more than anything." He said. Kurt nodded, he understood. Kris lifted him up a little, pulling on Kurt's hips, inching his cock inside him. He pulled out and thrust inside Kurt with all his might.

Kurt let out a strangled scream. It hurt!! He squeezed his eyes shut. He saw blackness, what look like shiny green glitter. Mixing with pink. Yes....forming a whole new galaxy. So beautiful.....The image quickly dissapated when Kris thrust into him again and the searing pain returned. He put one hand on Kris' shoulder and the other hand braced against the seat.

"Ohhh, it's good isn't it? You feel so good!" Kris grinned at him and kissed his cheek.

"It hurts so much...." Kurt was tight and bone-dry with disintrest and fright. "Ahhh..."

"It's supposed to hurt the first time. You're mine, Kurt. I'm so happy..."

This made Kurt look at him. He looked high, euphoric, and deep. He guessed Kris was happy.

"I love you, Kurt."

"I love you too."
But he was unsure if it really was love. Maybe just cooperation.


Kris groaned and pulled out of Kurt, coming onto the blonde's thighs. He shuddered and set Kurt down beside him, panting and zipping up his jeans. Kurt panted and felt the burning sensation between his legs. It felt kinda good actually.

"Good boy." Kris patted his head. "I love you so much." Kurt sighed and pulled his jeans back on. He was tired. The radio was playing Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat". Kris hummed along with the tune and wrapped his arm around Kurt.

Everything that happened seemed like a blur. He didn't really know if he loved Kris just yet. It might take a few years.

"You sleepy, baby?" Kris asked.

"Yuh-uh." He nodded and stretched out in the seat. Kris kissed Kurt's cheek and pushed himself back into the driver's seat.

"We're gonna go on home now. You just rest okay?" Kris' voice seemed calm and loving. "Sleep well Kurt. Sweet dreams."

Kurt smiled as he drifted into a deep, dreamless sleep.


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