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Dear Dave:

Last night was amazing... I think. I was really drunk, so I don't remember what happened. I remember that we kissed, that's all. I remember nothing after that. Even if I try.

We were both drunk. You brough me to your room, we kissed and... I don't remember what happened after that, sorry.

If you do, please reply.

Love, Kurt.

Dave received that letter from Kurt. He knows what he did with Kurt. Dirty things, I know. Dave laughed a bit.

He recently fell in love with Kurt, althrough Krist never proved their relationship. This week, he's been thinking all days of Kurt. He even had dreams with him. Dirty, dirty dreams.

Dave lied on his bed. He though of his experience with Kurt last night.

Kiss me, Kurt.

I kissed him lovely. He looked at me with his shiny bright blue eyes. I smiled. He smiled. We hugged.

He lied on my bed. I was excited... What should I do? I though about lovely things. That is! I looked at him, and I said if he wanted a surprise.

He replied. "Yes, I want!"

I took out my T-Shirt. He took out his T-Shirt, too. I was amazed... Was this true love?

He took me close to him. We kissed, and he started biting my neck. I moaned. He was making me feel so good, and I had to reply. I started sucking on his nipple.

"Dave... You gone wild..."

He moaned a bit loud. "Shh, Kurt. Krist is asleep. Do you want to wake him up?" "Why would anyone go to bed at this hours? ...What time is it?" He asked.

"11:00 PM", I replied. "It's a bit early, but you know how weird he is."

I stopped with his nipple. He looked at me. I was really horny. You know, Kurt sometimes excites me 'till I can't contain myself. It seemed that he wanted more. Me too, I though.

I took off my trousers, along my underwear. He looked at me again, this time he seemed a bit surprised.

"What... What are you doing?" "I'm showing you how much I love you, Kurt", I replied. "Don't you want to check how much I love you? If you want, I'll stop".

"No, please... Continue..." He replied. He looked at me with dreamy eyes, and took his trousers and underwear off.

We kissed again, and I thrust my little big thing inside him. He cried. I was hurting him. I know, I'm a wild idiot. I should threat him better. You know...

After some seconds, he began moaning. I closed my eyes, thrusting my surprise inside him.

"Do you really like this? I can do better."
"No... You're doing pretty good... Ah!"
"Oh, my..."

It felt really good for both. He moaned loud. "You're going to wake up the Giant, can't you moan lower?", I though-

"This is amazing, this... Ah, this is... I can't tell how's this."
"You like this. I know. I can tell by your words."
"You're, ah, you're making me feel so... So... Ah!"

He reached orgasm.

"Dave, it was like... It was the best feeling I've felt on my life."
"Even better than Rotterdam?"
"Even better..."

We kissed, and suddenly...

"What the heck is going on?" Krist was angry.
"You woke up... I told you to moan lower!" I told Kurt.
"What the... What did you guys made while I was trying to sleep!?"
"He showed me his love", Kurt said, looking at Krist with his shiny blue eyes.
"I see. Well, I can prove this. I'm going back to bed, but don't wake me up again."
"Why?" I asked.
"Because I don't want to make dinner again. You both puked, I remember"
"Ah yes, I remember", Kurt replied.
"I'll leave you both. Sweet dreams, couple".

I hugged Kurt strongly. We went back to sleep.

That was the best night of Dave's life. Shame... Shame that Krist fell in love with Kurt too.

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