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[ September, 1990 ]

“Ah, don't worry, we're just going to take some beers. We'll fine a drummer soon. You don't have to worry.”

They weren't disbanded yet. They were searching for a drummer, and they got to a not-so popular lounge in Seattle. It was a rainy September, and of course, it was raining. Which month in Seattle doesn't have any rain?

That lounge, Vicent's, wasn't very popular, so it was awkward that two guys like them visited it. But they got there because it was close to their floor. It was a typical “people goes here because of depression” lounge. There were some tables, and stools. There was barely any people, just a 40-ish aged man sitting in a table, having whiskey.

“Oh, I know you. I think I went to one of your concerts.” It was Vicent, the owner of the lounge. “I'm surprised that someone like you comes here. Why would you...?” “Because we like these kind of places. I don't like going to places with lots of people. They're so noisy”, the blonde replied. He looked nostalgic. He sat in a stool.

“Well, what do you want?”, Vicent asked. “I want a beer. Frozen beer, if there is”, the tallest one said. He nearly fitted in the door. “And Kurtie... I guess he wants water”. “Aw, don't call me Kurtie, I'm not 5 years old”, the blonde replied.

“If that's what you want. Oh, and dude, how's your name spelled? They always spell it different in every channel”, Vicent asked. “People likes to spell it like this. Could you give me a sheet? I'll write it”, Krist replied. It was really annoying that people spelled his name 'Chris'. “The originals are cooler, but they think that Chris is more, er, common”, he said. He smirked.

“What hour it is?”, asked the man of the whiskey. “Um, it's closer to 11:30”, Vicent replied. “Damn, my wife is going to kill me, I better go back before she gets angry!”. The man got back to his house, quickly, and then, another one entered.

He wasn't too tall, maybe around 172cms (5' 8). He had long, wavy brown hair, dark brown eyes, and he was wearing a long sleeved shirt, jeans, and classic shoes. He sat in the stool next to Kurt's.

“Urm, hi...”, he said. He didn't knew if someone heard him. He looked shy. “Hi, I guess”, the blonde replied. The blonde looked at him with his shiny blue eyes. The brown-haired looked at him, and inmediately recognized him. “You, you're the leader...” “The leader of Nirvana? Yes, I am. We're searching for a drummer”, he replied. “Ah, I play drums”, the brown-haired said. “My name is David, but people likes, um, to call me Dave. I was in a band before, but, uh, they disbanded”, Dave said.

“Then I guess you'll have to come with us”, Krist said. “That sounded like you were going to make weird things to me”, Dave replied. “No, it wasn't. I mean, we take you to our studio, and you show us your drummer abilities. What do you think?”, Krist asked.

Dave looked thoughful. Everything was happening way too fast for him. “I'll have to think about it...”, he said. Kurt placed his hand on Dave's shoulder, and whispered to him. “Just do what your heart says.”

“Y-yes. I'll do that drummer thing. I think that, um, that I could be a good drummer for this band”, he said. “When do we meet?” He swallowed a bit of beer, and yawned. “I'm sleepy right now.” “Do we tell him?”, Krist said. “Tell me what?”, Dave asked. “Dude, you don't have to go back to whenever you live. You can stay with us tonight. It's nearly 12AM and we're sleepy too”, Krist replied. “But if you want. It's your decission. We don't care about what you say, but it's late and we all want to go to bed”, Kurt said.

“...Yeah, I think I'll stay with you tonight. B-But only tonight. My roommates will worry about me, I think”, Dave said. “Why do you think they'll care? Call them and tell them what you're doing tonight. I think they'll agree”, Krist replied. “Wow, you guys, er, you're really kind... I though you wouldn't be”, Dave said. “Ah, the drummer thing. The day's tomorrow. The hour is 11AM”, Kurt said. He wrapped his arms around Dave's neck. “Good luck, you'll do it really good”, he told Dave.


“And that's what is happening. I'm doing the auditions tomorrow. I'm really excited about that”, Dave said. He was talking with his roommate Clint by phone. “Dude, you should be excited because you met the Nirvana guys. If I was you, I would be jumping around like a little kid because I met two incredible guys”, Clint replied. “That's not what I mean. There's a slight chance that they accept me as their drummer. It would be fucking great”. “...It's okay. You can stay with them. We don't really care about where you sleep. You could move with them if you want. But it's your decission, Dave”, Clint said. “I should go to sleep”, Dave said.

“Where do you sleep? On the sofa? Or on the floor?”, Clint asked. “Yeah, I sleep in the sofa. Kurt wanted me to sleep with him, but I told him that I could disturb and I decided to sleep on the sofa.” “What's wrong with you? You had the opportunity to sleep with the leader of a band, and you don't want because you could disturb him”, Clint said. “But if you think it feels awkward, then sleep on the sofa.” “Shut up, the auditions are tomorrow and I'm tired...”, Dave said. “Good night. But if they pick you as their new drummer, you have our permission to move with them”, Clinton replied. “Shut up. I don't even know if I'll do it good. Good night”.


11AM didn't took too much to arrive. Dave was incredibly excited. With a bit of luck, he could become the drummer of a famous band.

In the studio, both Kurt and Krist were sitting in chairs. “Did I arrive in time?”, Dave asked. “Yes, you did. You're right in time. You know why you're here, do you?”, Krist said. “I know. The audition thing”, Dave replied. “Well, you know what to do. The drums are there. Do your best”, Kurt said.

Dave began drumming. He didn't drummed too slow, nor too fast. He drummed at a normal rhythm. But then, something hit him, and he begam drumming like a beast, drumming with his true nature. His long hair moved along his head while unleashing his incredible drumming skills.

Minutes after, he finished. Krist looked surprised, and all that Kurt could do was nothing but clap at Dave. “That was... Great, man, just great”, he said. “I've never seen someone drumming like that before”, Krist said. “We should discuss him”, he told Kurt. “Could you wait here for a bit? We're going to make our decission”, Kurt told Dave. “Of course I'll wait...”, Dave replied. He was a little scared by the fact that he did his best.

Little time later, Kurt and Krist finished their decission. “We've made our decission”, Kurt said. “And?”, Dave asked. “Your drumming was flawless. Although you're young, you drummed like a fucking beast”, Krist said. “And what does that mean?”, Dave asked.

“Welcome to Nirvana, David”, Kurt said.

[ September 12, 1990 ]

"So you're gonna live with us?", Kurt asked.

"Y-Yes", Dave replied. "Are you okay with that?", he said, nervous. "B-Because I can move back to my other home if you want".

"You don't need to go back to your other home. You don't disturb us by living here", Kurt replied. "It will be nice to have another roommate." "I'm fine with that", Dave said.

"You two! Why don't you stop talking and blabbing and help a little?", Krist yelled. "What are you doing, man?", Kurt asked. "Well, I'm really busy watching TV, so you should help a little our new drummer", Krist replied.

"Would you care if I helped you with your case?", Kurt asked. "No thanks. I can do it myself", Dave replied. "But if you want to help, you're free to."

"Anyway, welcome to our, eh, group", Kurt said. He sat on the bed and watched Dave as he finished unpacking. "Thank you", Dave replied. "You're welcome. You're exactly the guy we were searching for. Your drumming is strong, pretty much like John Bonham's from Led Zeppelin. And Bonham was great", Kurt said.

"I understand...", Dave said, a little nervous. "Don't worry. You'll be fine with us. We can be a little weird sometimes, specially me", Kurt said. "But you'll be fine with us. And that's important."

"Are you done yet?", Krist asked. "We haven't decided if we eat out or if I make food." "We should eat here, man. Dave just joined", Kurt replied. "Ok. What should I make?", Krist asked. "It would be nice if you made some pasta. It's not the best pasta, but I like it", Kurt replied. "Ok. Just wait a little, I don't think that making food at 12:48PM is a good idea".


13:30PM arrived. The three men were having food. Nothing really interesting, just some pasta. Dave was kinda tense. He wanted to say something to break the tension.

"So, eh... Do you like pasta?", he asked. "Uhm, yes, I love pasta", Kurt replied. "T-that's fine", Dave said.

"Why are you so tense? We don't bite", Kurt said. "It's just a typical meal, you shouldn't bw that tense. I understand that you just joined, but you should keep calm."

"Ah... Thank you", Dave replied.

"The blonde's right. You should feel comfy with us, we're not that bad. It's true that I can be an idiot sometimes, but we're kind", Krist said.

"I understand perfectly...", Dave replied.


Dave was in his room now. He was sitting in the bed, thinking about how he would live with his new bandmates. Will they record a new song soon? Will they play live soon? Dave was really tense about the situation.

Kurt entered. "Hey, what's happening? Are you tired?", he asked. "Yeah, I'm a little tense", Dave replied. Kurt sat in the bed, along him.

"Why are you tense?", Kurt asked. "B-Because... What if... What if we play live and I'm not good enough?", Dave replied. "What if I'm not good enough for this band?"

"Don't say that! You're really good", Kurt said. "It would be nice to play live with you. Your drumming skills amazed me. And recording a song will be awesome. Our previous drummers were good, but they weren't as good as you are!", Kurt replied.

"You're lying", Dave said. "I'm not lying", Kurt replied. Suddenly, Kurt wrapped his arms around Dave's body and kissed him in the cheek. "I can feel that you're going to be our best drummer", he said.

Kurt left the room.

Dave was amazed. Kurt did not only told him that he liked him as a drummer, but he kissed him too. What if Kurt liked him, not only for being a drummer, but also for being himself?

Dave lied in the bed for a long time.

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