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(Kurt muses about Kris, somewhat angrily.)

You're deep and seductive
Like the bass guitar you play.
I want - no, crave what you represent.
What you are to me.
Take me under your wing and care for me

Call me your baby.
Be my Daddy Daddy Daddy.
Speak to me in your mother tongue
Rich like that black Afghani Hashish
Mixed in with that dark chocolate fudge.

Protect me, Kris. Control me.
I love it and hate it.
So many nights, just us. Your breath on my neck.
Hand on my thigh...
Stop it!
I'm grown up now.

You always want me to be your baby?
You'll never let me go.
Smother me. Please, Daddy, please.
I'll always be that raggedy thing
From your adolescence.

You give me courage, support.
Could've had everything in the world.
Anything. You had money. But no...
You wanted Me. Me. And music.
Quote from your books, make me aware of things.
I don't pay much attention
To things.
I love you.

Let me live, let me grow up.

I'll tell you something.
I'm underneath our drummer most nights.
You're angry, right?
I love him too. Love you both.

Your love for me
Is covert incest.

Y'know what, Kris?
You've given me
A fucking Daddy Complex.

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