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It was a warm day. Early in the morning, Krist went to the swimming pool. Dave and Kurt were asleep, and Dave was snoring really loud. That disturbed Kurt.

Kurt woke up. It was so warm that he took out his T-Shirt, something he almost never does. "I can't deal with this weather", he though. He got to the kitchen and drank some beer. He inmediatly spitted it because the beer was warm, and he hated warm beers. He drank a milk glass, and turned on the TV. Nothing special. He turned off the TV and lied on the sofa.

Meanwhile, Dave had an erotic dream with him. He suddenly woke up. "Whew, what a dream! I wonder what's Kurt doing..." He got to the living room and saw Kurt lying on the sofa. He yawned.

"You sleepy, Kurtie?"
"No... You were snoring really loud, man. And you woke me up."
"Oh, I'm sorry... Come here."

Kurt got up of the sofa, and they hugged. Dave smiled and brough him some cold water and threw it to Kurt.

"Dude! Why are you doing this? It's really cold."
"Come to the sofa and you'll know." Dave replied, with a sexy voice.

The couple got to the room. Dave lied on the bed, and told Kurt to get on him. Dave took out his T-Shirt. It was warm for everyone. They kissed, and Dave placed his hand on Kurt's back. Kurt looked at Dave's eyes. They were shining, like the Sun was that day.

They began kissing again, and Dave touched Kurt's top-secret area. Kurt moaned. It felt good. Kurt started biting Dave's neck, and he moaned loud.

"Is Krist here?" Asked Kurt.
"No, he's not. He went to the swimming pool before you woke up."

They had nothing to worry about. Dave took out his trousers, and underwear.

"Kurt, would you like to... You know..."
"Uhm, okay..."

Kurt started sucking off Dave's dick. Dave moaned loudly. He placed his hands on Kurt's blond hair. "Oh my, this is really good... Can't you go faster?" Dave said. Kurt did as he ordered. Dave was going to come. Kurt was just sucking. Maybe he enjoyed it. Who knows? Not me.

Dave reached orgasm. He came outside Kurt's mouth little before coming.

"God, that was amazing! Kurtie, you did pretty good."
"Aw, thanks... Hm, it's getting hotter. Should I turn on the fan?"
"You better do."

Dave put back his pants and kissed Kurt. They got back to the living room and Dave turned on the TV. Nothing special, just some police dramas.

15 minutes later, Krist returned home. He was tired of all the swimming. He got to the room, and screamed.

"Someone came in our bed!"
"Heheheh..." Kurt laughed nerviously.
"Hm? Why are you laughing like that? And why are you both shirtless?"
"Well, it's a long story... Heheh..."

Dave told Krist everything they did while he was at the swimming pool. Krist was amazed.

"Guys... You did WHAT!?"
"You know, it's hard to believe, but Kurt is pretty good at that!"
"Shut up! I'll think about your relationship."

Krist looked at Dave with angry eyes, and whispered to him.

"Take care of him..."

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