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A night all to themselves. A night out drinking, the alcohol's gone to their heads and they're completely horny. They find themselves in a abandoned lot somewhere in the Seattle night, stumbling over one another as their tounges and bodies entwine. The lot's connected to a building, they don't know what it is though. Dave presses Kurt up against the wall, his tounge and mouth pleasuring Kurt's lips, jawbone and neck. Kurt moans and Dave pushes him onto the stairs that are behind the lot. Oh, he won't be gentle. Kurt kisses him back, following Dave's lead and biting his tounge. He has to pee.

'I can ignore it', he thinks. He can't break away now. It'd be bad not to, Dave's making him feel so good. Dave draws back upon tasting the blood in his mouth. Kurt whimpers and Dave nestles his knee between Kurt's thighs and smiles. Steadily it becomes an ache. Dave's body is pressing into his own, Kurt can feel his boyfriend's cock through his jeans. Dave pulls on the blonde's shirt, exposing a shoulder. He sucks on the shoulder and collarbone. He's determined to leave a good-sized Hickey there. Kurt groans. The pressure from Dave's manhood and knee aren't helping him one bit. He buries his face in Dave's neck and licks it. He latches his arms around Dave's shoulders and whimpers.

"Like that?" Dave asks. Kurt nods. Dave kisses him and he shivers and goes limp. He moans again. Dave can feel something warm, so he pulls away. Peed himself. Kurt's crotch is completely soaked, some running down his legs and a little puddle underneath his thighs. Dave's breath hitches in his throat.

"Bad Kurt." He whispers. Kurt just smiles at him. He's a whole lot more drunk than Dave, Kurt can't hold his alcohol, apperantly. 'Both figuratlively AND literally', he muses, smiling to himself. This is turning him on, belive it or not. Dave lays beside him, dipping his fingers in the puddle underneath Kurt. He sucks on finger and kisses his lover, and Kurt giggles.

"I-I feel....alot be-better." Kurt says, a dreamy look in his eyes. Dave rolls him over on his side and wraps his arms around Kurt's waist and begins to kiss him again.

"Baby, you're very sexy....Very dirty, too. Very dirty." He whispers through kisses. Kurt looks at him quizacally.

"Wait....y-you're...you get off to people....Yay! I did something good then! I-I'm all wet...." Kurt says, a combonation of stone-drunk and giddy. Dave moves up the stairs a little bit, and Kurt laughs. Dave grabs the back of Kurt's head.

"Yes, you're right. Now, Baby-Doll...." Dave growls, fumbling with his zipper. "How'd you like to suck me off?" Kurt nods, sobering up slightly. Dave gets his manhood out of his jeans and Kurt starts licking the head. He licks all the way down to the base, even sucking his balls a bit. Dave doesn't talk, he just lets Kurt do his thing. Then, Kurt sucks on the head, and takes more of him in his mouth gradually. He's stroking the rest and Dave has his fingers entwined in Kurt's long hair. Dave moans loudly, and the blonde deep throats the rest of his boyfriend. Dave closes his eyes and shudders.

"Faster...." He whispers, Kurt does as he's told and Dave can feel himself about to orgasm. He groans and grabs Kurt's head as come spurts into the Nirvana frontman's mouth. Kurt licks him clean and swallows it all. Kurt gives Dave a sweet smile and blinks at him.

"You like that?" Kurt asks.

"Yep. Good Kurty." Dave pats Kurt's head. "You want a suprise, Baby-Doll? You were a good boy." Dave laughs and Kurt's eyes light up at the mention of "Surprise". He's just like a little kid. "Open your mouth, Princess." Kurt does so and Dave lets loose a warm stream of pee into Kurt's mouth. Kurt pulls his mouth away and lets it flow onto his shirt so he's now completely damp. Dave moans and Kurt swallows the liquid. He scrambles up the steps and rests one arm on Dave's leg, the other arm around his neck. Kurt pulls Dave down for a long kiss. Dave growls and Kurt pulls away and giggles.

"I love you, Davey." Kurt says. "Thanks....even though I'm a bad boy and you're a kinky freak." He whimpers in mock sadness.

"I love you too, Kurt. Regardless you're all wet..." Dave laughs and kisses Kurt's forehead. Kurt looks down at his puddle from earlier.

"Shouldn't we clean it up...?"

"Nope. We'll leave it here. Maybe it'll inspire other people..." His smile reminds Kurt of the Chesire Cat.

"Davey, we walked here, right?"


"Well, I'm soaked and prolly gonna freeze and I have no clue where we are...." Kurt shakes his head. "If I die of Hypothermia it's your fault." Dave jumps from the stairs and throws Kurt over his shoulder. Kurt squeaks in suprise.

"Doll, you won't freeze. I'll get us home." He gives Kurt that creepy smile again.

"You know where we are...? It's just....you're smiling like a Rapist it's not very re-assuring...."

"Shut your peeing self up and trust me, Kurty."

There'd be many jokes for weeks to come.

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