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Summer '90.

Kurt lived on a friend's flat. It was a really hot day. He told his friend to call Krist because he missed him.

-Don't you want me to call Dave? -He said.
-No... I want you to call Krist. -Kurt replied.

His friend called Krist.

-Who is?
-I'm a friend of Kurt.
-I know. He wants to see me, huh?
-Um... Yes.

Kurt was a bit curious.

-Krist says that he know that you want to see him.
-Of course I want! -Kurt replied, seeming to be happy.
-Well... If you want Krist to come here, talk with him.

Kurt's friend went out for a walk. Meanwhile, Kurt talked to Krist by phone.

-Um... Krist, is that you?
-Kurt! Yes, it's me. What do you want?
-I guess you don't have free time...
-No, no! I've got lots of free time.
-Well, if that's true... Will you come to my friend's flat? Please...
-Oh, you, Kurt. Of course.

Kurt told Krist the flat's location and the call ended. Kurt smiled. He found a note from his friend and read it.

"Dear Kurdt.
I'm going out with my friend for 2 days. Stay home and don't get crazy.


-Hi Kurt!

It was Krist. He arrived at home. Kurt quickly went to the entrance.

-So you're missing me, huh?
-Aw, how did you know?
-It's because I know you, my little Kurt.

They hugged romantically.

-Eh... Want to come to the living room? -Kurt asked.
-Of course I want. -Krist replied.

Kurt took Krist quickly to the living room. He was a bit excited. It was really hot outside and the fan stopped working. Inmediatly, both Kurt and Krist felt really hot.

-It's so damn warm here...
-I don't know if you want to see it, Kurt, but I think I'm gonna take off my t-shirt.
-Huh... I don't care.

Krist took his t-shirt off. "Wow. He's... Um... Hot." Kurt though. He felt hot too. He took some ice cubes from the fridge and refreshed his body. Krist watched carefully how he refreshed his body, and hugged him.

-Krist... What are you doing?
-Don't you want a hug from your best friend?
-Uh... Yes. Yes, I want. -Kurt replied, really ashamed.

Kurt felt uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable. Krist was hugging him. Romantically. Too romantically. Slowly, Kurt touched Krist's cheeks and kissed him.

-I wanted a hug from you, don't you want a kiss from me?
-Well, yes... -Krist replied, even more ashamed than Kurt.

Kurt was feeling so hot that he took his t-shirt off. Krist kissed him. This time, Krist grabbed Kurt's back.

-Krist! What is this?
-Don't you want some love from your partner?
-Yes, I want...

Both were ashamed. They kissed again. Now, with tongue. It seems that both fell in love with each other. Kurt approached him. Krist turned red. Slowly, they kissed again, with tongue. But this time, Krist grabbed Kurt's back even stronger.

-Aw! That hurts, Krist!

Krist dropped his pants. He was just in underwear. Kurt felt really awkward. "Goddammit Krist... You are so hot. I want to take you to my bedroom and make things that you'll never expect."

-Want to come to my bedroom?
-Of course. -Krist replied, ashamed.

Kurt took Krist to his room. He jumped to the bed. Krist grabbed Kurt's back, and Kurt grabbed Krist's arms. "He's so tall and hot...". Inmediatly, Kurt took some ice cubes and moved them by Krist's body.

-That's so cold!
-But you like it,
-I have to confess that I like it.

Feeling incredibly hot, Kurt dropped his pants. Krist was a bit scared. He didn't knew what was Kurt doing. "He wants me to...?", he though. Krist grabbed Kurt's ass strongly.

-I know you want to.
-Oh, Krist. You are so smart and hot...
-You're hot too, Kurt.
-Wanna, eh... Roll in the bed.
-Whatever you want. -Krist replied, smiling.

Slowly, Krist made a striptease-ish move and dropped his underwear. "Holy shit, that's even bigger than me", though Kurt.

-You have to be careful.
-Why, Kurt?
-I think that thing is bigger than me.
-Don't be...

Krist laughed. Suddenly, Kurt dropped his underwear.

-Kurt... What a nice ass.
-Oh, you, Krist. Come at me... Bro.
-As you wish, my captain.

-------This KurtxKrist scene is censored because it's so hard to write------

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